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[NPC-M] Dead of the Night... Silently Happening.

[Her Story]

Promise walked back to her housing unit in the walls of the station, headphones blasting her favorite band into her head and completely cutting her off from the rest of the piece of shit verse. In her peripheral vision, she could make out plenty of people milling about around her like background character’s in a music video. They hardly seemed to notice her, never turning to look at her as she continued on with her day. Promise was fairly normal. She was just a girl with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes, caucasian, about five-five, and just turned twenty-one. She wasn't exactly a normal person though. That was for another time.

Her favorite colors were purple, blue, green and black. She was wearing a purple tank top, black pants, and a grey hoodie with a skull design on the back. Her dark long hair was in a french braid and hung over her shoulder. She wore black and silver headphones that covered her entire ears which she cherished if only because it was easier to block out everyone with them.

Promise had a serious problem with people; she didn’t like them. Almost everyone she has come into contact with has done her wrong in some way, and eventually, she gave up on finding anyone to be friends with. It was a waste of her time and effort to get close to anyone anymore.

Only this would become the root of her problems because it seemed to attract even more people to her! Something about a loner always made people want to be a part of their desert island world. This served a single purpose in life and that was to piss her off even more.

She reached into the black studded messenger-style bag that hung on her shoulder and went to go dig out her key. When she doesn't find it immediately she frowned out of frustration and pulled the bag closer to search harder! Normally this wouldn’t get to her, but there was a limit to how many minor inconveniences a girl could endure for one day.

Behind her, the world was becoming a little grimmer.

A pack of real zombies was attacking a small group of people a few blocks away. A crowd watched some in awe at the brutality, some in shock, most of them thought it was just an act, and even if it were impressive most of them acted like it wasn't.

Everyone has heard of zombies and everyone thought they were just something out of a sci-fi comic but wasn't that the same thing said about space travel? When the zombies had devoured the small group of kids, who had been screaming and freaking out the whole time, the living cadavers turn to take their clapping audience! Suddenly it is apparent that this wasn't entertainment thought up by some governmental official, it was real. The crowd quickly started to dilute, running in all sorts of direction, trying desperately to get to some safety, and soon the zombies were spreading out and taking big bites out of society.


Promise found her key card! She slides the black strip on the back through the card reader mounted beside her door before cursing that the damn lock wasn’t working. Again. She sighed loudly before she swiped it again. As the door beeped and flashed a red light, forcing her to groan in added frustration, a deadly figure took noticed and began to limp over to her. It raised its arms towards her and just as it was close enough to lunge the door dinged instead and slid open; Allowing her to step in undisturbed other than a bit peeved her card was acting like it needed to be replaced.

As for the zombie whose intestines were dragging behind it, before it could catch its next meal the automatic door slammed shut. He smacked against the door, well more bounced, the room behind it was filled with a hollow metallic ‘thump’ before going silent once more. The creature of horror stumbled back due to such a force acting upon its movement. It means to attack the door once more, but the sound of a woman in the distance screaming alerted it to the action around it. It shuffled away

Promise also had five pets. She didn’t like people, but she liked animals. Funny given her profession.

She went through the ritual of unloading her stuff on the table while she still listened to her favorite band, tossing her key card on the table and grabbing the can of food flakes for her fish. There were three fish in the single tank, a cleaner and a two bizarre alien looking ones with bulging eyes and neon colors. She twisted the top of her can so there were holes at the top and then shook it over the water. She watched the two fight over the flakes which went from a solid flake to a sheet of edible fabric. What wasn’t hungrily devoured by the two main ones floated to the stained yellow rocks at the bottom of the tank. She had always wondered if they did that on purpose...

Promise made a note to clean the aquarium on her next day off.

She also had a black and white sheepdog who was locked up in his own room and a white rat that was probably sleeping in her edible log. Next on her daily routine was to cook herself something. [Nothing like zombies to make a girl hungry..]

She doesn't bother to take off her headphones, she had no family to deal with after work nor did she have any roommate. She decided to skip the oven and put some tuna fish on some bread and eat it instead. When she was done with her food she is ready to play with Max.

In the little time that she took to eat, the undead terrorist had taken care of any person on the streets, a few had made it back into their homes or other forms of safety. So when Hope finally pulled the headphones off she couldn't hear anything out of the ordinary, except Max who was barking and scratching away at the door where he’d been left.

Feeling bad despite how much she spoiled him, Promise headed up the staircase and opened the door. As soon as she did Max bolted out and down the stairs. A moment later he came back up as fast as a four-legged buddy could and jumped his owner. She laughed at his silly display and began to pet him all over his fur covered body. "Good boy!" She exclaimed. You’d never catch her dead this excited to see a human.

A few hours later, after supper, Max is to be taken for a walk, but that day was different.

When Promise opened the door and stepped out she was met with a horrible sight fit for the goriest of movies!! Bodies everywhere! She went into shock almost instantly, so much that Max was able to jerk free from her grip and ran off. She was so stunned she hadn’t even noticed. Promise was left staring at the sea of bodies.

Had cutting herself away from the world caused her to miss some crazy event?

She took a few heavy steps towards a small boys body that laid lifeless on the ground, kneeling down to look it over. There were vicious wounds along his frail shoulders and neck, but the strangest part is they looked like bite marks! Her fingers start to tremble as she goes to touch the body; Cold...

Suddenly something pulsed against the tip of her finger and in an instant the boy jumped up in a sitting position! There was a second of pure awe as he gasped in lungs full of air. The next second it screamed an inhuman screech that frightened Promise into falling back on her tailbone. She clasped her hands over her ears and endured what she couldn’t block out. When it was done she was left breathing erratically. Her chest pumped up and down with air as she began to panic.

At the edge of her vision, she saw more movement. The blurry shadow was first a formless figure, and then a man. Her neighbor. He was already coming at her with this dead look on his face mouth opened as wide as the gaping holes in his neck and chest. She could only hear her heart beating faster and faster in her ears, she was numb to everything else. However, Promise managed to get back to her feet.

In her escape, she backed into another corpse and jumped with a shrill and short terrified scream. She turned, covering her mouth to contain her fear, and saw several undead rose. She turned left and right so many times that her head spun, quickly losing count of the bodies. Her anxiety builds to crippling levels and had it not for one thing she may have quickly become the next victim. Her mind snapped to full attention upon hearing her dog’s barking. Promise rushed past the unholy creatures and back to her door. Max’s barking both alerted and attracted them, and she suddenly understood what these things were; She did everything she could to comprehend that fact though.

Promise slammed her body against her own door and ripped at her clothing as she struggled to find her key card once more, her hands trembled as she internally screamed. 'Oh fuck, oh fuck!' He unsteady hands fought to swipe the card, its red light flashed and declined her access to her own home. Desperate she began to bang on the metal door, tears streamed down her face as she could only hear the loud the moans of the undead. The sounds were haunting and if she wasn't in danger she'd have admired them for the horror sounds that they were! Max’s barking sounded right into her ear, he was beside her even now in her final hour - of which was the only sound that could successfully drown out her panicked heart as she felt the fingertips begin to find purchase on her shirt.

Having already begun to give up, letting the gravity of the situation drag her down the front of the door. Defeat bubbled inside of her and began to consume her and she began to cry loudly.

She never even heard the cock of the gun. By the time she heard gunshots echo through the enclosed space and Promise’s head. Her crying stopped in an instant and blood rained down on her. She looked up at where a head used to be, the body crumpled and gave her a promising view of her hero as he turned to gun down several other people she had only barely known.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Ryan grabbed the key card up off the ground and swiped it. Like magic, it instantly worked. The girl he just saved fell into the open unit and the dog ran swiftly into the safety of the home. He climbed in himself, dragging the rest of the girl along with him. The leftover zombies clawed and pounded against the door, giving the house a very eerie feeling.

Ryan was about five-ten, a short blue mohawk, and brown eyes. He had piercings everywhere and was clearly not a normal person. He carried a couple of handguns and in his backpack, he had plenty of ammo.

"You okay?" He asked, voice rough and horse.

He walked into the living room and put his weapons down, quickly checking the housing unit for and zed. He quickly noted it looked untouched by the shit show’s fingers outside and went to go check on the girl. She was splattered with blood but she looked alive and well. Hell, he was just satisfied she felt alive!

When she didn't answer he guessed, rightfully, that she was in shock. He sighed and tossed off the backpack to pick her up in proper bridal style. He found the bathroom where it should be based on the type of housing unit the apartment looked to be. He sat her down in the tub, took a step back, and then turned on the warm water. It was only to rinse the blood off of her but it seemed to also snap her out of it as she cries out in frustration. He grinned as she sat up and looked over. She was still frightened, but now she was even more ok.

"I'll let you get cleaned up." He said before walking out and looking around, finding something to do to keep his own occupied.


[His Story]

Ryan was enjoying a show that his friends and he went to. A band, a hot stage, and no room to breath, but it was fun as hell!!

His father was a chief of M.S.D, his mother a faithful housewife who chit chats with other housewives about nothing. She was also pregnant, again. She was forty-something but with the miracles of science and the old saying ‘if there is a will there is a way’ that achievement didn’t seem all that impossible. Ryan had a few more siblings but only one older than him. A twenty-three-year-old sister who followed her precious daddy's footprints. Two cops in one family were enough to force him to walk the opposite path.

He's twenty and lived off of what money his mom sympathetically sent him and whatever he made from his job at the bar. While it wasn’t very much in the least he felt good about how he was able to eat, sleep, and relax safely between four walls. He was sleeping over with a friend, they share the equivalent of an apartment. Bunk beds in the corner of the bedroom, a bath, and some food. To him, this meager life was THE life.

Every third week of each month he goes back to visit his family.

His older sister brought over a boyfriend, and with him came several questions Ryan had no interest in answering, and conversations he had no desire for participating in.

His father had started verbally accusing Ryan of being gay shortly after this.

Admittedly his interest in girls while growing up has thinned on the account they were always cheating on him. A few months back he swore off of dating completely, the decision was was when his roommate's girl tried coming onto him. She wasn't seen in the house after that day either. Since it had happened when he had been without a girlfriend to cheat on himself, his family took it at its worse.

No one was defending him, but he knew his mother silently blamed herself for this.

Finally, Ryan had enough! Before he could storm out but after he stood up his father and sister received a radio call for help. Something was happening and they both were to rendezvous at a secret coded location. Ryan had dropped back down into the chair, angry that he didn't get to say anything to defend himself, nor was had he the opportunity to make a big deal or show of things. After the two left Ryan went outside with his youngest sister.

She was 12 and smart as hell. But that didn't help her in the end...

Ryan was in his father's game room when it happened. He heard a crash and assumed it was just one of the little ones until he heard his mother scream! He dropped the picture frame he’d been holding, grabbed an antique nightstick from his father’s collection, and sprinted through the house to see what's the problem. When he arrived it was just in time to see two zombies in the house. He knew they were the undead as soon as he saw the two. Bloody wounds all over their body, grey dead skin, and yet they walked. Well… Shuffled. One was closed in on his cornered mother, but Ryan could only watch as it leaped forward and dragged her down, quickly climbing up and slamming its jaws into the screaming woman's shoulders.

She was as lost to him now as she has ever been in life.

He looked around desperately, trying hard to find his younger sister and brother, they were nowhere to be found but the boyfriend his sister loved so much was cowering in the corner. He had no feeling for the man so he just turned away and ran for his father's gun stock. The son-of-a-bitch worked quickly, always looking back to make sure no one could sneak up on him. Eventually, he heard his sister’s boyfriend cry out in agony as the zombie had moved onto a fresh meal.

Ryan dumped a drawer of ammo into a backpack with the M.S.D. logo on it and threw in whatever guns he could before he loaded two handguns and pushed them into his pants - safety on of course. He grabbed the nightstick next and tossed it in the backpack as well for a silent but deadly approach. With his back pinned to the wall, he found his way out of the house he’d grown up in, barely avoiding the two invading zombies.

Outside he ran into a few more, but they were busy chowing down on many more citizens. At this point, he tucked his head down and just booked it. Ryan had run past everything. Even a screaming girl who called for help, it was hard but she has already been infected by then, there was no saving her.

Then suddenly, three blocks away from his parents, he heard barking...
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Ryan jerked awake quickly. He struggled with his first breath settling into the seat again. He had fallen asleep on the couch while waiting on his host, which he’d figured out was her place due to some clues upon his sweep. He wiped his face with his shirt, still breathing hard. The dream he’d been having had been a nightmare. Dreamt he’d been able to find a way out of this infested place, only to be grabbed by the monsters just as freedom had been in his grasp.

He had woken up expecting to fight for his life, but welcomed the silence and stillness of his surroundings instead. As soon as he remembered where he was and what he’d done, he noticed the shower head was no longer running. He glanced up at the clock.

He had been sleeping for an hour.

The zombies were most likely still outside but he wasn't sure, they had become quiet. He wanted to look out the only window in the room but he had just had a nightmare…

He rose from the unfamiliar furniture and looked the room over once more. There was a bookshelf filled with so many books with titles ending in 'ology' that he could safely assume the girl had some interest in medicine. If not, she had an unhealthy obsession with the functions of the human body. His hand ran over the spines of the shelved books as he walked past them. Next, to the small library, he found the side table from before. He expected rows of pictures like his mother displayed, but instead, he found a few figures and a small vase of dying flowers. One word came to mind: Sad.

Ryan moved around the room thoughtfully. There were some nice pictures, but none of the other people. It confused him because he hated the majority of his family but still kept each family photo and Christmas card they took. He quickly moved on and found a small collection of good movies next to a rather nice television. He turned around when he began to hear footsteps. Listening to a bit more closely, he realized the steps were made by slippers. He’d never openly admit how alarmed he’d been until he realized the shuffling wasn’t a zed.

Promise now stood at the door, a tee with a few lines that made out to look like a sea turtle and some grey shorts. She had no intention or need to step foot out of the door so she decided to get comfortable. Then she had remembered her guest. She watched as he looked back at her stuff and then up at her. He wanted to say something but probably didn't know what to say.

"You're pretty handy with a gun." She said before moving out of the shadows of the rather dark house and onto her sofa. "Thanks by the way... You know, for helping me. I don't think I would have made it if you didn’t show up." She knew she had been in serious trouble, no use trying to act big and bad.

"It's no problem really," Ryan replied before making his way back to the couch. It was a cream color, he had seen it before he dropped down on it. "But if it wasn't for that dog I would have never noticed the fair princess in distress." He explained, fully aware of how sarcastic and assholish it came out. He wasn't very big on holding back, especially in a situation as complicated as this. He decided to lean back into the couch, trying to give the illusion that he wasn't as big of an ass as that made him just look like.

She wasn't happy with the sarcasm, but what was she going to do? Kick him out of the house? "Fair enough oh-so-brave knight." She countered sarcastically and with a little spite. "I have an extra pillow and blanket. I insist on just staying still for the night. With any luck, those things out there will move on to an easier meal. You are welcome to some food, but try not to make a freaking pig out of yourself." She explained before getting up again and back into the bathroom.

There was a closet where her towels were, but she had extra space and that's where she chose to keep her extra linings. She returned and shoved them into the guy's arms before going back to her room and to bed. Pissed off especially.


Promise woke up and looked at the clock, 10:15 a.m. She groaned some before rolling over to look at her other wall. There was a big fish tank, but it was empty of gravel and water, instead, it had a layer of wood shavings on the bottom. There was a medium edible log partially eaten and a water bottle hanging in the corner. Somewhere hidden away from the world was a rat, curled up happily. She sighed as she remembered she hadn't fed Sonya last night. It wasn't a huge deal because the rat had the log, but she didn't like leaving her with that as her only option.

Max was missing as well, the big fuzz-ball had jumped down and nudged the cracked door open. At this point, she noticed the smell of eggs and bacon in the air, her body shooting right up from its laying position; Did she fall asleep while cooking? That was when it finally hit her again that she had a guest who was ignoring her request and now was cooking all her food! She got straight up and stormed down the steps, she turned the corner and let her anger fly.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Haven't you ever seen a damn movie? We need to ration our food supply you big jerk!"

Ryan had just put down the food and was looking up at the angry woman. He was shocked at how angry one person could be so early in the morning, and with good food already made… Then again he did live with his mother for a long part of his life. "Yes, have you? The electricity will go off at some point, and then how will we cook anything that would normally spoil without the refrigerator." That’s ignoring his other arguments. Eggs could be eaten raw, but there could be salmonella or other bacteria. "Enjoy the food before we're forced to give it to the dog." He asserted and then sat down at the table.

He had apparently taken his pants off at some point in the night and now he was in just his boxers with 'DeathKlock' branded all over them. He ignored any more argument she may have as well, waving her off to pick up the fork and begin to dig in.

Meanwhile, the owner of the house was swimming in rage. Not just because of his cheap attitude and know-it-all personality; Because he was right. She contemplated throwing his ass out for real this time as she looked over at the door, wondering if the creatures were still there. She sighed and roughly fell into her chair behind the prepared plate before digging into the meal on the table.

It had to be 6 scrambled fluffy eggs, they practically bounced on her plate! - And off. Half of the bacon was on a plate next to them as well, and there was toast nearby with butter and her apricot jam just as close. Though she was pissed she couldn’t ignore the growing pain in her stomach or the rational logic of his claim. She decided to instead be pissed at his stupid face and dug in.

After most of the food was cleared Promise gave Max the eggs and some bacon but took a cold piece of pig up to her room. She crumbled it up and put it in Sonya's food bowel with some rat food. Sonya jerked awake with the sound of her cage being opened then curiously came out of hiding...
Promise closed the cage, turned on the lights and started to get dressed. She pulled on another tight tank top that let a little skin show and some low-riding jeans. Sonya was still munching down her apology treats and was too busy being happy to even have the slightest idea of what chaos went down outside her cage. Or even outside what was outside her cage... It made Promise wish she could crawl into a cage of her own and hide away the end. Staying inside the apartment was a good idea, but what if no one came to help? If anyone did, would they be smart enough to see that the zombies were trying to hunt?

It was clear they couldn't stay here...

Promise sat down and wondered what she was going to do. They had to do something they couldn't just sit here and hope for something good to happen. It didn't work in the movies and it sure as hell wasn't going to work for real life. Especially in a zombie outbreak. She pulled out an old map of the station from under her bed. She moved her finger over the colorful map that made the place look so happy. The simple act of doing so made her think about the few time she had to use the damn thing upon starting her new job. She felt like a fool holding it as she walked down the street, but no one had laughed at her.

It was actually a small station all things considered, but it was still as big as a city, a big city. One from earth... She looked for the emergency items, an exit, a fire drill, where to go. Unfortunately, there wasn't any specific action to do in a zombie outbreak. A chuckle surfaced at that thought as she read imaginary instructions: 'In case of a zombie emergency, please make single file line and proceed to the anti-virus rooms on the west side of the station.'

At least she could still find some humor in this nightmare.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Ryan was still confused on why the girl had jumped off the handle. He understood her not wanting to waste the food but he hoped his argument would have calmed her down some.

He cleaned up the stuff and moved back into the hall. The fish had caught his attention and he wondered how many animals did this girl have! He dashed a good amount of food on the water’s surface. It was rather entertaining how they attacked the food. He smiled to himself before moving on. In his boredom, he eventually turned his eyes to the staircase and wondered if there was anything entertaining upstairs.

Ryan was distracted from his thoughts when Max barked. It was a simple 'Hey.' kind of bark but it made Ryan jump. When he realized it was nothing dangerous he laughed to himself and shook his head. He might as well take his own shower while he had nothing else to do. He tossed his clothes into the washer since it was all the clothes he had and she doubted she’d have anything better. Black jeans with straps and buttons, a long-sleeved blue shirt, and a short-sleeved black shirt to go over that. He tossed his boxers in after covering himself with a towel and started the machine while he got in the shower. He figured the girl was going to stay in her room all day and he wasn't going to sit around in a nice place with bloody clothes.

The young adult jumped in the shower and when he got out he put his clothes in the dryer. Since she hadn't come down yet, he lounged in the living room in nothing but a towel. He had grabbed a random book off her shelf and was going through the pictures. He was halfway through one book when he heard the girl cry out.

"Oh my God! You sick pervert!" She screamed at him after seeing him practically naked on her couch.

Ryan rolled his eyes and puts the book down. She'd accuse him of jacking off to the sex organ pages here in a minute.

"What the hell are you doing?" She screamed again.

"I took a shower and I'm waiting for the clothes to dry." He said calmly in a slight cocky tone, he didn't mean it to come out like that but what was he supposed to do? "If you have some spare clothes I'd happily wear those while I wait." He didn't sound so snobby that time.

Promise was tempted to toss him into the zombie pit again! Now he was acting like a child!!

She was gripping the corner’s of the map now, threatening to tear it apart as her anger stirred inside her. "You're such an ass!" She accused him of turning around and taking a few deep breaths.
She’s always had an anger problem, but after she got away from her parents and her dozen of sisters she liked to think she has calmed way down. It was nice to breathe in fresh air instead of hairspray fumes! "I figured out what we're going to do, we're leaving after lunch." She said sharply before going into the kitchen.

Unfolding the map onto the table she waited for him to come to see for himself. In each major facility like the hospital, she worked at had an emergency button. In case part of the station is doomed for whatever reason they can announce to the command center that there are still people alive. Promise imagined she'd only have to use the procedure if there had been a cave in from the surrounding caverns. Or something predictable like that. As of the moment, it was the only plan they had.

The woman found her place and circles it in a blue marker. Her neighborhood was counted as first class area. The closer you got to the hospitals in each cardinal corner of the station, the neighborhoods got more and poorer. Promise expected it was because if a rich girl was in need of a doctor they could buy a ride, while it was harder for a poor girl to get to the hospital. If that was the case she had respect for the station's government.

She then traced three routes to get to her place of work. Straight down the road, zigzagging through alleys and streets, and a long hard way. She would let the animal look it over and choose his own path, but she was going to take the harder way. One had to climb up on this ledge on the walls of the station and then go through an adventure to go where you needed to go. However, it was safe to assume fewer zombies were up there than on the other two paths.

She jumped when she heard her dryer go off. When she looked over to see the guy coming to get his clothes. She listened as he took everything out and moved around. He was changing right there!! She felt a twitching under her skin just above her eye as she realized he didn’t respect anything in her house. She decided to drown out his rudeness with something from the fridge. When she turned back around there he was still shirtless. She quickly noticed the rings piercing his nipples and instantly facepalmed. That said, she was shocked to only see one tattoo. Some circle of writing and symbols in the middle of his shoulder blades. It was as big as a dinner plate… Super professional.

Ryan hovered over the map. He looked over at the end of the rainbow made by the marker lines. The hospital.

He remembers how his dad told him to find a police station or a hospital if he ever got into trouble. Said that there would be someone to help him get in contact with him and they would keep him safe. He wasn't sure what they could do because he never needed to get out of trouble. Maybe that was what the girl was trying to do. Maybe she knew what was there and how to use it. "So to the hospital?" He asked, feeling her glare on his bare skin.

"Yes." Promise said sharply. "I marked three paths so you could find your way there. I work there so I know all the path's by heart."

"Why can't I just go with you?" Ryan was sure she didn't like him, but he did have the guns.

"You think you can squeeze through the pipes? Fine, but if you end up getting lost you have the answers right there." She replied with frustration rich in her voice. She sat down and looked the map over. She had originally planned to take it herself, but there was a map at the hospital she could take if she needed one. "I'm going to leave after lunch. There's no use in staying here. No one will come for us if we're locked up here."

"Right. I'll be ready to go when you want to leave." Ryan said making the decision to stay with her. He needed her as much as she needed him, whether they wanted to admit it or not.

Besides, she was kinda cute.

The woman just rolled her eyes and went back upstairs to decide on what to take.

She pulled on a belt, who knew when her pants would be something to worry about? Then she had to go through her closet to find a bag. She grabbed the biggest bag she had and pushed in a hoodie as soon as it was opened.

Now that that was out of the way… She was lost. What does one take for a zombie adventure? Clothes didn't really matter, nor did things. She could only think to take food and weapons, but she still didn't have much of either. Hope grabbed a hair tie and pulls her hair up off her neck. The hoodie was red with a black hornet and golden unreadable writing across the chest. It's been her favorite for a few years.

Promise looked up when she heard the door open, she was expecting one of 'them' and was sadly disappointed when she saw the guy instead. "What do you want?" She asked a little angrily.

"Hey, I don't recall us introducing ourselves. In the middle of all that's happened, I can't imagine us worried about that.." He said looking defeated now. "But I've been pretty rude, and I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Also that my name is Ryan, so if you ever need me just call."
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

He had wanted to wait until she told him her own name, but he decided to just walk back downstairs before she could. Not sure himself as to why...

He was ready for lunch as he claimed, already having split the ammo and guns evenly between the two by that time. He was going to let her decide which half she wanted, for now, he pushed them into a side table so that they weren’t tempting when he said something else stupid. He had a couple of hand pistols and a shotgun, plenty of ammo for all of them, but he did spend a lot saving her with the pistols.

He also had the nightstick, it was on the side with the shotgun, for close and personal enemies. Now he was going through her food.

Cans, jars, and sealed bags. Anything that didn't need refrigeration was laid out too. He had been planning all of this when he had woke up. He was only puzzled by one thing. What to do with her dog. The fish were more disposable than the big dog, and who knew if the animals could be affected by the virus. That's assuming it was a virus...

Promise joined Ryan an hour later, she had only one other thing stuffed in her bag, some goodies for the rat that set on her shoulder now. Sonya has been trained to sit on her shoulder. Sonya was about 4 years old and had 2 years of training. Max was just as well behaved, and loyal. She wouldn't force Max to follow her, and couldn't predict what Sonya would do in the 'wild' but she wasn't leaving them here.

She looked up at the mess on her table and it took her a minute or two to see what was going on. She almost yelled at Ryan when she saw him scarfing food, but there was no use in wasting stuff. She put her bag on the table and sat down before grabbing the carton of orange juice and chugging some down.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ryan’s hand invading her personal space! She didn't have time to pull the carton away and then smack him, good thing though because all he was doing was petting Sonya. Promise blinked as a slight blush appeared on her cheeks when she realized what the truth to his actions was and how the differed from her assumed ideas. She was embarrassed to admit she was wrong in thinking he'd try to hurt her. "Hey, can't you keep your hands to yourself?" She pouted to sound grumpy. It just made Ryan laugh before he finished his food.

Promise had decided on the pistols, they weren't really identical, and she wasn't experienced except for the shooting games she used to play. Maybe that was all she needed to survive... She pushed her food into her backpack. Next was what to do with Sonya, the rat would keep her company and she couldn't really think about leaving her. So she put her in the plastic ball and held onto her until they were ready. Max would either follow them or run off to be wild, as wild as the playful dog could be in closed off section of the mining city entrapped under these mountains.
She took a deep breath before putting Sonya's running ball into the backpack. She grabbed a couple of water bottles and placed them in her bag, too.

Ryan had loaded his gun with bullets and his bag with food as well as tons of water. It was heavier, may even be harder for him, but he was sure in the end his preparations would be better than the girls. He put the gun in between the backpack and his back and prepared himself with the nightstick. He watched the girl and started going through the kitchen again. Anything would help, but he couldn't find anything. The girl must have been the bare minimum type. It made him smile, and remember the other old saying that went: The last man and last woman alive.’

"Ok, you ready?" He asked getting ready for the door. It was quiet, and no way to look out the door, so they were practically jumping into the deep end of the pool!

Promise looked through her stuff one more time. When a thought came to mind she smiled and vanished for another moment. When she came back from the back of the house she was happily holding her old bat. It was aluminum, more durable than the wooden one her mother wanted to buy her. It was a good 10 years old and the painted on name was worn off. Since he was going for melee damage right out of the batting circle she’d do the same to save on ammo.

"Ok!" She announced when she was finished. Ryan slapped the button to open the door and readies himself!
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

To their great surprise, there was nothing waiting for them on the other side.

Max did rush past them to search about as well, but even he couldn't find anything. There were lifeless bodies from last night still on the ground, but they weren't going to get back up. Ryan took a few steps out into the open and looked around, nothing.

It would seem that the zombies have moved on to better prey.

Promise walked outside her door and took a look around at her little spot in this universe. The buildings, the fake fences, the streets, all covered in blood and random body parts scattered about, as if the zombies had become bored with how the person tasted and threw what little remained away.

She noticed how her neighbors' homes looked just as her's did. Locked up and only blood invading their perfect paint jobs... She wanted to knock on the doors and see if anyone was still alive, but they would only slow the two down.

Promise took the lead, walking down the street like she normally did.

Day after day this was just a convenient way to get from her house to her job, but now it was a trail of sorrow and decay leading her to the unknown. Ryan was a couple steps behind her and Max was just as close. No one knew what to expect now. She had this idea of something jumping out at them in her mind, but how often does that truly happen? Still, it was enough to have her tighten her grip on the bat.

They were getting pretty far, and it would be something to be excited about if it wasn't for the lack of enemies. It was much too quiet for way too long, they would not have gone this far in just one night, would they? That's when Max started barking abruptly, causing his master to jump with a yell of fear and surprise.

She looked around in front of her, but no one was there, then she turned around to see which direction the canine was pointing. There, behind them!! Now she had to decide what to do. 'Run or fight?'

Ryan answered it by running forward and pushing her to do the same. She was willing to follow, except her dog was being left behind. "Max!" Promise called to her dog from her heart, she would have turned around to make sure he was obeying if Ryan wasn't there forcing her away from her companion. She could feel her heart dropping, thinking about her beloved dog being torn apart by those creatures!! "Max!!" She screamed out of desperation again, running away from her furry friend.

That was all she could do now, cry for him to return to her. Then the barking got fainter and it was quiet. She kept expecting to hear that heartbreaking cry that meant her dog is hurt badly...

Relief flooded the dog owner as she instead heard his tags clicking together. Max’s claws taped the hard concrete as he finally followed his master. At this point, Promise refused to let Ryan push her anymore, and pulled away to meet her dog on his way to her. She dropped to her knees and began to roughly pet him lovingly; Hug him.


They continued down this path, but when they closed in on the 'town' they hear more groans.

The party of three came to a stop, glancing around the corners now to make sure to look before they leaped. They needed to make it all the way to the outer wall now, but there was a pack of them in the way.

Ryan pulled out the map as carefully as he could and began to trace their steps. They could go back a block and cut into an alley, but there was no way to know if they would come out around the pack or right into the middle of it. Their only other option was to unload a bunch of lead in them now, and he wasn't ready to use the guns up just yet.

He pulled the girl through the path he chose preparing for the absolute worse before being pleasantly surprised by their luck this draw.

The trio snuck right past the first bunch and then continued.

Max hadn't made a sound either, he only seemed to bark when the undead was coming towards them. This meant more that this dog was a valuable weapon of survival than originally thought. As they got closer to the spot they wanted, the packs of zombies got more frequent and bigger. Their backtracking got longer and harder to avoid the hungry monsters. Now they were pinned up against a wall... They were cornered when a small part of the mob broke off to follow them. Max bared his teeth in the direction of the same noises they could hear getting uncomfortably close, the groans got louder and echoed in the empty alley.

On the other side of them, just around the corner was a massive wave of zombies. The good news was past the wall of undead was their escape. They would have to climb up on the tarp-covered machinery and then at the highest point there was a ladder. It was a long way up, but it would be safer up there.

Ryan glanced over at his new friend and silently asks her if she's ready. She nodded as she gripped the bat harder. Ryan cocked the shotgun and jumped the corner. He lets out a couple of shots, clearing a path then quickly ran through it. He slammed the butt of the gun into a few jaws and let out the last two round before they could reach the end. He nearly shot a girl in half being so close... He had no time for remorse though and just ran past them, still using the gun for help.

He tried to reload as-as they ran, though it was hard it was doable... Adrenaline was pumping through him as he made it through the crowd, but that was no excuse to get sloppy.

Promise was right behind him, smashing her way through. She had a nasty swing and could knock away two at a time, she tried hard to aim for the heads but it was harder than expected. Max was weaving through the legs, barking but keeping up.

When Ryan reached the end he took place at the base of their climb. He'd hold them off while she started. She knew this as soon as she saw him. She jumped up the first part, it was as big as a crate and easy to climb, even the zombies could get to it. The second one wasn't that easy.

Max jumped up the heights until he couldn't make it on his own anymore. There were about seven steps to this climb and Max could only get to five. "Come on, Ryan!" She yelled back as she reached the fifth step. She was positive the zombies wouldn't get past the third. Their brains were scrambled and they only knew how to hunt, not how to think.. It would be an insult to Max to call them animals by this point.

Ryan blew away a layer of zombies before making the climb himself. He only focused on getting to high ground. A layer or two up he felt a zombie grab his leg, to which he promptly lifted his foot and kicked in the face. Promise had helped the dog to the last step but was now stumped on what to do about the ladder climb. She couldn't leave him, couldn't take the same destructive feelings again!

“Ryan!” She called.

When Ryan got there he looked over the sea of undead creatures, they were making it to the first and second step and a couple were doing fine with the third, but that's where they stopped. They clawed at the covers and growled, groaned, and moaned for their food but lacked any ability to lift themselves up any higher. Ryan stuffed the gun back in place and picked up Max. He was a large breed but surprisingly lighter than he seemed. Still, it would be hard to keep a hold of him for too long. "Climb," Ryan demanded as he looked back at the girl.

Promise did as she was told, and only until they were good ways up did she look back.

Ryan had made the dog lay on his chest and shoulder. Carrying Max like he was a comrade that wasn't going to be left behind. With Max’s safety assured, she turned back to the task at hand and didn't look again until she was on top of the exposed ledge. She looked around, in case there was something hiding in the shadows, but she was happy to find nothing.

Up top, she made sure to grab Max when Ryan was close enough. The dog gave a quick shake when he was on solid ground again and ventured away for the moment. As he did, Promise helped Ryan up.

When the coast was cleared she looked over the ledge. It was a good fifty-foot drop and even higher if they were aiming for the ground, she was so happy that he didn't drop Max.

Promise pulled her back in front of her and dug out some water before handing it to Ryan, which he drank quickly now that they were able to rest. She then pulled out Sonya's ball and checked her little friend.

Sonya was a little shaken but fine. She had probably been sleeping until they started running all over the place. She puts the rat back in the bag but leaves it open. Promise’s legs swing out from under her as she sat down next to the only human she's socialized with for half a year. After a good bit of silence between them, she decided he's worth getting used to.

“Promise… My name is Promise.”
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Ryan was in the midst of squeezing through a couple of pipes that went vertically from the top of the station right through the floors. Promise stood on the other side waiting for him. He smiled up at her nervously, feeling like he was stuck already. When he was finally able to get most of his body through he tried to continue unaware that his foot was still stuck. That combined with gravity, Ryan managed to fall jaw first onto the ground. He heard his jaw crack as he landed, then rolled over from the pain with a howl!.

When he was done messing around he moved to lift himself up with his arms. He glanced up as he saw a shadow among the darker halls, only to look up and see Promise kneeling down in front of him. Their faces not very far at all. His tough face softened and reddened as he realized he was so close he could kiss her nose.

She just smiled at him before standing up and moving on. Max staid to kiss Ryan’s boo-boos away. His tongue bathed the boy’s face and made him laugh as well as feel better. He has to give the dog a soft push before he can get up fully.

The two humans and her dog have been moving through obstacles like this one for the past few hours.

It has been harder at times and plenty easier than this one. After the male frees his foot, he can turn around and pull the bag through.

He wondered how Promise knew about this route, definitely not one you want to use to go to work daily.

Ryan sighed out before turning over and looking for the next hoop to jump through. Instead, he welcomed the slight of a cleared path, free of pipes for as far as the eye could see.

Precious followed his example and smiled a relieved smirk, she could finally see the hospital she worked at. She took this moment to comprise a list of things they would have to do upon entering the hospital They had to get to the middle floor and reach the nurse's station. The button was in the back and next to it was an intercom. It sounded easy and simple but doing it would be much different and probably a lot more difficult. The relief came to her in a calming effect, but when she heard another shuffle, her bat came around quicker than her eyes.

"Whao!" Ryan cried out, ducking out of the way of the bat. "It's just me!” He held his arms out defensively but opened towards her. “ I think we should take a break." He explained, worried that they were overdoing it.

“Oh… Sure, we can do that.” She assured him.

Ryan sighed his own relief before crashing against the floor and letting his legs dangle off the ledge. He took a deep breath, exhaled, took another deep breath and then Max came over to sniff at his nose, hoping he was okay. This made the grown man laugh and pet him lovingly. He also looked up at Promise, expectantly before patting the side of the ground.

Promise did sit down, letting her legs dangle off the edge as well. She took a minute to look over at her home. They were in the slums, buildings weren't so shiny here and the lights weren't so bright. She wondered who was alive still, were there zombies down there clawing at the walls, trying to climb up to get them? Hope looked over the edge, not able to see the street, much less anyone on it.

She turned back to Ryan, he was already in a can of peaches, scooping out the pieces of fruit with a plastic fork. She shook her head with a smile and pulled her pack off, pulling out Sonya who climbs up the arm of her owner and sniffs the air. Promise tried hard to keep the rat happy by dumping the animal's pellets out and over the edge. The ball wasn't spotless, but better than it was. Next, she gave the animal a piece of food and Max came over to sniff the rat food.

Hope sighed, forgetting about Max's food. She offers him some and to her surprise he takes it. The rat climbed onto Max, the two worked out well so Hope didn't worry when she felt Sonya leave her.

They ate and drank the water, giving Max bites that they didn't finish, by choice or by pity for the animal.

After the break, Ryan looked over his stuff taking in stock of what they had. For one girl, Promise had a lot of food. If they rationed it well they could eat a week off of it with Max getting all the scraps. Still, he wanted to find food on the way, where ever they were headed, to feed everyone comfortably.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

After the meal and Promise made Sonya get back in the portable cage, they got up and back to the journey. Ryan had more trouble getting through the obstacles than she, and he had noted her flexibility. Another few hours and they were out, now trying to climb down.

Ryan went first this time, taking Max with him. He was heavier than the man remembered, but Max was important. He could warn them and even protect them. Also, Promise seemed to really attached to him.

The climb down was longer also, it went all the way down to the streets. Ryan lets Max jump down before he reaches the ground floor. The dog shook off the high feeling and went sniffing about. Ryan used the shotgun and a couple of rounds, searching the little area they landed in as She climbed down the last few feet. When she was safely down and bat ready they carefully walked the streets towards the main road. Promise lead and Ryan was a good back up player, but they both were on the edge as they tiptoed through alley after alley.

They made it to the main road without being spotted by the dead. However when Promise looked around the corner there was a small group of the undead in their way. Some hunched over and tearing into a corpse. She pinned herself to the wall as she came back around the corner.

They needed to go this way, the emergency doors for the hospital would always be activated and open, she couldn't say that for the other doors to the building’s entrances.

"We got trouble." She whispered. "A roadblock if you will." She added, glancing over at Ryan.

He nodded and looked around the corner as well. He counted at least ten of them easy, but there were a few hidden by the others. He thought about just blowing over them, but what if there were more. They still didn't know what set these creatures off. Guns going off could be fatal if they hunted by sound, but walking past them wasn't going to be easy.

Ryan switched out the gun for the nightstick. "Smash what you can, but keep moving. Our goal is to get into the hospital and call for help." He spoke but sounded as though he were telling himself more than he was telling her.

Promise agreed with a solid not an looked both ways again. "The doors are just past them." She explained, spotting the flickering sign that hovered just past them. It read: 'Emergency Room' in red lights which blinked. "The bad news is, they can open the door just as easily as we can, so get as far away from the door as you can before stopping." She warned him she tightened her grip on the well-used bat.

Ryan nodded, knowing he can't be seen. He stepped out into the open and when his partner was ready and right next to him they charged! The woman with the bat wasted no time, slamming the cold metal of her weapon harshly into the skull of the first corpse she came close to. She swung again, pushing her way past them as much as possible. Max rushed past them and his owner, while Ryan struggled to get in and out of the group of cadaver eating cannibals.

As the adult male tried to slip out of the closing group he was grabbed by cold dead fingers. He cried out softly before he began to twist every part of his body to escape. He felt the creatures begin to pull him back into it and held on tightly until he was too tired to fight back.

Instead of giving up Ryan twisted back, using wooden baton stick in his hands to bash into one of their faces. He could hear the skull break before he kicked another one off. He twisted again, swinging the shotgun around and knocking the two off their feet - In the process almost tumbling down along with them. He regained his balance quickly and aggressively asserts himself by smacking a woman's jaw and jamming the stick into another's face. As soon as he found a way out of the bunch he bolted off not wanting to be held back too long by the creatures.

Promise was already slipping into the ER. The young punk followed, only glancing back at the seemingly confused monsters to make sure they were not rushing him.

He entered the emergency room but lost sight of the girl almost instantly. Luckily Max was barking to alert him where they are. He came in and found the girl he’d saved about two nights ago already batting away at some elderly. He was confident in her ability to swing the bat but sprang into action once more when he saw she was about to be surrounded.

A security guard who’d no doubt was one of the first to be attacked.

Most of his big gut was opened wide and his organs just hanging out. Ryan was disgusted but easily motivated. He never liked the rent-a-cops! Ryan cleared the hall in a matter of moments to bash the man's head into a wall. A heavy spray of rust-colored blood painted the wall. His damsel in distress glanced over just in time to watch Ryan do so before she turned to her own task.

The zombies made from older folks look frail and helpless, but she quickly found out that they were just as tough to put down as the others. Part of her felt sick by her actions, and then other parts were laughing at how fun it was to finally be able to do something she liked to fantasize about...

As a doctor in training, she had to deal with old people constantly whining about the soup or the bed. The remote didn't work and they didn't like how she folded the corners of the bed. She damned them from afar, hoping the mean ones died and the spiteful would get an illness in their old tongues.

Working together they cleared the hallway. Breathing heavier and covered in sweat the two approached an incoming elevator, they could hear the groans coming from the inside as it came to a full stop on their floor. Max began to growl and bark at the closed doors. Ryan pushed his companion towards the stairwell and held the door open as she inside. He whistled for the dog to follow and locked the door behind them to keep that mess out.

Promise knew this wasn't going to be easy, and she knew the undead would be waiting here as well, so she was rather calm about the invasion.

Climbing the stairs wasn't too hard on her either, she stayed in shape by climbing them every day, but Ryan was gasping when the reached the fifth floor. There was five more above them, and then the roof. Maybe that was the best thing to do. Wait for help on the roof of the hospital. No sun meant less time to dehydrate, and the hospital had supplies, big cans of food!

Upon reaching the floor of their choice, they pushed the door open and looked both ways. From their point of view the couldn’t see anyone around. That didn't mean no one was on this floor, so they cautiously moved into the main halls and began to navigate the way to the nurse's station.

Even as they found the station Promise refused to breathe easily.

They reached the back doors finally, and still without any person or undead surfacing. She took a hold of the door and tried to open it when it wouldn’t she began to jerk on the handle, a panic surfacing in her throat. If they couldn't get into the room they did all of this for nothing! She giggled the handle more violently as if that would get it to release! "It's locked!" She cried. a little too loud.

Ryan placed his hand over her’s and stopped her from panicking before he firmly grasped it himself and tried. Testing it left him with the same results as her before he caught the scanner in his sight. In her panic, she must have forgotten she needed to use her thumb to access the room. He grabbed her hand again and no sooner did he position her thumb against it did Max starts to bark at something down the hall. He watched the scanner light against her thumb just as they began to hear groans the intercom announced: "Physician of this hospital, Promise J. Erickson. Please enter now."

Through the pounding of his heartbeat in his ears, he could hear the lock release.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Ryan grinned to himself as he slid down the back of the door, breaking heavily through his smile. Even laughing a bit.

‘Promise Erickson.’

‘Dr. Erickson.’

"I didn't know you were a doctor!" he exclaimed, excited to know something new about this girl.

"I'm not." Promise said lifting files off the table, stacking them in one spot. "I don't have the title yet, I've done the school, done the training, and my graduation WAS a few months away." She explained looking a little upset with the subject, which turned into a smile when she found the intercom. When the desk was cleared she found the button hidden under a plastic casing complete with a warning label.

"Do not press this emergency button unless of a station crisis," Ryan said, reading the first line out loud. "This is a serious thing, isn't it?" He says before watching Promise.

She opened the case and pressed the button, it causes a radio to appear out of a secret compartment. She grabbed it and clicks the talk button. "Emergency, I repeat Emergency. Survivors in part C, hospital 3040219. An emergency line has been activated to report Survivors. One male and one female at hospital 3040219. Other survivors may or may not exist. Please send word or assistance. Over." She announced before letting the button go. She stared at the black radio with silver around it, She saw the lights indicating its working, but they only hear static. "Assistance needed in Part C of the station, hospital 30-40-219." She slows down the number in case she was speaking too fast. "One male and one female alone in the radio room. The outside is not safe, corpses being re-animated. Can anyone hear me? Over." She lets go once more, listening for even the faintest sound.

The button on the table was blinking, signals were being sent out, but there was no way of knowing anyone was receiving them.

Ryan watched her. The girl sounded like she knew what she was doing, but their help from the main core was not looking good. He grabbed the radio from her, squeezing the button. "God damn it! Say something! You can't leave us here! Send help or be damned!" He screamed starting to get a little worried. His voice hinting at his fear. Suddenly he felt more like a scared child than he ever did as a baby. His voice, however, was met with pure silence as well."You have a duty to protect us, now come to do your fucking jobs!!" He finished dropping the radio, almost throwing it to the table. He forced himself to step away and slammed his fist into the wall.

He was pissed off that they weren't answering, but it wouldn't occur to him that no one was there. That the same creatures who stole his family's life were responsible for there not being an answer...

"Please send some assistance to hospital 3-0-4-0-2-1-9 in part C of the station. Over and out." Promise made one more announcement, a little less hopeful now. She had the worse in mind. She had this image of all the officials being torn apart by fellow officers. She lets the idea of help coming die as she moved back to the intercom. She hits a separate button then began to speak: "If there are any survivors in Part C of this station, please find a safe place and lock yourself in. If you have nowhere to go, the hospital will take you in. Please take the fire escape to the roof. If there is no one waiting for you, please use the intercom on the staircase to let us know you are there. Please use caution, the dead have risen and will attack you. We will help anyone we can, but please use the fire escape to go to the roof, do not enter the building without help from us, we can not protect you if you do so. Thank you." Hope ends the transmission. It would be broadcasted over this half of their part of the station.

From over at the desk Promise’s head lowered. She only felt depressed that they were only able to help each other...

Promise dragged herself to the place she left her stuff and grabbed her backpack. She sat down and let Sonya out. The rat crawled around the room and found a place on the shelves to curl up and nap.

Max did just the same, only he found his place on the ground.

The Physician looked over and watched Ryan move, turning around to face her. "They aren't there, are they?" He finally said, coming to a conclusion. He moved just to talk softer, but when he was close enough the woman surprised him by jumping up and into his arms. She hugged him tightly, almost in tears already!

He was stunned at what to do, but melted in her arms and began to rub her back. He didn’t realize how much she was holding back until that point. "It's ok. We will come up with something." He said, holding her tighter, trying to believe himself.

They moved to the floor as well. There was no window, not even on the door, so they would be undisturbed for a long time. Unless they hunt by scent, but if that were true, they would be clawing at the door already. Promis has already begun crying, unable to control the feelings that were surrounding her. Who was Ryan to stop her? He could do nothing but comfort her.

Eventually, they fell asleep. It wasn't comfortable and wasn't luxurious, but it was safe. And they slept the whole night away
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell : Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape
Erik Vrell : As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

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