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Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Omni - 08-21-2013

When you do something bounty-worthy, which is - use your common sense, did you assault a stormtrooper and let him run to tell his friends? Did you do something that would probably get you arrested in real-life? - you need to self-report in this thread. See the rules for full details.

If someone has pissed you off, you can put a bounty out for their head (separate prices for Death or Banishment if you like) on the Dataverse. Just make sure you pay up, or most likely you'll be on the board next ...

Bear in mind that you may make your own NPC bounties if you like, for the purposes of your own storylines. No need to get them added here, just write and roleplay the OM you get from posting as reward.

You can view the bounties from anywhere if you have a Dataverse terminal. However you are unable to immediately respond unless you are in the current verse. You can track down bounties in other verses with a Vita Compass.

You could use standard investigation skills, or tracking, to find individuals. Additionally, if you perform "jobs" for regional powers, or for information brokers, you might get somewhere there as well. Of course, this was will take much longer than having a Vita Compass.  For more detailed and nuanced guidelines, read -

If someone has more than one bounty, you may claim them all for one kill/capture/banishment, but you will only get the 250 banishment bonus once. Banishment should be an IC choice and we don't want to reward people for it.

Current bounties

(prices are based on 100 OM per level at the time of bounty placement, plus 250 for banishment)


'Gold Staff' Enel: 300 OM dead or captured, 550 OM banished.
Assault and murder of Empire soldiers, Burning down Carrefore Public Library Last seen - Carrefore
Shirtless male standing around 7'2". Blond hair, distinctive pierced earlobes and white bandanna. Wearing what appears to be a set of drums on his back. Extremely prone to violence with powers including super strength, agility, and large-scale electrical manipulation.

Okor Paleblood: 200 OM dead or captured, 450 banished
Theft of Blackhand's Crown from the museum of Coruscant
A towering behemoth of filth known as a Chaos Space Marine from his home universe. He wields an ancient bolter and rusted sword as well as several virulent diseases. Last seen fleeing the museum. Proceed with caution, more than likely accompanied by his two associates Galel and Tartaros.

'Doomguy': 600 OM dead or captured, 850 OM banished.
Numerous Crimes Against the Empire Last seen: the Vasty Deep.
Wanted for conspiracy against the Empire, as well as the assault and murder of countless Imperial troops and destruction of Imperial property. Adorn in bright green battle armor and wielding a wide array of destructive weaponry, this miscreant is to be approached with extreme caution.

'The Humble Scribe': 100 OM dead or captured, 350 OM banished.
Fleeing custody and assault of Imperial troops. Last seen: fleeing the Nexus toward the Vasty Deep.
Wanted for fleeing Imperial custody and assaulting Imperial troops, the Scribe stands at average height, having brown hair and green eyes. Witnesses note that he has donned white clothing and a white cloak. He is proficient in combat and brandishes a cane. Approach with due caution.

King Ghidorah: 100 OM dead or captured, 350 OM banished.
Assault and murder of Empire soldiers. Last seen – Fountain of Infinity in the Nexus.
Man-shaped being standing around two meters tall with golden, scaly skin. Appears to have two reptilian heads grafted onto his shoulders; the armor is so life-like that they seem almost as if they are a part of his body. Violent and seemingly fanatical about the height of those around him. Terrifying propensity for destruction at range. Approach with extreme caution.

'Pennywise the Dancing Clown': 100 OM dead or captured, 350 OM banished.
Assault and murder of Imperial troops. Last seen - Fountain of Infinity in the Nexus.
A frighteningly tall, pale-skinned creature with violently red hair and face makeup befitting of its clownish costume. Eyes deviate in color at times, seemingly according to this thing's moods. Little to no regard for other lifeforms; this monster will even maim children if it can. Incredible flexibility, sharp claws, and a horrendous amount of teeth. Approach with extreme caution.

Luci: 300 OM dead or captured, 550 OM banished.
Fleeing custody, smuggling and association with known criminals.  Placing hits on Imperial officials. Last seen: Tier 5, Coruscant
Wanted for smuggling goods between the tiers of Coruscant and fleeing custody. She is a young woman with a myriad of bio-luminescent colors painting her skin, hair and eyes; she is a graffiti artist, and can change her appearance at will. Can phase through walls. Approach with due caution.

Ash, Jak, and Desman Black: Blacklisted
Murder of Imperial Soldiers, Destruction of Imperial Property, Attempted Theft of Imperial Property, Attempting Freeing of Imperial Prisoners
These three prime and their two secondary associates, assaulted an Imperial prison on Tier 2.  They were terminated by Imperial authorities before they could spread their destruction into the city and are henceforth banned from Coruscant.  If spotted by Empire authorities, they will receive active bounties.
UPDATE 1: Ash has been successfully banished.
UPDATE 2: Ash was seen on T1; Status: Banished; Orders Monitor, ready to apply bounty.
UPDATE 3: Jak has been sentenced and serverd his term in prision; Status: Forgiven.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse: 300 OM dead or captured, 550 banished
Assault of Empire Soldiers
A pair of humanoid rodents with black fur, large ears and eyes and a black nose. He wields a sword with a shape resembling a key while she uses a golden sceptre. The former has also demonstrated the ability to summon animal allies to aid him, so he is considered to be the priority target of the two. Last seen fleeing to the Nexus. Proceed with caution. [OOC Note: Mickey needs to be beaten in order to claim the bounty.  Minnie is an NPC an included here for story purposes.]

Kenpachi Zaraki: Under Surveillance
Assault of Empire Soldiers Upon Arrival
Unusually strong fountain fresh prime displayed signs of indiscriminate violence when arriving at the Nexus. Under careful watch in any Empire-owned space for the foreseeable future to determine need of bounty.

The Vision: 500 OM Dead/Caputred; 750 Banished.
Mass destruction of private and public properties, impersonating Moon Knight, and flying in a no-flying zone.
Last seen in the white garb of Moon Knight's costume flying away from 42 Saltgrass Rd, this 'Avenger' was seen flying towards the gate from Vasty Deeps to Coruscant. All citizens are asked that if you see the white caped man, please contact local stormtroopers, and steer clear of any explosive substances.

Daniel Tempest: 100 OM Dead/Captured; 350 if Banished.
Assault of Empire Soilders
Last known seen in the Nexus, this prime is a large anthropomorphic wolf with cybernetics. Attacked stormtroopers while on patrol. Attached is a picture recovered from the surviving trooper's helmet camera.


Gildarts: 700 OM Dead/Captured 950 Banished
Murder of 35-50 civilians by explosion.
A large muscular man with slick back chestnut hair and unshaved stubble. His body is covered in bandages with an arm and a leg replaced with metallic prosthetic limbs. He is responsible for a magically induced explosion that killed an estimated 35-50 civilians. He was last seen heading towards the Nexus gate. Approach with extreme caution as he’s been stated to wield dangerous magic.

Harlan Higgs: 100 OM dead/captured, 350 banished.
Brutal execution of Camelot scouts beside the Fountain of Infinity.
 A goddamn vampire, fangs and all. Has a strange, sooty-colored ensemble, with a round cap and pale skin redolent of death. Talks funny. Capable of witchcraft and sucked our boys dry. Approach with caution.

Guu: 900 OM dead/captured, 1150 banished.
Theft of Dalaran property (star piece).
This individual was complicit in the deaths of several of Dalaran's noble astronomers and continues to hoard the star piece they gave their lives to acquire for Dalaran.

Vision: 400 OM dead/captured, 650 banished.
Theft of Dalaran property (star piece)
The purported leader of the Avengers travelled with Dalarn's explorers into the mists of Silent hill. While we have not heard from our intrepid scholars since, scouts report the android has obtained the star piece. Our attempts at arranging the safe return of the artefact have been refused by the vigilante. Its powers are largely unknown, but seem magical and transmutative in nature. Handle with extreme caution.

Handsome Jack: 300 OM dead/captured, 550 banished.
Murder of Civilians
Wanted, for crimes against his majesty King Aragorn in this the thirteenth year of Omni’s domain. The masked murderer known only as “handsome jack” has shot down in cold blood a family of farmers enroute from Harnburg. Last seen fleeing his majesty’s troops near the fountain of infinity, this prime seems to take pleasure in inflicting pain and suffering on others, and shows copius signs of mental instability. Approach with due caution.

Demetri Malius: 600 OM dead/captured, 850 banished.
Theft of Dalaran property (star piece)
Wanted, for crimes against his eminence, Professor Dumbledore in this, the thirteenth year of Omni’s domain. This thief has robbed Dalaran’s vaults and escaped with an item of grave importance. Though eyewitnesses described a gray powersuit of some nature, further investigation has confirmed that the target is also fond of the classical grey hood and cloak. Last seen falling into the Forest of Ferns. Keep your wits about you, he’s a slippery one!



PSA for the Storyteller Account - Storyteller - 10-07-2015

PSA for the Storyteller Account

The aim of the Storyteller account is to bring the world of the Omniverse to life. This account is not used as a punishment, it's not used as a method of saying you did poorly or that we as the staff don't want you to do the things you are doing. There is going to be an inherent amount on conflict in these stories, and that's what makes them good.

So, you ask, why are characters dying? Well, the short answer to that question is because it's the situation they put themselves in. In the most obvious cases of this, primarily in Coruscant, the reason they are being killed is because they angered an almost omniscient governmental force that has perpetual surveillance on almost every aspect of every person's life. Fighting, law-breaking and otherwise making a scene on the top Tier, the pride of the Emperor, is probably a bad idea for most Primes because an OVER-EQUIPPED force of SERIOUS BADASSES will shortly come after you, mostly likely with the intent to kill you.

Is it impossible to fight these individuals? The short answer: No, it is NOT impossible to fight and win against these individuals. The long answer is that it will take a long time of intentional planning to overcome these individuals and their particular skillsets and abilities. You usually can't just roll up on one of these very powerful NPCs alone and expect to walk away (however, it IS possible that a powerful enough Prime could do so). Obviously there are NPCs of different strengths, and those strengths will be considered when altercations occur, but for the most part the Storyteller account will be in charge of the more powerful individuals in the Omniverse.

With that said, there are certain aspects of the Omniverse which are directly linked to measurable benchmarks, mainly being your STATS. If you do not have an ATK over 5, you cannot easily break through thick steel plates with a standard move. Your breath weapons cannot melt steel. If your TEC is not over 5, I would assume that you aren't going to dodge every hit fired by an elite marksman. If your DEF is under 4, when you get hit with standard bullets or blaster fire, it will do more than kind of sting. We set these benchmarks to avoid BUNNYING/GOD MODING. You cannot simply say that you walked up and killed one of the Omniverse's most powerful warriors, or the mod teams will be forced to alter or delete your posts and ask you to re-write them.

Please be aware that even though this is a writing site, it is not a site where you have carte blanche agency over what happens to other account's characters, including the Storyteller's. If you are unsure of what the appropriate reaction is to an attack or something, feel free to message the storyteller account and post a notice on the boards so we know to check our mail. Also please be sure that you have a firm understanding of how your Powers work before using them in any thread.

Well what is the appropriate response to a powerful NPC attacking me? Short answer: probably try to escape. Long answer: it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to have an awesome showdown with Judge Dredd, but know you probably aren't going to make it, let us know! If you want to break something of Dracula's before he pulls of one of your limbs and beats you to death with it, ok! Let's figure out what works for the site AND you. You CAN message the Storyteller account and try to figure out what we can do to collaborate on an ending. If you'd rather survive, you can also work with you on that! The individual contributors for each thread change a lot, so including the character you are addressing in the subject line will help us figure things out.

We're not just killing your characters for fun, we're killing them because they are making poor choices. YOU, as a writer, are not making bad choices, your CHARACTER is getting into some interesting conflicts because of the choices they have made. That's an important distinction.

The Storyteller account will NOT just be for attacks. In the future, the Storyteller account will be used to represent most, if not all, major NPCs in situations where the PC writers shouldn't have control over them. That means they can be allies, enemies, contributors or detractors. They are essentially here to make the site more alive and provide more of an "RPG" element.

Thanks, and see you in the Omniverse.

Re: PSA for the Storyteller Account - Omni - 10-07-2015

I'm Omni, and this is my favourite post on the Dataverse.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Luci - 07-08-2017

Issued by Luci

Kuzuru/Renji Kiyomasa: 1000 OM Dead
Attempted Murder of Luci, President of the Westside Knife Ear Warriors -
Description: (Links to this video)
Last Seen: 76 West Hover Avenue, Teir-5, Coruscant, 3:30 PM

Claimed by Kuzuru

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Luci - 07-08-2017

Issued by Luci

Any Prime Imperial Official: 100 OM Dead

The Murder of Princess Hellstab -

For story purposes, this bounty was 'claimed' by jacket and dr doom

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Alex - 07-19-2017

Coruscant Blacklisted Ash, Desman, and Jak Mar

I also fixed some of the broken links for the pre-mid-2016 bounties. I couldn't track down two of them.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - 13-Jzall - 10-31-2017

If I need to finish the quest first just say.

I shot some stormtroopers on tier 7.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Alex - 10-31-2017


RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Omni - 11-09-2017

Tearen bounties removed as Tearen Wover's story has come to an IC end. For reference:

Tearen Wover: 400 OM dead or captured, 650 banished.
Mind-Assault of Empire Soldiers, Resisting Arrest
A shadow thing, that doesn't seem to be all that. It lurks, and gets inside your mind; has piercing green eyes and shambles around your thoughts, searching for information. Mind capabilities are strong. Other means of attack are unknown. Proceed with caution. Target last scene resisting arrest in the Vasty Deep.

Tearen Wover: 300 OM dead/Captured 550 banished
Assault and Murder of Camelot Soldiers
A seemingly organic shadow that moves slowly but is capable of mental feats including telepathy and telekinesis. It broke a soldier's neck by nearly twisting it right-on-off and then tossed another number of victims around like rag dolls. It did this after Scouts offered to help it. Sanity is in question. Engage with caution.

Tearen Wover: 400 OM Dead/Captured or 650 Banished. Bonus - Pending - Rapture, Vasty Deep
Murder of Big Daddy and Abduction of a Little Sister
This creature was responsible for the murder of a Big Daddy and the abduction of a Little Sister, along with causing severe damage to various offices in Rapture. Creature possesses mind-altering powers and should approached with extreme caution.

RIP everyone who was after that sweet OM including me in DA, RIP

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Oleander - 11-09-2017

Going Down...

Not sure if bounty worthy, but while crime fighting, he accidentally had one guy blow up his two friends in an elevator with a hand cannon... Elevator prolly had a camera... dude might be traumatized for life.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Omni - 11-09-2017

I'd say that's up to you. You can say there was a camera if you want, but it was on tier 3 in an elevator. It's very feasible that he gets away with it.

If he wants, either way, he can turn himself in to the authorities and they'll probably be pretty lenient and get him to do the loyalty quest to work for the Empire. Primes tend to get these deals.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - HK-47 - 11-09-2017

Going to drop this seeing as this would be very illegal Requiem of The Fallen Doom's basically burned down the entire building.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Dane Regan - 11-22-2017

Quote:13-Jzall, 200 OM dead or capture, 450 banished.
Assault of Imperial Soldiers
Wanted for the murder of a squad of stormtroopers on Tier 7.

I'd like to collect this bounty for killing 13-Jzall. Clownpiece and I have agreed that Dane gets the whole share (partly because he's basically dead, partly because he bet on CP in DA and CP lost).

Relevant Post:

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Omni - 11-22-2017

Done, 13-Jzall's bounty is now removed.

Quote:13-Jzall, 200 OM dead or capture, 450 banished.
Assault of Imperial Soldiers
Wanted for the murder of a squad of stormtroopers on Tier 7.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Dawnika Snow - 12-26-2017

Collecting Rogue's bounty of 100OM through a default fight. Details here.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - King Ghidorah - 12-28-2017

Done. Rogues bounty is removed. A more senior staffer will render you your filthy lucre. 

Quote:The Rogue, 100 OM dead or captured, 350 OM banished.
Assault of Imperial Solders
Wanted for assault of a squad of stormtroopers at the Nexus Gate leading to Coruscant. Known to change his (or her) voice and appearance at will.

Log updated.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Jacket - 01-03-2018

Ruined Business
One of the Orc Mafia Lieutenants placed a bounty on Jacket for murdering his men and destroying his operations.

Here are some references:
The Call

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Jacket - 01-07-2018

Bumping for my request

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Gluttony - 01-07-2018

Since the Orc Mafia isn't a Site NPC Faction (like The Kingdom, The Empire, The Town With No Name, etc), it's on you, the player, to supply to Bounty AND Reward. Or whoever owns the Orc Mafia. "Official" Bounties will only come from crossing one of the Site Factions.

RE: Current Bounties / Storyteller PSA - Jacket - 01-11-2018

Issued by the Orc Mafia

Jacket: 400 OM dead, 650 OM Banished

Murdered Orc Mafia members, destroyed properties of the family, and stole money that belonged to the Mafia. -

Description: This prime wears a neon blue shirt along with a brown letterman jacket that has the letter B on it. Along with his clothing, he wears blue jeans and regular sneakers. The prime's identity is unidentified due to a costume chicken mask that covers his entire head. His species is a caucasian human male whose height is around 5'12.

Last seen: Tier Four at the Neon Nights Club and escaped with some individuals that are possibly associated with Westside.