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[Question] NPC question about Jack Frost

OK... So I dont want to flood  the NPC One Stop with alot of question's  So I decided to just make this here...

Every knows, me and Kenny are friends, if not more like actually family.  Kenny was Jack Frost. I've always had permission to use him, this has never changed, but he is afk and prob never coming back. He said if he did, he was gonna pick a diff character, but doesnt look like thats even going to happen.

What I need, or would like, is to use JF as an NPC for a few months*. He might be in two storylines(Dream excluded) max, but other than that. He would be out of sight and out of mind for the most part. I can't state the storylines I'd use him on, because i'd spoil stuff, and that aint my thing.

So do I need to request him as a  NPC Prime? Can it be temporary? IE a few months... Long enough to do what I need to do and... send him off and  decide what to do with Krosst(one of  Retane's kids)?


I know if thats the  case, that He will be an A Lister...  And I'd like to use his old Roster.. and it will cost me 5 points. Would i get it back after I was done with what I needed? Not that I think it matters, cuz I dont see me ever wanting to summon another NPC that OC... but who knows?
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You have to go submit him and be approved in the One Stop Shop.

Just pull up his old Roster and use that as a baseline. It's somewhere.

He's B-List.
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