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Jack Spicer Evil Boy Genius: Part 1

Magma was everywhere as he looked around the barren wasteland. In a way, this sorta reminded him of the lair of Chase Young, but at the same time did not. Not knowing why he had decided that this place would be the ideal one to set up his base of operations, Jack started looking around, for things that he could hunt for. There was a mountain of sorts that appeared to have been badly damaged, and did not even resemble a mountain a good few miles away, at least from Jack's calculations. The place would be perfect for him to mold into an HQ, and one that he could live in. Granted, figuring out a way to tap into the power provided by the lava of the place was not going to be easy. Perhaps some sort of Geo Thermal Technology could be designed and made by Jack in order to create the resources that he would need. Once he had electricity, and a roof over his head, he would be able to accomplish the other tasks on his to do list. So far the other tasks were that he needed to build himself some equipment because there were going to be other primes in the Omniverse that he would encounter. 

It was best if he was prepared for any such encounter. Certainly any civilized species had to have access to the internet, and if an internet existed, maps existed. If Maps existed, he could learn the lay of the land. Checking his pockets, he pulled out the cell phone he possessed. When he tried to power it on, it simply would not even connect to the internet, or make calls. Cursing the futility of the cell phone, Jack was tempted to break it, but stopped himself. It could be useful, if for nothing more than parts later. It was something, whereas previously he had thought he had nothing in this bleak and barren wasteland. While the place may have a sky the color of blood, and ash in the air, it was still better than the pure white place he had come from. A pure white place Jack did not wish to visit again any time soon, if he were to be honest. It was too harsh on the eyes. Maybe he'd return there once he had made some sunglasses for himself with suitable technology inside them. Some sort of scanning system, so he could learn the weaknesses, and strengths of the other Primes was a great idea.

After what seemed like hours of walking from the gate that led from that pure white domain, Jack had arrived at the remains of what had once been the most prominent land mark in the place. However, he was unaware that it had been such. The mountain was not the best place in the realm he was currently in, but could be useful once he rebuilt it. A tower that could serve as his fortress, from which he would take control of most of the natural resources of the place. The mountain may have been reduced to many smaller chunks, and was barely noticeable as a landmark. However, with enough hard work it could be rebuilt into a place Jack Spicer could be proud of. Sure the scorching heat of the Ashen Steppes was less than ideal, but it was a place with few people around to complain about things getting too loud when he started working on machines for himself. Given he was going to need resources, and at least ten Jackbots for himself, Jack sighed as he approached the remains of the Mountain. 

"What could have caused this?" asked Jack, as he examined the mountain, and the surrounding area. Judging from the damage the area possessed there had been some sort of scuffle between immensely powerful combatants, or multiple opponents. Either way, Jack was looking forward to avoiding an encounter with any of the people who had been here and done the fight. After all he was not ready for a long drawn out engagement when he had limited resources and capabilities. His lack of resources was another reason he knew that he had a lot of things he needed to accomplish. First and foremost he had to build the base that he was going to call "home" although it would not truly be his home. It would just be a substitute as the original home was worlds away. Likely the monks had blown up the place, or trashed it by now anyway.

Sitting on a stone bench he had carved out out of a boulder, Jack sighed as he began designing his Fortress. While this place was not his ideal location, it would have to do for now. Eventually he could earn a more high tech base for himself. The base he had would be one that was elegant, and it would have a dungeon. It would not have hidden passages that were readily accessible by anyone who came along. Perhaps he could find a way to make such a place float in the air. Maybe he could rig up some sort of anti gravity technology in order to allow the place to be harder to invade. Jack didn't fancy rebuilding the place any time someone came along and trashed his lair if he was to be honest with himself. In the future he was going to need more than just a lair, though. He was going to need a car of his own. Maybe he could trick it out with all the fancy gadgets, and gizmos. Flame Throwers, Missile Launchers, Chainsaws, Plasma Cannons, there were so many possibilities as to what he could put into the car equipment wise. Jack smiled as his brain went to that, but forced himself to focus on the Fortress he was designing at present.

His new 'mansion' was not going to have walkways over hazardous chemicals, decided Jack Spicer. While he did not remember why, Jack knew this was a bad idea for a multitude of reasons. Due to this, perhaps building near the mountain was a bad idea. After all lava was technically a hazardous chemical and could cause a lot of damage to him should he fall into it. As Jack didn't want any sort of damage to be done to him by the environment, he knew he was going to have to take a page from Kimiko's book. While he didn't yet have the means of defending himself in the Omniverse from any who wished him ill, or even a place to call home he was going to have one. Technology could do all sorts of things for him, including allow him to build the place he was still designing because he needed to make sure the designs were perfect. So far he had hit upon the following things. 

Jack may not remember how the monks beat him up every time, precisely, but he did know they had some sort of elemental ability or device at their disposal. Obtaining such a device could allow Jack Spicer to use the same abilities they had in the Omniverse which would be a boon to him in his attempt to survive in this place. First though he needed to figure out how to access the internet in this place so that he could contact other Primes. Other Primes likely knew more about the place which meant that Jack could take their experience and put it to his use. Once he had done so he would know enough about the place, to begin construction of his base in this area. A base in every area was the idea of Jack Spicer. Perhaps he could build some sort of teleportation network that would allow him to teleport to and from his bases at will. Yes, that was a great idea actually. Being able to come and go as he pleased between bases. It would take some heavy work on his part, but he was willing to do it.

After what seemed like an eternity of work, Jack Spicer had at last finished the construction of his lair. It had taken him several hours, well almost an entire day of non-stop work on his own to build the place. The ornate towers reminded him sorta of the place Omi and Kimiko, and Raimundo and Clay called home. Yet the aesthetics also reminded him of the evil lair that had once been had by Chase Young - if Chase was even in the Omniverse that was. Jack didn't know if he was or not, and if he wasn't, he wouldn't bring him to this place because he didn't like being here. 

Quote:[Image: 3dz1a69.jpg]
The base he had made certainly was aesthetically pleasing, as Jack looked at it. In time he could add defenses to the base such as Turrets, or something along those lines. In any case he now had a place that was his in the Omniverse. It had taken him longer than he had wanted, but at least now he had somewhere to rest. The base was not as advanced as he would like when it came down to technological capability, but it would do for the time being. Jack knew he had a lot of work to do in order to make sure that his base was well defended. His own abilities also needed to grow.

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