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[M] Revenge Upon Everyone

Memories of loss and pain filled his demonic mind it was making him more angry by the day they didn't stop. Wanting all the dreams and nightmares to end the demon came up with one solution. He'll need to become stronger since the realization on his demon nature, Tyson thought of acting the part more without any mercy only then will the demon be strong enough. The sad part about this now being restored the demon didn't have any powers being in this strange new world maybe some training was in order. 

But why now??? He can do that some other time it was time to explore again and find out what his skills we're capable of. Discovery a group of bandits outside near a campfire this was his chance to see if he was able to handle and entire group. He started leaving the barn and started towards the campfire as the bandits we're wondering who the hell this guy was. Tyson pour himself a cup of coffee while stealing a cup it was good something these humans created or something was pretty good. "Hey Buddy??? Who the hell are ya? I'm never seen your kind before in these parts mister. You had your drink now scam before we have to deal with ya" One of the bandits said. Approaching Tyson with his bowie knife drawn, the demon started getting in a fowled mood seeing the knife.

Tyson was smiling while finishing the coffee it was time to shine at that moment. Placing the cup down looking the bandits thinking it was time to make a evil name for himself.

"I was in a good mood enjoying that good coffee" Tyson said. But now we have a problem you're all still breathing and enjoying yourselves. Let's pave the way for silence and death" With his abilities, Tyson started taking down the bandits using his quick speed and their own weapons to kill them. One of them pulled out a knife and quickly the demon grabs it and gutted him in the chest. The scary cat ran over the the wagon grabbing the rifle this was going to be good, Tyson was going to have fun with this. With his strength, He grabbed the rifle breaking it in half as the remaining members try ganging up on the demon which might have been an good idea. 

If Tyson didn't still have the knife in his hand started stabbing the helpless gang members in a complete rage until one was left.

"Please don't.....Please don't kill me. Just tell me what you want and it yours" Bleeding bandit said.

What pissed Tyson off more??? The human was begging to live just die with some dignity in his heart. Pulling the bandit's eyeball out of his socket was the first part but don't worry their was so much more to come. "What I want??? Finally, I think we can understand each other at last. A good question let me think while your bleeding to death and please don't get up. Well I want...it really simple by the way....Total Annihilation of your species to wipe out the human race off the face of the Earth. NO THAT IS JUST TOO EASY OFF THE FACE OF EVERY UNIVERSE THAT IS BETTER. For what the human race did to me, my wife and my family you're evil knows no bounds. The dark lord gave me my second chance at life when no heard my cries for help being savagely attacked. No one heard me at all my family was TAKEN AWAY FROM ME AND KILLED BY YOUR KIND." Tyson said yelling in a rage.

Tears of sadness was pouring down the bandit's eyes "We have nothing to do to with that...but I'm sorry sir. Please" He said trying desperately to convince the demon.

Tyson tore out the second eyeball watching the bandit in pain screaming it made the demon more angry. "I know that dipshit but it doesn't help relieve my pain and sorrow. Perhaps, I could start again with a new family making sure to become a better protector to them then before. However, One thing needs to happen YOU ALL NEED TO DIE"

Ramming the knife the head of the bandit, Tyson was done and the bandits we're dead. Now it was time to see hat treasures they have in their wagon because whatever it was now belongs to him. A bunch of food and supplies which was good and some weapons which could be useful some good horses too this might be fun. 

For the moment, Tyson's rage was fuming for his hatred of humans how could have forgotten for that long maybe the amnesia effects we're finally wearing off. A bunch of dead bodies and a wagon filled with stuff this must be his lucky day. With the wagon, Tyson started riding away thinking about doing something evil maybe pillage the next village and so on. 

"Off we go" This might be the start of something demonic.... Tyson yelled riding off with his newly acquired wagon. Doesn't feel bad killing bandits either.

A lot of blood cover his clothes and then thinking the horses may need a break after hours of riding him. He stops at a ocean giving the horses something to eat from the wagon nourishing their bellies petting the heads. The demon starts cleaning the blood off his clothing those bandits had enough supplies getting some soap cleaning away the blood. 

It would have been nice to learn some other abilities but the demon will have to deal with the ones already learned. Still, He could be so much more then a demon to become a legend that something else to consider telling that human his objectives of destroying all human life. Though the demon didn't have the very tools to put that off but sooner or later the demon will have his revenge on the human race with his memories back. Wondering how could he forget such a horrible events from the past it was never was going to go away. Tyson thought hard after cleaning his clothes what else happening still his memory was back but the whole ordeal how he became a demon it was slowly coming back to him. Returning to the wagon, Something was unclear if his family was killed then the strange man was smiling during the whole ordeal the demon couldn't explain it.

"Calm down, I need to try to focus here and slowly think about key moments and then try putting everything together it will lead to an answer" Tyson thought. But something was wrong somehow his human memories we're resurface showing him such memories of his pain and torment.

Climbing back up onto the wagon, He began thinking putting his memories into place trying to remember what happened. But finally Tyson Renegade started remembering everything of what happen and started getting angry. "I remember.....My best friend betrayed me and hired that gang to get that gold from my house but why?" He thought.

The question lingers in his head for a while still it only fueled his anger "WHY DID HE DO THIS TO MY FAMILY??? WHY?" Tyson yelled. Having a lot of questions just no answers but having just one possible solution to his whole ordeal ending the human race. So this problem will never happen again but the demon wasn't strong enough to achieve such a task yet for the time being killing people and perhaps. Finding articles of power and learning from them increasing his knowledge and power. In time, When enough humans are dead then the demon could finally rest perhaps ending his life long plans for Armageddon, Tyson might start a family. "One day perhaps....." Tyson said silently.

He wanted to start upon an adventure looking through the supplies, Tyson finds a treasure map this was interesting. Starts to read it thinking it might lead to something good showing clues of where this treasure might be this might calm him down a bit. 

These bandits we're trying to locate this place might be so they can loot the treasure for their own personal needs none of them being good. What if the demon finds it and takes it for himself this could be fun. It was long journey riding on horseback but the demon was determine to find out what kind of riches was in store for him hoping their won't be any consequences during his quest. Stopping a place which looked like and ancient temple the map shows that this was the place the bandits had trouble looking for but the demon found it. A bunch of cobwebs and spiders at the entrance clearing them out first but a nasty big one needed to stomp on which he did the demon hates spiders. 

Considering them a mistake from both mother nature and god wondering why the powers of creation who create such beings like spiders didn't make sense. Calming down the cobwebs we're gone meaning the demon could enter inside but needed to be extremely careful if this was temple surely enough it would have some traps too. Tyson goes inside finding out that he wasn't alone people we're already in here so the demon will have to silent as possible hiding and creeping slowly. Upon creeping the demon notices some spiders something the guy hates more then anything mother nature's mistake and started stepping on them. But back to his adventure

He wanted to know who else was here to his horror it was humans beginning some weird exploration but something caught the demon's attention the talk about vampires. "Whoa, Whoa Whoa...What have you humans found? Vampires? What is that? It may prove interesting here and helpful to me perhaps some humans may prove useful. This really changes everything plus my powers aren't strong enough. I guess killing evil humans should be the way to go it won't get me into troubling situations." Tyson said quietly

Tyson was curious about these humans talking about vampires wanting to know more really struck his fancy. The exploration team started marking the traps which the demon thought was a benefit too because worrying of setting the trap off. 

They started heading downstairs into some sort of crypt now that might a bad choice the demon didn't know what was down there. He wasn't a pussy either heading down into the crypt making sure the humans don't double back or track him being very careful heading into the crypt. "Alright.....I'm far away for them. Eh?? What the hell are those things?? They look like caskets but waitaminute there it is the treasure that diamond amulet. Ohh yes so you bandits had a map that was useful don't regret killing you all." He thought. 

Slowly, He waits for one of the explorers to turn around using his speed to grab the diamond amulet. Managing to do it real quick seeing the explorer opening up a casket as weird energies and spirits started empowering the corpse as it began revitalizing itself. Whoever it was after the whole ordeal looked beautiful but the explorer said talking about this being a vampire, Tyson was in awe of this beautiful vampire. The striking beauty rose from her black coffin and demanded to know why humans woke her from her slumber wanting an explanation. One of the explorers started explaining the whole situation but the vampire was calm about but she wanting something...BLOOD. But something was wrong with this picture the head explorer didn't even move as the vampire bit her on the neck nourishing herself as the other humans tried leaving. The other vampires rose from their coffins attacking them having their blood snack it was time to leave. Afraid of his safety, Tyson started back upstairs to the crypt entrance making sure the vampires didn't even notice him but stops to her what the head vampire had to say. "After 500 years being imprisoned by that vampire hunter. We are finally free again but where are my manners. I should thank the person responsible for all this. Very well....Thank you Tyson for freeing me and my family, We should get to know each other" Morgana said. The ancient vampire and Tyson's eyes make contact when she said that it was time to get the fuck outta there.

The demon quickly ran out of the temple and headed back to the wagon shocked over what he just heard. He started catching his breath thinking this had to be a dream and sooner or later he'll wake up and remember nothing of what happened. 

This wasn't a dream this was real "What have I've done?" He said in great fear for his life. Doing something real bad this wasn't a joke at all this was fucking real.

Tyson was calming collecting himself thinking that was just an accident. Maybe this was all nothing and those people won't go on a killing spree like he did. Letting some bloodsuckers into the world still the demon felt responsible for removing the demon amulet it must have been keeping them locked away for so long.  Someone was knocking on the side of the wagon this was awkward but maybe a chance encounter this a second time talking to someone new.

"Hello? I saw someone running away in fear of something. Just wondering if you're doing okay." A woman calmly said. She seemed nice enough and have some kindness in her words maybe he'd should act the same.
"Um yeah I was dealing with some humans....Then some vampires came out to party and a powerful vampire greeting me" Tyson explained. Feeling pretty better in talking with another person. But something was wrong with this woman as if she seemed too calm about the whole situation like it didn't even bother her at all. Another thing was any other human would be in fear of how the way the demon looks, She seemed all too caring for something.

"Really....Vampires??? So they're real after all. I always thought such creatures like that didn't exist. But you seemed alright sir, I was hoping to talk to you about a problem. It's really not a big deal " She said being calm. Tyson was wondering how he could help the woman, but the demon pinpoint what was bothering him about her.

"Ok...How can I help you? You seemed to want something but really will my aid provide you the help you need" Tyson said questioningly. He was a bit worried but he wanted to help. She approached him smiling about something she was honored that he was willing to help her with whatever problem. Tyson felt a bit uneasy around her what was this feeling like something was completely wrong. This was confirmed when looking at the small mirror on the wagon this woman had no reflection, Tyson thought what was this woman. "Oh, Mr. Stranger I really do think you can help me...." She said darkly. Smiling and then she showed him the puncture bite marks on her neck was this a vampire how she get here so fast if this was one. "....like you help my mother, my brothers and sisters and the other members of my family. I would really like to get to know you". She said finishing her sentence. Tyson for the first time in his life returning back from hell the demon was afraid never encounter a person like this a vampire who knows what she capable of.

"Shit" He thought.

How was he going to handle this the first time dealing with an enemy the demon had no clue about. Tyson knew she wanted his blood but why his blood then again her family killed most of the human explorers searching inside the crypt. What kind of thank you was this? This vampire wanted him thirsty for what his blood taste like, Tyson wanted to run away but how. Whoever this vampire was has some strength on her as the demon tried running away she stopped him what the hell kind of strong woman was she. 

A bunch of revived vampires and this one wanted a piece of him literally and the demon didn't know what to do. He wanted to kill off half of the human race within this strange world but now if he can't defeat one vampire then what does it say about him. Needed to try something just looking at the vampire trying to strike but she blocks and grabs his arm. "Wait, I'm sorry it was just a reflex because you're strong and most stunning vampire. A demon such as myself has ever seen before please let me go." He said frighten.

She smirked to see how strong the demon was licking her lips thinking that she's going to drink demon blood from a different race. But she liked something else too the demon was at her mercy not knowing what's going to happen next. "Relax, I told you that you freed me and my family. Wanting to thank you personally don't worry this won't hurt. Out of all the members of my family, I'm the one that takes the walk on the wild side." She had his arm as her vampire fangs started emerging and biting down gently and it started to hurt. Tyson didn't fell nothing a little pain but it began to subside as she was drinking blood from his wrist. She said.

The whole ordeal lasted for a few minutes as she was licking demonic blood from her mouth enjoying the taste wanting more. 

He was a bit afraid what else did she want because she was eyeballing him. His blood was only thing she wanted inside of her the taste of it was better then human blood having a more mature taste to it. Something unholy and dangerous nothing sweeten the blood but with fear just by looking at her was something that sent shivers down his spine. But he couldn't look away...What was wrong with him? The demon could run away right now and not look back but how could he somehow the demon was drawn to such emotional fear. Wanting to know what happens next a part of him was in fear but the other just wanted her to continue.

Tyson tried running away but she manages to slam him down on the ground as demon tried getting away. He was wondering how the hell she did do that it felt like she was as strong as him this could be really bad. What the hell was this? If she a vampire and she already drank his blood could it be that she managed to get some of his strength. This could be a major damn problem what is she thinking right now. After all those years becoming a demon was this a revenge plot then again. Revenge is so sweet when the victim has a golden opportunity to exact vengeance on the person who hurt without them knowing it at all. "What else do you want from me? More blood because I'm feeling a bit drain by what you just did there." He said. A situation that the demon didn't want to be in being submitted by a creature such as a vampire this was pretty awkward a female vampire having control of this situation. She started sitting on his lap saddling up on him feeling something happy to see her the vampire liked the reaction from him. The thought of his member being inside of her delighted her wondering how much she was going to love making him submit to her. 

What's going on? 

He felt his cock growing in his pants this wasn't the time for that. What happen next was very unexpected she was doing some crotch massage on him. The demon actually moan to her doing that both lust and greed we're setting in his mind liking what this vampire was doing but still afraid "Ohhh....What a naughty little demon you are. Thinking of having your way with me well it other way around my friend. I wanna hear you beg, demon" She said seductively.

A hot situation as the vampire seemed to be controlling things, She wanted something more then it came to him. If she was a vampire then sucking all the blood out from the demon was something that might place him in jeopardy. The massage was intoxicating, Things we're going on his mind wondering if he should submit to her thinking "why not just submit and see what happens". 

The worse case scenario would her family join in on this turning the demon into nothing more than a blood drained corpse, Tyson was worried. All on her mind was having some more of his demonic blood really she didn't want anything else really human blood didn't come close to his this was something unique with such a mature taste. Then it happens again her eyes again, Tyson was in fear of her wondering she was going to do but that fear died down. Something was pulling at him almost like mind control wondering what he could do for her. Having mixed feelings for her at first wondering if he should run away and now out of the blue this new feeling of doing anything she wanted. "What are you??? Please, It feels like I'm breaking down not being able to reject your will. Please don't...." He said having his breath taking away by her beauty. She kissed him ever so passionately working her sinful charms upon him to obtain her prize. "My name is Akasha, One of the daughters of the vampire queen Lilith. That is so sweet of you watching your mind break ever so slowly as you yearn for me. Don't fret demon paradise of everlasting pleasure will come soon enough" Akasha said. One of her claw fingers started tearing at his shirt ripping then with both hands in such a playful manner. The demon couldn't even think straight just wanting to have this vampire thinking of making her his wife. 

Human Flashback
Suddenly, Tyson started remembering that day what happened it was so clear to him it lid up like wildfire. He remembers his family was enjoying a lovely dinner but something caught his attention a disturbance outside. Someone was arguing with some bad dudes, Tyson went outside to see was wrong some punks bothering an old man. Rushing over the defend the old man as one of thugs told him to back. "Git your ass up outta here this got nothing to do with you. M.Y.O.D.B. Muthafucka, Now roll cuz."A criminal said viciously. Tyson didn't like that situation the old man couldn't even defend himself it was his oath as the good citizen put himself in harm's way. "Run Mister RUN NOW get out of here, I deal with this" Tyson said warning like. Attacking the bastards long enough so the old man can walk away not know that their would be severe consequences.
{Flashback Ends}

How could Tyson forget that? That was a key event of his past as more of his human memories we're coming back. He need to put this to rest finally. Locking the memory away, He was a human named Tyrone Williams and his died with his family. It felt like closure...But onto a different subject growing soft feelings for this vampire, his demon nature was in lust mode.

Besides his former life, Tyson had something that he wanted to try being at the mercy of a vampire something new. Feeling a bit controlled by the demon didn't care she had the upper hand as she began kissing him again. A bit afraid of what's going to happen the demon was in a trance in her seductive ways even the way she looked was another factor. Enough to the foreplay, Akasha wanted more ripping apart the rest of Tyson's clothes also getting naked and the two started having sex. 

Within their sexual encounters, She provocatively started licking his neck and her dark desires set in biting his neck gently drinking more of his demon blood. Akasha wanted the blood rushing taking his member and slowly inserting it inside of her. Their passions for each other rose just letting him make love to her little by little draining the demon blood. He didn't care as she rode him....

Their acts of love lasted for some hours, Tyson thought it was nice that she was snuggling up close to her feeling some warmth with the demon. Akasha hear his sounds of moaning ad begging because it was so fucking good the climax was sensational for her. Something was wrong the demon was feeling a bit weaker despite that thankful for welcoming gift hoping to have some more fun with this vampire. "That was something, I never thought I would experience again. Embrace and in love with a vampire could this be my second chance. If this is a sign...I swear by my demon blood...I'll protect her" He thought. But this was up to her by she carelessly started rubbing her hand onto his face then kissing him. It was strange it was like she wanted him too feeling that connection again that they're serious about being together. Softly, Tyson had tears running down his eyes thinking this was something of redemption of a lost past. The thought of her turning him was a vampire like her was an idea but his blood was too good she didn't want nobody to have him maybe her family. Akasha wanted him for herself his mature demon blood lit a fire within her "Your thoughts we're so wonderful. Such passionate feelings of wanting me also to protect me. But yet I'm not sure your heart aches for me yet feelings for another still linger in you. You helped my family but if you want this bond of ours to grow will you prove this to me."  She said. 

Tyson thought about this for a minute this wasn't any rejection either but what will happen the vampire woman sees like a dream come true. The past was the past nothing else the demon this was his second chance don't see any reason to screw this up. Tyson held her hand hoping to do whatever she wanted this seemed like a set up but the demon was willing to prove himself here. "Yes, I did have a past but you showing such passion to me are my future. To be honest, Seeing you here and now....There is nothing I wouldn't do make you mine forever. Akasha how can I prove this to you?" He said.

She kissed him just blown away by his words the demon was willing to do this...he wanted to love her forever?  The vampire just wanted to take him again but she wanted him to prove himself. "Tyson, I want to you to retrieve an sword that has been lost to my family for years and makes it yours. Once you and sword are one and bring it back my life and soul will belong to you" She said lovingly. His demon eyes got big a bit wanting to do this task right freaking now but that was all retrieving a sword how hard can that be. 

"A sword? Of course anything for you....I will prove myself to you, Akasha" He said.

Tyson thought this was a weird request but anything to prove myself worthy however. Finding some new clothes wasn't a problem the demon had stolen a wagon getting some good clothing on. He began as Akasha gave him the location of the sword soon after returning to the temple. He took a horse and started the long journey a vampire in love with one things surely have taken him into the right direction. Still, Wondering if this woman would turn him that one question was on his mind but the demon didn't care whatever happens...happens. A chance to love someone again filling in the dent within his heart something the former human wanted fix for himself and for a new horizon in his life. He wanted to do this but in a way this might seemed rush into this but he's a demon and she's a vampire they both seemed determine into a relationship between each other. Tyson started making some headway the demon finds himself getting closer to the location telling the horse to go faster as the noble steed started racing up. Making it to the location which seemed a broken down castle looking around getting a weird sensation but the demon needed to calm down this was an easy mission. He just needed to find some sword  and then gather his demon wits and finally enters the castle but it took some damn time opening the broken castle doors. Tyson was finally inside to his close guess the demon started going upstairs hoping to find some clues into retrieving the sword and bringing it back. Searching both bedrooms finding just nothing but suddenly one thing caught his attentions some bloodstains on the carpet, Tyson didn't think much of it but it was a clue. 

Finding a blood trail leading downstairs but the demon wanted to be smart searching the other rooms hoping to find more clues. Just nothing only the one clue of the bloodstains leading downstairs seemed like it was going into the basement finding some underground caverns which seemed like a very big maze. He started following the blood trail it led to a ritual room....Tyson found some type of cult of evil bloodmongers?. "It seems like a cult leader has something of value is that the sword.....It has to be...." He thought.

This was a strange cult of evil extremists about to perform some unholy ritual upon some girl, Cult leader Maven was about to perform some ritual of damnation on some woman chained to the ground. Having some cult priests praying on the ground waiting for this dark miracle to happen this all seemed to sick and twisted to him. Tyson thought about this if he saves the girl wouldn't that make him something of an hero also the cult leader had something in his hands the sword. What that the sword the vampire wanted??? 

Some ritual was beginning the whole underground cavern started glowing some red markings on the ground this wasn't going to be good. Now the demon had two choices either he rescues the girl and get the sword or let her die the second option seemed good but she was screaming for help. He wanted to flip a gold coin to see if he should rescue her but deep down within the demon's mind set...he had some form of morals left. Taking a deep breath making his decision into choosing to rescue the woman and stopping these cult bastards from doing evil. Closing his eyes hoping he'll survive this...Tyson became focus enough opening his eyes and started running at the ritual grounds punching the cult leader right in the face. Maven was in shock the evil ritual wasn't complete telling his priests to stop the intruder as his priests started beating down on the demon with some clubs. 

It hurt but the demon needed a weapon before getting knocked out completely, Tyson grabs the sword started stabbing some cult priests. Getting back to his feet and started defending himself as one of the priests tried attacking but the demon had no choice he'd killed the evil priest. Slashing his head off and then rescuing the woman freeing her from the chains, Maven was getting angry demanding to know why this intruder was doing this. "Why I'm doing this is simple? You have my property this sword belongs to me and only me. It's mine now also I don't like when people used innocent women for rituals and for some twisted other reasons." He yelled out. Maven was furious started using some magic hoping to continue this evil ritual but one thing needed to happen the intruder had to die first. The cult leader started transforming into a dragon monster and started cornering the two people maybe by slashing the dragon's neck.

Something was wrong just by holding this sword being drawn to it almost like it was telling what to do. "I got to kill this sonuvabitch fucker and get this sword back to the vampire. But rescuing whoever this was is an bonus something that I did expect but whatever gives me an reputation in Camelot" He thought. Tyson stabbed the creature directly in the neck making sure the dragon didn't use his claws forcing the sword down into killing the monster as it started turning back into a human. Whatever this ritual was it wasn't going to happen not on his watch the girl was safe wanting to go home but whatever this sword was it looked pretty good. She wanted to go ad demon nodded leaving the underground cavern as they both started leaving the castle being a bit tired the demon ended some evil cult. She was happy to be outside and free again hugging her hero this was nice she was finally getting over the trauma but something didn't right about this. Acting all happy but then again why shouldn't she being free from those bastards trying to kill her the only thing the demon hates about evil cults they sacrifice people for their needs and smack Hell right in the face. Satanists really who don't have a clue it was time to leave getting back to the horse she wanted to follow him but the demon had the sword needed to return it. This almost seemed strange she wanted to follow him nobody was around for miles, Tyson thought bringing her back to the vampires would be a bad idea but he's a demon. 

They both got on the horse heading back with the sword still the demon couldn't how good it looked too it belongs to him but the vampires wanted to do something to it. She began hugging him then the demon realized why she wanted to follow him she couldn't be? Tyson felt that she was cold if as her body temperature was that of an vampire. What did that cult want to do to her? But the demon did need to know however in a weird way this might be a benefit to him still wondering what was going on. "I'm going to beat around the bush. But ma'am I just got to say it.....You're a vampire aren't you?" He said calmly. She started blushing and showed her fangs seeing that his neck was already bitten. 

"My family wasn't strong enough with dealing with animal-morph humans? I was captured but managed to save one of my brothers from the cult's brainwashing methods. But Maven managed to convince my brother into giving him the family sword but you're so strong. I just want to return to my family please my hero take me home." The woman said. Tyson thought that was sort of an explanation after a few hours the two returned to the temple but something was happening, sword was glowing. The woman got off the horse and started running down into the crypt as her brothers and sisters greeted their lost sister she had returned. It was nice seeing a family member back in the family in a vampire family reunion sort of way. Akasha hugged Tyson the demon had prove himself her life and soul belonged to him and the demon alone but what was up with this sword. Akasha's mother finally meets the demon who saved her daughter's life and was getting to know another one as well it seems "I finally get to met the demon hero who saved my daughter from those bastards she's been gone for a long time too. It's so good having family back together but what do we have here you have such a delightful relationship with one of my other daughters hearing such tales about you too." Lilith said welcoming him. Tyson thought Akasha must have told her mother that about each other then again she must have told him how good his blood is that another factor. But she trusts her daughter and yet she also was thankful for this hero saving one of her kin. They have business to attend to Tyson had retrieved the sword as her mother couldn't believe a demon managed to get back a family air loom lost to the vampires for generations. Tyson thought he had ownership of the sword but this sword must have belong to the family and somehow it was lost giving the sword back to Akasha's mother bowing down while do it. She takes the sword and suddenly it returns back to some blood fountain and the mother creates a new sword for the demon. "You have proven yourself worthy rescuing my daughter, restoring my family from that long slumber and finally returning family property. All this has proven to me your welcoming here; I welcome you here Tyson and grant you ownership of his sword of power....." Lilith said proudly. He couldn't they allowed him here as the demon took the sword as the family was clapping to the whole ceremony as the vampire mother licked his ear secretly whispering ".....they both love you do realized that now".  He was wondering what the hell does she mean by they then it just came to realization the person that was rescued like him too. Really this family been through a lot a missing daughter and retrieve artifact still the demon thought everything was okay for the most part, Akasha said her life and soul belong to him perhaps this was a new beginning having some vampires trusting him was good it may lead to benefits. Now this new revelation another person was somewhat in love with the demon hero the person he saved wondering what she could do for him. Her name was Ashara as the two sisters began talking to each other, Tyson thought about getting some rest this was a very long day. "Me and my sister need to catch up we haven't seen each other in a long time. I'll meet you darling in the guest room" Akasha said smiling. The two sisters started having a sister's discussion about things but the demon felt weird. Being beaten like a dog the effects we're getting to him some rest sure be able to heal his pain eventually. "Yeah, I see ya....I think I'll take that rest right now.....Those human cult bastards hurt my shoulder" Tyson said in a weaken state.

Hoping to get some rest finding a bedroom and plop down and rest after one of the vampire brothers showed him to the guest bedroom. He started laying down onto the bed trying to rest closing his eyes wondering if this was a good loving dream.

Some minutes while the demon was resting just hoping his wounds would heal, Tyson thought this was a good start after all. But if him and Akasha we're a couple then the demon wonders if they should get married making it official and then forming a family. All those questions came out at once could the demon provide an stable environment for her the thought of obtaining a hours didn't seem like a bad idea. Those cult bastards put a damn beating on him but the demon's wounds we're medium and minor but they really hurt. It started feeling a little better, Tyson was getting some rest but two people we're snuggling up close to him and started sleeping along with him. 

The mother minutes later witnesses the whole ordeal still thinking the demon was something of a pimp but still her eyes she sees something more a family friend then a savior. 

Closing the door to the guest room, She decides this was something unexpected wondering when he'll be able to join the race. "All in due time, Tyson will embrace a new nature. But both my daughters should be able to break him. Never thought they would fall sexually in love in him must be his demon blood or his kind nature. Either way the demon has prove himself.....Enjoy yourself big boy" Lilith thought.

Tyson was sleeping peacefully dreaming about something but this couldn't be real....could it???
In his dream, Tyson was sitting in a chair waiting for something then suddenly two kids started running up yelling "father, father". He was shocked beyond belief to think a demon could produce two kids looking at the kids wondering what they wanted. They wanted him to tell them a story which didn't seem like a problem pulling a book out from the bookcase going back to his chair and started reading a mystery sleuth hero novel. What caught his attention? 

The kids we're in awe just listening to the story their father was reading to him a very good atmosphere. He was really enjoying this telling a story to her children it was really a fatherly moment being a storyteller having that opportunity of telling a tale to his children. Akasha was smiling listening to the story "Awww, Enjoy this my darling because this might be real one day". Tyson was smiling and started to continue with the story then Ashara appeared saying "We both want a precious bundle of joy my hero.".

"Whoa...." Tyson wakes up yelling; Starts looking around in a hot sweat thinking about that dream thinking. "Calm down, It was just a dream"

Laying back down then feeling two hands massaging his chest gently seeing both Akasha and her sister Ashara. This had to be a dream no way a demon like him could get lucky like this what was going on.

To Be Continued....

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