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Volcanic Meeting

Asura had come to the conclusion that he was too familiar with this type of environment. The lava flows, the ashen skies, the volcanoes in the distance... All too familiar. He mentally cursed the Seven Deities once again for the destruction they had wrought on Gaea in the power hungry rampage. At least he had one advantage, his body just doesn't give a damn about this kind of environment, and frankly neither did he. It was proving to be far more barren than he was expecting. Nothing had even attacked him yet, where as on Gaea he would have attracted a Gohma or two by now.

Asura continued his trek through the wastes, climbing past the mountains, jumping from ledge to ledge like a humanoid goat. But even in doing so, he was irked. Normally he would be able to just ignore the mountain all together, go over or around it. Instead he was forced to climb just due to his body's new limitations. He frequently strained to jump higher, and his body just refused to cooperate. No matter how hard he pushed himself, it just REFUSED to do as he wished! The more he climbed, the more frustrated he became with his limitations. How?! How had he become so weak?! He had learned control over his power, and now he couldn't even use it!


As he squeezed through a choke he had found to finally get out of climbing this mountain and return to walking, he slammed his fist into the wall as hard as he could, and was infuriated to find it hadn't even cracked. Clenching his teeth, he removed his hand and continued his walk. This choke was surprisingly long... Perhaps a small stream had flown through here long ago. Assuming it had not simply been created such anyway. It took a bit, but eventually he made it through to the other side, and was greeted by something he wasn't expecting.

As he finally escaped the tight squeeze... A ball of lava was flying straight towards his face. His eyes widened as he ducked down, making a roll forward to avoid the sudden projectile. He glanced back at it, taking notice of the molten rock as the viscous fluid dripped down the side, before looking in the direction it came from. There he saw a group he couldn't quite make out standing before a... Giant lava rock? His face screwed up as though a clown had suddenly presented itself to him. He wasn't aware of it at the time, but this was an Igneo Talus.

Deciding this had gone on long enough, Asura let out a roar as he rushed in, Mantra pouring into his arms. HE WOULD DO SOME DAMAGE IF IT WAS THE LAST THING H E DID, DAMNIT! With a jump his arms began to take on a golden glow, before he slammed his fist right into the lava rock's non existent face, and for just a moment, took the chance to smirk when he saw the cracks spiderweb upon its face. Success... The cracks were small, but noticeable. Asura fell to the ground in front of the group, as he arms became a sudden dark black with red cracks. Damn overheat...

"GET BACK." From the near growl in his voice, it didn't sound like he would be taking no for an answer, from whoever it was anyway.
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Heat, starvation, and fatigue plagued the Coyotle refuges in ways that they had never experienced. Before they had been decimated by Nebula they had managed to eke out a respectable existence in this fiery realm. Now they suffered. Their very souls suffered in this hellish world for they had been forsaken by their gods. With no sages to serve as their link to the divine the pious Coyotles were left blind and tumbling through an uncertain void. Their saving grace came in the form of a young warrior named Cinder Salt. In the face of such a cold and uncaring world she still pressed forward, dragging her kin with her.

As formidable as she was the beast that stood before her seemed insurmountable. An igneo talus was no laughable threat, even one so relatively small. The Coyotles carried heavy blades that were more like large cleavers rather than swords. These weapons were great at carving through the thick scale-covered hide of a drake or cleaving through hordes of fire-gobbos, but against the literally rock-hard shell of an igneo? They were worthless. Cinder cursed. This pass was supposed to be a shortcut and in it she had already lost a handful of her brethren. As the beast reared back to release another gout of lava Cinder closed her eyes and prayed. But fire did not come. Instead divine intervention came in the form of one seriously pissed off demigod.

A hollow thud rang out as Asura crashed into the beast. Cinder watched with an equal mix of awe and confusion as the madman punched the lava elemental. A thunderous blow sent cracks tearing across the creature’s body. Asura stood defiant despite the telltale signs of overheating in his arms. The igneo talus roared, sending a wave of heat crashing against them. Asura screamed back. The beast lifted itself onto its hindquarters and raised a molten fist. Like a meteor the flaming ball of rock plummeted towards the demigod. He was still screaming as he raised his own fist, ready to meet the beast blow for blow. Cinder rushed forward, coming up besides the demigod. In one swift motion she planted the shaft of Ahanu’s spear in the ground and aimed the business end towards the beast’s fist, bracing herself against the incoming attack.

“I TOLD YOU TO GET BACK!” Asura raged.

Before Cinder could answer the fist made contact. It skewered itself against the enchanted spear, burying the weapon a good foot and half inside its burning knuckle. The monster screamed and pushed forward. A spray of molten rock rushed out of the wound as it continued to impale itself. Taking advantage of the few seconds of respite Asura reeled back and planted a devastating blow next to the spear. Small hairline cracks propagated from the impact. For a moment there was a standstill, but it was only a moment. Asura’s fist pushed through, shattering the behemoth’s hand. A horrible roar escaped the monster’s maw as a firework display of lava and rock was sent flying in every direction. The igneo talus fell backwards, thrashing about with its shattered appendage.

Cinder glanced at her newfound companion and said, “I appreciate the help, but you’re lucky it didn’t crush you.”
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