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Switching to Dr. McNinja


CHARACTER SOURCE: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

CHARACTER HISTORY: Dr. McNinja was originally taken to the Omniverse the first time he entered the Presidential Nega-Zone in “Bad Enough Dude” page 12, around three years ago. Having fallen in battle and from Dracula’s window, woke up again in the Fountain as all Primes do. Since then, he’s been gearing up for his mission again. Things have changed, and so has he, for better or for worse, as he lay in hiding to train. After all, who knew how far Dracula’s influence reached.

Since then, he’s gotten an ally in Master Millet, an old master of magic cast through calligraphy. Dr. McNinja, in his hell-bent mission on destroying Dracula, agreed to work with Master Millet. Now he has some weapons enchanted with calligraphy magic.

He believes himself ready to face Dracula.


ATK: 3
DEF: 1
SPD: 3
TEC: 4

STARTING PROFICIENCIES: Physical Strength (1000), Ranged Proficiency (1000), Debuff Proficiency (1000), Area Attack (600)

STARTING POWERS: Master Acrobat (400), Stealth (1200)

[Image: latest?cb=20180327060331]
Ninja Scalpel (300) [Physical Strength]
Dr. McNinja is rarely found without this katana, a 60cm long single-edged sword that weighs about a pound. Doc can cut up enemies fairly fast with little effort, but the blade only does some damage.

[Image: throwing_star_by_cavenglok-dcgxhai.png]
Lucky Seven (300) [Ranged Proficiency]
Doc reaches into his coat pocket and flings two frozen shamrocks (each the size of a human hand) at a target. They travel at the speed of an arrow for 50 feet, leaving a thin trail of dark clouds. He must aim both stars at the same target. They don’t do much damage and they take a tiny bit of effort every time, but Doc can fire them fairly rapidly.

[Image: steth_by_cavenglok-dcgxh1f.png]
Stetho-Bolas (300) [Ranged, Debuff]
Doc throws his very tough stethoscope at a target within 30 feet. It travels at the speed of regular bolas, but is also large and unwieldy, and easy to block. If the attack lands, the stethoscope wraps around the target’s main form of transportation: usually legs, perhaps wings. The target will have difficulty moving or attacking. The stethoscope can be broken with a high enough ATK.

[Image: 1336437-ninja.jpg]
Fire: Hwa (300) [Ranged, Debuff]
Dr. McNinja throws a burning ninja star engraved with the Chinese character for “Fire”. The shuriken travels at the speed of an arrow for 30 feet before burning up. If the throwing star lands, it sets the target aflame, doing pretty good damage over time for 12 seconds. This magical fire is very difficult to extinguish. However, while the target is on fire and within 15 feet of Dr. McNinja, Doc cannot directly attack that target. After all, ninjas can’t catch you if you’re on fire. The throwing star requires some energy and about 2 seconds to summon.

[Image: 1362466631_s]
Smoke: Yun (300) [Area Attack, Debuff]
Doc throws a small pellet engraved with the Chinese character for “Smoke”. The pellet rapidly spews dark smoke which covers a spherical area of radius 10 feet. Dr. McNinja is unaffected, being a trained ninja, but everyone else’s vision gets heavily impaired. This cloud lasts for five seconds. However, he only has three of these pellets at any given time, and must spend some time out of combat to enchant more.

[Image: moon_laser_by_cavenglok-dcgxhms.png]
Tier 1 Super Attack
Dracula’s Moon Laser (600) [Area Attack]
Dr. McNinja calls Dracula on his Communicator, sending him coordinates of a location within 100 feet of him. After 10 seconds as a moon moves into place (even if the target is underground), during which the affected area gets marked by a red light, Dracula fires an excessively large red laser centered at the coordinates. It causes massive damage to anyone (including Doc himself) within 15 feet of the coordinates. The Moon Laser requires precision and a lot of energy to fire, so Dracula will not want to fire it more than a few times.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRIRhmj-L6vhgFgaSF-6ik...WiAIdlPW7V][Image: 86_12_54_12_1898_by_cavenglok-dcdjtzr.png]
Tier 2 Super Defense
Shield: Bang-Pae (800)
Dr. McNinja taps two of the prayer beads on his left wrist, the beads engraved with the symbols for “Defense” and “Board”. In an instant, the beads grow a tower shield on his left arm. The shield can block an attack even as powerful as Tier 2 Super Attacks or Utilities. The shield crumbles after 5 seconds, or for as long as the offending Super Move lasts. The beads seem to take the damage of whatever attack it blocked, and thus can only be used a few times per fight.

[Image: 300?cb=20151128043536]
Alternate Form: Dr. McLuchador (2000)
Dr. McNinja puts on a vibrant red and yellow mask, adopting the identity of Dr. McLuchador. The original doctor was a physician that was banished by Dr. McNinja because of his extreme methods. McNinja wore the identity while pretending to be dead, and can adopt it again.

ATK: 4
DEF: 3
SPD: 2
TEC: 2

First Stat Upgrade (ATK) (1000)
Communicator (200)

I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Rules of Conduct.

Where did you find us? I still live here
TOTAL: 11300 OM
[Image: 665000_mcninja_by_cavenglok-dch0qt5.jpg]
Odd hours. Call for appointment.

Everything here looks to be in order. I'll trust you to tackle your own roster, I'll handle all the other paperwork momentarily.
If you see me around and you got questions, just give a shout. I'm happy to assist.

Mark Wrote:[9:32:26 PM] Mark I.: Nuggets are serious McBusiness, Jade

Quote:[9:08:31 AM] Zack Fair: We have an OM addict on our hands, clearly.
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[9:10:00 AM] Zack Fair: Yea totally. We have a horse snorting sparkling white orbs.
[9:10:22 AM] Zack Fair: Our world of limitless possibilities

[Image: 665000_mcninja_by_cavenglok-dch0qt5.jpg]
Odd hours. Call for appointment.

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