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The IC rules govern what you can and cannot post on in-character boards, what you can and cannot do with your character/s, and other details pertaining to the game itself. Breaking these rules will usually result in a PM by a staff member, and notable infractions are logged in the Penalty Box sticky topic located in the Help Desk OOC Forum. Infractions may result in deleted posts or deducted OM (usually the latter happens anyway if we are deleting your post). If people continually break these rules, we ban them. We try to give people the benefit of the doubt, and generally the only thing we would ban people for with no prior warnings is outright exploiting (for example by exploiting the OM gain system) or hacking the site.

Contradicting In-Universe Canon, for example by summoning flying vehicles anywhere other than Coruscant, summoning flying magical creatures anywhere other than Camelot, using guns at full power regardless of your ATK, or making things appear in a matter of seconds with omnilium, will get your post edited/deleted and your OM deducted. All of the things you need to know like how long items take to summon, what can be summoned where, the strength of weapons and everything else is detailed in About The World which you should read before you join. Don't make up your own Omniverse canon (like "there's a special type of omnilium, called red omnilium, which can be used to make super-powerful weapons!") unless you've gone through a staff member or it's explicitly approved in the rules. Other things like blatantly breaking the fourth wall, knowing things your character shouldn't know (for example, it was in a conversation between two other characters that they could not possibly have overheard), etc. Use your common sense. Breaking this rule will first get you warned, and if you continually ignore the rules and our warnings then you will be banned.

Leave storyline progression and control of official NPCs to the storyline runner, unless you have been given free reign to do so by the storyline runner. This is partially good manners - you wouldn't interrupt someone else's story mid-sentence, to say what happens at the end - and also because it can mess with that person's plans. Again, use your common sense, and if in doubt, ask the story runner. The story runner has a right to delete your post or ask for your post to be deleted if you ignore this rule. Do not kill NPCs unless explicit permission has been given by the story runner. You may attempt to kill an NPC and request a response.

Be careful when roleplaying with other people's characters or NPCs. If you're fighting someone, read their profile and make sure you don't contradict things. Taking someone else's character and roleplaying them in a way they wouldn't want to be roleplayed or contrary to their character (ie: 'Samus flashed a cheesy grin and gave Ganondorf a wink. "That sounds alright with me, babe," she said huskily, waggling her hips as she did so.') is strictly against the rules and will result in OM penalties. This includes doing something like attacking someone and then having your character walk away without giving that player a chance to have their character react. Obviously, sometimes this can be difficult and not intentional, so we give a certain amount of leeway. The best rule of thumb is to be cautious and always ask when roleplaying with someone you don't know well. The longer you roleplay with someone, the better you get a feel for what is and isn't acceptable in terms of writing their character.

In fights, try to keep things somewhat balanced. Unless one character has a significant stat advantage, they should not be dominating the fight. We're fairly loose about this, because obviously fights swing back and forth and writing interesting fights is the most important thing. Just use your common sense. Writing your character as being able to dodge everything, land all their hits, and generally be better than the opponent for no reason is called 'Godmoding'. This is against the rules, may land you OM penalties and post editing/deletion, and will significantly harm your chances of winning the fight.

Time travel, being in two places at once, 'flash-forwarding' etc is a no-go unless approved by staff. You're allowed to flashback, have your characters remember things from their history, both from outside of the Omniverse and inside, as long as it does not alter continuity. For example, saying in the middle of a player fight or staff-run storyline, "And before the fight, Zan created a convenient pitfall in the location that Jon was about to run into!" or otherwise majorly retconning events is not allowed. As with everything else, if you're confused or if you think something is borderline, ask staff first!

When posting in the In-Character forums (from The Nexus and down) everything you post must be in character. Any out-of-character notes should be enclosed in [quote][/quote] tags. This keeps it from registering with the OM gain system. No exceptions, and repeatedly doing this will get your OM deducted. If you want to post supplemental material like images or extended character notes, please use your roster or an OOC topic in Omniverse discussion.

In a similar vein, avoid excessive repetition of material. Some folks like to go over dialogue other people have written and add their own character's thoughts, and that's fine, but we're going to see it as cheesing the system for free OM if you copy and paste every single line of dialogue that other players write, especially if it's a gigantic speech. That includes the In-Character Introduction that Omni gives new Primes when they join the Omniverse. It's easy enough to summarise the words of other characters. The same goes for re-posting a chunk of something you already wrote. Like OOC notes, if you must quote a large amount of text, use either the QUOTE feature or enclose the text in square brackets.

Let's talk about obnoxious post formatting. Please don't do it. You might think it looks cool to change all the colours on everything and use five different fonts, but it's horrible to read (particularly if you have colour blindness). Some people like to bold or colour their characters' dialogue to make it more easy to differentiate, and that kind of thing is fine (provided you can see those colours on the background) just don't overdo it. For all of our eyeballs' sake.

Spelling and grammar should be of a decent quality. As mentioned in The Roleplaying Process, while we don't have a minimum word count for posts, all posts must be written prose. And while we don't expect every single post to be perfect and typo-free, decent grammar and punctuation is essential. If we feel like you're not even trying to meet this baseline, we may make OM deductions.

Sexual or violent content is permitted, to an extent. We're pretty loose on what you can post here. However, sexual gratuity should not be described in extremely explicit detail. We're not that kind of site. If you're not sure on what's acceptable then ask a staff member. Sometimes it may be appropriate to put 'Mature' in the title of a topic or a [quote]-tagged OOC warning at the beginning of a post in order to warn people of extremely graphic or upsetting content. Given the nature of the website, some degree of violence is to be expected, but be especially mindful around sensitive subjects or when roleplaying with others.

Don't have multiple accounts unless approved by staff. The exception is if you are approved to make an account for an alternate character (see Changing Characters for details). Don't post from someone else's account. If we suspect you of having multiple accounts without approval, you are at risk of being banned.


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