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Arid Arrival

“So you don’t remember anything?”

The pink-haired pint hadn’t stopped talking since they’d left the two angry non-Hollows back at the fountain. “Nah,” he muttered, barely paying attention as he honed in on the stone archway, steadily growing on the white-on-white horizon. “Last thing I remember we were messing with those Quincies back in Soul Society. It’s pretty hazy.”

“So you don’t remember anything like they said? Some guy telling you where we are?” At this point Yachiru’s face was pressed so near to his that the tip of her nose was barely grazing his brow. “I can’t remember anything at all!”

The shaggy shinigami thought for a moment, squinting as if to block out the sun that didn’t exist. “I can sorta remember something, but it’s almost like part of it is missing.” He frowned, shaking his head. “I can remember something talking to me, but the rest is just darkness. Something about...Omni?”

“What’s an Omni?” his lieutenant returned, this time flat-out smooshing her nose into his temple.

“Dunno,” Zaraki answered, shrugging. “That’s all I can remember, if it even happened. Coulda just been a dream or something.”

“Where are we headed then, Kenny?” The young girl had taken to swinging her legs idly, her sandals tapping against his chest.

“This way I guess,” Kenpachi said, tilting his head toward the portal. “Maybe someone on the other side knows what the hell is going on around here.”

- -

“OOH!” Yachiru’s high-pitched cheer split Kenpachi’s eyedrum like a knife through warm butter. “It’s like one big sand box!”

They pair had indeed found their way into what appeared to be the sandiest place they have ever encountered. Being that he had once battled soulless monsters in a dimension almost entirely comprised of barren desert, this was saying something.

“Can we stop and make sand castles?” Yachiru inquired, leaping from her perch atop his shoulder onto the rocky ground. Her eyes shone as she stared off at the dunes that rose out in the distance.

“You can try,” Ken answered, not really paying her any attention. “But you only have your hands, so good luck with that.”

She frowned, crossing her arms over her chest. The sleeves of her oversized robe slide down to her elbows as she copped a frown. “Maybe we can get some water somewhere!”

“I see some kind of city,” the towering captain called over his shoulder, completely ignoring the girl’s inane suggestions. “This way.”

“Good idea!” She replied cheerily, sprinting after her captain and springing into the air to land upon his shoulder. “They’ll definitely have some water! And maybe even some shovels!”
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(07-16-2018, 06:14 PM)Lord Zedd Wrote: I'm here to kick ass and write compelling stories with Vincent Valentine.

And baby, we're all out of Vincent Valentine.

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