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[M] A city of filth

"shopping... i need to get a new dress... these ones always get sticky due to you know... and it absolutely ruins them..." she sits sipping some tea, looking around her, admiring the garden, this isnt something you would see in ilias, ilias was just a bunch of trees and grass, this was a beauty.
"sorry if i sound... stuck up..."

The slug princesses smile knowingly; they each spend a small fortune every week on new clothes alone.

"Not at all!" says Day earnestly. "Come, we know all the very best spot!"

Princess Tak’iali nods. "Yes, we have a custom tailor in town who makes everything for us, she will set you right up!"

And with that, the girls pile into their hovercar to go shopping


Surrounded everywhere by a contingent of Wookies in black suits, the girls slug around the Teir-1 fashion district slowly, on their way to meet the girl's custom petticoat tailor. People move out of their way hurriedly, helped along by the gruff Wookie bodyguards, but the Princesses do not seem notice. They keep up their steady stream of conversation.

"Melk," says Cas, the youngest princess. "I like your sword. Do you know how to fight?"

The older Princesses hush, listening in.

"The sword? oh my rapier, well i only know it for self defense but i do know some abilities... some cursed sword skills but im not sure if they apply here..." she looks down  "sadly i diddnt know any of the rapier skills that the monster lord did or even hero luka, his abilites were very powerful especially his "Bloody Fissure Thunder Thrust" or as he shortened it to "Thunder Thrust" im sure it is just a normal sword skill but it coiuld be great for a rapier due to its use being more for thrust based attacks than normal sword which can do a mix of both... oh yeah, im just wondering, how is it that you people have such power here? back at ilias we had no power at all, it was all stripped from us when Alipheese Fateburn XVI's troops arrived..."

The younger princesses share a kind of nervous look, but Tak'iali smirks.

"We have power because we took it," Tak'iali says simply. "Because we are the more clever race. Because we banded together to fight the humans and the other two-legs. They made their empire, and within it, we made ours, and called it Gastropedia; the Hutt Mafia."

Tak'iali goes on to explain that the slug people in Coruscant have built a criminal empire, how they war with the other gangs and the Empire, and use their money and influence to live luxurious lifestyles. By the time she is finished, they have come to the girl's petticoat tailor, a small yet opulent shop called Malkin's Petticoats.

The owner is an elderly, pudgy old Hutt woman who smiles warmly as she greets the girls. They introduce her to Melk as Malkin the Hutt.

"Oh, a new slug girl! How precious!" Malkin says.

"Let's find you a new dress!"

melk blushes a bit, being called precious is something she hasnt heard since she was back at ilias with her fellow sisters, mainly elizabeth who was a high slug, high slugs treat common slugs as their "cute little sisters" the shopkeeper seems nice but now that she knows of how the gang worked, she cant help but want to... help out, dominance over humans and two legs  sounded too good to be true but she was ready to bite, she would ask after getting her a dress.

"o-okay" she smiles at the shopkeeper, getting a new dress hm? well the offer was too good to be true, her old one was just about in ruin so she needed a new one to keep up with fashion, a thing slug girls are very passionate about, to the point of asking strangers for donations just to keep up this is partly due to the slug girl race acting more posh than caring about safety, ruin a slug girls dress? well if your a human you would either be stabbed or if its a high slug, dissolved due to their special gastropod, although for some reason being dissolved is pleasurable to most humans leaving some of their "juice" behind for the high slug to also take in as extra food therefore most high slugs favourite meals are "live human with a side of semen" common slugs do not have a special gastropod so they can only eat plants, vegetables etc

After several hours of measuring and shopping and copious giggling, the slug girls are nearly done.

The princesses have all chosen dresses that match their skin color; Tak'iali wears red, Day wears blue, and Cas wears purple. Their dresses are heavy in front; Malkin's dresses all come with a layer of nanofiber kevlar. A single Wookie bodyguard holds their massive floofy dresses, and wonders about his life choices as the other bodyguards wait outside.

The bell above the door to the shop tinkles, and a pair of Stromtroopers enter. They have their blasters unholstered, and a kind of swagger as they walk. The bodyguard drops the dresses and stands between the troopers and the princesses.

"By the order of the empire," one of the troopers declares. "You, you, and you, gotta come with us," he says gesturing to the princess.

Malkin frowns. "You aren't empire," she says coldly. "Get out my store, or I'll call the real cops."

The other storm trooper laughs, and then discharges his gun into Malkin's head.

The slug lady slumps over, and does not move. The princesses scream.

The other stormtrooper fires his gun at the same time the wookie bodyguard does, and they both go down in a hail of phaser fire.

melk  growls at the storm trooper, looking at the fallen  slug girl, she moves her hand over her rapier, unsheathing it
"you humans never learn! never ever!" rage burns through her as she charges the stormstrooper,  a bit faster than a normal slug girl, pissing him to a wall as she starts stabbing him with her rapier, not stopping for what seems like 10 minutes, tears running down her face, as she lets go, the body of the stormtrooper falls the the floor, melk picks up the rapier and resheathes it, puking up

"m-maybe we dont have all the power in the world..." she looks down at the corpse of Malkin, as if she was actually a slug girl, melk felt a passion for her she hasnt felt since ilias, as much as she hates to admit it, there probably wasnt a way to save her. she picks up a stormtroopers gun examining it, not understanding how it works and throwing it away "they will pay.. all of them.." 

melk then checks the bodies of the stormtrooper, the armour is unfamiliar to her, made of a material she diddnt realise at all, she diddnt understand it but it seemed weak to a blade which was good, hardly being able to understand their weaponry would be a pain, after all, it took her her whole life to get to the point where she can use this rapier effectively, it would take too long to understand, whatever they used..

"is there any graveyards or anything equivalent nearby? a sister like that needs a true funeral after what happened to her..."
she looks at the slug princesses, not being able to tell if they are useless or too scared to help out... either way, she would have to trust them. hopefully her trust is in the right hands...

The youngest princess Cas is clutching the middle princess Day tightly, her head buried in her sister's dress as Day strokes her hair. Princess Tak'iali shakes off her shock, and then nods her head.

"Yes," she says haltingly, her eyes fixed on the corpse. "Yes of course. Malkin was dear to our Family. But we should not be here, Melk. We cannot draw attention."

At that moment there is great whirring, and then a Wookie bodyguard bursts into the shop, breathing heavily.

"Get in the car, now," he commands, his mirrored sunglasses askew.

The slug girls move quite as quickly as they can out of the shop. Outside, they see the dead bodies of their bodyguards lying next to the dead bodies of the fake storm troopers. Their bodyguard has pulled their hovercar up to the shop, and is herding the slug-girls inside, when a bolt of blue phaser fire rips through his chest.

Princess Tak'ilia screams and pulls a tiny phaser from her purse and fires several shots of green plasma at a black hovercar with an armed human leaning out of the window. The hover car is not hit, but flies off. Tak'iali jumps in the driver's seat and revs the engine, and the hovercar rockets off.

Two black hovercars speed off in pursuit.

In the backseat, Cas is crying and huddling in the corner. Day keeps a cool head and presses a button, and several assault phasers spring up from the couches. She grabs one and leans out the back window, aiming behind her at the hovercars, and starts rapidfiring green lasers at them. The cars start to return blue laser fire.

melk not knowing how to use it at all looks at it for a second but realising she cant use her rapier in this fight she holds it, mimicking how day was using it, holding the trigger, originally discouraged by the knock-back, this would take a while to get used to, she fired at the cars somehow managing to take out a human, smirking as she did. in the most part, this might as well be the most intense set of events in her life, nearly being arrested to this, firing at humans with this magic contraption, as she kept firing with day, both of them eventually taking out the driver to one of the hovercars, melk smiles at this as the car crashes.

they then focus their attention on the other car, it was getting quite close, but this just made things easier, melk sprayed the car with lasers getting the final hit on the driver, melk may have felt accomplished but if these guns used real bullets she would've quickly found herself out of ammo due to her accuracy being very poor probably due to being handed a fully automatic weapon before she even knew how to use one.

"phew... i-i think they are disposed of..."  she drinks some water from the tube to calm herself a bit "so i guess we atleast fight on equal terms now, i mean with all this equipment, its like we are unstoppable..." noticing the crying cas "its okay dear sister, the fighting is over now, you can relax..." she kisses her on the cheek,  a very common thing that slug girls in ilias do to show their passion and affection for eachover.

as they finally land the slug girls were greeted the settlement, melk looking around her again, it was a beautiful place and would be the biggest shame in the world if someone were to destroy it.. so.. she decided, she would see if she could help out the hutt mafia in any way she could, the time for retribution and revenge is now... she cleaned her rapier from any blood or slime, keeping it as clean as possible

A contingent of Wookies in black suits hurries the slug girls inside. One particularly large Wookie comes to Princees Tak'iali's side and begins speaking to her in a deep voice.

"You father is upset," the Wookie says as they enter the palace. "He has told you repeatedly not to go to the fashion district, that your movements are too predictable. He wants to speak with you. Alone."

The younger princesses look worried, but Tak'iali nods.

"Day, take Cas upstairs," she says sternly. "Melk, you must come meet Father."

The Wookie makes a strange sound that seems to express disagreement. "Alone, he said."

The Princess sniffed. "Melk is my bodyguard. Without her, I would have been kidnapped. So until you do your job, Melk stays with me."


Jorax Nimbla, also called Jorax the Hutt, head of the Nimbla crime familly of the Hutt Mafia, is a big fat old slug.

His living quarters are essentially a massive terrarium, complete with exotic alien plants and buzzing insects. It is almost hard to see through the cool mist that covers the entire room, and the ground is covered in a foot of fresh water.

Jorax lounges on a toadstool in the back of the room, his massive bulk heaving as he breathes. His fat slug face is displeased.

Before him, Tak'iali stands with her head bowed and her hands in her lap.

"Our enemies are ever watching," the Hutt says in a deep, wet voice. "They will know your patterns, your weaknesses, and they will exploit them. I have given you all too much freedom. From now on I shall keep you close. Your servant as well, lest she be exploited by our enemies as well."

"Yes Father," Princess Tak'iali said, her eyes on the ground.

"Your ineptitude is not forgiven," Jorax snaps. In the blink of an eye, Jorax lashes out with a crackling electric whip, striking Tak'iali across the face. The Princess screams and crumbles to the floor, her gastropod curling in on itself as she twitches.

melk winces at the scene, no slug has never acted like that, but then she dosnt know much about the males due to them not existing in ilias, if theres one thing she wants to do is end him, a threat to how slugs should act, but not accting now due to the amount of people nearby. moving her hand over her rapier but tthen moving it back  to her side.

"s-sir isnt that a little too harsh? after all i managed to dispose of the  attackers, im not sure what its like for you but in ilias slugs have nothing but passion for eachover and the way you just treated your own daughter is disgusting!" she clenches her fists "maybe thats just me but thats no way a parent should treat their child, having a child is a gift you know? a miracle prehaps, and your willing to just throw that away?! i dont care if your my only hope of living in this world but i wont stand for that!"

she  growls at him as she drags Tak'lali over to a chair, setting her down. moving her hand over her rapier... to be honest after what shes just seen, she looks back on her choice to not engage. maybe she should, then take over this place and turn it into more of a kingdom like midas village but one where slugs actually have respect for eachover... one where she can be proud to live in...

Jorax the Hutt watches as the slug girl lays his daughter down carefully. His expression does not change; it is one of quiet disapproval.

"This is no longer your world, Melk," Jorax says in his slimy voice, though with a certain tenderness. "Our kind have survived in this world by imposing order. We have survived by creating laws for ourselves. When we break these rules, we endanger not just ourselves, but the very survival of our empire. I have been watching you, Melk. I have seen you in my garden, enjoying my daughters' company. If you are to live in our world, then you too will obey our laws-"

Jorax's body compresses itself down disgustingly, and then extends suddenly, launching his massive bulk towards Melk. His electrical whip is crackling in his hand.

"-Or you will die!"

melk moves out of the way a bit faster than your average hutt, just barely dodging the whip, unsheathing her rapier. "not sure what you think but no one gives a shit about your empire what is worth more is the happiness of my sisters! if we arnt happy than whats the point of our existence?!" she charges at Jorax, not caring if this is her world or not, she will be the one to fix it!

she thrusts her blade into the chest of the hutt then pulling the rapier out and thrusting it in again, laughing, clearly not fully mentally stable after the deed is done, she cleans her dress of any traces of blood and then throws  the body of the dead hutt out of a window grinning, she went from scared slug girl to a confident fighter.

"well... now what?" she says to herself as she looks around the place, it was a nice place, with a few adjustments it would be better. she resheathes her rapier after cleaning it making sure it is in top tier condition after all, it is her only weapon, due to "critical ecstasy" not being a thing in this world despite how useful it was

A bloodcurdling scream is heard from the garden below as Jorax's corpse falls from the window and lands with a wet splat.

"Now," says Princess Tak'ial weakly. "You rule."

There is a sound of footsteps stomping up stairs, and then dozens of bodyguards burst into the chamber from concealed doors. They are uniformly Wookies in black dress suits. They all have their weapons drawn and are pointing them wildly around the room. They recognize Tak'iali, and aim their guns instead at Melk.

"Stop!" Tak'iali says, rising painfully from her chair. The wookies shuffled awkwardly, but none of them stop pointing their guns at Melk

"Stop," Tak'iali repeats, this time more calmly. "The laws of our people are clear. Melk is your employer now. Holster your weapons."

The wookies glance at each other nervously.

"Holster your weapons!" Princess Tak'iali demands shrilly.

One by one, the bodyguards holster their weapons, and fall to one knee.

Princess Tak'iali bows her head as well.

"My Queen."

melk looks suprised, ruling? this was something she had never even thought about, but as she did she faintly smiled, as a slug girl she knows whats best for her sisters and it is her job to protect them, even small non-monster slugs are still sisters, so because of this, she will take the job with pride "t-thank you, I promise I will look after my sisters the best I can" she looks around at the kneeled down wookies and smiled "tonight we shall have a feast, the best feast possible in our current situation,  after that I shall look to see where our species are struggling and attend to it, probably relations with humans..."

As she said, they had a feast a few hours later, melk took it upon herself to play a few songs on a piano, trying to keep a friendly appearance to everyone, gaining their trust, she was a lone slug, trying to make sense of the world, but now? now shes a ruler of a criminal empire, she sits back and drinks some tea, tucking into some vegetables, mainly carrots, deciding she would have a speech, she goes to the highest point and prepares herself.

"Dear sisters and by extent, brothers, we have been abused, hunted and betrayed by humans for far too long! and me, as your queen will not accept that! but to stop this we all need to work together, together against humankind, a species so selfish, despicable and ugly, they won't even let us in their settlements without a fight! and its time to stop that! from now on, we are united! with one goal! to end what we call "The human race" and to convert into a respectable group of people!" she then steps down, hoping she has gained the publics support, going back to her tea*

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