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Seeking the Light of a Lantern

Quote:[Image: latest?cb=20090108190100]
"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my power--Green Lantern's light!"
As I posted earlier, I'm new to the Omniverse. Given that I have a power ring that is similar to the picture I posted above, though I do not know how to recharge, I am asking if anyone has seen a ring identical to the one I have posted above. I would be very interested in acquiring such a ring for myself, given back in my universe, I had one just like it. Albeit, I had inherited it and was still learning how to use said ring for myself. If anyone has any information leading to the acquisition of a power ring for myself, there may be Omnilium in for it. Green would be the preferred, as it is the only color I have experience with.

Howdy stranger,
Cassidy Smerl here! I live over in the Town With No Name and our law men use Ruby's something like that, but they're yellow round these parts.
Are you a lawman, too?
Well anyhow, you be careful out there, and if you stop in you sure come by shop and get yourself a nice glass of lemonade.

Best of luck,
Cassidy Smerl
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From: hecate.best.waifu@weebmail.com

Subject Power ring.

Yo dawg I hear you found a ring, or something to that effect. werd that hist be one of the funkiest rings i have ever laid eyes upon. Does it come with the words written under it?

To: Cassidy Smerl

I will certainly be paying your shop a visit in the future. And I would have been a law man had I any training with the power ring, whatsoever. I haven't had any training whatsoever with the Ring. They wield a yellow ring? What powers it? How does it function? Are there stashes of said ring around? If so, I'm going to have to acquire one so I can recreate the Green One I used to have. 

To: hecate.best.waifu@weebmail.com

What I was asking was that if someone knew of a ring with the picture I had provided, given I am invested in acquiring such for myself with it's full capabilities. The words beneath it are the password to recharge the ring.

Dear Jack,

Well honey I just don't know any of that. All I know is that those Corps fellas can do just about anything with those things.

They keep us safe, but they sure are a tough bunch.

Take care,
Cassidy Smerl
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