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Assists and Transformations

Unlocked by reaching a particular level, Assists and Transformations are a special type of ability which use SP to either call allies to fight with you, or to increase your personal power. As you increase your level and your SP goes up, you'll be able to use increasingly powerful Assists and Transformations. See Fighting and Competition Rules for the full details of how to properly use Assists and Transformations in competitive situations. All Assists and Transformations must be approved via the Move Approval topic before they may be purchased via your Purchases Log.



Assists allow you to call in others to fight for you, be they a friend or a being chained to your will. Like Powers and Transformations, you can choose to explain this IC how you like, be it you lending your power to 'activate' an ally’s abilities, or using your power to summon a being into temporary existence.

Assist characters come in three Tiers of strength, with increasing SP costs. In fights, Assists work the same way as Power-Ups, costing SP per post used. The higher their stats, the greater the SP and OM cost. Just like normal characters, Assists may not have more than half of their stats lumped into a single stat.

Tier 1 Assist – 5 stats – 1 SP per post – 1000 OM
Tier 2 Assist – 10 stats – 2 SP per post – 1500 OM
Tier 3 Assist – 20 stats – 4 SP per post – 2000 OM

Assist characters have access to all of your Proficiencies, Powers and Moves. You may, therefore, wish to buy things and create moves specifically for your Assist characters. If you wish Assist characters to appear, perform a move, then disappear, you may prefer to classify them as a Super Move instead.

If you are only at the first Tier, you may only use a single Assist at a time. Once you reach the second Tier, you may call a single Tier 2 Assist at a time, or two Tier 1 Assists. At the third tier, you may call a single Tier 3 Assist, two Tier 2 Assists, four Tier 1 Assists, or a single Tier 2 and two Tier 1 Assists simultaneously. However, a single Assist may consist of multiple entities. In this case, they still use a single stat sheet, which represents their combined power.

Simple, weak "Assists" may be counted as Moves. They must be single-minded (for example, a zombie which just seeks out the nearest target to attack would be fine to purchase with a 300 OM move and the Homing Proficiency) or use the Remote Control proficiency and be manually controlled. True sentience and independence requires the use of Assists.


Transformations are a special type of power that allows you to increase or change your character's stats and physical shape. Maybe it’s a literal, physical transformation. Maybe it’s equipping a particular piece of armor or weaponry. Or it could simply be getting really angry! Transformations are an opportunity to exercise your creativity. There are multiple kinds, the first of which is the Power-Up.

Rules note: Regardless of tier or type, you may only use one Transformation at a time. The sole exception to this is Alternate Forms, which count as a new Base Form and can be combined with Power-Ups (but not Powered-Up Forms).


Power-Ups allow you to temporarily increase your character's stats by expending SP. There are three Tiers, each with increasing power, SP, and OM costs. You may choose to skip past a particular tier of Power-Up, or purchase multiple Power-Ups of a particular tier. For more details on how Power-Ups are used in a fight, see Fighting and Competition Rules - Transforming.

Tier 1 Power-Up – Adds 5 stats – 1 SP per post – 1000 OM
Tier 2 Power-Up – Adds 10 stats – 2 SP per post – 1500 OM
Tier 3 Power-Up – Adds 20 stats – 4 SP per post – 2000 OM

When purchasing a Power-Up, you choose which stats your Power-Up increases. The only restriction is that you cannot place more than half of your stat increases into a single stat. For example, I might purchase the 'Kaioken' Power-Up which increases the following stats:

Kaioken – Tier 1 Power-Up
ATK: +2
DEF: +1
SPD: +2

But I would not be able to purchase this Power-Up, because more than half of its stat increases are lumped into a single stat:

Magic Hands – INVALID Tier 1 Power-Up!
SPD: +2
TEC: +3

Some of the stuff below this point is a little confusing, and all of it is optional. So, if you're just reading the rules for the first time, feel free to skip the rest of this page!

Advanced Transformations

Alternate Forms – 2000 OM per
(no level requirement) Alternate forms allow you to completely change your base stats – for example, to emphasize speed or power. You can switch in and out of Alternate Forms at will during a fight (the speed of which depends on the SPD of your current form – this takes around five seconds with 0 SPD, a couple of seconds with 5 SPD, or practically instantaneously as SPD exceeds 10) – it does not require an OOC notification like any other Transformation. Additionally, switching to an alternate form does not disable your Power-Ups, so you may sustain a particular Power-Up while switching between multiple forms.

Just like your base form, an alternate form has 10 stats which may be distributed as you wish, with one caveat – no single stat may exceed 5. You choose these when you purchase the alternate form. If you have any Permanent Stat Upgrades, these can be added to your total.

Powered-Up Forms
Powered-Up Forms (commonly abbreviated as PUFs) are essentially an all-in-one combination of an Alternate Form and Power-Up. Like Alternate Forms, they allow you to completely redo your stats, but aren't limited to simply the default 10 stat points. They have the same tiers as Power-Ups, and allow you to make a form with 15, 20, or 30 stat points, depending on the Tier. Of course, this means they require SP to activate, just like Power-Ups, and require an OOC note if you're using them in an official fight or competitive situation.

Basically, Powered-Up Forms allow you to create a different stat setup if you don't feel like creating an entire new Alternate Form and Power-Up just for a particular Transformation you have in mind. The downside is that Powered-Up Forms are completely independent – unlike Alternate Forms, which are like a new 'base' form, you can't use them in combination with a Power-Up. But some players may wish to forgo normal Power-Ups entirely in favor of Powered-Up Forms.

The prices are exactly the same as Power-Ups. Just like base forms, no single stat in a Powered-Up Form may exceed half of the total stats (so if you have 20 stats total, the maximum for any one stat is 10).

Tier 1 Powered-Up Form – 15 stats total – 1 SP per post – 1000 OM
Tier 2 Powered-Up Form – 20 stats total – 2 SP per post – 1500 OM
Tier 3 Powered-Up Form – 30 stats total – 4 SP per post – 2000 OM

If you have any Permanent Stat Upgrades or Power-Up Boosts, these can be added to your total.

Changing Body Shape

Most characters are simply bipeds, but you may want a form where you change into a ball, or a giant, or tiny, or simply a different biped. If so, just note it next to the form, with an explanation if required. If you want a giant or tiny body, there are some caveats:

Giant Body
Any character over twelve feet tall or wide is classified as a 'giant'. Whether it's turning into a giant monkey or climbing into your giant robot, being huge has its advantages, gigantic reach being one of them. However! You must have a minimum of 3 attack and the power 'physical strength'. Bear in mind that your speed and defense do not 'size' up automatically, so relatively speaking you will be moving much slower (since you're bigger) and if you have 0 defense you're still going to get blown up, especially since you're a much bigger target. To feel properly epic, Omni recommends at LEAST 3 in attack, defense and speed to use such a form! (so use it with Power-Ups if you can).

Tiny Body
If you want to become tiny (3 inches tall and wide is the minimum you can shrink to), your range will be a lot shorter. This applies to both melee and ranged attacks. While your ATK, DEF and SPD will not decrease, relatively speaking, you won't be able to hit targets as easily at range from the same distance as, from your smaller perspective, everything will seem much further away.

Boosting the Power of your Power-Ups

It's possible to boost the number of stats you gain from your Power-Ups and Powered-Up Forms, and the number of stats assigned to Assists. These are called Power-Up Boosts, and they work exactly the same way as regular ol' Stat Upgrades, except that they increase the number of points you have to allocate on your Power-Ups, Powered-Up Forms and Assists. These are for endgame players who want to turn their characters into gods, and the costs reflect that. Power-Up Boosts should be represented on your roster under Unlocks.

They work like this: the first power-up boost gives an additional 1 stat to distribute on your Tier 1 Power-Ups/Assists, an additional 2 stats to distribute on your Tier 2 Power-Ups/Assists, and an additional 4 stats to your Tier 3 Power-Ups/Assists. The second power-up boost doubles all of those numbers. And so on.

Power-Up Boost I (+1/2/4)10,000 OM
Power-Up Boost II (+2/4/8)20,000 OM (30,000 total)
Power-Up Boost III (+3/6/12)40,000 OM (70,000 total)
Power-Up Boost IV (+4/8/16)80,000 OM (150,000 total)
Power-Up Boost V (+5/10/20)160,000 OM (310,000 total)


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