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Heading Out Towards The Ice Gate ( O p e n )

Enjoying the company of his hosts, Setsu was reluctant to head out into the cold again. Still, it was time. He had asked his questions and received acceptable answers to the matter of his new setting in this Omniverse from the dwarves and it was the proper time to find greater purchase on the broader reality of this strange place.

The target was to return to the home of the fountain and select a new gate. Perhaps there was something greater that might occur when each gate had been entered and properly investigated. He wasn't completely done here, and planned to come back, but the cold wasn't his natural environment as an adult. He liked more the heat and the sun. 

Coming out of the cave entrance and emerging into the cold was refreshing, still, and he expected to miss it once it as gone. 

Then the wind whipped up and chilled him as it did, and his convictions were invigorated. So off he went into the midday cold.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

Some great time later, Setsu arrived whilst floating at the nexus entrance.

Without a moments hesitation he passed through while remaining airborne. He had embraced the cold for long enough.
[Image: kuroji%20setsu_zps44rbwwd8.png]

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