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Koopa Troopas, Two of them did find me - Desman Black - 08-10-2018

How long had he been walking for? It felt like days, but was that true? Or was that just the heat he playing tricks on him…

What was he even doing here? He h.adn’t seen a single other soul while here. And why would he? This place is a barren wasteland, nearly no one could survive here. Was he just so stubborn he was taking his ‘anywhere’ word to literally?

Well… It was too late to go back anyway… he would probably die of dehydration or heat stroke before he reached halfway back. What he needed was to find water, especially now that he was human again… he forgot how much effort it took to take care of such a body…

And how much sweat it produced, he had already taken his scarf and jacket off, who knows where they were now. Though judging by how dry the heat was, with so little wind, probably still where he dropped them.

Maybe taking his shirt off will let him last just the little bit longer… he was already starting to see walking turtles of in the distance… he needed all the time he could get… he could even swear they were talking…

“...yeah, and she was so passionate about her interests, I’m telling you he is the perfect person for me.”

“And I’m telling you he is nothing a golddigger KK. If you don’t believe me ask his exes, they- wait, what is that?”

“Nah-uh Kyle, you ain't gonna stop me that easily.”

“No! I’m serious! Look! There is someone of in the distance, he looks like he’s gonna faint!”

“Oh Arceus! Your right! What should we do!”

“Should we take him back to the castle?”

“What if our lord doesn’t appreciate us bringing outsiders without his permission?”

“There’s no time he gonna die out here.”

“You’re… You’re right… Come on, stay with us while we help you… Please….”

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RE: Koopa Troopas, Two of them did find me - Desman Black - 08-24-2018

Looking around Desman found himself in a dessert, the nighttime air filling his chest with an indescribable coldness… an emptiness… it made him feel so alone. So unneeded… like he should just slip into the sand and…

‘You are not alone!’ A voice shouted at him, it sounded feminine. And familiar.

“Wha-” Desman was confused, the voice was inside his head. Right? There was no one around, do it must be that. But it felt like the voice came from his ears…

‘I said you are not alone. You are never alone. You were never alone. I’m always here, always ready to-’

Wait, that voice, he knew it. The name was on the tip of his tongue when another voice came. ’That’s enough out of you. How much more times do I have to torture you until you listen to reason and stop interfering.’

“Don’t you dare harm her!” Desman had no idea who he was yelling at, or why, but it felt right.

’Ah… so you are finally starting to notice me. Well, I guess that means your time is almost up… Now you! Come with me’

‘Let me go!’

“A.N.N.A!!” The redhead woke up suddenly in sweat, his hands clammy and his breath heavy. He couldn’t tell how much was from the dream and how much was from the heat, nor did he bwant to, he probably wouldn’t like the answer.

Looking around at his new environment he took it all in, the brick walls, the soft warm blanket, the oak dressing table, the photos… it felt like a home… But the realisation quickly set it was someone else’s.

“Hello, a-are you awake?” A singular high pitched voice said through a cracking doorway. Peeking their head around the creature that voice had belonged to scanned the whole room to see the redhead sitting up, his face nearly as red from whatever had the power to force then awake so suddenly.

“Y-Yeah, I guess…” Desman replied, half still stunned by the the dream, half processing what was actually happening. “But if you don’t mind me asking… who are you again?”

Stepping in the person… animal? Was able to been seen in a better light by Desman. It looked like some sort of red mutant tortoise. It stood on its hind legs, it’s shell (as well as most of their other features) were almost overly spiky, and the physique of the creature was a mid-ground between bulking and plumpy. “Oh, sorry, the name is Kak,” The female introduced herself as, “but most people just call me KK. Me and my brother sound you about to pass out in the more volcanic regions, we moved you here until you can recover.”
“Thank you… I guess…” Desman replied, not really sure what to do with this new info. He knew he was meant to be thankful but... “but I really should get going, I… gave myself a mission I need to follow through on. But I’ll quite happily repay the favor if you ever need it.” Standing up he starting walking towards the door, thanking the creature once again for helping him.

“But…” But he was already gone.

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RE: Koopa Troopas, Two of them did find me - Desman Black - 09-12-2018

As Desman moved along the corridors of the rescuer’s place, the brick slowly faded away, soon to be replaced by metal, and a sweltering heat. It also changed it’s lighting, what was once lit by an abundance of natural light through the ceiling was now barely visible in the flickering of flames. But it was the only way he could go, so along the redhead went.

Along the red head went, for in the distance something loomed.
Along the red head went, towards unsuspecting doom.

With a right turn here, and a left turn there, Des had found himself a maze.
If something didn’t happen soon, he could be trapped in here for days.

A time had passed since he began, and soon the light become a bait.
Until a familiar tortoise came along and yelled out “Mr! Wait!”

Desman’s mind suddenly came back to full focus as he heard the voice of his newest acquaintance, the floor just in front collapsing just before he could touch it.

“Are… Are you alright?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“It’s dangerous down here if you don’t know your way around you know…”

Desman took a quick glance down at the “Yeah… I see that… Is that the reason you followed me this far?”

“Well… partly… but also…” The girl paused for a minute, as if she was deciding whether it was a good idea to tell the man she only just met. “I… I need your help!”

“What do you need?”

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RE: Koopa Troopas, Two of them did find me - Desman Black - 10-05-2018

“Good job men, if we keep going at this pace we’ll be done in no time” The voice was gruff and . athuritive in nature, yet somehow radiated a pleasant and hopeful feeling, a strange and rare thing to be able to pull off.

The planned expansion of the underground kingdom was going according to plan so swimmingly that it could finally be a one week job. The commissioner hated the long months some jobs took away from his wife. But he needed to make the money somehow…

“Heya commander.” The commissioner was caught off guard by the sudden presence of one of his subordinates. This one a young female adult in a hood that appears to has been patched and stitched back together multiple times, it’s stains and faded colors seeming to indicate an oldness to it, possibly older then the person wearing it.

“I told you it’s commissioner now.” The hardened koopa said as he was getting back on balance. “And why aren't you at the entrance looking for trespassers, that’s what we are paying you for.”

“Aww…” The female pouted, drawing her knife, It’s blades design intimate in nature, and moving it close to the commissioner's neck sliding along it softly. “But there is no one to have fun with there…” The koopa was visually uncomfortable, luckily, (or maybe unluckily) an exuse came for him to leave.

“Commisioner?! We might have a problem here!!!”

“T-that’s my cue to leave.” The knife was softly pushed by the commissioner before he moved probably a little too quickly away. “Ah, Jankings, what seems to be the problem.”

“That sir.” Looking up at the wall they were tunneling through, a huge scar like crevice revealed itself from the falling rocks. Behind it, there appeared to be some kind of green forcefeild.

“Oh dear…”

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RE: Koopa Troopas, Two of them did find me - Desman Black - 01-08-2019

“So, if I got this straight, you need me to search above ground for some sort of entrance into this forcefield?” Desman questioned quizzically. The turtle mumbled a yes sound. “But there is already someone looking for it?” Another sound of confirmation. “As much as I would like to.. I would have to decline.”

“Why?” She said, looking pretty disappointed.

“From what I hear of this mission and her, he can take care of herself. The local hero deserves the praise much more than I ever could.”

“But… It’s Dangerous out there. Despite most residents living life peacefully underground. Above ground is only the army that does what King Bowser thinks is best for us. It’s… given the Koopa Kingdom a bad reputation and there are bound to be people who would kill her just for associating with us… Or either worse, Banish her.”

Desman thought back to his time down there… Even going there willingly was not pleasant. He could only imagine what it would be like for another, forced down there alone… “Okay, I’ll help. But only to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. I want this achievement to be completely hers…”

“Okay then.” She said, stopping and pushing a brick in opening the underground of brick walls to a dessert of a rising sun. “I can accept that.”
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RE: Koopa Troopas, Two of them did find me - Desman Black - 01-11-2019

The hot expanse of the desert. Desman found himself thrown back into it again. But this time, he had a purpose. It was just to help a random person, a bystander, traverse the desert without a fuss but- No, No it wasn’t. Even if it was a stranger, there is nothing ‘just’ about any act, it all has the same vale. He needed to do this.

Looking over the endless expanse, all Desman could see was the red skies and hard cracked land; Still not a soul in sight, but nd at least he knew that they were there. He didn’t know *exactly* where they were due to maps being a rare oddity for some reason. And even if he did the one person he [i]needed[i] to look for wouldn’t be so easy to find… He just had to go in the general direction that the person was headed.

That’s when he heard it. The scream from above. Looking up he saw two things. The first was a giant monstrosity of a dragon, his scales a dusty red and his feature angleler, spine erupting from his back and a a tail like a wrecking ball. The second a green shelled yellow turtle, no bigger than hand, wailing and wiggling, trying to free itself. He needed to do his job but… this person was in immediate danger.

The red head charged off, following the dragon’s path without a second thought.

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Travel to Koopa Kingdom
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