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Items and Artefacts

No RPG is complete without stuff to buy, and Omniverse is no different. Well, a little different. Everything you 'buy' are things created through Omnilium, and can actually be made regardless of where you are in the world, as long as your character can sit still for a few minutes and focus on summoning what they want. Just like powers, items can be adjusted to be represented by whatever you want. A communicator could be a mobile phone, or a magical orb. How do they communicate with each other, you ask? Omniphysics. Bear in mind that 'items' like swords, shields, and other character-specific equipment count as Powers and Moves for the purpose of rules, meaning you should buy them as moves.

Unlike other purchases, the spent OM for items goes straight to your Consumed OM. You'll buy the items as usual and add them to your roster, but leave off the associated bracket costs () and instead add the total to your total Consumed and total Spent OM. And unlike other purchases, all items can be traded and given freely. This allows you to buy items for others, or pool your OM for purchases, such as in the case of bases and upgrades.


Basic Items

Communicator – 200 OM
Allows you to communicate instantly with allies, wherever they might be. This is invaluable if you find yourself in a pinch, allowing you to get in touch and call friends if they're close enough to reach you in time. Bear in mind that you need to connect your communicators in-person or via the Astral Realm or Dataverse first. Not usable in the Void, Oververse or Underverse.

Vita Compass – 800 OM
Need to find someone? A Vita Compass will always point you in the right direction, regardless of where you are in the Omniverse. It will also tell you if you are in the same Verse as them or not. If you're not, it will point you to the gate to that verse. Invaluable for bounty hunters and artefact lovers. A Vita Compass will only work if you have met the person before at some point in the Omniverse (before or after acquiring the Vita Compass, you must have been in close contact within a few meters), and is not accurate enough to work at close ranges – once you're in the general vicinity, you'll have to search.

Mobile Dataverse Device – 100 OM
Allows you to connect to the Dataverse from anywhere in the Omniverse except the Void, Oververse and Underverse. This allows you to get the latest information on bounties, and use messageboards from anywhere, but you will not be notified of incoming emails or be able to speak in real-time unless you get a Communicator. This is only a remote connection, and does not allow you to physically enter the Dataverse – this requires an uplink station (see base upgrades).

Spiritual Attunement (Unlock) – 500 OM
With enough training, you may consciously enter the Astral Realm. Doing so requires you to enter a meditative state. Your body remains where you left it. Unlike while dreaming, entering the Astral Realm consciously poses dangers and all damage suffered to your spiritual body happens to your real body.

Spiritual Enlightenment (Unlockable) – 2000 OM (1500 OM if replacing Spiritual Attunement)
With a great deal of training, you may learn to physically enter the Spirit Realm. Entering or exiting the Astral Realm physically requires a good five minutes of uninterrupted focus. However, it is a great advantage to be able to do so. When ready, you may exit the Astral Realm to anywhere within a short distance of where you entered.


All good RPGs have consumable items, and the Omniverse is no exception. While no consumable item guarantees that you'll win any fight (and shouldn't be used as license to godmode), many of them can boost your chances significantly. Trying to use too many items in a fight is going to leave your character wide open - nobody is going to stand still while your character crams elixirs down their throat.

Rules Note: If using these consumables for purely storyline purposes, outside of competitive events, you don't need to 'use up' the item with the exception of Warp Whistles and temporary power items. We should not do this in large quantities or every post.

For non-battle durations, consider a post to be around five minutes, a round to be around 10 minutes, and a fight 30 minutes.

Banishment Circle – 250 OM
Created shortly after the Underverse was cut off from the other verses, banishment circles have become the biggest fear of troublemaker Primes, many of whom used to flaunt their immortality. Of course, many of those same Primes now use these same circles as a threat to those who would stand in their way. When used against a defeated opponent, this will send them to the Underverse.

Medi-Gel – 50 OM
An all-purpose medicinal salve combining an anaesthetic and clotting agent, able to instantly seal injuries against infection and induce rapid healing in injuries. Usually stored in purpose-made canisters that can hold several uses. Restores 1 point of damage. However, it cannot heal Serious or Major injuries like shattered bones and severed limbs. See Fighting and Competition Rules for more information on damage and injuries.

Elixir – 100 OM
Usually sold in see-through bottles made to show off the substance's pretty blue glow, Elixirs restore the spiritual energy of casters. May be roleplayed as spare ammunition or anything else if you wish. Restores 1 SP.

Protein Pill – 100 OM
Enhances your ATK stat by 1 for a whole fight. Does not stack with itself.

Iron Pill – 100 OM
Enhances your DEF stat by 1 for a whole fight. Does not stack with itself.

Carbos Pill – 100 OM
Enhances your SPD stat by 1 for a whole fight. Does not stack with itself.

Calcium Pill – 100 OM
Enhances your TEC stat by 1 for a whole fight. Does not stack with itself.

Power Pill – 150 OM
Adds 1 to all stats for a single round. Does not stack with itself.

Soldier Pill – 300 OM
Used often by the ninjas of Mokugakure, these pills turn a weaker man into a soldier, and a soldier into a warrior. Adds 1 to all stats for a whole fight. Does not stack with itself.

Mega Mushroom – 200 OM
May be used to grow to ten times the user's normal size for one minute. Also increases ATK and DEF by 3. Does not stack with itself.

Deku Nut/Flashbang Grenade – 200 OM
When thrown at the ground, Deku Nuts explode, stunning and blinding those who see the flash. Great for setting up a Super Attack (makes it so that an opponent can only defend with a Super Defense), or increasing your chances of successfully escaping from a fight.

Isolation Verse – 300 OM
Contained within a glimmering sphere, when thrown at the ground near someone it creates a white, nexus-like verse containing only that person, and the user. It guarantees a duel, with no interruptions. It can only be broken when one of the duelists is defeated. It cannot be used by a fused fighter, unless it is against another fighter at the same level of fusion or higher. Outsiders simply see an impervious white sphere around twelve feet in diameter, which will expel the fighters in a flash when the duel ends.

Starman – 500 OM
Makes the user impervious to all damage for thirty seconds. May be used to block Super Moves.

Warp Whistle – 600 OM
A one-use item that allows a single non-fused character to travel to any location they have previously visited. This may be used during fights but only before judgement has been posted.

Senzu Bean – 1000 OM
May be used to instantly remove all of the user's wounds and fatigue.

Power-Based Consumables
The following consumables all grant temporary versions of powers, and have two costs: one grants the power for a single round, and the more expensive 'Super' version lasts an entire fight.

Power Sneakers – 100 OM / Super Power Sneakers – 250 OM
Red-and-white pointed sneakers, they grant you the Super Speed power for a round, or an entire fight.

Dash Jacket – 80 OM / Super Dash Jacket – 200 OM
A flashy flame-adorned jacket, wearing it grants you the Burst Movement power for a round or fight.

Roc's Feather – 30 OM / Super Roc's Feather – 85 OM
A magical feather that puts a serious spring in your step (Basic Super Jumping).

Mantis Flip Coin – 50 OM / Super Mantis Flip Coin – 125 OM
Having this golden coin in your possession lets you leap to rooftops like you've got rockets in your feet (Advanced Super Jumping)

Space Jump Boots – 80 OM / Super Space Jump Boots – 200 OM
A pair of high-tech black boots, they let you cross skyscrapers in a single bound (Master Super Jumping).

Winged Sandals – 200 OM / Super Winged Sandals – 500 OM
The winged sandals grant the power of flight. Just be sure to put them on before you jump.

Monkey Staff – 40 OM / Super Monkey Staff – 100 OM
Having this staff in your possession lets you swing and flip with the agility of a monkey (Master Acrobat).

Growth Particle – 80 OM / Super Growth Particle – 200 OM
This lets you grow to gigantic sizes (Growth) and shrink back to your normal size at will.

Mystic Dust – 140 OM / Super Mystic Dust – 350 OM
Inhaling this strange substance opens up your sixth sense, letting you "see" with your eyes closed (Basic Enhanced Senses).

Librascope – 200 OM / Super Libracope – 500 OM
Powered by ancient technology, this lets you look at the stats, powers, moves and transformations your foes hold in store for you (Insight).

Third Eye – 200 OM / Super Third Eye – 500 OM
When in danger, this third eye lets you glimpse the future (Foresight).

Stealth Boy – 200 OM / Super Stealth Boy – 500 OM
The RobCo Stealth Boy 3001 is a clunky device worn like a wristwatch that makes the bearer invisible to the naked eye (Stealth).

Gravity Gun – 140 OM / Super Gravity Gun – 350 OM
This gun lets you use Basic Telekinesis without any of the required proficiencies! Truly sent by Omni himself.

Long-Range Gravity Gun – 200 OM / Super Long-Range Gravity Gun – 500 OM
This gun lets you use Advanced Telekinesis without any of the required proficiencies! Truly sent by Omni himself.

Angel Orb – 100 OM / Super Angel Orb – 250 OM
Grants the user the ability to teleport short distances (Basic Teleportation), although not through obstacles.

Demon Orb – 150 OM / Super Demon Orb – 425 OM
Grants the user the ability to teleport medium distances (Advanced Teleportation), although not through obstacles.

Viral Serum – 150 OM / Super Viral Serum – 400 OM
Grants the user the Basic Regeneration power.

Volatile Viral Serum – 200 OM / Super Volatile Viral Serum – 500 OM
Grants the user the Advanced Regeneration power.

Breath of Death – 200 OM / Super Breath of Death – 500 OM
After inhaling the Breath of Death, the user can survive even mortal injuries like being stabbed through the heart (Survival). Unfortunately, it won't help the user once it runs out, so it might best be used with other items.


Base – 1000 OM
A base is exactly what it sounds like, though it can be as simple as a house or as grand as a mansion. When you purchase a base, you must specify in which Verse it is located (any of the eight 'main' verses, plus the Dataverse and Underverse, though you cannot teleport out of the Underverse), and where in that verse. It can be used as a place to meet in-character, as well as a place to store unused items and artefacts. You may grant access to as many people as you wish, but bear in mind that anyone with access can take artefacts stored there, unless stored in a vault. To update permissions, make a post on the Help Desk forum. Bases can be assaulted – see Assaulting Bases for more information.

Bases may be small or large, even a small town if you wish. Bear in mind that this is role-playing fodder and doesn't give you any extra advantages. Growing your town into a focal point for the verse, adding inhabitants and even growing bigger town and city should take a long time.

Base Improvements

Recall Station – 1000 OM (requires Communicator in order to use)
With a recall station, you don't have to travel halfway around the world to get back to your base. As long as you've synced with the recall station once in person, you can simply get in touch via your Communicator and be warped back home. This can also be used to send items that you cannot carry (such as artefacts won in a fight). It takes ten minutes for the recall-station to lock-on to your co-ordinates, and if you move around then the timer is reset. This means that recalling during a fight is effectively impossible, unless you manage to stay in the same place for ten minutes. You cannot recall from the Underverse.

Teleporter – 500 OM per
Teleporters may be used to send you from your base to any Verse except the Oververse or the Void. The actual location in the Verse is somewhat random. Each teleporter you purchase may only send you to one Verse, specified when you make the purchase. May not be purchased for Underverse bases.

VR Station – 500 OM
Using a VR station allows you to travel through the Dataverse in a simulated form. Your avatar has a number of capabilities but cannot contend with a Prime who has entered physically. On the upside, your avatar's death will not result in your own death – you will simply respawn elsewhere in the Dataverse. Sound familiar? May not be purchased for Underverse bases.

Dataverse Uplink Station – 1000 OM
Using such a station, you may physically enter the Dataverse. This has many advantages, and allows you to exit to any other such terminal you may own, or others you may find that exist in the Omniverse. However, when physically inside the Dataverse you are vulnerable to real termination. May not be purchased for Underverse bases.

Medical Centre – 1500 OM
With a medical centre, you can heal your wounds much more quickly. Even the most grievous injuries can be healed in only a few hours at one of these babies. Small amounts of damage can be healed in less than an hour. Of course, that won't help if someone is right on your tail, but if you need to get back to a fight quickly then this will come in handy.

Vault – 2000 OM
A vault provides extra protection for items and artefacts stored at your base, and can only be accessed by those with explicit permission. Assaulters will need to break into this if they want to steal your precious artefacts. Breaking into a vault is very difficult and will not be possible while you are fighting defenders – they must be killed or defeated first. To update permissions, make a post on the Help Desk forum.

A base can sometimes be a rough thing to defend. This becomes a bigger issue if your Base grows into a town or a sprawling city. Whether it comes in the form of a trained security force, defensive towers, or maybe just big walls, Fortifications exist to make your base more defensible.

Tier One Base Fortifications - 1000 OM
Rudimentary fortifications don't provide much protection but are better than just locked doors. Maybe some doormen, a town garrison or traps. (Equivalent to 10% increase in defender's stats in strictly game terms).

Tier Two Base Fortifications - 3000 OM (2000 OM if replacing Tier One)
A bit better, this might include turrets, more complex traps or better trained soldiers. (Equivalent to 20% increase in defender's stats in strictly game terms).

Tier Three Base Fortifications - 6000 OM (3000 OM if replacing Tier Two)
This won't stop determined Primes, but this can certainly make the difference between victory and loss in a tight base defense. Get the best money can buy! (Equivalent to 30% increase in defender's stats in strictly game terms).

Base Relocation – 500 OM
Need to pack up shop and move out? It'll cost you. This changes your base to a temporary portable form until you can find a new place to set up shop.


Artefacts are a very special type of item. They are usually given out during special storylines, but can sometimes be discovered randomly after a great deal of searching and effort. Generally they offer unique effects not available among the purchasable items. However, upon death or defeat you will drop all Artefacts that you are currently holding. If you're holding Artefacts, any player can challenge you to a fight for them. So be careful wandering about with your valuables! If you want to protect your Artefacts, purchase a Base, and if you want even more protection, purchase a Vault. And if you don't have any .... well, look for someone who does ...


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