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[Open] The Emerald Spark

The Tangled Green was a place that Jack did not know the name of. The humidity of the air washed over him, and stifled him. It made him wish he had a glass of lemonade, but Jack was not about to waste the Omnilium to make something like that. It was something he ultimately did not need right now, and could not afford to distract himself with. There had to be some way that he could make a functional Green Lantern Ring. While the Oan Power Ring was a suitable device for him to use for now, it was far too unstable for the tastes of Jack, or for Arcee for that matter. On the way here she had lectured him about the stability of his equipment which is why he had taken the ring off, and put it into his pocket. For now he was going to rely on the Bow of Primus Replica that he had made shortly after buying the power ring, so that he had something he could protect himself with. Walking from the Nexus to the Tangled Green had not been easy when Arcee had worn out, when pulling her along. Honestly if Jack ever recovered his strength he was going to make Arcee could transform into her robot mode. For some reason she was unable to do so, and it bothered Jack honestly. In addition he needed to discover the internet of this place, and how to access it. Food and shelter were also requirements. Perhaps there was an abandoned ruin Jack could make camp in. If only he had his survival kit he'd be better prepared than he was now. Sadly it hadn't made the trip to the Omniverse with him. Of course, he didn't have it back home when Mech had turned him into a Cybertronian. How he had been turned back, Jack hadn't a clue. Research  of such a subject could be done when his life was not in immediate danger. Obviously he had a lot to learn about the place, if he was to cut it as one of the Primes. Truthfully, though he was afraid. If Megatron was here, Optimus Prime was not, and that meant Jack was going to have to be the one to face him. As he was now, Jack knew that he didn't stand a chance against the Con Leader. 

Starscream was also a challenge, because of his aerial superiority. At some point, Jack was going to have to learn how to use Omnilium in order to give himself wings, or some sort of jet pack, perhaps. Either way he was going to need a way that he could take command of the skies at his disposal. Unlike in Camelot, he could not make the platform that he had made. Something here was different from that place, but he didn't know what it was that was different. If he could find a way to refine Energon perhaps he could create Vehicons to serve as assets for him in the Omniverse until he got a Green Lantern Corps. Wait, he didn't need to refine Energon, he could create Energon in it's refined state with Omnilium. First things were first, though. A home was needed. Aimlessly wandering through the Tangled Green, Jack sighed as he continued the trek. Having no direction stank.

At last… home again.

Well, as much as Minnie Mouse could call the Tangled Green home. She’d begun to think that she and Mickey would never find their way back to the Disney Realms, and for a long portion of their hibernation in the Vasty Deep, had started to think maybe they’d never make their way back to the Clubhouse, either.

Thank goodness she did, though - because the place was a wreck. She supposed after being left empty for two years it was only natural for something to become derelict, but Minnie had hoped some of the residents of Ambrosia would do something to keep it up to snuff. As it turned out, even being a Lady of a place didn’t guarantee that people would look out for you at all, and when she arrived, finally, back to her home, she found herself with lots of work to do… and lots of time on her hands.

The people of Ambrosia, for their part, seemed to not have even noticed her disappearance. When she’d walked down the streets since returning back, they waved at her casually, some offering a “long time no see!” but - much to her surprise and displeasure - no one asking her to regale them with stories of her absent years. And she had so much to tell, too! About the mouse pair’s time in Nippur with the Gold Cross, about their subsequent retreat to the Vasty Deep, about their encounter with another settlement of misfit toys on Cinnabar Island…

Oh well. She supposed if they didn’t want to hear it, they didn’t deserve it.

Her house deserved a pick me up, though. She spent all her waking hours cleaning it, reorganizing it, trying to get the feng shui just right. Furniture shifted around the room for day to day as the house’s matriarch experimented with new arrangements. Eventually, she ran out of options to try, and seeing as it still didn’t feel like a proper place to live in yet, she decided to breathe some life into it.

All that to say, she needed a plant or two.

She knew that part of the problem could probably be chased back to Mickey’s absence. The lady mouse never truly felt complete while her rascal of a husband was away. She’d have to get used to it, though, because she knew now that he’d wriggled out of her embrace and gotten himself back into the world, she’d probably never get him to come back with any sense of permanence. He was an adventurous mouse, after all, and one with a steadfast conscience: helping people was all he knew, and admittedly, that’d been one of the main reasons she’d fell in love with him.

A shrub wouldn’t be able to replace him, but it would certainly have to suffice. She combed the outskirts of Ambrosia for pretty flowers, scanning the trees for blossoms that had popped up since she’d last been in the verse. The Tangled Green had a knack for sprouting new and interesting plants all the time, and in that way, it certainly earned its spot as the Omniverse’s definitive forest.

She’d stumbled upon the most precious batch of periwinkle lilies when she heard leaves crunching from behind her.

Minnie Mouse swept herself around, her scepter dropping out of a swirl of rainbow energy and into her hand. She aimed it at the young man standing across the clearing. From a tree nearby, a strange-looking woman peeked out. His companion, no doubt. A bit of a drastic ‘hello,’ perhaps, but she’d been on the run so long that she couldn’t be sure about anyone at first glance. No one could be trusted until they’d proven otherwise.

“Who are you?” she scowled. Minnie’s big eyes narrowed.

“Well, don’t just stand there,” she shrugged, still holding her weapon out, “Introduce yourself. Didn’t your mother ever teach you manners?”

The lady mouse harrumphed and waited for a reply.
[Image: 2agonyw.png]

"I'm Jack Darby," said Jack, looking at the talking mouse. A talking mouse that was about the size of Raf, from when Jack last remembered him, before he had gotten Unicron inside him, and had an accident. A talking mouse was not something you saw every day, unless you went to disney. Of course, Jack had never been to disney world, before, and hadn't watched any disney moves and so was more than a little nervous. The clothes appeared to be that of a royal. Was she a queen of some sort? Jack didn't know the answer to that. Jack approached with Arcee slowly, his hands up. He had no visible weapons, save for a strange looking bow and arrow strapped across his back, and what appeared to be a ring. 

It was a ring that looked like it had been carved out of old green metal, and looked like it could break any minute. "By any chance do you know how to operate a Mobile Dataverse Device, as I've barely figured that out? Who are you? What is this verse? How does one fully work Omnilium? Who are the most powerful Primes? Who are the most dangerous primes?" Okay, Jack wasn't sure she'd like the barrage of questions he was releasing. However, he needed information. It was one of the most powerful forms of currency, and okay, Jack wasn't used to operating blind in the Omniverse. "Also, do you know where I could find a ring like this, but capable of the things it's supposed to be?" asked Jack, holding out the Oan Power ring towards her. The intense stream of questions paused for now, allowing her a moment to reply.


Jack Darby had been patient with the mouse like creature, but there was more to the Omniverse that he had to explore. Ultimately some source of the Green Light of Will had to exist that he could harness. The Oan Power Ring he possessed was not that stable, and actually was far from something he'd normally wield. Honestly though he did not want to wield the Oan Ring any longer than he had. If there was a way to make a more powerful, but stable ring for himself, he would do so. Since she was unresponsive, Jack left his communicator number near her, and proceeded to ride off on Arcee who had transformed back to motorcycle. How Jack wished Optimus Prime were here, or someone else was, because he didn't know the first thing about forming a Corps. A lot of doing so would be guess work on his part, but he believed it to be possible. 

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