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[M] Dark Aftermaths: Secrets & Discoveries

He was taking a shower feeling a lot better then last night being a guest to a place of vampires had it benefits after all. Still, Tyson was trying to remember what happened last night those two ladies show him passion like never before. As dangerous as that was the demon would love to experience that again then it begs the question if he should actually do it and become like them a vampire. This was a lot to take in if he does this then maybe he'll need to provide an environment better suited for Lilith and her family though this temple was alright. But their could be room for improvement making a new place for vampires so to speak to build something of an empire for vampires in Camelot. Enjoying the hot waters of the shower, Tyson was relaxing for a bit but his brain was on fire what exactly happened last night. Surveying his neck and arms seeing a lot of puncture marks they must've have some a good time with him draining much of his stamina. Getting the soap started to lavender up his body for a while then letting the hot water clean off his body washing it. "They did a number on me.....Holy....No fucking way shouldn't even say that. Ohhhh shit, How did Lady Luck shine her magic stick on me. But now the other daughter loves me now. How did I pull that off? I will love them both no matter what." He thought.

The demon was washing his hair with some form of shampoo getting it clean thinking of his demon white hair. In the beginning, Tyson's hair was bleached light yellow really the demon didn't even care about his hair. Satan gave him a second chance at revenge for his soul allowing him to exact vengeance upon the people who wrong him. With his body clean, Tyson started remembering a bit about his past human life the day he died that was tragedy. He was getting beaten horribly by some gang members then with  then beaten savagely baseball bats while some gang harlots has his girlfriend hostage. Tyrone had found his girlfriend's father didn't want him around her because from some secret past that nobody knew about. Tyson was trying the remembering why his girlfriend's father did all that the demon thought the bastard asshole was sneaky but why. .Bribing cops, paying lawyers for criminal defenses just slime, Tyrone discover this after his friend was arrested under false charges. 

Enough was enough, Tyrone had to which the human was collecting enough evidence for the district attorney. Monday June 11, Tyrone told the DA everything about the slime ball father about the corruption scandal the meeting was set for tomorrow. On Monday night, Tyrone took his girlfriend out on a lovely date and someone arrange a hit on him. 

The order was given to kill Tyrone Williams before he tells the DA everything tomorrow. 

Returning from a restaurant, Tyrone was showing his girlfriend a good time then it happened. Some gang jumped him from behind started beating on him violently. Some gang harlots grabbed his girlfriend restraining her while some fucking dude started raping her. Tyrone couldn't do anything about then the baseball bats showed up and they started bashing him down. So many times....He was almost beaten to a pulp then the gang leader had his fun with the girlfriend. Approach Tyson picking up the metal baseball putting it as Tyrone's throat...he was a unconsciousness then slowly with one functioning eye. He looked at the bastard fucking leader as the gang leader was smiling but got serious "Awww, Look at this Mr. Hero trying to do the right thing. This is what happens when someone gets into someone's personal business. You're screwed up my criminal empire muthafucker. Her dad was my partner.....You think your heroics we're to going to end everything. It may be the case but you won't live to see it. Look...at this a wedding ring.....Love at first sight and she was good piece of ass too. Don't worry me and my girls we'll take good care of her. I promise you that....Goodbye hero....BOYS TAKE CARE OF HIM" The gang leader said.

His throat was bashed the beaten dude couldn't even speak

Tyrone thought "If Satan gives me one chance....I'll serve him just for one opportunity to make each and every one of you fuckers suffer". 

He was two gang members pointing their bats at him and violently attacked killing the poor guy. The girlfriend was screaming and crying over what happened as the gang took her. Tyson remembered what happened next....

Tyrone was dead but his soul departed for Hell, He didn't know why maybe from his criminal past by he tried to life a good life though. Maybe it was good enough, Tyrone was in Hell. After months of torture, Satan gave him the opportunity for revenge granting him a new demonic body the new demon gave his servitude and loyalty to the dark lord. The deal was the new demon was given seven days back on Earth for his revenge after the seventh night. He would return back home where he belongs.....Tyrone accepted. But he was no longer of the human choosing the name, Tyson Renegade.

Seven days for revenge, Tyson began hunting down each and every member of the bastard's gang. One by one they felt and we're killed by him exacting his revenge. 

Nothing but rage and damnation fill his heart killing members of that gang but finding tragedy along the way. That Friday, Tyson found what happened to his girlfriend they killed her that only put gasoline to his fire burning bright and unholy. He had the opportunity to say goodbye to his family they shouldn't even know what happened to was too painful. Having just one hour of grieving was enough even if he showed up to his house. The thought of facing his father would be just awful the respected pastor of a great church having his precious son working for the devil. They would kick his ass out of the house for that one hour....Tyson was crying having to give up seeing that one hour would be his goodbye. "I'm sorry.....I have my own path to follow. Father, I don't deserve your forgiveness at all. You would never forgive me for what I've chose to be. It best that you never know what happened to me now. By my departure....My only wish is for your family to heal and forgive me and now you must forget me. Farewell Williams family....and also farewell to you Tyrone Williams. I'm the future of you now. YOUR ENEMIES WILL PAY" He said quietly.

The hour was over, Tyson wiped his tears and started unleashing his anger just looking at his house one last time. Before walking away forever. Unknown to him, Misa Harribel one of his closest friends was coming back from the store then she drops his beverage as her was pounding greatly. "What is this? How are you even standing. God, Please tell me this is a dream. Tyrone??? Ohmigod is that you???" Misa thought. Her best friend was alive? But the funeral...How was this even possible? It looked at him but it wasn't she thought it was a dream as demon jumped away. He had some major vermin to kill....

Hunting down and killing the remaining members was getting difficult....He wanted to make them suffer in the worse way.

Then finally a few murders and deaths spread like wildfire the people we're wondering what was going on. The police wanted answers these gang members we're dying most viciously wondering what who could be responsible for these crimes. A woman detective started an investigation leading her to an unbelievable truth either a dark vigilante was involved or someone in the community wanted revenge for what this gang had done. Tyson had killed had killed all of the gang members in evil ways leaving the gang leader all alone revenge was so sweet that night "Vengeance and the revenge is mine" He said. The gang leader dropped his gun looking at the demon's face it was possible the creep was peeing in his pants wondering how this guy was alive. Tyson enjoyed it the fear coming him this was almost nourishing to his entire body wanting to tear his asshole apart. But then again the demon thought something else should be in store but killing right now will be for nothing the demon wanted make this moment last forever. So when the gang leader he'll be waiting for him In Hell "Seven days, He gave me seven days...I used them to kill your friends but judging by fear and your reaction you already know why I did it. Payback is a BITCH isn't it? My girlfriend didn't deserve what you did to her making her pregnant with your filth. But where your going we can always continue that conservation with some torturing by me."

Tyson grabbed the baseball bat from the gang leader's belt thinking this isn't the thing that killed him. But it should do ripping out his spinal cord would be better but now it was his turn to do the bash. "See you in Hell, Fucker but don't worry....I'LL FIND YOU WHEN YOU GET THERE" He tightens about to exact revenge raising the bat up until....

"TYRONE, STOP!!!" Misa yelled.

He was about to kill the bastard but the demon stops "WHO DARES it looks someone doesn't wan.....oh no!" it couldn't be what the fuck was she doing here. He thought his best friend from elementary all the way to high school, Misa someone he considered a friend was here. The demon shakes getting ready to strike again this time and she yells again for him to stop.

"You're my best friend....Please don't do this. Michael cried at your funeral. But this isn't the answer killing him won't solve anything. This isn't you. He'll go to trial for his crimes. Please don't this" Misa said while crying. 

Tyson was ready to kill the sonuvabitch until his human friend stops him not now not after the demon had lost everything. Why this judgement restorer had to show up she doesn't know the person he loved was gone. The pain over what happened she couldn't even the baby she was a reminder of that pain which was why she took her own life. Tyson lowered his striking weapon looking at Misa in anger. "Stay out of this....You're friend is gone. But his last wishes when creating me was to send this asshole to hell...RIGHT NOW". He was about to kill the bastard again then sometimes happened which makes him stop yet again, Misa gets in the way of the attack.

"You're going to have to kill me. Then I'll know you're not him but you are. You chosen a dark path for your life even though people are cruel and hurt you in ways you can't even think of. This isn't the answer though it may seemed it will bring Alice back. I know you're in pain, I loved Alice too but violence and death isn't solutions but methods of pain. If you must kill him well kill me too.....Because I don't know If I'll ever if my soul will forgive you because you know Alice wouldn't have want this" Misa said. 

The demon was growling but then maybe something came into fruition she was right, Alice was a kind woman she wouldn't have. He drops the baseball bat clenching and started growling just then grabbing Misa by her shirt and bra. As blood tears was flowing "WHY, WHY, WHY....WHY DO YOU CARE? I died Misa.....Even though I've done terrible things my path was set for me. Then thankfully I tried lived a peaceful life with Alice and my friends. THAT IS ALL GONE NOW MY SOUL IS GONE. WHY DO YOU CARE FOR SOMEONE WHO IN GREAT PAIN AND HAS THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXACT DEATH UPON THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE" He yelled. 

Misa grabbed his clawed hand putting it to her face as the demon was in shock. "Because you taught me vengeance doesn't solve anything when bullies started harassing me in high school. Tyrone James Williams would be always be there to set me onto the right path because you'll always and forever be my friend." Tyson couldn't believe this why now but this was his friend months in hell under torture and pain still his friend still thinks of him. He finally breaks down as she go to her and she hugged him. "I've......only one more day before I'm sent back.....Forgive me and.....Thank you Misa. I'm so sorry...." Misa was gently calming him "Shhhh...Even if it is for a little while let me enjoy this moment with you quietly..No matters what happen you'll always be my friend"

The memory fades, Tyson thought the demon let him go.....he doesn't remember anything else after. It been eleven minutes being in the shower it like a river of pain being washed off. 

He could finally let the past go, Tyson pulls the shower curtain about to get out then being shocked again. Ashara was there in her a bath towel as she looked with soft and caring eyes wondering about she hugged him while being somewhat half naked. She was crying, Tyson was wondering why as she looked at him raising "I had no idea you suffer that much......Please, I never thought to be in love in someone new. Such pain and loss I felt it a little of what you experienced. My sister loves you and......I love you. Do you love us like you loved her?" Ashara said passionately.

He thought of Alice for a second.....Tyrone was gone. Tyson had a second chance looking at Ashara "Ashara, I love you and your sister that is never ever going to change. You two healed something I thought was gone forever the meaning to care for someone. But in this case.....Two people, I cherish you both because you and Akasha are more important to me then anything else. Ashara....You consume my heart with every thought our love. Yet I want consumed more by you. Let our dreams may keep us warm from my true intentions. But one kiss from you makes me desire to live and fight for you forever more. Ashara.....I love you and your sister. Didn't last night prove I'm devoted into protecting you, Akasha and your family?" He said.

Ashara was blushing thinking of something kinky when Tyson said that wondering if he could prove it some more. Approaching him, Akasha stops her thinking she was trying to get him all to yourself their will be plenty of time for that but mother wanted him for something important. Tyson got serious drying himself and getting dressed quickly wondering what Lilith wanted this maybe important after all. He was wondering what the problem was but maybe things will get situated once he arrives and discovers what the vampire elder wanted. He approached Lilith's office and then started knocking on the door "Come on in, Tyson we have to talk" She said.  He enters the office wondering what this was about the elder vampire looked serious so wasn't in a good mood maybe her daughters and the demon should take things seriously with them. Maybe that was it but the ball was in Lilith's court he'll just have to wait ad see what was wrong. 

Lilith was dealing with a problem and she began pacing back and forth but since the demon was hare maybe she should try talking to him. "First, Before we get started I wanted to thank you for saving us all. My two daughters love you and trust you beyond anything else but you we're never thanked properly. You restored us and but because you're a demon you have my gratitude" Lilith said.

That thank you alone was more than satisfying the vampires the elder vampire thanked him a demon of all things for doing such a thing. It was really nothing just removing a diamond amulet and then shit happens "Thank you Lilith, Humans we're bothering you. I just decided to find the power to help vampires in a great urgency helping your cause seemed very important" Tyson said calmly. She was smiling just hearing gave her kind some hope for the near future but she was struggling with something else at the moment a certain problem. "Very good, Business....Um, I've been dealing with a mystery and I know something about but maybe you can help me explore this" Lilith said.

"Anything, I'll try to put my best effort into help you out. What's the problem?" Tyson said.

"I've been wanting someone to attain a certain power for our family. Over the decades this power has grow but a certain family unlike vampires have been able to utilize this power for their own needs. We as vampires should have a foot into the power, I'd almost had a chance at but a vampire hunter which maybe you would have better into obtaining it for my family." Lilith said.

She wants something that would better the vampire race the demon could understand that for her children to be better. Doesn't that mean they should be better in their talents and grow to be something legendary to make this elder vampire proud of them in a way. Still, Lilith wanted something Tyson was willing to here she was landlord of this temple and she hasn't asked for rent yet so it would be in his great interest to obtaining whatever this was. "Madame, I'll help you but what is it that you're searching for?" Tyson said.

"How much do you know about the Sharingan???" Lilith said in seriously tone.

This was a question the demon didn't have trouble answering being in Hell for so long. He'd met people with that power an eyeball power of this Uchiha clan if memory served him thinking maybe many had evil intent. Tyson thought about something that hit him it was 8th year of torture the demons we're sending Uchihas the evil ones into the 12th layer for eternity of sins. But he managed to discover tales about these weird powers of this Sharingan not only that but something powerful from it....the Mangekyo Sharingan. Tyson remembered hearing that much from his torture about this power the Mangekyo Sharingan had a terrible evil sin to it or something. Remembering an Uchiha had to do something horrible or witnessing something of great sadness for this power to activate itself. The demon began to question what power does that thing have the demon didn't know what powers this Sharingan had but heard the name. "Forgive me, I do remember hearing about it. During my time in Hell, I've heard many stories about it being used also a unknown power know as the Mangekyo Sharingan hearing that power was stronger. Then the original sharingan but don't know anything else but it very powerful.  Thus also hearing the evil sin needed upon activating it. I was suffering from torture down there and that's it" Tyson answered with a concern said.

Lilith saw the pain within his eyes the demon was telling the truth remembering that trauma he experienced. But this was new information this Mangekyo Sharingan was something she wanted but the evil sin did this demon know. He couldn't remember anything else being in Hell all those years however that information was joyful to hear but she wanted to learn the Sharingan's secrets. 

"Mangekyo Sharingan??? Lilth said.

"Yes Ma'am" Tyson said.

"Oh, I like that but for now there something I need for you to do. Reports talked about a Nekron creature being in the mountains it had been given members of my family great trouble. The humans have been having trouble with this monster as well perhaps you could kill it for me but the monster has something of value. One of thousand eyeballs houses a Sharingan, I want you to kill this creature and bring me back it Sharingan do this for me. Please, I'll forever be grateful to you" Lilith said.

Eyeballs??? This woman wanted particular eyeballs from a monster did it kill someone of Uchiha descent. The creature must have weird eyeball fetish that the demon didn't but it has to die too bad it could have been useful at a personal dog for killing humans. Still, He bowed to the elder vampire accepting the mission thinking this monster shouldn't be that hard of killing but who knows. "The creature is dead once I find it and destroy it. I want to prove my worth to these vampires showing that this demon is worthy but in time. I shall a deadly force to be reckon with. This is my second chance, I won't fuck this up...." He thought.

About to depart on his next adventure still the daughters were worried about him leaving, Ashara was worried but he needed to do this. He wanted to prove himself that he was strong enough to take on any challenge, Tyson needed to do this to prove his demon power was strong. Of course, He was afraid of not returning to people who liked him and two special people that loved him. If he couldn't defend himself then what statement does that make him just weak and not worthy a demon. 

He'll kill this sonuvabitch and figure out his next move upon leaving the elder vampire a small container for bringing back the object and he nodded heading off. Both daughters kissed him hoping the demon would come back safe and that was something to think about too marriage.

Needed to become stronger to provide for his new family it will take time, courage and effort all on him and no one else grabbing a horse and started off. Riding to the destination of where this creature was killing people and what was gross taking their eyeballs seemingly disgusting killing humans the demon did't care. However, Tyson thought if he kills the monster maybe they would think of him differently that could be useful in the long run of things. He was getting closer to the place then a group of werewolves stopped him telling him to stay the fuck out they had business and death in these parts they didn't want demon filth in it. Who the fucking hell tells him what to do??? Aw, Hell no it was time to put these fucking doggies in their place drawing his sword and getting ready for a group assault they started circling him. He didn't now what to do but he go into a defensive stance with the sword and waited for one of them to attack one of the them started charging. 

Tyson looks and slashes the monster's nose clear off with a ferocious slash of his blade the werewolf was weeping in pain. "Who else wants some???  I SAID WHO ELSE WANTS SOME You come get some. I'll put this thing so far up your ass little red riding hood will see you wolf butts crying on damn hospital beds" He yelled 

The other wolves we're thinking about it while one of them was bleeding a whole lot, one for them started fleeing. A wise decision which the others should've done now they chose poorly getting ready to full scale attack. Two of them started charging this time and the demon stabbed on the them in the chest and kick the other right the face hearing a wolf howling in pain. Those blissful sounds of torment the demon loves wanting "I like that kind of anger your friend is dead. Let it out....Death is your beginning, Embrace the darkness" The demon replied. Most of wolves we're in fear of him the that fear can go a long way, Tyson was drawing on it bringing out some form raw killer instinct. Waiting for the wolves to make their next move still one of them wanted to engage the killer, Tyson was begging them to come over an attack he would enjoy it. They started thinking while one of them was ready hearing them growling was enough to put the demon in a rage. One started while the others started fleeing away after something else the demon viciously kills the wolf and then watches after the others flee away. "Yeah...RUN AWAY, It matches with your cowardly pride and stupidity of mother nature and God giving you life" He yelled.

If he was bitten that could be a problem but luckily no bite marks the demon stood his ground. He sheathes the sword and started looking around still the demon had a journey to complete getting back on the horse and headed off. This felt like a long journey maybe the demon should stop and rest for the night but the demon couldn't rest the elder vampire sent him on a mission that needed to completed. 

The demon couldn't rest right now still this mission need to be done, Tyson thought rest was for the weak. He wasn't weak still needed a lot to do before even considering taking on someone powerful after his years in Hell. The only friends that he had we're vampires the demon didn't know anybody else or he didn't want to because of his past human life. One of the reasons why the demon wants to destroy every human in Omniverse erasing their existence from the world. Then that creature calling him a Prime....but he proved him wrong the demon wasn't one of his primes. He was resurrected in Hell, Satan allowed him his second chance but whatever that creature wanted gave the demon a new objective. To terminate every human existence in the Omniverse, Tyson hasn't forgotten at all what the human race did to him it gave him unrelenting anger just thinking about it. "They'll die at all the humans in his verse will suffer killing them all removing them from existence will finally bring me peace. Only then will my evil soul rest when the idiots of God are gone." He thought. Tyson was looking at his body thinking the demon wasn't strong enough to make these acts of damnation ad his dark dreams come true. 

Thinking of requiring more strength and abilities should be important goals for the future because his strength alone won't be enough. "Time may heal all wounds yet mine will never heal. Why should they? Feeling immortal torment and pain are the things that drive me. To stop now is pitiful on my part to tell myself to quit forget everything that happen. Those two vampires are redemption to a broken soul of mine.....but the human race is another obstacle wiping them out be the second objective. I'll have to give this time, work and effort they won't enjoy what in store for their future.....I MAKE DAMN SURE TO THAT". He thought.

Not worrying about the demon rides onward still it started getting colder upon his journey. The demon was shivering still the thought of his goals keep him going pushing him to move on and not stop. Tyson continues onto the location only to be stopped by a knight bleeding on the side of the road the thought of killing this human destroying his soul was there. 

Seeing the knight's wounds the man was dying....He could do nothing for the human as he was begging the demon for help. This was pitiful the knight asking one of Satan's children for help was quite sickening just leaving an ungrateful taste in his mouth as the demon was about to leave. 

He hears a sound something was attacking some village was it creature because the knight on his deathbed asked the demon to save the villagers. "You're fucked and your last wishes are to save the villagers. Death will come for you however.....You wish is granted, I'll see what I can do" Tyson replied. He heads into the village on horseback seeing the village being attacked by wild dogs this was very awkward dogs attacking for no reason. It got bad because two of them we're attacking a small child, Tyson thought what happened to him this wasn't going to happen again. One of the farmers gave him an great axe the demon went charging at the two wild dogs savagely killing the wild monsters. He cut off the wild dog's head as the pack came after him in a rage the demon attacked the dogs violently slaughtering the dogs even throwing down onto the ground ripping them apart. He was going to show these wild pack of dogs a new form of death killing about seventeen dogs with sword and great axe in his hands. Not thinking at all the demon just attack the wild dogs the thought of dying wasn't an option but surviving the onslaught of the wild dogs was. One of them started howling, Tyson thought it was to signal the other dogs shutting that bitch up was important because it could lead to trouble. The dying knight wanted him to save the villagers and the demon was going to keep his promise. Charging at raising his sword at the mutt "SHUT YOUR BITCH ASS UP YOU DAMN MUTT" He yelled. Tearing apart the wild howling dog as the villagers we're rescuing the wounded child as two villagers we're wondering if they should help. The village elder saw the strength of this demon thinking they never seen a person like this before in their lands.

Now the predators just became the prey only two wild dogs left as Tyson making advances at them never encountering a demon like this before. They started running away their was no escaping death, Tyson with his super speed started chasing after the dogs killing one after tackling it to ground. "Death is your mercy, How dare you think your kind had superiority judgement over them? I'll will decide their fate but harming children...You better start praying your deaf god.....but that's right YOU CAN'T" He said viciously. 

The wild dog was actually yelping for help, Tyson didn't show any mercy killing the last wild dog in a rage. The threat was over then helping the villagers wasn't something he was considering but those fucking dogs pissed him off nothing more. "You're safe those dogs are dead. Take care of that kid those fuckers wounded him pretty bad. I'll be taking my leave" He replied.

Compassion was something the demon hated by seeing that scene brought back a memory of pain. Thinking the demon had a soft spot for rescuing people but hearing that knight's last wish was something to consider. Killing the human race may or may not end his pain as the demon return to his horse the demon needed a new game plan. One of the villagers thanked him for rescuing the village but talked about the creature that demon was hunting, Tyson stops asking what he knew. The villager started talking about some weird eyeball monster into a cave that was murdering people and taking their eyeballs the bitch that the demon was looking for. It was hiding within some caves miles away.....the creature was returning home with new dead prey. 

Tyson rode off hoping to destroy the monster and complete his mission......

The trail was getting cold not knowing where to start hunting the bastard creature but where, it some hours reaching the cave. But the trail was gone the demon didn't have any sensing powers to detect where the creature was but something caught his attention. A lot of blood being smear upon the wall as the demon started investigating the blood and started following the blood trail inside the cave but what he finds is disturbing. A bunch of dead bodies everywhere as the demon started surveying the dead bodies noticing that eyeballs we're removed. 

All of the dead bodies had their eyeballs removed the creature was here but something was a miss where we're the dead Uchihas the eyeballs of those people we're of great importance. 

However, Tyson hears someone crying for the most part the creature wasn't here which was good saving whoever this was. He sees a teenage girl crying going over hoping to get her out of there before the creature returns and gets angry. He tries comforting the girl but hears her sob story about the monster killing her family hearing the full extent of the creature powers wondering how he could kill it. The monster performs some ritual kill on a humans and after it rips out the eyeballs of a person it can someone mimic that person for two days. After that it returns back into it normal ugly ass state....She lost her entire family to this thing it somehow brainwashed her brother. But the woman talked about this creature having so many eyeballs about 1,000 of them, Tyson thought that was beyond gross. But the question the demon wonders why does it need more eyeballs but the horrible smell was coming back the creature had arrived. But something was wrong the monster had taken human form meaning it has already killed someone that was tragic but nothing the demon could do but kill the monster before it murders someone else. He was scare for the most part but finally had the balls to confront the monster in human form demanding to know why it was doing this. "Your days of eyeball snatching are over before I send your gruesome ass packing. I want to know why you've been doing this. Be honest with me do you hate humans or you need eyeballs to survive??" He said questioning the creature.

It didn't want to answer but thinking this was new person who had beautiful eyes it might answer the last request "Y...yes..yes.....Neeed...E...eyeballs to survive. Those human eyeballs.....were useful.....Uchiha eyeballs we're useful. Allow....Allowing me to see my prey. S...Sent here.....after ....after killing those people w....who disturb my....my tomb.....then after....d....death. Omni.....Omniverse.....some....somehow alive.....don't ......don't know anyone.....you.....your eyeballs are red......you....you...will make nice other collection.....to ....to my Uchiha eyeballs. No.....No...No turning back.....witness.....witness your final journey. You....You and...g...girl shall..SHALL DIE.....HORRIBLY" The monster udder.

Tyson got into a fighting stance as the creature started ripping out of it human flesh getting into grotesque creature monster form.

The monster started slamming the demon hard on the ground a few times the creature wanted Tyson's eyeballs. Starting using some weird tongue trying to extract the eyeballs the girl grabbed a knife started charging at the creature's throat. It managed to stop it assault on the demon dealing with the pain in it's neck, Tyson was coming around after being smacked a few times seeing the creature having a problem. 

Managing to pull out the knife but this time going after the girl this could provide a distraction while the demon could figure out a way upon killing the monster. Grabbing his sword but thinking this wasn't enough wanting more power into defeating the creature if he going to start a family. Tyson will need to prove himself to his family and new friends that the demon was strong in his abilities hoping to become a stronger force. All the memories of the past not being able to protect the person he cared for the most even she was raped. That alone mad the demon angry and started building as energies as lightning started emitting from his body feeling a bit stronger this was a weird power. He wanted to bring this out feeling mere anger and new power building inside as super energies was growing as flames started coming out of his mouth. All at once the demon was experiencing the painful moments of his life making more angrier then before making that pain his strength. "I wont suffer anymore. I will become strong and make my enemies pay for hurting the people that I care about now. The human race stole everything from me precious and dear to my heart. I'll never cry again please give me the strength to crush my enemies to defeat my rivals. I beg you allow me the chance to better myself.....grant me my POWER" Tyson said in rage.

Then the monster creature was chasing the girl but stops after sensing the unknown power coming from the demon as it turned it attention back into the demon again. Tyson finally transformed but the hell was this the demon felt strong but what was this incredible power surging in him....the demon enjoyed it the power felt so good. "What is this new form? I've never expected such power like this......Yes, This is just the beginning" He thought. 

The creature tried attacking but started noticing the demon's strength it was too strong, Tyson grabbed the creature by the throat. It was begging for mercy that it didn't want to die which made the demon doubt what he was doing for a moment. Why should he care but the demon had a mission to complete and killing the creature was top priority. Killing the monster in his new form extracting about five Uchiha eyeballs from the dead creature placing them into the container but then turned back to normal. Where did that great power go off too?? He wanted it back just maybe by training it will it come back again still the demon had a long way to go before proving his worth to the vampire race.

The objective was completed the monster creature threatening the Camelot was dead the Uchiha eyeballs were grabbed. He managed to obtain only five Uchiha eyeballs still Lilith wanted to know the secrets on this Sharingan so whatever she got cooking is good for him. This seemed like a long day and the demon wanted to go home and rest but one problem this teenage girl saved him she had some backbone too. Really the misson was complete, He had no reason not to leave him the demon could kill her and be done with but she had some balls back then.  "I'm sorry, Please we need to get out of here. You help me out so I guess I can take to a village somewhere so you can get situated because my mission is far from done. But right now we need to get you to safety" He said.

Making one stop shouldn't hurt as the demon walks over to the teenage girl who mourning her parents it seems finally saying her prayers telling them they have been avenged it was time to go. She got up and started following the demon out of the cave only to be confronted by the king's knights as the demon was demanded to know what this was about. They heard reports of people dying mysteriously and that some weird creature was murdering these people they thought that they caught the murderer. The woman yelled stating that this demon saved her life from the creature it's dead they both managed to kill the creature by teamwork and it won't be harming anyone again. One of the knights had his sword drawn but two of them started checking the cave seeing the massive creature was dead but this demon managed to take out the evil creature. They been hunting this creature for years trying to track the monster down however this wouldn't be good if they found out a demon did it. One of the knights thought about just killing the demon and claiming the glory of saying the royal knights destroyed the monster eye creature also killing a spawn from the pits of hell. The head knight wasn't going to allow the demon to leave with the girl. He was getting angry and just wanted to go back home the thought of transforming into that wonderful form was an idea but the woman defended the demon stating this was treason that she was a member of a royal family. They didn't believe her and then started circling the demon but really they wanted whatever happens next is on their heads getting ready for the heinous assault. "Alright we're going to kill us a demon, We'll send it back to the pits of hell and become heroes even legendary" The knight said.

"I'm going to enjoy ripping your hearts off. You had one chance to leave and this woman is a part of royalty. I respect people in power the only reason I've haven't killed her is because she helped me. So she not a part of my wrath but your fuckers are about to be. Walk away this is final warning" Tyson said viciously.

"We do not listen to demon scum such as yourself all of your kind are spawns of the devil. We as knights take the sacred order of cleansing the world of demonic trash. Your kind have plague this world long enough. We'll send you back to hell" Knight #2 said.

"This is ridiculous, Let's just kill him and take the girl" Knight #3 said.

"Death to the demon" Knight #1 said.

"You try to be nice and people just don't stand down. This just like that day so freaking so long hearing the gang members laughing after they killed me. You dare bring that painful memory back in my head.....Ohhh you muthafuckers now I'm pissed off prepare to die." Tyson said.

It was going to be a three on one battle this seemed pretty bad and demon was tired the knights had him. Until someone was blowing his hor it was a paladin what was going on as the knights started bowing down to a higher person. He started getting off his horse and wanted to know the situation this paladin seemed angry but the demon was too tired. He didn't eve stood a chance but the paladin was looking at the knights fuming mad. The woman rushing over the paladin explaining everything the whole ordeal that the demon saved her life and these men we're going to kill him. This white paladin started to bow to the demon about to place judgement upon three stupid idiots looking at these knights.

"HOW DARE YOU? The king is furious he told you all not to take this mission to stand down however the creature is dead. The mission is completed but you have no right into killing the person responsible. I do not see knights but cowards" Paladin said.

"But sir....He's a demon a spawn of Satan" Knight #2 said.

"That maybe but he'd stained the creature for now he's isn't a threat but he deserves my gratitude these knights will be punished. You have my thanks for rescuing her we'll make sure she gets home." Paladin said.

"Alright....I like that someone with great power putting people in their place kinda like me. I have a mission to complete and time is of the essence thank you paladin. You saved my ass now I must depart" Tyson said.

The demon got back on then nodded to the woman and started his long journey back home to the temple to his vampire friends. This was a good adventure but the demon hadn't slept in days which made have been a mistake. Once the demon gets home maybe some well deserved rest is on the way but the thought of marrying two vampires was something else to consider. Putting a smile on his face wondering how stamina the demon had left for a nice welcome home party.

Tyson needed some rest after two hours of riding his horse the demon was halfway there but needed few hours of rest. Making a fire for the night and kept the horse close finding somewhere peaceful to sleep securing a spot and started laying down. He started to rest closing his eyes and dreaming for a long while still the thought of killing the human race was brewing in his mind. Still something was a miss thinking about it some more this seemed way too easy wondering how strong the demon was in a real fight dreaming of fighting someone stronger. Someone worthy of his time and finding the opponent to test his limits an push himself beyond them to become the strongest that the demon could possibly be. 

Will such a challenge come his way? He was trying to sleep a bit more remembering the past help a bit trying to remembering something peaceful from his past. Remembering the time when he was human helping a foster child finding his mother, Tyson wonders how he could forget such a memory. 

Past Memory
If was before the Omniverse and way before becoming a demon, Tyrone was doing charity work for a local church taking donations even helping out at the food pantry. Giving free food baskets to families who we're poor some of the time but after last week, Tyrone noticed something was wrong a young child was sitting on the church steps. He was wondering why the child was crying asking the pastor who was working for assistance as the child seemed hurt. The idea of taking the child to an orphanage or even calling the police we're good ideas, Tyrone tried talking to the child questioning him on why he was here. It took a while but the child stopped crying and started talking about his mother leaving him and he didn't know where to turn to but the church. Didn't have any leads but the only thing to do was to call the police they arrived minutes later doing their own investigation which missing persons take 48 hours. Before the cops did anything about the case still the child needed a place to live which the pastor allowed the child to live with them for the time being. Tyrone had doubts but accepted this child into the family but was more concern into finding his mother.

It took some time for the child and settle down becoming a member of his family but this was only temporary. Tyrone thought the cops we're taking as days passed with no new reports into finding the child's mother. He thought about searching for the child's mother himself thinking maybe he'll have better luck. Two days later, Tyrone took his brothers and sisters out for ice cream then him and the foster kid had a little talk about his name and who his mother was. He was trying to get a better understanding into discovering who this mother was hoping he'll have better luck into discovering her whereabouts.

"The cops are taking too long and really they might not be able to find your mother....Please, I need you to know everything. Because I want to try to find your mom. You already told the cops but if you know anything else please tell me" Tyson said in questioning tone.

"My name is Jordan......and my....my mother works for someone a very bad man...my father. He's a drug crime-lord and he's been hurting and killing a lot of people. One of them being my sister it was argument and the gun went off and my sister fell. Dad said it was her fault for pissing him off." Jordan said quietly. 

The worse case scenario the pastor's son was thinking this foster kid's father did something worse to the mother. Tyrone didn't want to think of that but what if that we're to happen how would this impact the child. But all this foster kid had was hope that his mother would return, Tyrone thought maybe he should try being a kind and honest teenager and help the kid. 

"Jordan, I'm going to try to find your mother for you and start my own investigation and if I can find her. You'll be the first to know....Tyrone James Williams give to you his word. Tyson said.

Jordan started hugging Tyrone almost like he was his brother as the other members of the family enjoyed the kodiak moment. It was time to headed as Tyrone began his investigation into finding Jordan's mother A few days passed, Tyrone began questioning people around town but nobody knew anything about this woman the trail was getting cold until a homeless man approached him. Wondering if he could help but asking for a bottle of Jack Daniels to ease his pain, Tyrone thought it was stupid but agreed to the homeless man's request. Going into a liquor store and purchasing a bottle of this stuff returning back to the homeless man hoping that he would give him some answers. Finally, Homeless man started answering a few questions about this woman's whereabouts that she was working within a casino under the rule of some big shot crimelord. After all this time, Tyrone had a lead finally maybe it would get him some answers and hopefully to return Jordan's mother back to him. 

It was trouble finding the right casino of what the homeless man was talking about, Tyrone finally found the casino. Jordan had given him a picture of the person that the guy was looking for. He started looking at the employees trying to find a match then minutes later......he found her at the blackjack table. He finally did it.....Tyrone found Jordan's mother this was wonderful news as the employee.

"Hello sir....Does the person feel lucky today for some blackjack??" She said.

"Of course I do....But I think Lady Luck is also smiling on you because you're the mother of child named Jordan" Tyrone said.

She stopped what she was doing who was this person and how did he know her son's name. The woman actually froze for a second wondering what Tyrone was talking about as the teenager showed her the photo. 

"Jordan is alright....He's been living with my family for some weeks but why did you abandon him. He seemed like a good kid it a while to heal the damage of whatever you did to him. What is his father or something????" Tyson said gently.

He saw that she was wanting to burst into tears but something stopped her for bit whispering into Tyrone's ear. " Ohmigod....My son....you found it. Thank you. Please, I beg you....Not here. My shift is over in a hour meet me outside please. I'll tell you everything" Tyrone nodded going outside the casino waiting at a bar hoping to get some answers from this woman.

Past Memory pt. 2
Tyrone was waiting near a local cafe hoping to get some well deserved answers from the missing woman as an hour passes. Finally, He sees a woman dressed almost like a detective but she sits down ordering something to eat. The woman was shaking she didn't know what to think a part of her wanting to thank him but the other part was the whole situation that she was dealing with her evil husband and his empire. She didn't have the strength for confronting her husband on even going to the police because her husband had some cops working for him. 

Taking a deep breath she told Tyrone everything of what happened because of her husband's criminal empire it led to her daughter's death. All because her daughter had enough courage of confronting her father because one of dirty cops arrested her boyfriend on false charges. 

One of his henchmen threatened her with a gun and after a violent dispute the gun went off and her daughter was dead. The husband violently ordered her to forget what happened or the same thing will happen to her son so she finally decided to give her son a chance to get out of this. She finally decided to abandon her son to a church hopefully that his father won't be able to find them at all, Tyrone was wondering why she didn't go to the district attorney with this. Something needed to be done but the man was just one person maybe by confronting the asshole will cooler heads come out of this. Tyrone was thinking about confronting the father but it maybe the best way of getting himself killed but the noble teenager wanted to do something to help her out. "Ma'am, I really don't know what could be done about this. If he'd got cops on his payroll they could place false charges on me if something involving we're to be done. I do have an idea and if this doesn't work...then I'm truly sorry from the bottom of my heart....I'll try to stop him from hurting  you again" He said.

Hoping those words of encouragement we're enough to put a smile on the woman's face which it did. 

Tyrone went back into the casino wanting to speak to the manager of the casino.....
Past Memory ends....

Tyson wakes up well rested and ready to head back that was something peaceful from his former life. He remembered helping the woman out still his memory was foggy to everything else maybe in time more stuff will jog up his memory but the demon had a promise to keep. 

Getting on his horse and heading back home to the temple......

He was almost getting close back home but it was a long horse ride but it was worth it his stamina was back. That long rest did the trick, Tyson felt a bit regenerated getting some sleep but something else too and the demon finally realized it. Most of his powers we're gone if he's is a prime then he'll need to relearn all of his powers but it was strange leaving the gates of hell. The demon had checked all of his powers and magics we're checked and stabilized but coming into this Omniverse all of them are gone. Managing to attain some of his physical abilities and finally regaining only just one of his demon transformations back the demon wanted his true form back the form of great power.... his Zenotic Amon form. It was going to take quests and hardships to retain that power if this was his second chance the demon was going to have to prove himself all over this time in the Omniverse. Feeling the breeze onto his face, Tyson was wondering what if he should run into heroes like that again that was stupid with all stamina gone the demon wouldn't have stood a chance. He'll need to train himself and relearn his deadly magics again the demon finally accepted that things we're very different here. The demon will regain his lost powers still it was a good start reclaiming his first power again so much more training needed to be done "I will become a legendary demon then again maybe a vampire power, Wouldn't be so bad ether learning some of their powers. Also relearning my own powers that would be something to consider." He thought.

A lot of was going on in his mind, Tyson was finally making it back home finally completing his mission. Getting off the horse and heading back inside the temple what a long journey but the demon managed to complete Lilith's task. But Lilith wanted one sharingan thinking he'll keep two of them for research for him to rediscover his powers again. Maybe taking a different path to power won't be so bad taking two sharingan eyes from the container. The demon heads back into Lilith's office and knocks on the door, Lilith was reading a vampire novel. "Come In" Lilith said.

Tyson opens the door placing the container on the table within it three sharingan eyeballs the vampire elder was shocked. He actually did kill the creature proving that the demon was useful to the vampire race but the elder wonders. If this Mangekyo Sharingan does exist could the vampire family race unlock this power from the Uchiha clan but research can be done. It will take some time, Tyson was thinking if this sharingan power was worth it however he'll do his own research upon it.

"That wasn't easy to obtain Lilth, I had trouble with the creature but it's dead some of powers coming back help me. Into destroying the bastard, I only hope you'll find what your looking with those eyeballs." He said.

"Don't worry Tyson, I will unlock the secrets of the sharingan it's been a power that had eluded me for years. Th great Uchiha clan utilize this power is so many deadly ways now just image my children and other vampires having this power. Our food won't eve stand a chance if we learn the secrets and claim this power within our bodies. Also this Mangekyo Sharingan, If this powerful as you said if one of my children learns this power maybe I can embrace it and use it to conquer human and drink their blood so much easier. You've done well Tyson.....I'm proud of you this wasn't easy for you a very difficult mission but you have succeeded. You have gratitude and respect it isn't easy for one of obtain....Thank you my demon friend" She said honorably.

He bowed to her as the vampire elder thanked him for a job well done the demon did have anywhere else to go. Living here as a guest, Lilith thought he was much more then a guest something a lot more too she would have sent one of her children on this mission. However, Tyson proved himself the demon maybe ready to take things to the next step after all her daughters will help him with that. Lilith thought her daughters really loved this demon and she saw how far this demon would go to help them and the vampire race. She was convinced Tyson will grow into a stronger demon no question his strength must be powerful to survive a evil creature like that. If he was to asked both daughters in their hands of marriage even Lilith would grant him that.

"Is there anything you need Madame Lilith?" Tyson said.

"Please call me Lilith, You done enough that is all Tyson thank you please I hope you continue to stay as my guest. Besides my daughters have been worried so much about you.....I think you should find for yourself..." Lilith smirk.

He left Lilith office heading back to the guest room opening the door....."Oh my arm it....Ashara??? Wow this is a surprise how are you?" He said.

Ashara was waiting for him as she hugged him thanking the vampire gods that he was alright she was so worried about him. "Relax, I'm alright Ashara nothing really bad happened. I'm back now....You and your sister really do love don't you. For you to have brought something back into my life really I don't want to lose that again. Please....I lwould put my life and my existence down on the line to protect you and Akasha. But being lost for so long but knowing you two always be gives my hope to more forward. I've lost so much felt tremendous pain like no other has felt. Please....Show me how love again to cherish you both forever into my soul." He said while tears came down his eyes.

Ashara looked at him showing that this demon meant every word "We barely even know each other. Hearing that...Loving you is beautiful that I never want to end. Your words keep my soul warm just wanting more of you. I never want you to change please take care of us" She said. Ashara gave the demon a kiss to remember as tears drip from her eyes. Akasha was snuggling upon his back rubbing her shoulders just glad that her soulmate was back home to them again "Welcome back Darling".

This felt like a dream how in the world did a demon do it or even achieve something perhaps any demon would want. Two vampires who love him how could this be possible if he was going to be vampire the demon didn't even care anymore. It was back that connection again knowing to love someone well two people which was new to him, but finally his destroyed heart was fixed. Tyson could finally said goodbye to his past life and start fresh again daughters of a elder vampire felt at peace whenever he's around. They really chose him and yet the demon was never going to go away he'll protect them no matter having something precious to love and care for again. "My heart belongs to the both of them, I lost Alice. Please give me the demonic strength to ensure their safety. Allow me to trust them as they trust me....Whoever you are???.....Thank You" He thought.

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