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Proficiencies and Powers

Movement Powers
Physical Manipulation Powers
Sensory Powers
Subterfuge Powers
Spatial Manipulation Powers
Survival Powers


Proficiencies are essentially your character's superhuman skillset. Perhaps they're a melee specialist, or perhaps they prefer to fight from afar. Or maybe they're more specialized still, preferring to use debilitating effects or wide-area attacks. By themselves, proficiencies do nothing, but they enable you to purchase Moves of that type. "Moves" on the Omniverse include personal weaponry such as swords and guns. For example, by buying the Physical Strength proficiency you are then able to purchase moves such a sword, or a charged-up melee tackle. With the Ranged Proficiency you can buy moves such as guns, bows, or fireballs. Every character MUST purchase AT LEAST either the Physical Strength or Ranged Proficiency when joining.

Without further ado, here is the list of Proficiencies and their costs!

Physical Strength – 1000 OM (Example move)
A unique proficiency, this allows characters to become proficient hand-to-hand combatants, without purchasing any additional moves for normal punches, kicks, throws, grapples, etcetera, the strength based on your ATK stat. It also allows for picking up heavy objects with your bare hands, strength dependent on your ATK stat. Once purchased, you may also purchase melee weapons such as swords, staves or whips as moves, or other advanced melee moves such as charged strikes. For the purposes of clarity, any move that reaches further than 12 feet away from yourself requires the Ranged proficiency.

Ranged Proficiency – 1000 OM (Example move)
Allows you to purchase moves which use projectiles or attack from range. For example guns, bows and long-range beam attacks.

Area Attack Proficiency – 600 OM (Example move)
Allows you to create offensive moves with a wide area of effect, such an explosive that damages multiple enemies, or a beam wider than five feet in diameter. While the strength of wider attacks are diluted, or require more energy, they are very useful for dealing indiscriminate damage to a wider area and catching swift opponents.

Area Defense Proficiency – 400 OM (Example move)
Allows you to create defensive moves wider than five feet in diameter, such as a shield that covers your entire person, an entire group of people, or wider still. Combined with the Healing power, this can also create area healing effects. Of course, the wider the effect, the more diluted the power, but such moves are nonetheless extremely handy. One cannot have shields that provide extra benefit against a particular element.

Ranged Materialize Proficiency – 600 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency) (Example move)
Allows you to create moves which summon things further than five feet from yourself. This might be a pillar of fire than erupts underneath an opponent, or a shield that can appear around one of your allies. While such moves are generally more difficult to perform at range, their usefulness cannot be denied.

Remote Control Proficiency – 600 OM (requires Ranged Proficiency) (Example move)
Allows you to create moves which can be manually controlled further than five feet from yourself, such as a shifting wall of sand or flying disks of energy that obey your commands. An essential proficiency for 'kinetics' who wish to purchase a move allowing total control over a particular element such as metal or fire, or for those who wish to purchase the Telekinesis power. While Ranged Materialize Proficiency is not essential for such moves, they go great together.

Homing Proficiency – 600 OM (Example move)
Allows you to create moves which need not be aimed, whether they are instant hit or a projectile, aimed at enemies or allies. While such moves are generally more difficult to perform, often requiring greater energy expenditure, it allows the user greater flexibility in strategy, especially against tricky foes.

Buff Proficiency – 400 OM (Example move)
Allows you to create moves which provide lingering or channelled beneficial effects to allies at cost to yourself (usually time and/or energy). While this might seem pointless, pooling one's powers can be a very effective strategy, especially against overwhelming foes. Boosting or adjusting one's own stats requires a Transformation. Significant stat boosts require the use of a Super Move in conjunction with this proficiency.

Debuff Proficiency – 1000 OM (Example move)
Allows you to create moves which have a lingering or channelled detrimental effect against opponents. For example, an ice beam which slows or freezes enemies, or a flashbang grenade that blinds and deafens your opponents.


Powers are a little more special than Proficiencies. They include things like Flight, superhuman Regeneration, and Shapeshifting. Some powers cost more than others. Some even have multiple tiers, like Super Jumping - the higher the tier, the higher you can jump! Of course, higher tiers cost more OM. You don't have to buy higher tiers of powers right off the bat – you can upgrade later by paying the price difference. Similarly, some powers that essentially include others (like Flight with Super Jumping) work the same way. Just bear in mind that if you later decide you don't like a power and want to sell it, you can only claim back half of what you paid for it.

Powers can be explained in-character as whatever you wish. For example, Insight could be written as a psychic ability to sense the powers and weaknesses of others, or as a technologically advanced scanner. As long as you don't go beyond what the power allows you to do, be as creative as you like. You can expand on a power's uses by purchasing Moves that utilize it. You can roleplay powers as being gained by the use of omnilium, or as innate powers unlocked by training, or by finding items around the Omniverse which become attuned to your character - it's up to you.

To begin with, the maximum you'll be able to spend on powers is 8000 OM. This is called the Powers Cap. This means that powers are something of a trait that defines your character, rather than things you can simply buy up. However, for those absolutely dedicated to becoming something of a superpower polymath, it IS possible to raise the limit ... but don't expect to get all the powers any time soon. Here is how much it costs to increase the limit on how many powers you can purchase:

8000 OM is the default Powers Cap.
Tier 1 Powers Cap (12,000) – costs 2000 OM
Tier 2 Powers Cap (16,000) – costs +3000 OM (5000 OM total)
Tier 3 Powers Cap (20,000) – costs +5000 OM (10,000 OM total)
Tier 4 Powers Cap (24,000) – costs +8000 OM (18,000 OM total)
Tier 5 Powers Cap (28,000) – costs +12,000 OM (30,000 OM total)
Tier 6 Powers Cap (32,000) – costs + 17,000 OM (47,000 OM total)
Tier 7 Powers Cap (36,000) – costs + 23,000 OM (60,000 OM total)
Remove Powers Cap – costs +30,000 OM (90,000 OM total)

For how to purchase Powers, Proficiencies and Powers Limit increases, see Updating Your Roster.

Without further ado, here is the list of Powers and their costs!

Movement Powers

Movement powers make you more agile and give you more options than simply running. While used most often by those with high SPD, they are useful for anyone.

Super Speed – 1000 OM
Super Speed is a technique that allows you to move up to double your normal movement speed by sacrificing manoeuvrability and turning speed. It takes several seconds to build up speed from your normal top speed. The faster you go, the longer it takes to turn and slow down. At 150% of your normal top speed, you are still able to turn, but in a much wider turning arc. Finally, at double your normal top speed, you will only be able to run in a straight line. Super Speed can be used in conjunction with Flight to traverse distances much faster.

Burst Movement – 800 OM
Burst Movement allows you to quickly move at up to double your normal speed. The downside is that is only usable in second-long bursts (with a second inbetween) and drains the user much more than normal movement, making it a quick way to tire oneself out in battle if constantly used. This serves as a useful 'dash' that can be used for closing gaps quickly to attack, dodging attacks, and confusing an opponent. Already-speedy characters who use burst movement can look like they're teleporting, but it is really just fast movement. Burst Movement can be used in conjunction with Flight. Burst Movement may also be used in conjunction with Super Speed to make fast turns and stop/start quicker, but it does not allow you to surpass double your normal speed.

Super Jumping
Super Jumping allows characters to transcend humanity's natural leaping limitations. Not only can those with Super Jumping jump higher, but they can also 'double jump' by kicking off vertical surfaces.

Basic – 300 OM
Allows you to jump up to 10 metres high.

Advanced – 500 OM (200 OM if replacing Basic Super Jumping)
Allows you to jump up to 30 metres high.

Master – 800 OM (300 OM if replacing Advanced Super Jumping)
Allows you to jump up to 60 metres high.

Flight – 1800 OM (1000 OM if replacing Master Super Jumping)
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's you! Like running, the speed of Flight is based on your SPD. Naturally, though, flying takes a lot more effort than running.

Master Acrobat – 400 OM
Allows you to perform handstands, flips and cartwheels with ease, even while attacking or defending.

Physical Manipulation Powers

Physical manipulation powers are all focused around manipulating the self, be it through stretching, shapeshifting or turning incorporeal.

Elasticity – 400 OM
Characters with elasticity have bodies like rubber, allowing them to stretch to impossible lengths and bend better than any contortionist. To make full use of this power, you will require Physical Strength, Ranged Proficiency (to use punches, kicks etc at range, which requires no additional moves other than both aforementioned proficiencies) and the Remote Control Proficiency (to manipulate things at range). To make holes in your chest or other more 'fantastic' applications of elasticity like making your limbs bigger, you will need Malleability.

Malleability – 1000 OM (600 OM if replacing Elasticity)
Malleability gives your character the potential to completely mold their body on the fly, gaining up to double or losing up to half of their normal mass in the process. Like Elasticity, it means that you can stretch to great lengths, but it also allows you to make your limbs and extremities bigger, for example in order to punch or grab someone with a gigantic fist (this would require Ranged Proficiency and Remote-Control Proficiency, respectively). It can even be used to dodge by changing the shape of your body – for example by creating a hole in your chest where a sword was about to stab you! It does not offer immunity to cutting weapons unless you can successfully use the power to 'mold' out of the way in time (governed, as with all movement, by your SPD stat). If you wish to shapeshift into other characters, you will need Shapeshifting.

Note: To create specific applications of malleability such as turning your limbs into weapons, you will need to purchase a move. Limited shapeshifts such as this do not require Malleability or the Shapeshifting power.

Shapeshifting – 1400 OM
This allows you to change your form into that of another humanoid or creature you have seen or can think of (no taller or wider than twelve feet, and no smaller than half of your basic size). Depending on the difference between one's current form and the form you are changing into, and your SPD stat, a shapeshift can be almost instantaneous or take up to ten seconds (if very complicated and with a very low SPD stat). This does not change your actual stats, like an Alternate Form would. So while you may become bigger, you won't actually become stronger. Actively molding your body will require the Malleability power. Those with Enhanced Senses will be able to pick up on the fact that you are not what you appear to be. Additionally, being hit with enough pain may cause your shapeshift to 'glitch' – this won't actually knock you out of the shapeshift, but can reveal you to be a fake, for example by causing colours to flicker.

Note: Any natural weapons gained in your shapeshifted state (such as claws) will be weak against other Primes unless purchased as a move. Limited shapeshifts such as simply gaining claws or talons do not require the Shapeshifting power, only the move.

Growth – 800 OM (requires Physical Strength and at least 3 ATK)
This allows a user to grow up to 100 metres tall without needing to use Alternate Forms. It can be used in combination with Shapeshifting to allow shapeshifts to gigantic creatures, or in concert with Malleability to remove Malleability's upper constraints on size. Like other shapeshifts, this is not a true Alternate Form and does not change your stats. While a giant size will increase your weight and reach, it will also leave you a much more vulnerable target as it does not increase your SPD nor DEF, making you a lot slower relatively speaking.

Shrink – 800 OM
This allows a user to shrink up to three inches tall without needing a dedicated Alternate Form. This can be used in combination with Malleability (to remove the lower constraints on size for Malleability) or Shapeshifting (to become smaller creatures). While your actual stats will not decrease, fighting on a small scale will require you to get a lot closer to use your abilities as your overall range and perception will be decreased in concert.

Integration – 1000 OM
An extremely versatile and useful power that lets you 'merge' with inanimate objects. For example, you could absorb a boulder and use it to harden your skin into rock, or integrate a sword into your arm so that it cannot be knocked aside. Bear in mind that this can have downsides, such as making it difficult to move if you take on too much extra mass, or adding new vulnerabilities.

Mimic – 2800 OM
A tactical and versatile ability, Mimic allows you to copy any powers or moves you've seen (or read with Insight) for up to an hour afterwards in-character. You must witness this in-person; watching someone use a move on a screen, for example, will not work. To use a Super Move you have copied, you must also pay the SP cost for it, and to copy things permanently you must buy them with OM (i.e. you have to buy the move yourself if you want to keep it in all circumstances). Bear in mind that you will not copy the target's stats - the move's effectiveness will depend on your own stats - and you will be somewhat less skilled than if you had the ability or move yourself.

Hive Mind – 400 OM
A useful power for those who use Survival powers and required for Disassemble, this lets a character control all parts of their body regardless of whether or not they're still attached to their brain. Just got your arm cut off? You can make it choke your opponent whilst you close in for the kill. Just remember that detached body parts will eventually die if separated from the main body for too long (several hours).

Disassemble – 800 OM (requires Hive Mind)
A type of self-kinesis, this allows a character to 'melt' themselves into smaller parts and move around in a more liquid form. This could be represented as water, liquid metal, sand, or a horde of small animals like snakes or bats (though this would require other powers like Flight and Shapeshifting). In your disassembled state you are almost invulnerable to harm with blunt or piercing weapons - these will only knock you around. However, environmental obstacles and energy attacks will still hurt you. Changing to and from your disassembled state can take a couple of seconds (with ~0 SPD) or be almost instantaneous (with 10+ SPD) and is fairly tiring to do repeatedly. Injuries do not disappear when disassembling and reassembling.

Phasing – 1200 OM
With this power a character may render all or part of their body incorporeal, making you effectively invulnerable but unable to attack. While in this form you will be partially transparent (other characters can tell the difference, basically). While in this incorporeal energy form, you may pass through objects and physical attacks, but you are unable to attack. It is very useful for avoiding attacks, but takes a few moments of concentration to activate dependent on your SPD. For example, a SPD of 0 would take a couple of seconds to activate, whereas a SPD of 10+ would be almost instantaneous. Be warned that while phasing, you are still vulnerable to energy and elemental-based attacks. In addition, staying in a phased state slowly fatigues the user and will eventually cause them to pass out if maintained for a very long time.

Fusion lets two or more characters combine their bodies into one to create a new character with amazing power. This new character has the combined stats of its constituent characters (including a character's active transformations), all of their powers and moves, and access to all of their remaining SP. When fusing, you must specify which character or characters the SP is coming from (the cost may be shared, but you must specify how). The same rules apply for any character transformations or super moves used while in the fused state – regardless of their owner, they may be paid for by any character.

For all intents and purposes during a fight, a fused character acts as a single character, though each player still has their own post/word limit for the round. For writing purposes, if any of the characters are injured when they fuse, the overall injured state of the fused character will be an average of the injuries (for example, if one character has a broken arm and the other is completely healthy, the fused character may have somewhat fractured arm). Damage points applied to the fused character during the fused state will be applied wholly to each character upon de-fusing (or 'multiplied', in effect).

Basic – 1000 OM
Basic Fusion allows two characters with the power to combine. Both characters must have the power, and this costs 1 SP per post (this SP may come from either character) or 2 SP per round.

Advanced – 1200 OM (200 OM if replacing Basic Fusion)
Advanced Fusion allows up to four characters to combine. All characters must have the power, and this costs 2 SP per post (this SP may come from any character) or 4 SP per round.

Master – 1400 OM (200 OM if replacing Advanced Fusion)
Master Fusion allows up to eight characters to combine! All characters must have the power, and this costs 4 SP per post (this SP may come from any character) or 8 SP per round.

Symbiosis – 1000 OM (requires Fusion)
Allows you to combine with any one other willing character, regardless of whether they have Fusion or not.

Sensory Powers

Sensory powers aren't flashy, but are extremely useful. They allow you to read your opponent and the battlefield to get the upper hand.

Enhanced Senses
The ability to sense the shape and proximity of people and objects around you, unaffected by direction or physical obstacles. This reveals things which might be invisible to the human eye, such as cloaked beings, enemies waiting in ambush behind the next wall, or even things that are underground. At point-blank range, you will be able to sense things with perfect clarity, whereas at your maximum range things will be more fuzzy and difficult to discern.

Basic – 1400 OM
Lets you sense things in your immediate vicinity, to a maximum range of 20 meters.

Advanced – 1700 OM (300 OM if replacing Basic Enhanced Senses)
Lets you sense up to 50 meters away.

Master – 2000 OM (300 OM if replacing Advanced Enhanced Senses)
Lets you sense up to 100 meters away.

Insight – 1600 OM
Insight provides information – such as stats, powers, moves and transformations – on anyone you can see or sense with Enhanced Senses. It is incredibly useful for tactically-minded characters. Reading all of a target's stats, powers, moves etc is not instantaneous; it would take about thirty seconds to read everything about a character, assuming they aren't actively showing you their powers, during which time you would not be able to effectively attack. Depending on the complexity of a move, you could probably understand everything about it by simply viewing it. For example if somebody began charging an attack you would be able to understand what the result would be by simply viewing it.

Foresight – 1500 OM
A kind of psychic instinct that allows one to sense oncoming danger a moment before it happens. You can also tell from what direction danger is coming and what kind of attack it will be. Best combined with speedy, skilful characters – it's all well and good knowing that someone is going to punch you, but it doesn't help if you can't dodge it.

Telepathy – 1500 OM
Telepathy allows characters to speak directly into the mind of others, conveying thoughts, ideas and images instantly. Characters with this can send messages to anyone in their close vicinity, or who they can sense with Enhanced Senses. It is also possible to use this offensively by sending unwanted or distracting thoughts and images to an opponent during a fight. An opponent with TEC higher than your own will be able to mostly block this, whereas an opponent with TEC lower than your own will have a harder time.

You may also be able to glean thoughts from an opponent with lower TEC, though this requires time, concentration and skill. When not in a battle situation, for example, and with a TEC much higher than your opponent's, you could probably pretty easily tell what a person is currently thinking. Reading deeper into someone's thoughts without their permission would require at least double their TEC. Particularly guarded thoughts or history would be like trying to open a security vault; it's unlikely that you would be able to get in unless the person was asleep or otherwise preoccupied, so that you could focus on reading their mind without them noticing. If someone wants you to read their mind, or is free and open with their thoughts, you can essentially disregard their TEC.

Battle situations are more difficult. While exchanging punches, for example, you will be unlikely to read anything unless your TEC is at least double your opponent's, and even then it's going to be difficult to get more than what they are immediately thinking. Reading non-Telepathic allies' thoughts in a battle would be easier, but still require some focus to read what they are thinking unless your TEC is higher than 10. Communication between trusting Telepaths is free and easy, requiring almost no effort for basic ideas and images.

With moves you may create advanced applications of telepathy such as tricking opponents or making them believe certain things. These should be balanced like all moves and their effectiveness should be based on your TEC versus your opponent's. Applications of Telepathy do not necessarily require the Homing Proficiency, but as with those kinds of moves if they cannot be dodged they should either be relatively weak, or there should be ways of countering them like any other move.

Subterfuge Powers

For those characters who prefer to pick and choose their fights or use deception to their advantage.

Stealth – 1200 OM
Renders you invisible to the naked eye, though extra-sensory skills (Enhanced Senses) will be able to pick you up. Attacking will temporarily weaken the invisibility, allowing you to be glimpsed, and taking damage will break the invisibility outright. You can only re-stealth if you are currently out of sight of your enemies.

Suppression – 1000 OM
Suppression is the ability to block the Sensory powers Insight, Enhanced Senses and Foresight. This is fully effective as long as your TEC is equal to or higher than your opponent's TEC. The moment your opponent's TEC is higher than yours, the effect of suppression grows gradually weaker. For example if your opponent's TEC is very slightly higher than yours, they may be able to slightly detect you with Enhanced Senses if they are paying attention, or glean some small hint about your powers with Insight. At double your TEC, they are completely unaffected by your Suppression.

Spatial Manipulation Powers

Some of the most powerful abilities fall under this category, related to manipulating time and space itself.

Telekinesis (requires Ranged Proficiency, Remote Control Proficiency, Ranged Materialize Proficiency)
Telekinesis is the ability to remotely move objects with the power of your mind. Without derivative moves, it will allow you to pick up and manipulate objects in the specified radius. The strength of telekinesis is based on your ATK stat, and gives you the same ability to lift objects that the Physical Strength proficiency does, with the caveat that the further away something is, the harder it becomes to lift and manipulate. At 50% of your maximum ranges, your telekinesis will have half of its power. At your absolute maximum range (which is determined by the level of Telekinesis you have) you will only have a tiny fraction of the power that you have up-close. Moves will be required in order to do other things such as telekinetic waves that can push back enemies or deflect projectiles, or to create walls that can block moves and enemies, or to affect Primes. However, you do not require additional moves to, for example, lift and throw objects at people, or try to snatch moving objects out of the air (this will be very difficult, however, and require a high TEC for effectiveness).

Basic – 400 OM
Maximum range of ~30 meters (~100 feet)

Advanced – 1000 OM (600 OM if replacing Basic Telekinesis)
Maximum range of ~60 meters (~200 feet)

Teleportation allows you to disappear from one place and reappear in another. Some use it as a combat tool or escape method, while others use it merely as an easier way of getting around. The speed with which teleportation activates is based on your SPD – teleporting a few feet takes around 2 seconds of uninterrupted concentration if you have a SPD of 0, or be almost instantaneous if you have a very high (10+) SPD. The longer the distance you're teleporting, the longer it takes to activate and the more draining it is to use – at the maximum range of Master Teleportation, it could take up to twenty seconds of uninterrupted concentration (with 0 SPD, or several seconds with 10+ SPD). Teleporting many times in rapid succession also takes a great deal of effort. Bear in mind that in the Omniverse, methods of blocking teleportation exist such as 'isolation verses' (see Items for details). Bear in mind that if you wish to use Teleportation to dodge Super Moves, you must create something akin to a 'Speed Teleport' Super Move of your own. Advanced applications of teleportation, such as teleporting others or objects, creating portals et cetera, require the creation of moves.

Basic – 1500 OM
Allows you to move to an empty space you can see or sense within 20 meters.

Advanced – 2000 OM (500 OM if replacing Basic Teleportation)
Allows you to teleport up to 45 meters.

Master – 2500 OM (500 OM if replacing Advanced Teleportation)
Allows you to teleport up to 80 meters.

Time Manipulation – 800 OM
Time Manipulation allows you to temporarily speed or slow the flow of time in a particular area, though it requires a great deal of effort and the actual degree to which it works is fairly small without purchasing specialised moves.

Survival Powers

At the end of the day, all you really need to do to win a fight is outlive your opponent. Survival powers focus on what's important.

Regeneration and Healing
Regeneration and Healing allow characters to heal wounds. However, due to the time and energy they take, they are unlikely to do more than mitigate damage taken during an ongoing fight without spending SP, and you will still tire, making these powers not quite as strong as many of the nigh-unstoppable variants seen in games and comics. But make no mistake, they are still extremely useful powers to have.

The effectiveness of healing powers depends upon your DEF stat. Simply by having any of these powers, you may passively heal your wounds faster than normal primes. For example, small cuts might close by themselves in a minute or so (though they would not heal entirely for several more minutes). With a higher DEF stat (5+) this could be reduced to less than a minute. With 10-20 DEF you're looking at half a minute. Alternately, you may focus and expend energy to increase your healing rate by 3 to 4 times (at maximum, you would have to stand still and focus entirely on healing).

You may also heal or regenerate 3 points of damage instantly by spending 1 SP. Like using a Super Move, this must be noted in quotes at the end of a post, with total SP used and remaining.

For Healing, this basic function requires direct contact with the target, and may only heal one target at a time. You may create Super Moves that eschew these limitations, but the SP used will be locked to the Tier of Super Move (1 for Tier 1, 2 for Tier 2, etc) and will be no greater. But you could, for example, make a Tier 1 Super Move that healed all your nearby friends in a ten-meter radius. This would be split between the total number of targets, so for two people, it would be 1.5 damage healed each (it doesn't have to be a whole number).

See Fighting and Competition Rules for more details on damage, injuries, and using SP in fights.

Basic Regeneration – 1800 OM
Basic Regeneration does not let you outright heal serious or major injuries such as severed limbs or crushed bones, but it does grant you accelerated passive healing (see above for rules) with or without expending SP. By expending SP, you may partially or wholly recover minor to moderate injuries (by treating the injuries as damage points). You may remove the damage component of serious and major injuries (in IC terms, this means stopping the bleeding and turning, for example, a severed arm into a stump) but not the injury itself, meaning that it will continue to debilitate your character.

Advanced Regeneration – 2200 OM (400 OM if replacing Basic Regeneration)
Advanced Regeneration adds the ability to regenerate any type of injury by expending SP. Otherwise, it is identical to Basic Regeneration.

Healing – 3000 OM (800 OM if replacing Advanced Regeneration)
A character with healing inherits all the powers of Advanced Regeneration but may also apply their powers to other characters. Without purchasing moves, you may only heal one target at a time, and only by physically touching the patient - this allows you to grant them healing equivalent to regeneration depending on your fatigue and focus (see above for the general rules for Regeneration and Healing).

Other forms of healing, such as healing multiple characters or healing from a distance requires the purchase of moves. Like all moves, these must be balanced, and so you should expect to have greater downsides or lowered effects if, for example, healing from a distance. Possible effects include:group healing, placing a regeneration effect on other characters, charging up and then healing instantly, etcetera. As aforementioned, Healing is not as powerful as in fantasy RPGs. Expect it to mitigate, rather than outright negate, ongoing damage in fights due to the fact that you will still be under attack. However it is still extremely useful as it can be used to patch up the worst of injuries, heal your primary attacker, or make use of downtime if you get separated from your opponents during a fight. Heals must still be aimed unless they are point blank or have the Homing proficiency attached.

Survival – 2000 OM
Often a trademark of robots or the undead, Survival allows the user to take grievous wounds which would otherwise kill or inhibit the user – such as being stabbed through the chest – and survive. Unless body parts are actually disabled, such as when limbs or tendons are severed, injuries up til death will not inhibit your ability to fight. You can still be killed by enough destruction to your body, but you won't bleed out like a normal living being. With Hive Mind, even detached limbs will still be usable. Surviving in zero-oxygen and high/low-pressure areas such as underwater or in space is considered a roleplaying fodder power and does NOT require Survival, though neither a roleplaying fodder nor Survival will make you immune or resistant to things like poison clouds from other players. Omniphysics.

Life Burn
Some characters use their own body as fuel for their attacks, allowing them to transcend their bodies' limits at the cost of their vitality. Life Burn allows a user to inflict damage on themselves in order to replenish SP, or to instantly power a Transformation or Super Move (if you're already capped on SP). This should be noted in quotes at the end of the post in which you use it. This is a very risky power for highly offensive-minded characters, that can be as perilous to the user as it can be to their opponents. Buy it at your own risk!

Basic Life Burn – 1000 OM
Allows you to take 5 damage in order to gain 1 SP.

Advanced Life Burn – 2000 OM (requires level 5) (1000 OM if replacing Basic Life Burn)
Allows you to take 4 damage in order to gain 1 SP.

Master Life Burn – 3000 OM (requires level 10) (1000 OM if replacing Advanced Life Burn)
Allows you to take 3 damage in order to gain 1 SP.


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