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Bonus Rewards

Most of the time, your reward for stories will come automatically as you post. However, there are ways to earn extra OM!

Exceptional Writing
We feel that writers who take time to plan, edit and think about their writing should be rewarded. That's what Exceptional Bonuses are all about. There are two tiers of the exceptional bonus - GREAT and EXEMPLARY.

This bonus will be based on the amount you wrote, so if you earned 1000 OM and earn a +50% GREAT bonus, you will earn an extra 500 OM.

GREAT: +50% OM
Spelling, grammar and writing style are all excellent (no tense-switching, only occasional spelling/grammar errors, shows they had a good proofread of every post). Story is coherent. No large mistakes to criticise. This bonus may only be given to a storyline in which the person receiving it has written at least 4000 words.

This story qualifies as GREAT, but it is so well written (stylistically, in terms of being readable, an interesting or important plot) that it deserves a bit more recognition than a GREAT bonus, even if it does not qualify for an EXEMPLARY bonus. This bonus may only be given to a storyline in which the person receiving it has written at least 6000 words.

You considered the story to be extremely good, both from a stylistic standpoint and from a 'plot' standpoint. For lack of a better word, 'plot' includes characterisation, humour, subverting expectations et cetera. This is a very broad category and almost anything can be considered to be exceptional within this. This bonus may only be given to a storyline in which the person receiving it has written at least 8000 words.

To nominate a person for an Exceptional Bonus, or submit your storyline for grading, use the Bonus Request Topic. Exceptional rewards are not guaranteed.

Participation +50% OM (can stack with Great/Exemplary)
While writing by yourself is all well and good, the reason we go to such lengths to create these kind of RPGs is to see players interact, bounce off each other and create something co-operatively. 'Participation' awards are given out to players who have lived up to this spirit by taking part in group storylines, even if it's only with one other person. Be aware that you only qualify for the bonus if your two characters wrote together. Writing two separate plots in one thread does not qualify. This participation bonus is half again what you earned from posting, so it's well worth teaming up!

Getting a bonus for participation in a completed topic or storyline is as simple as requesting it on the Help Desk forum - a staff member will give everyone involved some extra OM based on their contribution. For staff-run storylines, this doesn't need to be requested as staff will do it themselves once the storyline is complete.

Quests and Story Prompts
New and lost? Simply looking for ideas and in-universe prompts? Our 'Cry for Help' topic has a number of player-written 'quests' for you to follow. Feel free to follow them and submit them for the bonuses above!

There are also a number of official site quests listed in the stickied Information Topic for each verse, with additional rewards ranging from artefacts (usually from temporary or competitive quests) to story events such as making your way to the Void.

All official quests have a word count requirement with a minimum and a maximum, such as 10,000 to 20,000 words. In this case, completing the quest with the minimum of 10,000 would require Exemplary writing, as delineated above. Completing it with 15,000 words would require Great writing, as delineated above, and the maximum of 20,000 words guarantees completion regardless of writing quality, provided you have stuck to the quest description and done what has been asked in the prompts.

If two people are participating in a quest, the word requirements should increase by 33% (so if the quest requires 10,000-20,000 words, it requires a total ~13,333-26,666 words between two people). For each extra person after that, add 66% of the word count requirement (so three people requires 20,000-40,000 words total, four people requires ~26,666-53,333 total, etc). These requirements may then be fulfilled as a group, and each member will receive the rewards individually.

Requests for Participation Bonuses, Quest Approval, and Nominations for 'Exceptional Writing' should all be placed into the bonus submission/quest approval thread located in the Help Desk. For huge threads, we ask for some patience, because we do like to actually read and enjoy what our members write!

Referral Bonus
We are always looking to draw in new members. Do you have a few friends who enjoy roleplaying? Perhaps some buds who want to get better at writing? Whatever the case may be, you can earn 100 bonus OM for every member you refer to the Omniverse. While it's not a requirement, everyone has a 'referral url' listed in your User CP. Give that link to your friends and they can automatically set you up to their referrer. In order to get your bonus OM, the individual you referred must go through the Joining Process and be approved. If they get to level 2, you can clain an additional 200 OM!

These bonuses can be processed at this Thread.

Rest Points
Rest Points are a little way we encourage ourselves to actively post. All characters gain 20 Rest Points per day, up to the maximum of 300 stored Rest Points. Characters with Recognition will gain 25 Points per day up to a cap of 350. Characters with Ascendancy will gain 30 points per day up to a cap of 400.

When you have Rest Points, all OM earned from posting will be doubled. For example, a post normally worth 100 OM will remove 100 Rest Points and turn it into a bonus 100 OM, assuming you have enough rest points. Otherwise, you will get your entire pool of rest points converted: Say you post worth 100 OM, but only have 20 rest points, they'll simply get turned into 20 OM for you.

Other Bonuses
From time to time, staff might create additional opportunities to gain a little Bonus OM. For instance, we occasionally put up Book Clubs that allow you to get bonus OM for reviewing the fortnight's topic, and get your own topics graded. You can also gain some OM by voting for us on topsites (see the current month's stickied topic in our OOC forum). Some other small events provided Bonus OM as well. Be on the lookout.


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