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(Pre-Show) The Lobby - Karl Jak - 05-10-2015

Although there are gates to the Dante Verse throughout the Omniverse, this is the place where each and every prospective participant will arrive. Once they step through the fissure-like gate into the Dante Verse, they'll be on a wide platform at the southern end of an enormous hallway.

The Lobby hall is connected to four large domes, which are detailed in their respective threads. At the northern end of the Lobby, a grand elevator stands, guarded by some soldiers. Anyone who asks will be informed that the elevator is only for accepted combatants in the competition and politely asked to go pursue the public areas of the facility until they receive a summons.

The Lobby itself doesn't house many landmarks, although the large arches and giant windows make it look very pleasant. Near the center of the hallway is a large screen that lists everyone who has registered for a chance to compete in the tournament.

The Lobby is also where the media is present, in various spots. The reporters are always eager to talk to any potential combatants. ONN has the largest presence, with Lead Anchorman Ron Burgundy present. You might also find VIP fans wandering the grounds.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Retane - 05-11-2015

Retane glanced around as he stepped through the portal, and entered the lobby. THe place looked unfamiliar to him and the Emerald Fiend felt discontent. Part of him felt as if he should recognize something. Perhaps he hoped the place would instantly trigger his memory.

But, there was nothing. The Emerald Warrior looked around once more, taking in all the grandeur there was to offer when it came to the large arching marbled hallway of the lobby. Still, it was strange for him to imagine this to be the welcoming of an event that only involved killing. The Emerald Fiend mused, once it all started, exactly how many people would look back and think, 'A lot of people are going to die soon enough, but that lobby for the Preshow sure was beautiful.'

Retane laughed under his breath doubting many would think or do that, if any at all.

"Can you hear me yet?" The voice was low and faint, as if carried by the winds of a whisper.

The Emerald Warrior looked around searching for the owner of the voice, but no one near by was looking at him, or even whispering. None of them had voices that matched what he had heard. Perhaps his mind was playing tricks on him? Had that ever happened before? The namekian couldn't recall. He shook the thoughts out of his head, not wanting any additional distractions.

It was then that he noticed a man in a burgundy suit and microphone in hand pointing at a television feed, and then at him. The namekian knew it must have been his entrance into the lobby at the sign-up. He really hated cameras. The man didn't miss a a beat as he took a sip out of a nearby glass and strode towards him as he straightened his tie and a camera man followed him. The dark namekian thought about destroying the camera, and punching them both in the face. Maybe they would get the hint.

"Hi, Ron Burgundy Head Anchorman for ONN, perhaps you heard of me?" The newscaster offered a genuine smile.

The namekian took a moment to think. He was pretty sure he hadn't and shrugged, "No."

"What? Do you live under a rock or something?" The newscaster seemed genuinely shocked and offended.

Retane's visage squinted in confusion, "Not last I checked. In a forest though."

Ron chuckled, "Oh okay. I'm sorry, I meant no offense. You are from the Tangled Greens, right? So are you a mix between a goblin and an orc perhaps?"

"I am a Namek!" Retane was annoyed and outraged by the assumption that he was either of the two afore mentioned.

Mr.. Burgundy looked around at fellow newscasters whispering what a namek was, and they all shrugged their shoulders. He cleared his throat, "Sorry for the confusion we don't get your kind around much. So what brings you to entering Karl Jak's Dante's Abyss?"

The Emerald Warrior scoffed, "To remember. To get stronger."

"Oh, to remember? Test your strength? So you have been involved in this before? Are you a former Grand Champion like Android-18?" Mr.. Burgundy had no problems missing a beat.

Retane thought long and hard on the question. If he had been champion of this, would he come back? He didn't think so, but maybe he would. Arith would have told him however. "No. Not a Grand Champion-"

Retane paused his answer then as he looked to the air as saw a soft silvery mist appear. The Mark and Sigil of Lythian tingled on his arm. This had happened before, and Retane pushed his way past the anchorman and the cameraman.

The mist took shape as an elf with long locks, loose pants, a loosely wrapped vest revealing part of his chest, and two sheathed scimitars. As the elf took a step from the fog, revealing the Mystic, Enroshia. The half-elf looked around as he lowered himself to meet Retane, "I offered a warning, and you disobeyed it."

The Emerald Warrior looked angry, "You don't own me."

The Crimson Fiend glared deep into the eyes of the Namekian in a threatening manner but calmed himself after a few moments and offered a smile, "You're different, slightly, I don't know why, but something has changed. Still defiant, but there's something changed about you. I can't tell if it's good or bad, but we shall find out anyways."

The Emerald Warrior let out a low annoyed growl, "You owe me answers. Tell me who the fuck I am and what I can't remember."

The Lythian held up a hand, " Calm down. You and I both know that even if I tried, it wouldn't make sense. You know as well as I do, deep down that you have to find yourself. I have faith that you can do it. But I am here for a few days, I am stronger now, and can stabilize that much. Chaos has ensued back where you use to reign. We have much to do. Where is Arith, and have you been able to summon any others?"

Retane paused for a moment and wondered what his reign meant. God of Death? Chaos had ensued without him there? "Arith and Inirtias are back where I left them to watch over Jack, and the others."

Enroshia paused and eyed the namekian suspiciously, "Didn't let this, 'Jack' join you?"

Retane shook his head, "He's to innocent."

"Oh really?" Enroshia cocked his head slightly.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Dr. McNinja - 05-14-2015

Dr. McNinja shot through the crack in reality, landing painfully on his neck. He jumped up, took a moment to straighten his labcoat, then observed his surroundings.

He appeared to be in a lobby. Something about it reminded him of the lobby in the Titanic. The ancient but sturdy wooden steps were embroidered with long, elegant, marble columns, almost arboreal in appearance. Overhead, giant yellow and pink crystals hovered in the air, whirring with pure magical essence. Next to them were stationary engines that hissed steam and smoke into the air, and other weird machines that seemed to come straight out of Tron. These objects were surrounded by an ambience of flames. Not violent flames, but as if the dome of the lobby was one big fireplace.

Dr. McNinja quietly whistled as he strode across the carpeted floor. The lobby was, as of yet, empty. Dr. McNinja frowned. There was no way that nobody had come here if the prizes were as glorious as they seemed.

And as he thought this, he caught a man (who probably had more plastic in his body than a Ken doll) in a velvet suit, talking at an excessively large camera. Dr. McNinja raised an eyebrow. Was that a news reporter? Like an amateur one? Where he came from, news reporters reported the news by skydiving with no parachute, then landing on a giant bald-headed eagle. Was this the Omniverse's idea of entertainment?

The reporter saw him and approached him.

"Hi!" he chanted, "Ron Burgundy. Head anchorman for ONN. Perhaps you've heard of me?"

Dr. McNinja blinked rapidly.

"Um," he replied, "No."

Ron grumbled. "These uncultured- Okay, what's your name?"

"Uh..." the doctor cleared his throat. "I'm Dr. McNinja."

"Doctor..." Ron frowned. "McNinja?"

Dr. McNinja nodded. "Yes."



"Like McDonald's except with a NINJA."

Dr. McNinja rolled his eyes. "Don't talk about McBonald's. I... have so many issues with them."

Ron looked at his cameraman. "McBonald's?"

"Listen," Dr. McNinja interrupted, "I don't know who you are, and I would really prefer to not do an interview or anything, okay? So let me give you a quick summary. I am an Irish ninja with every single degree that exists."

"Like one might surmise, based on your name."

Dr. McNinja scowled. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well," Ron said, "You say that you're a doctor, and you look like one, unlike, I don't know, there was a Time Lord here once and he didn't look like a doctor at all. Your last name is McNinja. Mc is often an Irish prefix for a name, and, well, Ninja."

Dr. McNinja leaned in to Ron's face threateningly. "What, you think you can judge me by my name? Are you saying that all people with Mc in their names are Irish, and that all people with Ninja in their names are ninja?"


"You are a racist, and I hate you."

With a haughty grunt, Dr. McNinja stormed off. He overheard Ron in the background muttering, "Omni lets anyone into the Omniverse these days."

He was about to turn around and act out 47 different ways of torture when he saw glasses of champagne nearby. He instantly got distracted.

"Hey!" Dr. McNinja exclaimed, "Champagne!"

He pulled on the mask under the nose, creating a small opening for his mouth. He poured the champagne into his mask, and drank it all nearly instantly. He let the mask snap back onto his face, and mumbled in appreciation, "Mmm, champagne."

In the distance, he saw a green orc-man-thing talking to someone. McNinja frowned.

"One of Radical's subjects, maybe? Or just a lizard-man. Those can exist."

Dr. McNinja continued to scan the weird lizard-man.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Jack Frost - 05-14-2015

The Guardian stepped through the rip in space. The light was brighter in the room he was in compared to the Tangled Greens, and it took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust. As they did, Jack spotted Arith and Inirtias standing there nearly in front of him. They looked back at the Horseman, and then to the scene unfolding. Those nearby had backed away from the cloaked figure and the large silver and blue wolf. Ahead of those two, were Retane and what seemed to be a white haired elf with two curved blades on his hilt.

The wolf, stranger, elf, and Retane had already met eye contact, and there seemed to be tension between them all. A man in a burgundy suit with a microphone was saying something, as he had a camera man follow him on this new live event that was about to occur.

The newest Horseman observed the situation, and wondered how close he could get to the rogue and his familiar before the altercation ensued. "Stop", Frost shouted.

Everyone looked in his direction for a split second, but turned back to the forboding altercation. The direwolf and hooded figure took a few steps towards the elf and namek. The cloaked figure only laughed. Again the sound was as if it was mocking the Guardian. Jack Frost gripped Savior and leapt into the air with a huge burst of strength and energy. He landed in between his friend and the stranger yelling, "I SAID STOP!!!!"

The ice spread from the center point of the ground where Savior had stuck, making a radius that would wind up stopping the wolf and stranger from even touching it. Jack took a deep breath and realized that he was upset, but felt confident he had gotten everyone's attenion.

The wolf looked at the ice, sniffed it, sat on his hind legs and let out another long howl. The cloaked figure pat his head and the wolf whimpered, but stopped.

"I asked a question! Who are you, and where do you think you are going!?" Jack had a stern face as he looked at the cloaked figure.

The stranger snickered as he reteived his sword from his back and handled it with two hands, "You are in my way, boy. This wolf has a date with that namek over there, and so do I."

Jack felt a trigger from deep inside, and Savior glowed then, slightly. Jack felt his own layer of ice thicken and densify. Retane made a noise behind him, but the Guardian was focused on his target, "If you want him, you have to get through me."

"You sure you want that boy?" The shadowy figure bent low, cocking his sword in what would be a single swing. Frost expected that he would be able to handle the attack with a few tricks, but the initial speed of the charge threw him off. He quickly gauged that he had a small chance of bringing a Wall of Frost just in front of him and get out the way. But the faster figure wasn't even touching the ground or slowing. jack thought about jumping out of the way as a last ditch effort, until another figure interviened.

It was Retane that used his own body to stop the assualt. The swing of the blade almost touched the namek, but never struck.

"You would", the stranger stated, halting his attack just moments before attacking.

"That 'boy' asked you a question. And a date with me means you have a date with death."

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Violet - 05-15-2015

“Opulent” is not a word she would have thought to describe anything about Dante’s Abyss, but this lobby came damn close to being labeled as such. People of various kinds milled around, some just socializing, while others watching the screens at the center of the domed room. At different points around the large space were halls that led to other places, and curiosity drove her as she stepped away from the portal entrance and into the foyer.

All around the domed interior, windows framed by archways rose far up into its recesses. The darkness outside was split by a large, pearlescent moon that hung between a cradle of heavily leafed branches. The light spilled in, giving a purer illumination to the room than the overhead lighting that dotted the interior.

As she peered across the sea of people before her, she almost felt at home. There were some who looked like they came straight from a battlefield, garbed in tattered clothing and just breathed malevolence. Others were more conscious of their clothing choices, while a few didn’t seem to care one bit about being conservative with their garb. She felt almost overdressed in her teal jacket and jeans.

Violet didn’t feel up for much mingling, she just wanted to find a rack and get some sleep. At the far end of the lobby, she saw what appeared to be an elevator guarded by a fairly intimidating bouncer. She made her way over, weaving between reporters and dodging questions with a considerably ferocious glare.

The guard didn’t look very friendly either, and between the two of them, the utter maliciousness in each other’s glares sparked something between them that was nearly tangible. “Excuse me,” Violet tried to shove her way past, just wanting to avoid interaction at all.

“The barracks are upstairs. I cannot let you through at this time.” Guardman said gruffly. He pushed her back.

“And why the hell not?” Violet bitched, shoving her balled hands onto her hips. “I was specifically told I can rest, and that’s what the fucking barracks are for.”

“Once you go up, you cannot re-enter the lobby or any of its associated sub-zones.”

“Are you fucking serious?”

He nodded. “One way street, ma’am.”

“Then where the hell am I supposed to go?”

The guard pointed towards a sign that said “PARK”. “You could go there.”

Rolling her eyes, Violet pivoted on her finely polished boot heel and headed towards the park. If she couldn’t get a rack, the next best thing would be a fucking bench.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Gin Yatreg - 05-16-2015

Gin and Tonic exited the portal into the brightly lit lobby. "Whoaaa, this place looks sweet!" Gin said as he spun around, taking in the sight of the place. "Which way do ya think we should go first Tonic?" he asked his avian companion. Tonic looked around stuck his beak in the direction of the dome labeled 'PARK' and let out a "WAARK!" sound in confirmation. "Alright, let's go!" Gin said. He then hopped onto his faithful feathered steed and they took off, barreling through the crowd of paparazzi that blocked their path in the lobby and into the Park Dome.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Samus Aran - 05-16-2015

Samus was assailed by light and sound the moment she stepped through the crack. And then there were people. Some of them simply standing around like zombies, others rushing towards her like … well, zombies.

Gritting her teeth, she shielded her visor and waded into the crowd.

“Samus! Is it true that you’re now working against the Empire?”

“Samus! Any word on the fugitive you freed from Empire custody?”

“The Grey Reporter here, if you would give just a word on your opinion of the struggle between the Empire and the Kingdom…”

Samus had no patience for this. “MOVE!” she barked.

Eventually she managed to free herself from the throng and broke into a jog.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Guu - 05-16-2015

The second Guu stepped through the portal, she was greeted by hordes of reporters. She flinched at the waves of camera flashes right in her face. Eventually, a man with perfectly coiffed hair, snazzy mustache, and red jacket cut through the crowd.

“Let me through! I’ve got to interview the new one!” He exclaimed, shoving one photographer out of the way. “Hello new contestant, I’m-”

His jaw dropped as he saw the little girl in front of him. He turned back to one of his cohorts and said:

“Who let a 5-year-old in here?”

An assistant walked up to him and started to whisper into his ear. The look on his face went from amused to cringed as he comes to realize his faux pas. He twisted back to Guu and held the microphone down to her face.

“Welcome to Dante’s Abyss, uh…” another assistant whispered in his ear. “Guu! I’m-”

“Ron Burgundy.” She stated, cutting him off.

“Ah! So you’ve heard of me!”

“Eh, I watch the news.”

“At least someone has.” He said under his breath. He re-composed himself and continued. “Why did you decide to compete?”

“I’m representing my kingdom.”

“Your… kingdom…” The assistant from before came in again. “Ah yes! Ambroha!”

“Ambrosia.” She said annoyed.

“I’m deeply sorry you’re highness, I didn’t know I was addressing a queen.”

Guu was getting increasingly agitated and impatient at this point.

“I think I’m just going to go now.” She said as she made her way to the dojo. But the microphone blocks her exit.

“But wait, your majesty! We’re not done with the-”

Suddenly, Guu ate the microphone right out of his hand and swallowed it whole. Ron, in shock, tries to yank it out by the cable which is hanging out of her mouth, but it doesn’t seem to budge. He lifts the cable in the air, leaving the pink princess dangling like a trout on a hook.

Eventually, he gives up and drops her.

“Just unplug it, let her have it.” He said just before sighing aggravated.

One of the crew unplugs the mic and Guu quickly slurps it up like a string of spaghetti. The crowd, dumbfounded by the turn of events, part for her as she makes her way to the dojo.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Harry Dresden - 05-17-2015

Harry got swarmed just like most of the other contestants, but with the state his emotions were in, earpieces in the immediate vicinity were shorting with alarming speed, and ditto for microphones and cameras. It wasn't as wide of a radius, and it wasn't absolute; if Harry had to hazard a guess, anything that a Prime made was a lot more resistant to his hexing. Still, he didn't take long to pick out the familiar suit of orange armor in the crowd. "Samus!" He raised his free hand and marched through the reporters, eventually getting enough space to start jogging after her. He ran often, and he had long legs; it wasn't long til he caught up with her, but the pace she set was remarkably steady and Harry was almost certain that she'd be able to keep it up longer than him. "I take it you saw our friend Cindy on the commercials for this tournament?"

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Lubbock - 05-17-2015

Lubbock's right foot fell through the gap in space and landed onto the floor of the lobby, followed by his body, then his other foot. He stood there with his hands in his pockets, whistling as he gazed in awe at the place around him. Damn, wish the guys at home could see this, he thought to himself. This mental statement made him think of a couple of questions, though: Why am I not trying to find my way back? Is it because I was tired of the old world or more into the new one? Do I just want a new adventure? The list could go on, but for now, he was going to make the most of his time in this world.
"You don't realise it, but I can tell you long to go home," Syura stated, interrupted Lubbock's reminiscing. Hmm... I guess so... I mean, Night Raid IS basically my family... I still need to help Tatsumi with his training, and I still owe Bulat dinner... his thoughts drifted to the girl of his dreams, the leader of Night Raid, And no way can I forget Miss Najenda. I still haven't seen-
But before the young man could finish his perverted thoughts, someone interrupted him.
"Ah! Another one joins the fray!" a man with combed back hair, a thick mustache and some strange, red suit walked towards Lubbock with a microphone that seemed rather shiny and new, "My name is Ron Burgundy from ONN. Perhaps you've heard of me?"
The green-haired teen was slightly mystified by this strange man's presence, "U-um, I'm afraid I don't recall hearing that name," he told him, edging away.
"Oh, that's a shame. Dear, dear... but allow me to interview you! You seem to be rather... intriguing..." he glared at the boy's green hair, and then his green outfit. Lubbock stood up straight and regained his composure.
"Alright, as long as it's not too long," he accepted, popping his knuckles nonchalantly.
"Right then! First of all, tell us your name!" he more so ordered than asked.
"The name's Lubbock, but my friends call me Lubba," he stated, but was taken aback by the man's next statement.
"Right... Lubbox, nickname Rubber, correct?" he asked. I can't tell whether this guy is pulling my leg or he's actually braindead, he complained.
"Lubbock, don't worry about it. Just tolerate him for a bit. If you accept this interview, you might be able to score some allies for Dante's Abyss," Syura reassured him. Yeah... You're right. I'll need allies... although it all comes down to last man standing in the end, right?
"No, it's C K at the end of Lubbock, not X, and it's Lubba with an L," he shivered before the next part, "Not Rubber,"
"Oh, right, of course!" Ron pulled at his collar, embarrassed, "Next question, what did-"
"I was an assassin," he cut Ron off coolly, as if that was a totally normal thing.
"E-excuse me?"
"I said I was an assassin before I was dropped into this place,"
"Ah, but of course! That ought-"
"-to be useful in Dante's Abyss, I know, I was told that at the interview before I entered the portal,"
"Okay! That's all well and good! Now-" the man in the red suit began, but was interrupted as Lubbock slung a bunch of his wires at the ceiling above, latching onto an overhanging pole and swinging over the ever-growing group of people behind Ron. He brought the wires back and backflipped through the air and landed in a crouching position, receiving whistles and woos from the crowd. He looked to his left and saw the same thing that caught his attention not too long before: a very beautiful girl with black - almost purple - hair, storming into the area labeled 'park'. Lubbock made his way there to see if he could chat her up, but as he arrived at the doorway, an object flew past him, pushing the wind against his torso heavily. For a moment he couldn't see what came past, but he managed to catch a glimpse of it as it went out the door: it looked like a boy riding a giant bird! Man, I need to check this out! he decided, excited. He then exited the large lobby into the park.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Strazio Rockwell - 05-17-2015

Strazio stepped slowly through the portal, still wary of the unknown in the Omniverse. He shielded his eyes from the bright fluorescent lights of the lobby and surveyed the area. Reporters with strange devices and outfits skittered throughout the large room. The reporters smelled a new entry and they flocked over to Strazio. They fought amongst themselves and Strazio watched with morbid curiosity as they tried to get a scoop. Finally one emerged from the pack, victorious and full of spunk the younger man bombarded Strazio with questions.

"Sir! sir! What's your name?" the young reporter shoved the microphone in Strazio's face and simultaneously body-blocked several other reporters from getting to the prime.

Strazio was impressed by the man's tenacity and decided to throw him a bone "my name is Strazio Rockwell, defender of Darkshire."

Dejected and defeated the other reporters walked away, looking for fresh blood. The young reporter adjusted his tie and stepped closer to the prime, making sure the microphone was as close as possible "and Mr. Rockwell why did you join the abyss?"

Strazio smiled at the camera and spoke with a ferocious inner fire "I want to get stronger, you're looking at the prime that's gonna banish Dracula and save the Moors."

"That's a bold statement Mr. Rockwell, I wish you the best of luck. Now what do you think of your competition?" the reporter motioned towards the screen listing the competitors. Strazio took a moment to read through the list. Dammit looks like Crona did sign up Strazio thought. He actually kind of liked Crona and secretly hoped he wouldn't have to kill the boy in the abyss.

"I'm confident I can beat anyone I run into on the island" his voice was filled with confidence.

"So no alliances for you then?"

Strazio smiled and shook his head "I'm not here to make friends."

The reporter turned back to the camera and spoke with a sickening saccharine "you heard it here first folks, we'll keep you updated on this pernicious prime as he combats the trials of the abyss! Back to Dave in the studio!"

Strazio's smile evaporated as the reporter turned and thanked him for the content. It was all a production, one that Strazio was willing to participate in if it meant getting closer to accomplishing his goals. Strazio pulled his hood over his head and headed to the large hallway at the end of the lobby. After the excitement of the attendant and the interview he needed time to de-stress. The park sounded nice to the weary prime and he stepped through the doorway.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Doomguy - 05-17-2015

I have I told you about inter-dimensional travel, that feeling of having half of your in two different places for a split moment. Now imagine that, but you're in a working washing machine, and it's more than a few seconds, and you're pretty sure you saw the death kneel of all of time and space enveloped inside a moment shorter than a heart beat. That's what its like to go through a Hellgate, and that's only slightly worse than what the rift into Dante's Abyss was like. You'd think you managed to get away from the terrible experiences of your previous world, but they have a tendency to creep back on you like that.

After I touched down into the expansive room that was the lobby, there were two things that stood out: the large jumbo-tron screen on top that named the other contestants in a list (which included one Guu, who maybe I could have met later), and that there was fuck all else. Okay, there were the paparazzi that hung around the edge of the dome shaped structure, but they seem content to ignore me for now. It seemed that they thought I was part of the security team, since my name wasn't up on the TV. Thankfully. Fucking vultures.

I took the opportunity to move over to one of the equipment crew, who was on a laptop to whatever end. He muttered something offensive about primes, and I wasn't about to disagree with him, whatever it was he said.

"Those assholes giving you trouble?? I asked, as if I was just another one of the guys, casual in my ton of armor and weapons. He looked up at me, glanced over at this porn-stashed boss, then back at me with some confusion "I mean the contestants" He perked right up.

"Oh yeah. Primes, nothing but ungrateful attention whores. We're only covering them because we have to" he seemed quite ready to give me an hour long spiel about the subject, but I stopped him with a quick interruption.

"Bastards, all of them, am I right?" Yes, I included myself in there. I wasn't wrong, really "I need to take a quick smoke break, which one of the other domes have less people in it?" the crewman though it over, then pointed out one of the identical domes in the corner of the station.

"The dojo, although I think that weird pink went there"

"About two feet tall, white and pink hair, eyes like soulless wells of eternal sorrow?"

"That's the one"

"I think I'll manage" I soothed his worries, and headed down the hallway to the dojo wing, the long corridors and dome structures gave me a slight nostalgia for some of the old colony habs I've had the chance to walk through back home. I was at the intersection when a loud BEEP came from the jumbo-tron, probably to announce the "arriving" contestant. When everyone else watched the gate to see of the green armored soldier would appear, the equipment guy looked at me with wide eyes and gapped mouth, but I gave a small wave and turned the corner.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Retane - 05-17-2015

"That 'boy' asked you a question. And a date with me means you have a date with death." The namekian's hood had blown off as he rushed to the aid of his comrade. If this stranger had come to challenge him, then Retane would meet him head on and find out exactly who he was. The difference between Jack and the Emerald Fiend, was the namekian didn't need to wait for an answer. He could get the all the answers he wanted after decapitating his new foe.

The Emerald Warrior looked back to Frost, who seemed shocked that Retane had put himself in between the two. He knew that the Guardian and his staff had something to do with the cool feeling of protection around him. The Horsemen could only laugh inside. He was never afraid of death, but the 'boy' never ceased to amaze him with his tricks. Retane knew deep down he had made the right choice in selecting Jack Frost to be his ally in THe Horsemen. "Do me a favor, let me handle this one. I know you have my back, but he came for me."

The blade struck hard across the side of the face of the namekian, who heard the slice of the wind just a moment to late and the blow nearly took half his face off. The blade crunched into ice and recoiled for another swing. "Death? Hah! Where is this death you speak of? The God of Death is long gone; A has been; Oh wait, he never was!"

The Emerald Fiend let out a low growl, and far off he could hear the blue and silver wolf mimic his growl. He stared deep under the cowl of his foe as he charged up an orb of energy in his palm. He could see nothing but blackness. Retane launched an orb of energy at the face of his foe, only to have it blocked by the two-handed sword wielded by a single hand. The Emerald Fiend was almost taken aback, but if someone had come for him and knew his history, they had to have been strong to come after him willingly.

The power pumped from the Malefactor on Retane's back, urging him to push forward and kill his foe. The renegade namek felt his anger rising and his blood was pumping furiously. How could his foe mock him so? He thought he was weak, but the Emerald warrior would soon show this vagabond who was truly weak. The power surged deep in the arms of the namekian as two more energy orbs formed into the palms of his hands. The Feral Wind kicked up around his arms and a dark red and green aura as the namekian let his power show in an instant.

He threw his arms outward loosing both blasts simultaneously, cocking one arm back and launching another blast of energy. His other arm did so in the same fashion, each time thrusting another orb of energy at his target, and getting stronger and faster with each movement. Retane almost let out a growl that would grow louder, but his foe didn't deserve to hear his roar. He had insulted the Emerald Fiend and would soon learn the price of such a folly. He would soon know that underestimating him was a costly mistake.

As the namekian felt his energy depleting slowly, and with the smoke and debris kicking up as each blast of ki hit, the renegade namekian threw both his arms out wide, forming to final orbs of energy. He brought them back in front of him , nearly cupping his hands together, loosing both orbs of energy and the Feral Wind at the same time. He would see how strong his foe really was.

The wind dove at the foe, blowing all the debris away, hitting at the sword that tried to block most of the attacks, but the tunnels of wind grew larger and cut and bit at the cloaked figure. The cloaked warrior dropped to a knee, still not letting out a sound of pain, matching Retane's own silence. Retane moved then, removing that separated them and grabbed the target by the collar of the cowl and yanked him up.

The sword wielder never dropped his doubled edged blade, though it hung loosely in his grasp, barely off the floor as Retane held him up. "A question was asked,. Are you going to answer it? Or shall I force it out of you?"

The swordsman laughed beneath his dark shadowed face. It was a forced laugh of defiance, but still it mocked the Horsemen, "I forgot the question."

The Emerald Fiend curled his lip in annoyance and the muscles of his free hand flexed. If this foe wouldn't talk, he'd never talk again. Retane thrusted his hand forward, aiming for the neck of his prey, just above the hand that clutched at the black cloak. A flip of the wrist, almost a last ditch effort, brought the blade up and at an angle. The Emerald Warrior stopped his hand just short of possibly splitting his hand into two parts.

"So you are going to kill me again?" The cloaked figure struggled to breath as he let out a choked a statement. "This time before it even starts?"

Retane paused for a moment at the words, and the open hand of the swordsman went to his hood. As he pulled it back, the constant shadow that cloaked his face was removed, and the namekian recognized the weak smile anywhere. The face of the figure had a slightly larger head then the namekian, but had pointed ears similar to his own. He was bald, except for a single line of thick pointed hair. The Emerald Warrior dropped the warrior then, as he recognized who it was. He knew him from his memories. It was the Konat. "Tapion... " Was all Retane could mutter...

"It's been a long time brother", the Konat stated.

"Can you hear me yet?"

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Deadpool - 05-17-2015

The transverse between portals paralleled to a trip through a pitch-black hallway—light in the distance beaconed to the Danteverse like a radiating door eclipsing a bright room. The mercenary perceived the light to be close, but it blurred as if it were far over the horizon. Either way, he had to reach it.

Deadpool threw an imperceptible palm towards the fissure of light and shuffled his feet half-staggeringly forward. Vertigo still possessed him like a marionette, and played with his movement; it sent his knees nearly buckling, more than a few times.

He swore the light dwindled as he advanced, as if fleeing, but before any emotion could latch onto his thought the light shot forward, faster than the headlights to an incoming train; it hit him like a wave of heat.

His foot sank into the light and gracefully emerged out the other side of the portal; the rest of his body followed haphazardly—he stumbled, lost his footing, and crashed into the carrara marble floor with a thud! The mercenary groaned while attempting to rise up, almost crumbling under his own weight, but after a few moments of agony he managed to return to his feet.

Something is definitely fucked up with my Healing Factor, he thought. He could still feel the sharp pain in his belly where he impaled his blade. By now, his Healing Factor would have erased any remnants of damage (other than the vague memory of it), but ever since he was snatched from Marvel, it did nothing more than seal wounds.

I’m not going to let you write out any more descriptive shit. You’d fuck around and give away the juicy shit intended for later.

“You ok?” Gingy asked, watching the mercenary rise to his feet. “Now that I’m stuck in this fucking thing, you better not die on me.”

”Don’t be ridiculous,” Deadpool coughed out, but with a subsequent pound on the chest he quelled the remainder of it. ”I would die in you before I would ever die on you” He looked down at Gingy and winked.

Gingy responded with mischievous smile as he glided a hand over his head. “If that’s how things are, then you would die under me, because I’d be on top,” he bantered.

”I’m glad you’re finally starting to compliment my humor. Took a few thousand words, but looks like you’ve gotten the hang of if.”

“Yeah, just have to sift through all the fucking nonsense.”

”So, where are we, anyways?” the mercenary asked as his eyes swiveled in various directions.

The hall he stood in was grand. By the looks of the crowd—diverse in age, sex, and historical timelines—Primes from all over the Omniverse had converged at the Danteverse. Most of them roamed the hall aimlessly, frozen in awe, but the more conscious Primes were already bustling towards the pockets of media segregated amongst the crowd.

Overhead, the translucent ceiling housed several banners, suspended from its rafters. The left banner was of a blond-haired woman whose visage appeared younger than her age; her cold blue eyes jumped from the image. The banner far right was of a helmeted man in a blue and white spandex suit; below him were the words ‘DRINK PEPSI’. And dead center was a banner of a slender man with thin lips, in a flashy purple suit, which probably cost more than the mercenary’s life.

“I think this is some type of lobby,” Gingy replied.

”Ah man, that Pepsi-man guy was really serious about that whole hydration thing, I guess,” He muttered with his eyes fixated on the rafters.

“huh?” Gingy did as he usually did when the mercenary spewed nonsense—widened an eye.

”Oh, nothing. Let’s just walk around and see where it takes us. “

“Yeah, let’s use the same tactic that got us here. Perfect.”

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Chloe Price - 05-17-2015

I ran through the portal at super speed, crashing right into the wall on the other side. I slowly stumbled away from the wall. "Ow...Ow...Pain..." I mumbled to myself. I then looked around. Reporters everywhere, who I kept dodging. I eventually decided that it was no use, and accepted an interview with a random reporter.
"So, why are you here in Dante's Abyss?" the reporter asked.
"Hoping to get an Artefact. Fighting crooks isn't easy, you know." I replied.
"Alright...And, do you have any allies joining?" the reporter then said.
"No." I said.
After a few more questions, I left the reporter-filled room, towards the Recreation Dome. I kept my mind on the Reverse Flash-Doctor Wells stuff. I doubt he's actually...Could Doctor Wells be the Man in Yellow? I thought. I continued to dwell on it as I unknowingly walked into the Recreation Dome.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Ganondorf - 05-18-2015

With the prerequisites out of the way, Ganondorf nodded solemnly to the perky woman and stepped through the portal he was directed to. As always, his passage was accompanied by that sickening, falling sensation. This time, however, he barely noticed it at all. For, in that void between worlds, all he could see was her: his faithful servant, Firani. Her every feature was as clear to him as a scene through freshly made glass. Her tear-filled eyes stared at him accusingly, devoid of life and hope and her blue lips moved wordlessly around a blackened and swollen tongue. The Gerudo King’s heart sank as he looks upon what he had done.

Instinctively, Ganondorf knew that nothing here was real; that travelling through the portals scattered across the Omniverse was instantaneous and that everything he felt, saw, or heard now was merely a construct of his psyche as it dealt with the alien nature of these portals. He knew all of this, yet still he tried to avert his gaze from Firani, to hide from the sight of what he had wrought. It was a futile effort, this was not a thing of the eyes, but of the soul, and Firani would not leave his field of vision. Ganondorf’s torment grew, and he cried out in anguish.

“Forgive me!”

A collective gasp broke the King from his trance. So caught up in his pain, he hadn’t noticed that he had finished his voyage and stepped through to his destination. His pained shout still echoed along the large hallway, proof of why, all around, every eye was on him. And while Ganondorf was certainly one who enjoyed attention, this was not the sort he had any mind of allowing to continue. Mustering up every ounce of willpower left to him, the warlock straightened his back and returned their gazes with imperious indifference. It didn’t take long for them to lose interest, anyway. It seemed most of them were too fixated on their own conversations to give him any more than a single glance, regardless of his strange entry into the area.

Thought outwardly, Ganondorf appeared as regal as ever, on the inside he let out a sigh of relief. Not only because the awkwardness of the moment passed him by, but also because in each of their staring faces, he saw Firani.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Illidan Stormrage - 05-18-2015

Link rushed through the portal, heart beating frantically. All he could think about was Syla. After all he had been through, seeing Malu die and then trekking through the blizzard drenched verse, climbing a mountain and fending off a dragon, it had all been for naught. The Master Sword brimmed with its full power once again, but the Triforce of Courage was gone. It was only one of three keys to a monumental door; the wish of its owner. Even if Ganondorf didn't possess the Triforce of Power right now, it didn't mean he never would again. How would Link combat him without it? Worse, it may fall into another's hands. If Syla's goal was to collect the Triforce and sell it ...

No! Link wouldn't let it happen. He needed it. Nothing would stop him from his goal.

Without the godly relic, Link was certain he wouldn't have survived his confrontation with Ganondorf. While it didn't imbue him with limitless power like Ganondorf or crafty magic like Zelda, his Triforce piece protected him. Dark magic was far less effective against him when it pulsed in his hand, and it gave him a clarity of mind and purpose he never had before. Indeed, even the Master Sword seemed to react to its presence, shimmering with a new heat. Its boons were more subtle than its sister pieces, but in Link's opinion, far more potent.

His mind snapped back to reality. The howling winds of the Frozen Fields continued on without him through the dimensional tear. Link was surrounded by people. Everywhere, all manner of shapes and sizes, mostly human. Some held strange batons with foam spheres on one end, pointing them at one person as they spoke and returning it to their own mouths when they replied. Large archways lead off into different areas, but Link didn't care.

Where was Syla?

Link dove into the masses, weaving and pushing through in search of his prey. She couldn't have gone far, but there were so many places to hide it would take Link longer than he would like to find her.

As the Hylian finally broke free of the throng, a voice boomed through the lobby that set his spine to ice.

"Forgive me!"

The words didn't penetrate, but the sound did. That voice belonged to only one man. Link turned slowly, eyes wide, hoping against hope that he was wrong.

His vision soared over the heads of the crowd and landed on a vision that haunted his dreams. His flame red hair cascaded down his back, an elaborate crown like headwear adorned his head and he wore new, regal armour, but there was no doubt about who it was.

Ganondorf. Ganondorf had followed him.

Link bared his teeth, itchy fingers snapping around the hilt of the Master Sword, but then he stopped. The crowd had grown bored of the Gerudo king after the silence that followed his outburst, and drawing his blade in this would divert all attention to Link. He remembered the opposition he received, especially from that Hairy guy, when they faced off against the Rathalos. What would happen here when there was no other threat? Would the others mob him? As much as Link knew Ganondorf deserved a goddess forged blade in the abdomen, this wasn't the place. But what else could he do?

A sickening thought clenched Link's gut. Syla. What if she invited Ganondorf here to sell him the Triforce of Courage? What if he was here to add it to his collection?

Too much was at stake here. Link's hand stayed clenched around the Master Sword's hilt, but he didn't unsheathe it. Not yet.

He pushed his way back through the crowd, eyes hungrily scanning for Syla, as he approached Ganondorf. He wouldn't start a fight, but if one broke out, he knew he would have to finish it.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Galel Baraz - 05-18-2015

It was quite the stark contrast, between the interior and exterior of the rift Galel had walked through. On one end, a roiling vortex of energy ready to swallow you whole. On the other, a pristine hall filled with camera crews and crowds of weaklings gathering around their favourite celebrity contestants. Pitiful. Galel thought, his third eye flitting about as it often did. Galel took a few steps forward, walking down the short steps off of the platform that he had arrived on. This prison is filled with the weak and spineless masses. He thought, striding forward. After several feet, a group of reporters rushed over to him, flashing cameras in his face and shoving Microphones at him.

"Hi, Kate Winslow, Eye Witness News. Can you tell us why you entered Dante's Abyss?" Asked one.
"Mark Berriman, Action News Seven. Who do you think will win this thing?" Piped up another.
"Frank Harlowe, Channel Eight News. What do you hope to gain by participating in this bloodsport?" jeered a third.
Half a dozen more rattled off their names, asking inane questions of the Sorcerer, trying his patience.

Galel's third eye flitted from one to the next. Weak. Spineless. Ugly. Moronic. He thought as his eye settled upon each one in turn. The Sorcerer grasped one of the microphones that had been thrust towards his face, squeezing it and bending it out of shape. "Cease your inane prattling, chattel." He commanded, his voice thundering above the din of the crowd. That got everyone's attention. Hundreds of eyes turned to him, momentarily distracted from what they were doing.

The Sorcerer scowled, his third eye flitting from one visage to the next like a Daemonette hopped up on Slaught and Frenzon. Galel's head ached, his third eye working overdrive to process all of the information it was taking in. "Go back to your business!" He shouted, turning and walking away from the reporters, hoping that the eyes that were upon him would look away soon. He glanced at the platform he had arrived upon, noticing the fetid figure of Okor standing upon it. Relieved, he strode over to the Plague Marine. "These brainless dogs do not respect the Astartes as they should, Son of Mortarion." He began, shaking his head. "When this is over we should burn the lot of them to ash and putrefy the survivors!"

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Retane - 05-18-2015

"It's been a long time brother", the Konat stated.

"Can you hear me yet?"

Retane stood there, looking in the eyes of his old comrade, confused, not understanding it all. Tapion wasn't here. He couldn't be. He was just a memory long gone. Dead. Was he dead? Retane had been the cause of his death at least once, and had watched him die another time. He knew this much, but how was the Konat here? This wasn't even their universe.

The Emerald Warrior dropped the crimson haired Horsemen as soon as he realized he still held him inches off the ground. The namekian took a step back, trying to make sense of it all. What was going on here? Was someone playing a joke on him? He glanced around, many people were watching the scene unfold including the three Lythians, the Guardian, and even the wolf. The wolf, was standing, his eyes locked on the Emerald warrior.

I've been waiting for you. I have longed for you. Are you ready to embrace me? Can you here me yet? I've been calling out for you.

The voice in his head again, was it the wolf? What was up with the large animal anyways? Why did it seem so familiar? No, the voice wasn't the wolf, he was sure of it. But the voice was familiar, was even stronger then before. What was it? Who did it belong to?

The Emerald Warrior clenched his fists trying to contain himself. He wanted to grab at his head, but he would not show weakness here. Not in front of everyone. He tried to calm himself. The voice that had started calling out to him; Enroshia, Tapion and the wolf, and all at the start of Dante's Abyss. Was this confusion the dark side everyone was so afraid of? No Retane knew he had something deep within him that was more chaotic then simple confusion. Still why were the all here? Here and now of all the times. Surely this wasn't coincidence? The odds were not in the favor.

Retane focused back onto Tapion, who removed the cloak, and sheathed his sword. Retane knew the sword. He remembered it now. It was Brave Sword, a gift from the Konat's God's. Tapion, and his younger brother, Minoshia both had one, though Minoshia never really used his. It was light weight and while a two-handed blade was easily controllable with a single hand. It was the trademark of Tapion, and a symbol of his people. Why had the namekian not noticed the blade before hand? Had he noticed it and just didn't care?

The nostalgia was getting to be too much. The renegade namekian wanted to pull his hood back over his head and try to escapade from it all, but he knew that wasn't an option. Everything was happening at once, and he needed to handle things one at a time. Tapion was here, right in front of him, so he would have to handle that one first, "A long time? I guess so. I'm not sure time is the relevant word. Explain to me how you are here? How do you remember me?'

The Namekian remembered that the reason he was in the Omniverse waexplained to him because he was cast into limbo, it was as if he had never been in his universe, so how had Tapion remembered him? What was the trick? Tapion shrugged his shoulder's, and pointed towards Enroshia. "He helped me get here. I sought him out and he sought me out. As for how I could remember you? You forgot where we have been? What we have done? How close we use to be?"

Retane paused for a moment and looked deep in the eyes of his old friend.

"We had some good times old friend, but I think I'm ready to go." Tapion struggled to breath and choked out the words as he was laying on the battlefield, bleeding from his chest. The Bio-Armor had been torn to shreds, his rib flesh exposed his ribcage, as well as his lungs and beating heart. The heart was pumping fast The lungs pumped slowly, as if struggling. There was nothing the Reaper could do at thi point to save his closest friend. A tear feel from the namekian's eye.

"It's okay my friend", The Konat choked as he remained defiant. "We knew this day would come. It's just like you told me before. This is your life, in the end you kill or get killed. This isn't Dante's Abyss this time, though. And you are the God of Death, not the God of Life. The only thing you can really do is make my journey there peaceful, right? Does it hurt? You've died before right? Does it really hurt?"

The Emerald Fiend watched another tear drop as he cradled the mohekian in his arms. He wanted to have the ability to heal, like some of his kin had had, but he was aa Warrior. He was in fact, the God of Death. All he ever did was kill. It was his job. The only life he gave was the ones he allowed to live. "This was always my game and my life, my friend. I never really wanted you to play it. But yes, I can usher you into the afterlife with peace, and no, it won't hurt."

"I like the sound of that. I think I really am ready to retire. I has been a good run." By now Tapion's attempts to talk had his entire face covered in blood, and much of the namek's as well.

Retane closed his eyes for a moment, calling forth his inner soul. As he opened them, he watched the wolf come from his own body. It was large and a bluish silver. The direwolf moved to lick at the wounds of the near dead comrade. It was the Soul of Retane, a majestic wolf that was a part of the Dark Hunter. It was a companion when he needed one. The Wolf's name was Lone, because without each other, they would be alone, and to represent their style of handling things.

"Lone will take you there. He will keep you company so that I will always know you are safe and happy in the afterlife." Retane met eyes with the wolf the two saw each other.

"That will weaken you permanently, you will never be strong again. I can't allow it" Tapion tried to sit up in annoyance but the pain wouldn't let him.

"I'm fine with it. It seems I have gotten to strong in my life. Too Arrogant even, and this is where it has lead." The namekian watched another tear drop onto the blood soaked face of his closest friend.

"Stubborn as always." Tapion smiled weakly, "If you are going to do that then, let me give you Brave Sword. It wont do me any good where I am going. At least i know it went to good hands."

The mercenary shook his head, "No, my friend, that will die with you. I am not worthy of such a thing. And with it will be the death of the Horsemen. I wont allow this to go on anymore. You helped me reform them, and I want the Brave Sword to be a signature of what being a Horsemen truly was."

"So because I am dying, you are killing off the Horsemen?" Tapion's breath and defiance was getting shorter. His heart was slowing as well. "That's unlike you."

"I did this. I had you help me recreate the Horsemen. Because of this, this is happening." The namkeian let another tear splash on the blood soaked face of the Konat.

"Its ok. Again, I it was a good run. I had fun. But I think it's time for me to go...." Tapion smiled as he took his last breaths. Lone looked up to the sky and let out a long howl. The sound of the howl represented the sadness of the Namekian. Lone and Tapion glowed in a red aura then, and soon vanished from sight. Lone had took Tapion to the afterlife, where the Konat would now be free of pain.

The mercenary looked to the skies, angry. He was in pain and sad. He had failed his closest friend and had just given a part of himself to keep Tapion company, and not alone. But again, Retane felt the sadness of being alone. He heard a long howl off in the distance, and he matched it with his own roar. His yell nearly shook the entire planet he was on. His strength increased, far greater then it had ever been.

Retane for the first time in a long time, was truly alone. And he was angry and demanded the deaths of everyone that had lead to this moment. This war was not over, and all would soon know that The Reaper; The God of Death; The Former Horsemen, had come.

Re: (Pre-Show) The Lobby - Retane - 05-18-2015

"I remember. You died. So why are you here?" Retane didn't look around. He kept his eyes on Tapion, trying to figure it out, but glanced at Lone. The wolf was a part of him. It made sense sense why he remembered now.

The Konat looked to the side and noticed that the direwolf was sitting near the back. Tapion snapped his fingers and Lone strode forth, and stood there, next to the Mohekian. "I came to bring to you, a part of you. I came to remind you, of who we once were. And I came to give you the Brave Sword."

The namekian remembered the event as if it had just happened. It was new and fresh on his memory. He wanted to tear up, but kept himself from doing so. "I can not accept them."

Tapion laughed regaining is stature and strength slowly from the assault that Retane had dealt him, "So what? You can help a friend, but can't be helped? Pssshaw! I remember when you asked me to help you remake the Horsemen, in this same type of event. But you are too good to accept help? You once called the Brave Sword as a symbol of the Horsemen. You said it died with me. You gave me companionship, but you turned around and remade the Horsemen. You have to take the blade and take back your soul."

Retane looked at Lone, who whimpered as they met eyes. The wolf was eager to come back to his home, but Retane shook his head. "I gave you a part of me for a reason. If it wasn't for you, I don't feel that I would have made it so far."

Tapion smiled and shook his head, "I believe you would have found a reason. I know you would have. You once told me you wondered if you Horsemen or Namek. I will tell you once again. I think you are both. You can care when you want to, but other then that, you tend to be annoyed and act like a Horsemen, the way my brother intended it to be. Get stronger, or die trying."

"So you ARE actually here because of this event?" Retane questioned.

Tapion nodded, "Yeah. Your good friend over there found me and decided I needed to come here. He said that we had the bonds you needed to remember. I was willing to do this after he told me what had happened." The Konat looked down and then back up. "I can never forget you. You made me the person I was. I know how painful it has been to watch me die. I know how happy you were with me at your side, though you never showed it much. But I know what it did to you, when I died. I know it made you a better person. I know your darkness often overshined the good in you. But you were never as dark as you thought."

The rogue namek stood tall, the memory in his head was painful, but he agreed he wasn't as dark as people had lead him to believe. However, even in the event, he would have to kill. All that came against him would have to die. But as a Horsemen, if you stood against them, you must die. The namekian let out a laugh then, for a few seconds. Everyone looked at him as if he had lost it. But he hadn't.

"I'll accept your company, for now. But I cannot accept your help." The rogue stood proud as he could and offered his hand.

Tapion accepted it and pointed to the screen up above, where Retane and Jack Frost had been listed as one of the few that would be entering the Abyss. "Only a true Horsemen would make it so fast."

The Konat looked to Jack Frost, who watched and listened. Lone barked and whimpered for a second, and even the Namekian had to look back at his other comrade.

He had chose to rebuild the Horsemen, with one friend, but now he was rebuilding it with another. He looked Jack deep in the eyes and shook his head, "I can't go through that again..."