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[Quest] Please Don't Eat Me ( Dwarfholm Faction Quest; Closed )

"Of course these are well made as well."

Trying his restraints once more, the intricate knots preventing him from achieving the correct angle to release himself with his techniques. It was clear that he was safely their prisoner now, otherwise they would have just slit his throat in his sleep. Hardly reassuring but a prisoner is still in the same category as the rest of the living, so that was something. Probably wasn't the greatest idea to sleep here. In fact, it almost didn't feel like his idea at all. So confusing.

He must have been snoring loudly because the fact he was awake was beginning to be discussed down the hall, from what he could hear. 

"Well, I suppose we better go give our regards to the chef."

One voice commented while the others laughed raucously. This was reassuring, they seemed at least well humored. 

Torchlight flared into the room as the first of the group walked in. It was a short and hearty-looking humanoid. Bearded and covered in leather and furs. The others were similar looking and totaled at three, following behind with weapons already drawn. 

"Alright... I assume you can understand that you are an intruder here."

Setsu nodded affirmative, smiling and making sure to hold the gaze of each dwarf, briefly.

"...and, despite the food you left out for us, have forced us to take you prisoner."

Setsu nodded affirmative again. All this made sense to him.

"Ok... Well, we don't really have much desire to carry you to a dungeon given that we just ate. So if you have some way to verify that you are not an agent of Zul'gurand, the Kingdom or Coruscant, that'd be greatly appreciated."

Setsu tilted his head to the side, clearly curious.

"I can't say I'm an agent of anything other than myself. Especially, given that I don't know what these things you listed are."

He paused, eyeing the Omnillium orb in one of the Dwarves behind the one in charge's hands. 

"That orb there is perhaps the only proof I could offer that I'm not from here. I traveled directly from the Fountain with that orb there to where we are now. Since arriving in this world I've not seen a soul. You four are the first living creatures I've seen."

He said, just feet from the spike trap that could have killed a less wary traveler. The Dwarves exchanged glances and the one carrying the orb stared into it, mesmerized. They didn't have many options here, clearly each one had overeaten and no one among them seemed to offer a way that could more easily verify the stranger's story. So they shrugged and nodded to one another. It was time to simply follow protocol.

"Listen stranger, I've no interest in any more stories than need be heard, and since we don't know you we can't verify anything. So I'll just put it to you straight. We of the mountain city of Dwarfholm don't suffer fools, and stumbling around in our game traps is very foolish. We Dwarves have an open door policy to you sorts of travelers, however, this situation is the sort of thing one must be cautious of. You unknowingly cooked a good meal for my men and I, we don't wish you harm, but we cannot allow you to go further into the mountain."

Setsu followed this train of thought, nodding throughtout. This definitely sounded better than being put back up on the slide into the spikes or having his head caved by a hammer. 

"Here's what is gonna happen. We're gonna walk you out of another entry to our tunnel network, blindfolded. We'll return your belongings and send you on your way."

Setsu spoke, beginning to feel some measure of hope. "How wonderfully reasonable you are! I sincerely appreciate it and I hope you did enj- hey! Hmm!!

The dwarves had shoved a rag in his mouth, followed by a black bag and rope over his head. 

- -

Sometime later Setsu was tossed out into the snow, restraints and bag and all. He heard his board and the orb land next to him. 

"If you'd like to return to Dwarfholm for any reason, we, the Dwarven citizenry, will require you to demonstrate a degree of fealty to our kind and our Monarch. That means we will need to see a chunk of Cobalt, a Wompa hide and, if you think you can manage it, a Troll tusk. Assuming you can manage this, you will be welcomed in. Good luck, if you choose to proceed, and stay warm.

A fluttering of material could be heard and another object landed next to Setsu. The cloth bag over his head began to dampen as the sounds of his former captors disappeared. 

Struggling to break free he managed to draw his hands far enough apart to activate Oniyuri, tearing the rope apart that bound his legs and arms. Removing the bag from his head, Setsu's eyes were greeted with more darkness. It had become evening, of course, having slept through the day. The other object turned out to be a heavy cloak that would have to work as a blanket. 

He wasn't sure he would survive this night inside a shallow cave and had no option to yet return to the Dwarven tunnels, which supposedly led to a city. He could take the chance and hope for a better welcoming party, but it made more sense to stay active at night so as to be able to comfortably and safely sleep in the daytime. His best bet it seemed at radically improving his lot here was to do as he had been instructed by the Dwarf. 

"Well, I guess it's time to find a Wampatroll or whatever."

Setsu said to himself, hoping he could remember exactly what he was supposed to collect.

What was clear to Setsu was that this was a hunt. He would need to find a fur coated animal for it's pelt and the tusk, well that would likely be obvious. The cobalt was where he was most concerned. Clearly this challenge was more than just a test of loyalty but also something of a mountain dweller's right of passage. Fine by Setsu, he had no intention of going back the way he had come nor did he intend to die out here in the cold.

He tucked his Omnillium orb into his vest, wrapping the cloak and scarf around his shivering frame. That helped considerably to fight the frigid chill and the wicked wind that wielded it.

This Wompa beast may have been one of the creatures that had been pierced on the spike trap, in which case they seemed to be more plains creatures that would be towards the base of the slopes. The troll sounded more like a predator and likely reigned over the colder areas. It may have occurred to some in this situation that it was time to leave the mountain and pursue the plains animals, but Setsu wasn't just "some". This wasn't a pride thing. It was as cold an instinct as one might have. There were so many unknowns in play that it was time to. establish some high ground.

With that in mind Setsu squated low, looking up. And off he was, jumping higher than any normal human could hope to. The angle he traveled paralleled the slope and so when his upward momentum stopped, he landed. Bounding in this way up the slopes.

The mountain range certainly was awe inspiring. How strange to suddenly be among the highest things visible in this place. This Omniverse.

Setsu crested a minor peak, severely winded, and flipped his board out onto the snow. With a running start he jumped on and dropped into the valley that bridged this peak and it's continuing ridge that rose up wildly into the sky above. Breathing heavy, Setsu enjoyed the ride and shook his torso as if he was breaking icicles forming inside his lungs. So bloody cold.

Without needing much, Setsu was filled with abundant hope by the sight of a tree line. And so he began bounding up the hill as fast as he could with those high leaps.

Having reached this tree line, he rested against the trunk of a massive fir. All too quickly it became apparent, even over the sound of his own breathing, that he wasn't alone up here.

"I wonder what Troll tastes like." Setsu whispered to himself.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

Smoothing out the edges. Setsu breathed deep the cold mountain air. The air so cold that his eyes began to water. Typically this was his go to before diving into combat.

Rolling around the large tree he had been braced against he began quietly running towards the area of the sound of branches breaking. In the light of the moon Setsu caught a glint of light in his periphery and there it was, poking out from the side of a tree.

A Troll Tusk!!

How lucky! Sure it was attached to a Troll, but he back was turned.


The Troll was now unconscious and Setsu needed a new snowboard! That's ok though, at least this hadn't been a violent showdown where someone would have had to likely die. Setsu punted the Troll's face, knocking the Tusk flying out and skittering across the frozen snow. Setsu scrapped some very cold snow and packed it into the resulting opening where the tusk had been and lay his cloak out over the fallen form.

Clearly Trolls weren't meant to be eaten, they appeared nearly civilized. This one had been gathering firewood. That was good to know.

Heart still racing Setsu quickly cut himself a new board and headed back towards the tree line. As he neared it he heard loud exclamations coming from where he had left the Troll slumped over frozen tree roots. This made sense to Setsu. It had been sort of surreal how calmly and quickly he had popped that things tusk out. Now he knew why, he had known instinctively that camp was nearby and might be looking for the poor guy.

Well, that was good that he was already gone with the tusk in his pocket. He tossed the board on the ground and rewrapped his scarf and rubbed his exposed arms.

With a running start he was moving again, this time down a very exposed and steep pitch. The snow was all frozen and so he had difficulty killing his speed or turning at all. Luckily this slope was extremely long, like had the potential to take him back to just above where he found the tunnel. Sadly he could not steer the course to aim that way and caught an angle and so tumbled out into the lower tree line.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

Setsu rolled to a stop, laughing already.

"Whew, what a rush."

Peaking back up the slope, the veteran ninja practically thrilled at the idea of being chased. He wasn't here to wreak havoc. Still. There was something about this type of situation that lit him up.

And lo' in very soft moonlight there was sign that the pair of trolls were at least peaking out. Had this been a full on infiltration mission, they'd have been lit up by Setsu. In his proper form of course.


The thought ruined the feeling he had been savoring. It was back down to the colder, more rational aim of finding some sort of a rock and some sort of a furry beast. 

Not being able to resist, Setsu tossed a rock from nearby as far he could chuck it, causing the shadowy figures atop the slope to give chase in the direction of where it landed. They didn't have as graceful an approach without boards and began tumbling on and off down the slope. 

"Oh boy. Classic."

Turning, he was off again. Into the air, keeping his leaping arc beneath the treetops and primarily horizontally oriented. Catching a branch he swung, and leapt as he could to go flying straight downhill towards the flatter base of the mountain. Already he could see something resembling a flock, though that he could already see these beasts was concerning. Still, he had no other option and he had to keep moving. Sailing through the air, he dipped low enough to swing his wooden board back down beneath his feet and begin to tear back up the cold snow. 

Carving left and whipping back right, his speed began to rise. By this point the trail of his efforts were visible to the trolls pursuing the rock, even through the trees between them. Annoyed, they began to give chase, it had been their leader whose tusk had been nabbed. This disagreed with them personally as subordinates and sought to repay the "favor" Setsu had done. 

There was a good case to make that Setsu deserved this. He'd maybe be interested in hearing this case. Maybe. Maybe it was so cold out here that the sound wouldn't carry, so to speak.


Setsu meanwhile was seriously enjoying himself. His turns becoming more dramatic as his speed and the slope increased. His eyes starting to  pour out water. Luckily the slope dipped and leveled, sending him rocketing out into the flat tundra. While airborn, Setsu's eyes squeezed open enough to spot that he was upon this flock he had spotted. 

Literally. He was passing over these rather surprised long necked bipedal creatures, while white knuckling his poor wooden board. 

Sorry old friend. He dropped his board and rotated from his core till he was flying foot first into the least lucky of these horned, bird-like creature's throats. The remainder of the flock scrambled. Wasting little time, Setsu formed a single chakra blade 6 inches from his index finger.

Making short work of the basic cuts, the animal was quickly reduced to its essential cuts of meat and it's fur set aside. Peaking back he noted the pursuing Trolls who had taken clear note of his obvious movements. Maybe they'd like a free meal. 

Slicing up his newly wrecked wooden board into blocks and then further into frayed bits for starter, Setsu made a reasonably sized fire. Grabbing a select bunch of the longer bones from the Wompa carcass Setsu stabbed several of the larger pieces of meat and set them by the fire to cook through. Hopefully, his Troll friends would appreciate this. 

The fur would appreciate time by the fire to cure and dry, but Setsu was far too impatient for this. Partially due to the likely imposition by the pursuers he had acquired, but mainly because this errand was only exciting for the pace. so far had been pretty good, but Setsu still wanted things to go a little louder. A little more chaotic was perhaps the right word. 

There was still a rather large carcass remaining that was uncooked and still warm. Maybe it was time to play some fireside question time.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

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