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The Second Coming.. Rebirth of The Horsemen

Arriana was not one to give in easily. If she couldn't go over the trees, she would go through them, regardless of what dangers it would throw at her. She dropped down, paying no heed to the needles scraping at her skin. A moment later and she was shifting again, back to the wolf. It wasn't that the wolf was more suited to the environment or that it would let her run faster - with a wolf's paws she could dig into the ground better. If she couldn't go straight through the forest, she would cause as much damage as she could until she no longer cared. There was no end to the trees, but it seemed that the further she traveled east the trees began to change. Where she had arrived at towering pine trees and small flowers, transitioned to broad-leaf and tall stalks. Without counting the hours, she couldn't tell how far she'd traveled. Arriana paused a moment too drink from a winding steam - not the source of water she'd been looking for but it was a lead. All water had a source. Heavy paws splashed up-stream, The Chimera acting abnormally eager to find the source. It didn't take long for her fur to become soaked through with the mud she was flinging up from the river bed. 

A sudden spear of pain laced with deep sorrow struck through Arriana's mind, a reaching thought from an outside source. It made her pause, senses struggling to make out which direction it had come from and why. The sensation faded, but the memory of it remained. Ari was on high alert, determined that the feeling of that cry was too similar to be coincidence. It had to have been one of her own.

The wolf set off, sprinting towards the unfamiliar smell. She didn't care if it was just a delivery boy from her father's company, but she wanted someone at her side. Her steps faltered as she drew nearer, the smell of this person clearly not even from her own world. There was, however, a Dwarf that smelled very familiar. Arriana rolled her shoulders, sneaking up through the trees until she had a clean line of sight into the clearing. Three seconds, and the dwarf was flat on his back, a wolf roughly twice his height grinning down at him. The Chimera wasted no time in observing her surroundings, no fear evident her gaze. A myriad of characters filled the clearing, each one unique to their own worlds.

 A woman with no smell - most likely some sort of digital apparition judging based on the light.

The dwarf sprawled at her paws, still reeking of oil and smoke, as if the world had failed to change him in the time it took for them both to travel across the dimension. 

A scruffy looking human stood off to one side, likely just as surprised by her appearance as Noragnir.

The last figure, and the one who had sent out the distress signal, looked like some form of humanoid insect. They seemed to lack any exoskeleton, though knowing the world she had fallen into, that was no indicator of anything. 

The digital woman opened her mouth to speak, likely to repeat what she had just explained to the others, possibly to complain about the intrusion. It didn't matter - it wasn't as if The Chimera was listening. Her eyes were focused on the green creature, analyzing the stranger as if judging his capabilities.

The Leader of the Horsemen looked on, at the entrance of the new figure. He could tell by a few whiffs of the air, that the Dwarf and the wolf had met each other before. Her scent was still on him. He also knew that she clearly wasn't a wolf, but something more than that. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it was almost as if he felt a union with her in some sense. It wasn't until they both locked eyes that he started to understand.

Deep down, his own soul was named Lone, and it had taken the form as a wolf. This new person seemed to show up as if hunting for their own pack, and by the glare in her eyes, she had challenged him. Retane let out a sneer, he was waiting for something like this, because he always had a fight after Dante's Abyss, and this was going to be it.

"Setsu; Noragnir. Once she steps off of you, I'm going to ask you one thing. Do not interfere." The Namekian watched as she slowly stepped off of the Dwarf as if she was ready to take him on. Her form changed, then, to that of a raven-haired female in light blue attire, making her the center of the area.

As they both started to pace each other, taking steps opposing the other, slowly creating an inner spiral, Retane let out a low growl, and to his surprise, so did his foe. Setsu was the one that tried to interrupt the two, but it was Jade, whom they were surrounding, that threw her hand up, "Let them do this!"

"I am Retane, Leader of Horsemen. By your eyes, you have come here to join me, or to challenge me."

"You think too highly of yourself. You interest me in the way an insect draws the attention of a child." Her voice had a condescending lilt to it, as if speaking to a child. "I am not so easy to sway as mortal creatures. Prove you are worthy of my attention."

The Namekian paused for a moment and let out a huge growl. He reached back into his mind when he was the Dark Hunter (Where no one should know his name and not vice versa) and even his attire succumbed to the materialization, turning his entire being black, as well as a dark mask.

The Namekian lunged then, " You tell me your name, or you die here!"

(OOC From here there will be a fight between Ari and myself, Tamsin will be the Judge.)
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

The Dark Hunter, an alias Retane had took long ago, lunged forth. A plain black mask covered his head. His attire matched the mask, with the torso nearly skin tight, but the pants were many pocketed and loose, as if meant to carry items. No items were in his pockets though, as he swung hard at the female. The shapeshifter side stepped the blow, only by a hair, and the Namekian was quick to turn back to his foe with a slight adjustment of his feet.

The two locked eyes, as it was the only part of Retane's that was visible. The both started to circle one another, each step sending them into a slow spiral that would, again, bring them close. The Leader of the Horsemen pressed a button on the device upon his wrist, then, dismissing Jade from the area.

"Money's on the girl." It was the Dwarf that shouted as he moved away from the battle.

"Sure. How much?"

The question wouldn't be answered, as the Dark Hunter and Chimera started to get closer to the other. They stared deep into the other's eyes, always challenging, always hunting. Neither seemed to find a weakness just by studying the other, but Retane wasn't above his code. He remembered how it all started, and how Minoshia, the original Leader of the Horsemen had a philosophy "If they aren't with us, they are against us, and they can die. However, sometimes, you have to beat them senseless and make them understand that they really want to be with us."

The Emerald Fiend grinned behind the mask, letting out a slight 'huff' and charged again. This time she charged as well, both with intent to attack the other. The Dark Hunter swung, but the Shapeshifter dodged, with a slight twist, crouching down as she did. and before the Namekian could react, she leapt up with all her force, leading with a fist. Her knuckles clashed with his flesh, sending the black clothed warrior into the air on contact.

The Emerald Fiend hit the ground a few feet away, not moving, and the unnamed foe shrugged her shoulders with a grin. "What a shame. I was aiming for your jaw. Oh well."

The Dark Hunter let out another deep sight, knowing that getting hit in the groin was painful, but even then it could have been worst if he had male anatomy. He sat up quickly, another grin coming from behind the mask. "Guess that sucks, huh?"

The dark clad Namekian stood up then, staring daggers back into his foe, and started to laugh. Each chuckle grew louder and louder until it reverberated through the clearing. Minoshia had always had a way about picking them, and for this one to challenge him, so by not giving her name, meant he would treat her as Minoshia would have. The Dark Hunter remembered who he was, and with a final laugh threw an arm up into the air.

A small glowing orb was loosed then, flying into the air, and before it could explode, the Dark hunter was on the move. "You tried to use my physical traits, even if 'accidental' and failed. Now let me use your own against you! SOLAR FLARE!"

The orb of energy erupted, blinded all that had vision of it. The Ronin, The Dwarf, and this stranger, all of them were stunned for vision. Retane burst forward then, sweeping past her and sending a knee into the small of her back. He burst again to catch her and send an elbow into her sternum. The Shapeshifter flew back a few feet before landing with a 'thud'.

"Gonna say this again. Tell me your name or die here!"
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Arriana cackled as she hit the ground, standing up and stretching out as if the blows hadn't hurt her. Her scales were definitely going to be a useful aspect. Clearly he was dedicated to taking this seriously. Just as well. It was more fun when people put up a fight. The Chimera winked at Retane, cheshire grin of sharp teeth spread across her face.

"That's a cute trick. Flashy. I like it. You're doing about as well as my first trainee did. Of course, he was only a child at the time, it's not a fair comparison."

The Chimera plotted and planned, sliding her toes across the ground and digging into the earth. Slowly, she spiraled across the forest floor, resting just in front of a large oak. The man was still infuriated, and it seemed she had used up the spare time he was willing to allow her. If she had been testing his patience, The Chimera mused, he would have lost before it even started. Retane lunged for her, hands grasping at thin air before planting face first into the damp soil. Arriana brushed herself off beside him, shaking off the dirt she collected in her diving roll to evade his attack, happily grinning down at him. Her fangs shone as if dripping with poison, her voice laced with the same condescending tone she had used in the introductions. She couldn't deny that she was having fun. 

"First lesson. Patience has a time and a place. Don't strike first against a poised cobra."

Her opponent growled, lunging for her from the forest floor. There was no denying that if he landed a hit, it would be less than pleasant. Were this a fight to the death, Arriana had a sneaking suspicion she would not be the one still standing, not if he had special magic up his sleeves. Lucky for her, Retane seemed to acknowledge she was more use alive as an ally then dead. A gentle wind blew through, teasing dark hair over tan shoulders and whispering secrets to the leaves, reminding her why she had chosen this particular verse to stay in. The Chimera's movements timed with the wind, swirling and spiraling, while Retane opted to be straight to the point. It was clear even to the spectators that Retane had a faster movement speed, for every blow she dodged another one was absorbed by her scales. The chimera never gave him a chance to tip the scales, never taking any chances that might wear out her luck. 

"Second lesson. Always take advantage of the environment."

Arriana took a running leap towards the nearest tree, grabbing onto a branch and heaving herself up. She might not have the accentuated reflexes and senses she possessed in her own world, but that didn't mean she was incapable. The Chimera lead him on a chase, weaving through the branches in a strange sort of dance that brought them to the other side of the clearing, easily thirty or forty feet off the ground. Retane was faster than she had predicted, easily keeping pace while the branches made a clear shot impossible for either of them. The branches, while still sturdy, were beginning to thin here. Her opponent was nothing but a flaming ball of unconstrained rage by now, murder in the glint of his eyes and released like a deadly curse in his breath. Arriana doubted that he would notice how every one of his heavy movements shifted the leaves.

"You think you can lecture me? This is my world, my environment. You are a trespasser that needs to be shown their place."

Retane snarled and lunged forward, prompting another wild chase throughout the branches. Ari dove down, stretching out her claws to catch on the bark and slow her descent. She landed rather heavily on a branch, taking a moment to sprawl out and mock the man even more.

"I am The Chimera, little green child. My home is everywhere, anywhere." She paused and glanced up at him, relying on the tell-tale sound of shifting leaves to tell her when he would pounce next. "This is no more your home than it is mine. Your little computer friend already explained this, Retane, keep up will you?"

The tree shifted and Arriana rolled off her branch to dodge, looking up when she landed below only to find that her opponent wasn't there - her ears did not betray her, he was no longer above her either. Arriana strained to find where he had gone, but there was no more noise than the wind through the leaves. The Chimera located her foe with all the suddenness of a swift foot to the small of her back, catapulting her off the branch and into a neighboring tree. 

"The T'sa-ro can fly. Of course he can."

With a burst of speed, the Dark Hunter was upon his prey again, even as she acknowledged his ability to traverse through the air with ease. His long fingers wrapped around her throat, and before the Shapeshifter could retaliate, Retane tossed her up and behind him, her body flying up into the air and towards the center of the clearing. He used his energy, bursting toward her direction and met her falling body in mid-air, delivering a kick deep into the small of her spine, sending her even higher into the air.

The Emerald Fiend met up with the Chimera at the peak of her ascent, and grasped the smooth silk at the front of her chest, his knuckles butting up against her trachea and jaw. The black mask of the Dark Hunter dissipated then, revealing a stern look from the Leader of The Horsemen. Without hesitation she sank her own claws into the flesh of his forearm and it couldn't help but make the Emerald Warrior ponder.

While Minoshia had been one of wrath, his brother, Tapion, had been on a bit more different level. Tapion knew when he was beat and would do what he had to, to survive. Retane looked at the claws dug deep into his flesh and knew that they were there only to grasp him. Any deeper and they would force him to let go. The Namekian let a smirk as he remembered back in the day when Tapion came against Retane, in hopes of scoring better in the tournament. Still, the older brother of Minoshia, wasn't above his loyalty and fun.

Then there was Maleficus Nova, another Leader of The Horsemen, and the successor of Retane, himself. He was the Namek's firstborn, and the current Leader and revivor of The Horsemen in their own realm, as the Emerald Fiend had stepped down long before. Mal had Tamsin, and an entire Legion at their disposal, making The Horsemen more evolved than they had ever been. Still, Maleficus Nova, the Jade Fiend, had managed to gain a following by how he handled himself.

Finally, there was Jack Frost, the Epitome of Innocence and Fun. He was also the Guardian as well as the Leader of The Horsemen in Retane's absence. He still thought most people to be good, however, he was also beginning to realize that there was darkness out there as well.

The Namekian looked to his arm, the violet life force running towards his elbow and letting gravity take its course. "Yes, I can fly, whatever it was that you called me. However, I wonder if you can."

With each passing second, the Namekian took himself and his foe higher, passing even the tallest tree tops. There was a moment of silence between the two, not even the whisper of wind disturbed them. In that moment, the two locked eyes and deep down the Chimera could read Retane's thoughts: That he fully intended to drop her and watch as she fell to her doom, meeting her fate as she collided with 'the environment he was taking advantage of'. The Emerald Fiend had concluded that in the memory of the former, current and future Leaders of The Horsemen, this action would most honor their memories. It was 'sink or swim', or rather, fly or fall, and it seemed honorable towards Tapion, Maleficus and even Jack Frost, while it still had a sick violent catch, giving a nod to Minoshia; If the Shapeshifter could indeed, not fly, then the next few moments would be their longest moments of her life filled with pure dread, only to die upon impact her life force etched in the soil from there on.

"Should have given me your name." A green orb flashed to life in Retane's free hand, and without a chance for it to really register in his opponent’s mind, he shoved the ball of energy into the Shapeshifter’s face. As the ki exploded, the woman’s head was knocked back and the Leader of The Horsemen released his grip. The law of motion kicked in as the rest of her body followed in the direction of the head, and her claws unwillingly ripped out of his forearm, sending forth violet spurts of his blood into the air.

The Namekian watched then, as his prey began her plummet, head leading the way. The Chimera gathered her surroundings about mid fall. She jerked left and right, as if trying to gauge how far the tree line was, but that would be way out of her reach. She expanded her arms and legs out to help slow her descent, buying her time to think of something. Retane was ready for it though and loose two cyclones of whirlwind in her direction, one of which carried a purple hue. His intent: to force her to the ground even quicker.
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

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