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June Monthly Accolades

Best’ Character –Deadpool

Best' Writer- Ash

'Best' Story – Hawt Kings Hugging-R by gilgamesh AND mickey

'Best' NPC – "Unnamed Troll Activist" by Angel Fisher

Purple Ribbon: Pepsisters

”Best” Team Player - Mickey
[Image: Darkdata.png]

Yuuka Kazami:Des is like that one meme like... "How many levels of Omniverse are you on?"

Revan Noctis : Desman what are you currently doing in the omniverse?
Desman Black: I'm faking an engagement to a sex deamon to stop two samurai I accidently summoned whipping them in half, while also trying to stop them from doing the same thing to my best freind who is currently having relations with said deamon, and wh has now accidently summoned his previous girlfreind. So you know... normal stuff

'Best' Character: Deadpool still. There were some great contenders here, everyone knows I adore mickey, x-23 was the first name I wrote down, but gosh you write deadpool well.

'Best' Writer: Mickey Mouse. Sarah a strong competitor as always, and Bandit is with the sickness, but Eleanor Lamb, MIckey's 2nd, shows us what he can write when he starts fresh, and its amazing.

Most Helpful: Trixie

'Best' Story: "Between Walls of Steel" by the Avengers, but there were some amazing contenders, and trixie and 17s thread was definately a close runner up. And thank you for the nomination Kopaka <3

'Best' NPC: "Skynet" by the Vision. Yeah actually, that was amazing, Pepsiman is awesome, i have my characters drink exclusively pepsi throughout the ov. The Troll Activist sounds cool, but I did not read it. I saw Visions skynet thread and it was CRAZY good

Purple Ribbon: ALEX

'Best' Team Player: Desman Black.
President of the Westside Knife Ear Warriors

[Image: V4Dvvfy.gif]

Westside: Join or Die

'Best' NPC: "Dwayne the Rock Johnson" by the People DA

'Best' Team Player: Mickey Mouse

I abstain from the other categories because i'm either nominated or don't want to reveal trade secrets
[Image: KarlSig.jpg]

'Best' Character: PepsiYuuka, not just because of #TeamPepsi, but also because her character is the most three-dimensional, blending zany and bloodthirsty.

'Best' Writer: Bandit, one of the few writers who really inspires me to step up my game on a daily basis.

Most Helpful: Trixie, chronically underappreciated Trixie who keeps the bones and sinew of this place intact. 


'Best' NPC: "Dwayne the Rock Johnson" by the People DA

Purple Ribbon: PepSisters, shameless self-vote because this gimmick has been awesome and it's super fun engaging the community with Coke vs. Pepsi memes. I keep my IC Pepsi gags to a minimum, but Yuuka's commitment is a marvel to behold (Pepsi-scented body lotion... I cry every time).

'Best' Team Player: Mickey, but everyone in this category and then some are viable choices.
[Image: memetrashexclaimationmark.png?width=900&height=604]

I usually don't vote or nominate these days but I'ma start doing it again...

'Best' Story: "Between Walls of Steel" by the Avengers; What? I'm selfish. Selfish and proud.

Most Helpful: Trixie; you absolute legend.

Purple Ribbon: Alex; I don't think anyone has lost harder than my team this year but you still the man

Best Team Player: Mickey Mouse; literally posted a "feel good" thread at some point.
[Image: 2e90d321b01d5016a4116390e9d88ebd.jpg]
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
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'Best' Character: Mickey Mouse - I am chuffed that you exist and enjoy the dynamics I've seen. :)

'Best' Writer: Bandit with No Name - Well, yes.

Most Helpful: Civic - Seems to sporadically roll through new applications and leave clarity and order in his wake.

I don't think I know enough to speak to any other category. :)
"To live in this world you must be able to do three things:

To love what is mortal;

To hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it;

And, when the time comes to let it go,

To let it go." – Mary Oliver

Congratulations on this month's winners!

'Best' Character: Mickey Mouse
'Best' Writer: Tied between Ash, Bandit and Gilgamesh (3 votes each) sooooo https://imgur.com/AvLhCa3 Bandit with No Name
Most Helpful: Civic
Rising Star: Talos Quinn
'Best' Story: "Between Walls of Steel" by the Avengers
'Best' NPC: "Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson" by the People
Purple Ribbon: Alex
'Best' Team Player: Desman Black

If you spot an error, feel free to PM me.
[Image: 2e90d321b01d5016a4116390e9d88ebd.jpg]
[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]
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01101100 01101111 01101111 01101011

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