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About The World

So the Omniverse is a weird place, as I'm sure the introduction established. How have the residents adapted to day to day life? Hell, who even ARE the majority of the residents? This is here to answer those kinds of questions, and more besides.

This is THE most important page to read in the entire site! Please read everything!


Time and Space in the Omniverse

The Omniverse is made up of many worlds, nicknamed 'verses'. They're connected by gates, and by the so-called 'omni-physics', the laws that connect the verses. Time always runs forward, but is not always running at the same speed between verses, or even in different places in the same verse. This seems to be affected by the 'drama' taking place in an area. Wars will often cause an area of time to slow down, so that what might seem to take a matter of minutes or hours to the participants can seem like days to the outside world. New Primes often return from an adventure and have their minds boggled when they find that days or weeks have passed, though it doesn't take long to get an explanation out of an amused local. As clocks can often be thrown off by this distortion, Primes quickly learn to estimate this time distortion by watching the sun and stars, which each of the eight main verses (not the Nexus, Oververse or Underverse) has its own set of.

'Balancing', the similar strength of dissimilar weapons

So just how do we balance phenomena from various different universes, you ask? Technology versus magic? Mutant powers versus the Force?

Well, it's pretty simple. In the Omniverse, all these phenomena are balanced by Omni's power. When your character arrives, they might find that their their powers or technology work differently. If they had some kind of power that negates something else in particular (for example, if their presence destroys machinery like Harry Dresden in his home world) then it is massively dampened, only affecting things in a minor or storyline way, or otherwise completely removed. Things like this simply do not work against Primes. The reverse might also happen, and your character might lose a particular weakness they had in their own world, like One Piece's devil fruit eaters being weak to the sea. You can keep these weaknesses if you prefer.

Due to this balancing effect, two weapons summoned by the same individual that result in the same effect will always have the same strength, regardless of the weapon's mechanism. Be it steampunk technology, magically-powered or modern technology, the effect will be the same. They are linked to the user's own skill and power, and so a stronger individual can often summon a stronger weapon. As a result of this so-called 'balancing effect', summoning a weapon that is powerful in real-life such as a rifle won't be more powerful than a traditional equivalent such as a bow and arrow.

Different kinds of weapons summoned by the same individual may vary in power depending on the weapon's mode of operation. Slower weapons tend to be stronger, while quicker weapons tend to be weaker, in contrast with the real-world. This is one of the more obvious ways it can be observed that the Omniverse has its own strange brand of physics, dubbed 'omni-physics' for simplicity. As a result, people are often surprised to find that rapid-fire weapons aren't necessarily a better choice than a pistol, and may even be weaker.


It has been theorised that omnilium represents value itself, and among other things it serves as a universal currency for the Omniverse, but it can take many forms. When held by a Prime, it absorbs into their being and becomes a kind of essence that cannot be given or stolen, only used. It can take many physical forms, but the default is a kind of malleable sphere that can be split or combined at will, instantly reconfiguring itself to the same shape, size and weight but changing in 'density' depending on how much actual omnilium the orb represents. While anyone can split and recombine omnilium, secondaries cannot hold it within themselves as Primes can. Most instead hold it in traditional pouches or purses, or in their pocket. Everyone, even secondaries, can sense the exact value of a hunk/sphere of omnilium, making it one of the safest exchange medium.

Primes and Secondaries

As you should know from the introduction, anyone summoned to the Omniverse by Omni himself is called a Prime. Being a Prime is both a boon and a curse; they are immortal, and thus unable to leave the Omniverse even by death. It also allows them the ability to summon and heal with Omnilium.

Primes are now vastly outnumbered by Secondaries, a term referring to those who've been summoned by a Prime. Unlike Primes, Secondaries are mortal, and unable to use Omnilium for healing or summoning. They are generally weaker than Primes, but this is not a rule. Powerful Primes with enough Omnilium can summon Secondaries more powerful than weak Primes.

Secondaries are summoned to the Omniverse by Primes. Sometimes this is a deliberate summoning, while other times it happens inadvertently, particularly with large-scale summoning which by its very nature is more about the idea than the exact detail, leaving much room for unintended consequence. For example, many of the secondaries who fill the larger verses were created by Aragorn and Palpatine as they erected the buildings of their verses, somewhat to the chagrin of the former.

Early secondaries had a hard time adapting to the Omniverse and many perished, but the survivors have formed tight-knit communities who 'adopt' newcomers. Secondaries are functionally independent of those who summoned them, but their existence benefits Primes because they harvest Omnilium, boosting the local 'economy'. This Omnilium ultimately finds its way to Primes when they are employed by (usually wealthy) secondaries. Subsequently, the Primes use this Omnilium to become more powerful. Some Secondaries embrace this symbiotic relationship, whereas many others resent Primes for their power and the fact that the relationship is straight-up exploitative by many Primes. The most successful Primes are those who have won over the local populace. Citizens of Coruscant and Camelot pay taxes and enjoy a relatively good quality of life, and the Primes in charge gain more and more precious Omnilium.

Obtaining Omnilium

Primes are unique in that simply doing things is often enough to find that their inner reserve of omnilium has swelled. Many believe that Omni is watching and rewarding Primes for keeping him entertained, and some choose to rebel against Omni for this, though this can ironically often prove to be counterproductive.

Omnilium can also be found physically, out in the world, though reserves of pure omnilium are extremely rare and largely gone from the world. Nowadays most omnilium is found by a process known as 'extracting', a kind of reverse-summoning. Almost anything can be extracted to obtain Omnilium. Thus, hunters can extract excess game, miners can extract excess rock and ore, and so on. The 'value' of a given substance determines its Omnilium value. This mystery 'value' is apparently decided by Omni, but generally goes by common sense, with quality goods of greater practical value giving more Omnilium than say, trash.

While Primes can summon anything with Omnilium, it is more efficient to use the materials naturally if at all possible. Many use a combination of both methods, using easily-obtainable natural materials where possible, and getting Primes to summon more difficult to obtain materials and components. A lot of Primes never bother with extracting omnilium themselves, preferring to get it from secondaries in exchange for the kind of work they do best.

Basic Uses of Omnilium

The most common use of Omnilium is summoning, but it can be used in other ways. Slow, constant application can heal even the most grievous wounds, though it is incredibly time-consuming and can take almost an entire day of rest to restore lost limbs, for example. In the case of Primes, this effect is passive and activated simply by holding any amount of omnilium, but they can produce the same effect on a secondary by remaining still and focusing, exactly like summoning.

Summoning and Extraction In Detail

Summoning and extraction are both processes that seem alien when explained out loud, and yet are somehow instinctively understood when it comes time to do them. To summon something, a Prime simply visualises what it is they need and focuses on the Omnilium within themselves. This requires the summoner to sit or stand still for the period of time required (see the below section for more detail). If they do not have sufficient Omnilium, a kind of jarring feedback occurs - they know instinctively how much is needed. When summoning, the Omnilium emerges from the Prime in a kind of rainbow bubble, flashing through colours until it fades to reveal the desired item. It is difficult to summon anything discreetly.

In addition to summoning something from scratch, summoning can be used as a process to summon additional power or improve equipment. In this case, the rainbow bubble forms a kind of coccoon around the individual or piece of equipment being improved. Extraction is a similar process requiring uninterrupted concentration and time depending on the amount of omnilium being extracted, except that the bubble of Omnilium emerges from the item being extracted, which gradually becomes dessicated before vanishing entirely. Some sadistic Primes choose to kill their enemies using this method, even though killing a Prime conventionally produces exactly the same end result of Omnilium.

The Time and Omnilium required for various summons

A summoning takes time and focus, especially for high-cost items. You cannot summon while doing anything else – it requires you to sit or stand still. The minimum time it takes to summon anything is three minutes. Most items take several minutes, whereas items of great size and value take much longer. For vehicles, it takes around five minutes. To summon new secondaries, it usually takes between about fifteen minutes for a single secondary. For several secondaries, it might take half an hour, and for a very big group up to an hour (the time is not exactly multiplicative). Summoning a proper house would take at least an hour (two or more hours for mansion-sized properties), whereas a very small hut - literally four walls and a roof - could be completed as quickly as in fifteen minutes. Summoning houses and secondaries takes a fair amount of Omnilium in-character, however secondaries are able to be 'hand-waved' (you won't have to actually pay from your OM total) assuming they're just NPCs and you only want to summon up to five for roleplaying purposes. They won't be able to help you in-fights. As for houses, you can 'hand wave' the OM cost of a very small shack - literally four walls and a roof, which would be completed in around fifteen minutes. As explained in the FAQ, you can also opt to rent a house or apartment. You will need to purchase a base with actual OM (see Items and Artefacts) in order to create a real house.

Summoning houses and other permanent structures is not possible within the Nexus, or within a roughly half-mile radius of gates.


Vehicles are an oddity of the Omniverse, and seem subject to the 'balancing effect' exactly like weapons and magic. All vehicles, both flying and ground, have a top speed of around 80MPH. Horses and other mounts also seem to have a supernatural endurance, putting them on par with vehicles. It's often quicker for speedy Primes to simply get to places on foot, though obviously this can be tiring.

In almost any verse, it is possible to summon horses and other living mounts, and small vehicles like motorcycles and hoverbikes. It's also possible almost anywhere to summon simple vehicles like wind-powered boats, horse-pulled carts and sand skiffs, although these usually cannot be transported between verses simply due to being too big to fit through gates, and are usually extracted by Primes once their purpose is fulfilled. In Coruscant, Camelot and the Dataverse alone, for unknown reasons, it is possible to summon flying vehicles and mounts. This includes much faster bikes which can fly, flying cars and transports, griffons, pegasi etcetera.

Stronger Primes are able to overcome this limitation on flying vehicles in the case of vehicles or mounts which are tied directly to themselves (in other words Assists that have Flight can be summoned anywhere) though this requires a greater degree of power and cannot be sustained indefinitely.

Horseback and small vehicles such as motorbikes are very popular form of transport due to being able to fit through gates, as well as other beasts like camels, elephants, and lizards (the latter very popular in the Ash Lands).

Origins and history of the Omniverse

When the Omniverse began, all of the current main verses existed. However, all were devoid of civilization - they did have unintelligent wildlife such as wolves and monsters. Since its inception, many local beasties have been wiped out, especially those of Coruscant and Camelot, but the Frozen Fields and Ashen Steppes in particular are still filled with many overpowering monsters like giants and dragons. The only major addition has been the Underverse. It was created by Diablo in the Omniverse's third year and has grown to become the single biggest verse. Diablo recruited and manipulated secondaries from many verses, along with many Primes who feared and respected him enough to fall under his banner. He was the single most powerful Prime in the Omniverse until the event which cut off the Underverse, including Diablo and most of his minions, from the rest of the Omniverse. This cost Camelot a great deal of resources and one of their greatest heroes. As a result of this, Coruscant has jumped ahead of Camelot in the race for power.

The Underverse

Now, due to its complete separation from the rest of the Omniverse, the Underverse has come to serve as a kind of prison for Primes who cannot be controlled. Good and evil Primes alike have come to fear being banished there, as none yet have discovered a way of getting back from the other side. This has been seen as a very good thing by the majority of secondaries, who have long feared the immortality of Primes. Previously Primes have been held captive, but have been known to escape, sometimes by committing suicide, only to wreak havoc on their captors. This fear is one of the major reasons Diablo and his subordinates were able to gain control over so much of the populace.

Pocket Verses

Besides the major verses, there are many so-called 'pocket verses' which have cropped up, small self-contained universes created by Primes whose entrances are hidden inside other verses. They are so numerous that they are impossible to keep track of. From time to time, a so-called 'event horizon' will appear, a large portal that appears in every verse leading to a particular place, often one of these never-before-seen pocket verses.


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