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Changing Characters and Alternate Characters

Changing characters will reset you to the starting OM of 5000 unless you have at least 8000 earned OM. If your character had over 8000 earned OM, you may keep half of the OM you have earned minus the starting amount. So, if you have 10,000 OM, take away the starting OM of 5000 and you're left with 5000. Half of that is 2500 OM, which you can add on to your new starting OM.

If you're certain you wish to change characters, post a new join form as usual in the joining forum but with "Changing Character" somewhere in the topic title. When you are finished joining, a staff member will reset your Om to where it should be and post in your purchases log to indicate that you switched characters at this point. You will keep the same log, so that we can keep a record of where all your Earned OM has come from.

Important: Did the new character's source come out within the last year, or is it the current 'big thing'? If so, chances are you're feeling more excited about them now than you will in six month's time. We won't stop you, just give it some thought before you switch. Also, read this.

If you're losing motivation for your current character, try just taking a break and playing on an alternate character for a while. If your original choice was truly a good one, it'll likely be back before long.

You cannot switch more often than every 6 weeks, or longer if you have extra characters (see below for details). Generally we want everyone to eventually find a character they like, that can contribute to the lore of the site in a long-term and significant way, and so we encourage serious thought before throwing away an old character. Exceptions to this 6 week cooldown may be granted if you haven't switched many times before, and if we think you've given proper thought to why your current character won't work, but this rule is also there to reduce the effort spent on approving new sets of moves and history and the many character gimmicks that our frequent switchers like to try out.

Second characters
So you want a second character eh? Well, if you've got over 8000 OM your first character, go ahead. Just make a new account and submit a new joining form under it, making sure we know who you are and that it's your second character. The joining process otherwise is exactly the same, and you still need to be approved by a staff member. HOWEVER! By making an alternate character, you agree to have your switching cooldown increased to 12 weeks. We don't want people using their alternate character slot as a merry-go-round slot.

After you make a new account, you can link it to your existing account (or accounts, if you have a hub/OOC account - see below). This feature can be found on the left-hand menu of your User CP, but here is a lovely link for your ease. Once your account are linked, you can easily switch between them on any page. You can even use a dropdown box before you post if you are on one account and want to post as the other instead. To find an easy list of all the hub accounts and their attached player-characters, please click on the Account List icon from the menu bar beneath our banner.

Much like NPCs, alternate characters are only there for your enjoyment and not to provide any gameplay benefit. Players cannot trade items between their characters, combine OM to make purchases, or otherwise 'interact' in a gameplay sense. In competitive events and fights, you may only enter with a single character. Your characters may adventure together in personal storylines, in which case it is your choice which character account you choose to post with at any given time. Similarly they are allowed to 'fight' in the story as long as it is not a true fight in the gameplay sense of there being a judge and a winner and a loser. The enforcement of these rules comes down to the jurisdiction of the admin.

Before you create a second character, give serious thought as to whether you really want to. While making a new character is exciting, do you have enough time to commit to two characters long-term? Just because you can doesn't mean you necessarily should.

Rather than create an entirely new character, you may prefer to simply create NPCs to roleplay with. The full rules for writing as NPCs can be viewed at The Roleplaying Process.

Why can't I just have an another character now?
For one, it's annoying when you want to join an RPG but the character you want is taken by someone who doesn't even roleplay them. The requirements mean that we have more characters open for people who are going to roleplay them. Secondly, we want to make sure that people have an investment in their first character before they jump over to their second.

I really really want a second character now. Isn't there some way ...?
If you donate to the site, you can have a second character. This does not allow you to have a third character, at any point.

So what if that person is inactive? Can I have their character?
If someone has less than 6000 Earned OM, and has been offline for over two weeks, you may take their character (we may email them to ask beforehand). If someone has over 6000 Earned OM, and has been offline for over a month with no indication of where they went (ie rather than saying they were getting deployed, they just vanished), we will send them an email asking if they want to keep their character before we let you join as them. If they don't respond in one week, we will write the character out of the Omniverse and allow you to join as a new rendition of that character. This might seem excessive when you're impatient to get writing as that character, but it's important both for continuity and to members who have priorities other than the site. It might be you some day!

Third characters
You really don't need a third character, trust me. I mean you have a hard enough time being active on those two as is!

You really want one that bad? You're willing to do anything? Fine. If you've been on the site for eight months, both of your characters are level 4 or higher, your combined Earned OM is 40,000 or more ... then you can make a third character. But! By taking a third character, you agree that your cooldown on switching characters is now 18 weeks.

Why do some people have accounts with goofy or real-person names?
We call those "Hub" accounts here at the Omniverse. People register Hub accounts so that they can post on the OOC forums as their usual OOC handles, which are useful for remembering who is who with the number of alternate characters. Almost all of our staff members have and use hub accounts for their staff duties. Hub accounts are not mandatory, and in many cases, it might be best to avoid having a hub account until you have a second character.

I want a fourth character.
No Alex! That's enough!
pls. Just tell me what I have to do.
Fine. Fine, you'll do anything? If you've been here for over two years, all of your characters are at level 6 or above, and their combined Earned OM is 80,000 ... you can make number four. This increases your switch cooldown to 24 weeks.


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