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[Open] Casshan Lost Ben And Is Now Alone In The City Trying To Find Him

Casshan lost Ben. Or did Ben lose him? What is important now is that the child is gone, and Casshan feels as though he has personally doomed the life of an innocent human. He searched frantically, but the hustle and bustle of the city life hindered his ability to look for him. He jumped in the air, deciding an aerial view would help. However, he was weak, being away from the sun, and having walked a couple miles to get to Coruscant. Upon landing, he stumbled to the ground, unable to keep balance. He couldn't continue on, not alone...


Arriana walked faster leaving the second tier than she had going in. She fidgeted on the elevator, her agitated mood concerning the other passengers. The Chimera was the first to exit, walking in a randomly selected direction. There was too many people here, too much white noise. Anger bubbled and seethed, making it hard to think rationally. Three more turns and she was heading away from the residential areas, more towards the businesses. Ari didn't watch where she was going, barely registered the many displays airing a tournament of combat. Soldiers watched as she passed by them, clearly noticing that she could be a potential threat to civilians. 

The Chimera didn't see the young man fallen to the ground until she'd tripped over him. She landed on her palms and used the momentum to stop the rest of herself from hitting the ground, landing in a crouch on the other side of him. 

"This is not the best place to be deciding to take a nap kid..."
[Image: ESUBadge_zpshhp8mype.png]

Casshan laid on the ground for a good hour or two, in a sleep like state. Surprisingly, no one disrupted him, until...
Suddenly, he jolted awake upon being tripped over. Having been laying on the street for a while now, all that rest under a sufficient light source allowed him to be able to return to consciousness.
The android jumped to his feet, and noticed the girl on the ground beside him. Realizing what had happened, he quickly lowered himself to the fallen victim. Looking at her and feeling bad, he reached out his hand to help Ari.
"My apologies--Are you hurt, ma'am? I presume...I caused you to fall, I'm deeply sorry if that is the case... May I help you up?" the young man spoke, an unexpected sincerity and sadness in his voice.

The young man was quick to jump up and apologize. He held out a hand that Arriana ignored, rising from the couch to stand beside him. At full height, she noticed, she was two inches taller - though his rather unusual brow adornment made it seem less. 

"I'm fine kid. Never even hit the ground. Perks of being me."

She flashed him a dazzling grin, each tooth slightly pointed like subtle fangs. She had hoped it would distract him from how she was digging small claws on her fingertips into the softer parts of her crossed arms. Anything to stay in control of herself, and the situation.

"I would suggest finding yourself a hotel room though. Or running along home, whichever suits your fancy. The middle of the street is dangerous."

Arriana paused, taking stock of where she'd ended up. It seemed to be mostly offices, for various sorts of things. Another window filled with screens depicting what the logo proclaimed to be "Dante's Abyss". No different than the Colosseum events put on by bloodthirsty nobles in barely-functioning city-states. Whatever it was, it wasn't worth her time. She noticed the guards still watching her, though none approached. Cautionary. She wasn't a threat as of now, but they were more than prepared to step in when needed. 

"Well. Less dangerous here than elsewhere but those soldiers don't seem to enjoy the presence of strangers."

Was it just her, or was there more of them now? They multiplied like abni, showing up on every street corner and walking past every few seconds.
[Image: ESUBadge_zpshhp8mype.png]

Noragnir exhaled a cloud of smoke still leaning against his bike as he watched the people moving through the busy sidewalk. They were all kinds of people many of whom he had never seen before. "Damned odd place." He grumbled around his cigar, before a sudden shifting movement drew his eyes to an interesting pair. They seemed human enough to him though he was starting to assume that mentioned nothing in this damnable place. 'Well your not human anyways.' He thought to himself as he pushed himself up from his resting position.

The dwarf left his bike behind since it would take a working knowledge of the tech to start it, and crossed the street moving towards the pair. He used no stealth there was no reason with the crowd untill he reached them pulling the cigar from his mouth, and taking a long drink from a massive flask. "Oi you two seem a bit more interesting than that rest here." He stated simply not caring that he should probably just ignore them. "Even if the lad wears an odd hat." He mutters as he holds out the flask in offer to the pair. "Apologies for interrupting yer conversation."

Cass stood up and dusted himself off in an awkward recovery after having his offer to help rejected. He looked to her, the height difference not so apparent to him, and if he did notice he didn't seem to care. Though, he was referred to as kid, that sort if bothered him, but he kept it to himself, letting out a little fake laugh.
"Quite impressive, seems more people here have noteworthy qualities than I'd presumed. Still I wonder what this place is..." the man muttered, mostly to himself. He was lost in thought at that point, and didn't pay mind to the person's toothy grin, nor her clawed grip upon her arm. Though he snapped out of it with Ari seeking once again.
"I don't have a home, nor can I afford a hotel room, I think. I am not afraid of danger, I shall continue with my own methods..."
Casshan then followed the girl's gaze, to discover the screens for the event. It fascinated him. He took mental note to investigate it later.

Suddenly, he heard a voice, and turned to find Noragnir. The cigar and flask gave off a hostile vibe, Cass was sure to be on guard if things were to go awry with this man. Though, his words seemed incorrect enough.
The man approached and offered up his flask, to which Casshan waved it away. With a nod, he decided to spoke out to the newcomer.
"Hello, Sir. No worries, you didn't interrupt much, there wasn't much conversation to be had. My name is Casshan, I'm fairly new to this world. I'm aware my helm may be odd, though I hope it's not too intimidating. Who might you be, and is there anything I may help with?"

Arriana tried to answer the kid when someone else walked up and interrupted. She eyed the tiny man, a cigar in one hand and a flask in the other. A drunk, Ari supposed, and one as pleasant to be around as a sack of manure. She tried her hardest not to gag at the smell, instead taking a step away to compose herself. The chimera didn't know what specifically this creature was, but she knew the smell would kill her sooner than any of his weapons would. Standing stiffly and barely breathing, she strung curses together in her head. Claws dug deeper into her skin until they drew blood.

"He is correct, there was not much to talk about. Though I am curious - is it custom in your culture to act like talking swine?"

She directed her question to the shorter man, though she spared no time in waiting for a response before turning again to the oddly dressed man she had fallen over. 

"Casshan, I'm going to assume you are a prime here, yes? One of Omni's precious spectacles? You should have access to a substance which, in theory, makes up everything in this world, including your own body. You should be able to simply create currency. Or a house, if you wanted, though I believe the citizens would protest something that was not alike every other damned building in this verse."

Blood started seeping around the claws, making her hand feel warm and slick. The Chimera could smell the sickening scent of it, masking the taste of the smoke coming from the dwarf. Omnillium or not, she still bled normally - a fact that she was none too pleased with, though it made the anger fade from her vision. Seeing clearer and thinking clearer, she lifted one hand away from her arm to lick the russet liquid off of it like a cat bathing itself. The claws and sharp teeth receded, though she doubted they would have done any damage to the others.

"I need to leave the city. I don't care what you do or where, but don't get arrested Kid."

Noragnir shrugged as both seemed to decline a drink, and took a long swig himself as he let the remains of his cigar drop to the ground. "I am a dwarf lass not a swine besides at least I don't go around giving off such a tense aura." He stated simply stomping the remains of the cigar with one foot as he removed his shades revealing the emerald eyes beneath them. The woman had looked human enough from a distance even with his sharper then normal eyes, but at this distance it was clear to tell she wasn't human at all. He could see now the slight signs of scales at the joints of her body, and he noted the odd shape of her torso that at this distance definitely rang as just a bit inhuman. Her body definitely reminded him of one of the dragonkin from his home, but her appearance was still far more human then any of them though the sudden sharp clean smell of blood filled the air after a moment leaving him looking for the source just as she started to lick it from her hand.

"Well now hurting yerself things just get even odder after all most sane folks don't do that while stress perhaps you should watch yer claws missy." Noragnir said casually turning his gaze once more to Cass slipping his glasses away into a pouch on his belt. The lad was polite in his speech, and still seemed human enough though something in his movement made the dwarf think otherwise though he couldn't quite put his finger on it. "Ah such a polite lad I am Noragnir, or Nor if ya like I like yerself just got pulled into this steaming pile of chaos by that strange grinning god." He stated with a wide smile that showed of his pearly whites which like the rest of him looked human enough as one of his large hands smoothed his beard his gaze turning back to Ari. "The soldiers seem to be taking an interest in ya lass I think yer plan to leave may be a good one I can offer you a way out of here faster then on foot if ya so wish." He said softly motioning to the shining contraption of bronze, copper, and steel that was his steam bike parked across the way.

Cass certainly couldn't say he approved of Ari's mannerisms as he watched her draw her own blood, though he wasn't going to do anything about it as he was able to infer the reasoning. Thankfully for him, he couldn't smell anything, so the dwarf didn't bother him.
He nodded in response to Ari's words, and bid her farewell, before focusing on Nor.

"it's nice to meet you, Nor," Casshan said after hearing the dwarf's explanation, and then switched to a whisper after hearing his remark to Ari. "I think we should leave her be, she doesn't appear to appreciate the company of others, I'm sure she'd rather leave this place alone. However, I would not be opposed to staying by your side for now, I think it's safest for us newcomers to stay together."

"Most people just aren't me."

Arriana grinned at the dwarf, licking over the wound on her arm to clean and help seal it. Her eyes transitioned from their normal dark colour to a mellow blue-green. The two men seemed to get along well, something her own hostility prevented. She decided cleaning up the blood was first priority, listening to their conversation as she cleaned the opposite hand. Ari's gaze followed Nor's hand to the strange and complicated wheeled contraption. 

"You'd get eaten alive on your own." 

The chimera's eyes watched Casshan, completely serious. Her words were directed towards the shocked boy, though the dwarf let out a laugh at the comment. 

"I don't mean literally. I haven't heard of any cannibals. Yet." She paused a moment, looking between the two men. "A city will only place so many soldiers near their borders in two situations. Either war is drawing near, or outside the borders is ten times as deadly. I would dare to say that both of you combined, as new as you are, could be dead within the month if you wandered around blindly. It would be safer for you here, perhaps, where the soldiers will keep things relatively tame."

Arriana looked over her shoulder, sniffing for the relative direction of the gate she had come through. It couldn't be too far off now, just a matter of making her way through the crowd. 

"Wild animals don't belong in this city, that is why I must leave. The gate isn't far."
[Image: ESUBadge_zpshhp8mype.png]

Noragnir liked the kid he seemed an interesting sort, and unlike the female next to him he didn't seem to have any oddities about him personality wise. He still found the female interesting enough as he stretched just a bit with a soft sigh shaking his head. "This city isn't really for me I love travel, and adventure with the sound of gears filling the room I stay in." He shook his head looking around at the city with a soft frown taking a slow pull on his cigar. "This city doesn't suit me too well either I figure I'll head back to the nexus, and make my way through one of the other gates that interested me." He looked at Cass with a slight smile dropping his cigar taking a moment to step on the remains of the cigar to put the embers out. "Your more then welcome to join me if you wish, but with my luck I have no doubt chaos will follow to some extent though it has been a pleasure to meet both of you."

"Ma'am," Casshan said with a sigh, looking to Ari, "I understand your claims of danger, but I am stronger than I appear, and... I'm not afraid of dying. If a war is approaching like you claim, I want to help. Regardless, I can't just stay right here." He looked to Nor and nodded. "Take care. I can't leave the city yet, I have other business to attend to within the city, I'm trying to find someone I lost. Though I hope to meet both of you again...
Both of you, good luck with your travels. Thanks for the warnings and advice, and I apologize for holding both of you up."

The Chimera blinked, as if something stunned her. Something was smelling off. She tilted her head, momentarily forgetting that the dwarf and kid were still beside her. She closed her eyes, delighting in the soft scents that trailed from around the city, riddled through with that scent of nothingness that the world was made of. Surprisingly, the kid only smelled like metal and the nothingness of the Nexus. He wasn’t being overconfident after all.

The dwarf on the other hand, oozed a scent of oil and smoke - something altogether unpleasant. It took a long moment for her to realize why it struck her as odd. The scent had changed. It was sharper, cleaner, and more unpleasant. This was an issue that spilling her own blood would never patch up.

“I think,” Ari shook her head as if that would dislodge the effects her own species’ attributes blanketed her head with. “It’s definitely time that I leave. Don’t want to be starting a scene or anything.” As much as she wanted to shove all her instincts deep down where they would never escape, it was all she could do just to keep it from showing outwardly. Even then, she was sure that they had noticed; subtlety was not a strong point for wild dragons. The Chimera gave them a wavering grin. “Sorry to be leaving on such short notice boys, but places to go, things to do. I’ll be around if you ever need me.”

Arriana turned on a dime, taking off in the direction of the Nexus gate at full speed. She dodged and weaved, knowing where people were and where they were headed only by the smells that filled her thoughts. 

Noragnir shook his head at the pair giving Casshan a slight smile s he wished him well though the kid seemed to be staying here. "Walk safely in this strange city kid this is a strange place to say the least." He said softly watching as the woman started to act a bit odd as she looked around though he had no way of knowing if she was simply doing something she would normally do or not. "It has been a pleasure miss take care in your travels." He said softly watching her leave, before rubbing a hand on his beard taking a long drink from a flask that had been on his hip. He gave the young man one last wave, before making his way back to his bike kicking it to life so the air filled with a roar that brought a smile on his face. He took a moment to return his glasses to his face, and raised one last hand to Casshan revving the engine merging once more into the traffic of the busy street.

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