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The Second Coming.. Rebirth of The Horsemen

Far off in the distance Keha, the Leader of the Raptors, scratched and bit at the wicked vegetation that had ensnared one of her flock. Along side her, two others attempted to assist her as the others stood by,observing, or looking for more entrapments or other predators attempting to make them their victims. The experienced leader paused to bark out into the air, expressing her frustration as she tried to free her mate from becoming victim to the Bloody Snatch's wicked trap. This had been the first time she had been out of captivity since she was a young-ling and most of her fellow pack members had never seen such freedom. They followed her faithfully and this was she repaid their trust; Allowing her significant other to get trapped.

In her defense, she had never learned of plant-life trapping and trying to kill and feed off of living creatures before, even when she was young. This was all new to her and she was frustrated that her mate had managed to let his guard down. This was the third time since their escape that he had showed weakness, the first two being when the Shinobi had tried to corner him, and he had lost his cool and attacked and ended the life of the human that had always tortured and bullied him when the other scientist weren't paying him any heed. The second time, had been when they were face to face with the over sized wolves, and he was the first one to react, tangling with with Byrn, before their squadrons were in place, try and pincer them by surprise. Keha's mate, had been foolish enough to act prematurely and attack Byrn, nipping at his flank and trying to slash his gut. While it was brave, the hot headed Raptor failed himself and her. Now it was this.

It was then, that there was a nearby shrill from the direction the tendrils had came from, as well as multiple directions, and the tendrils loosened and recoiled quickly. i was almost as if the plant had been attacked and was in pain. Still, Keha couldn't make much sense of it. Her fellow comrades called out in victory, as her mate recovered and stood up. Not to far away there was a howl, undoubtedly from the pack of Dire Wolves they had always clashed with, and while the Raptors quieted and cocked their head in the direction, Keha had a feeling that they had just been dealing with a similar situation.

As he mate tried to near her, the Alpha could only turn her back to him, shunning him for his third strike and slowly began to trot away, heading towards the direction they had been going initially. The mate paused, unsure of what he had done, but slowly followed, taking up the rear.


Far off, where the howls had come from, the pack of wolves bayed in victory, though they had not known how it had happened. The strange plant had ensnared one of their pups initially and the mother of the young one took the bait and got ensnared herself. Creating a domino effect, the soon-to-be mother, and sister of the trapped mother, went to her aid, getting trapped herself. From then, the pack congregated together, each one grabbing a tendril and some trying to bite through it while other's pulled in the opposite direction, attempting to rip or at least slow the process down. Even Byrn was there, carefully trying to bite each one, with his 'Blue Flame' technique he had learned from the Ninja village, which allowed his bite to burn the target he bit. It only caused the tendrils to to harden and tense up.

The growls and whimpers towards him let him know that they wanted him to use the 'Dire Flame' Jutsu he had been taught as well. However, Byrn was hesitant, knowing he wasn't able to control it and could start an extreme forest fire. Something had happened though, and while he had finally decided to use it, his mouth smoldered with smoke as he he held it in, noting that something had caused the fauna to retreat with a piercing scream. The Alpha Wolf let out a burst of flame into the sky, unable to hold it in and rejoiced in a howl with his brethren.

After noting that the singed leaves didn't spark a flame, he quickly ran to the recovering mother-to-be and licked at her face, only to follow with the pup, because he knew the mother of the pup would have nipped at him for not checking on their litter first. He went to her last and with a low growl she stood up and ran to her own pup, the rest of the litter, coming out of the bushes to join them.

Byrn tilted his head in the direction of the first scream that sounded to the plants, then towards the direction of the barking calls of the Raptor's and could only assume on instinct that they were both headed towards the same destination, and would have to fight again.


Retane looked on with Probitas and the others noting the distant calls of the two Predatorial Packs, and with a tug on Retane's finger, Probitas looked up at his father with a heartfelt plea, "We need to help them. The Ninja Village is out to get them because they killed two Shinobi. Keha wouldn't do that or let it happen, nor would Byrn! They are smarter than that. Something's wrong. Someone did something! I just need to get to them and speak with them! I'm sure I could find out what happened!"

Retane listened for a moment and looked to the others. Arriana, Ricter, if you don't mind could you head in that direction? Take Inirtias and Arith with you as well. Meet up and try and stop the wolves.I don't know if you can commu-" He was cut off.

"So, just because I can change into a wolf, you think I can speak bark?" Ari let her gaze stare daggers into the Leader of The Horsemen. The Namekian was sure that it was more the fact that she was being asked to go with others, and not alone but didn't answer.

"I can!" Ricter stated with a nod, before grimacing at what he may have agreed to.

Retane gave a nod and with that, he was off, with Probitas and Kelsie on his back, with Squeaky on top of his head.

Arith watched as they left and murmured, "I think he took that cat as bait. Does that mean that the broken weasel is our bait?"
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

While Retane focused on the children, Arriana took the chance to dispose of her bloodied wardrobe. She didn't fail to notice Ricter's questioning gaze when he realized just how inhuman she was underneath the pretty things.  The Chimera gave him a sly wink and a whisper promising him answers in due time. She crumbled the old garments to dust, rendering the poisonous blood harmless on the breeze. They were quickly replaced with more modern human attire; a brilliantly white haltertop and soft blue denim shorts that seemed to make her skin look darker. She stretched upwards, showing off a completely smooth abdomen before dropping back on her heels with a grin. 

"You did a good job, Doc. Everything in it's place and all that."

The feeling of several small pinpricks drew Arriana's attention to her ankles, where a tiny feline sniffed at a patch of nearly-white scales. She lifted the kitten by the scruff of it's neck, head tilted to the left as she studied it. It seemed to be no more than a common house pet, though Ari knew better than to underestimate foreign wildlife. The tiny thing squeaked as she dropped it on her shoulder, gently scratching at the base of the kitten's ears. 

Quote:Retane looked on with Probitas and the others noting the distant calls of the two Predatorial Packs, and with a tug on Retane's finger, Probitas looked up at his father with a heartfelt plea, "We need to help them. The Ninja Village is out to get them because they killed two Shinobi. Keha wouldn't do that or let it happen, nor would Byrn! They are smarter than that. Something's wrong. Someone did something! I just need to get to them and speak with them! I'm sure I could find out what happened!"

Retane listened for a moment and looked to the others. Arriana, Ricter, if you don't mind could you head in that direction? Take Inirtias and Arith with you as well. Meet up and try and stop the wolves.I don't know if you can commu-" He was cut off.

"So, just because I can change into a wolf, you think I can speak bark?" Ari let her gaze stare daggers into the Leader of The Horsemen. The Namekian was sure that it was more the fact that she was being asked to go with others, and not alone but didn't answer.

"I can!" Ricter stated with a nod, before grimacing at what he may have agreed to.

Arriana dropped the kitten to the floor for it to be swooped up by Retane. She turned and motioned for Ricter and the others to follow, not at all concerned with what Retane would do with two kids and a small kitten. 

"Keep up, Arith, or you'll be our bait."

Arriana looked over the edge of the crumbling ruins, judging the distance from her to the ground. The Chimera turned to her companions with a dangerous grin. Ari's bones started crackling the moment before she stepped backwards, kicking off the edge into free air. The ground came a fraction of a second too soon, her cocky miscalculation thankfully harmless. She landed on the ground on four paws with only a slight stumble - and a less than subtle startled bark. As the over-sized canine she had approached Retane, and as that same canine, she would leave him. It seemed only fitting to her. 

The Chimera proudly paraded her way to the base of the stairs where Ricter waited, canine grin showing off wickedly sharp teeth. She stopped at his side to shake off the loose jungle soil from her fur before letting out a joyful howl - nothing threatening, or even intimidating. Simply an invitation to the wolves they were meant to be tracking.

"Oh, I'm glad it went well then, your body is so unknown to me I was worried Lanor wouldn't be able to actually heal you." He explained, answering Ari's comment about the work they placed into healing them, only drawing a small smirk from him as she went to play with the kitten.

With them being asked to go on this mission to aid in making sure the wolves and raptors would be returned to where they came from, he felt it was some what nessisary to at least help in it. Even if his over all goal of healing Ari was done. He did have his own reasons for agreeing to aid in all this, not for recognition, he was known enough in this part of the universe.

His main goal was to actually know more about the ninja village he had never visited nor seen before, only having heard rumors about it and the current leader of such a place. The main point of intrest being towards Tsunade, a woman of such medical skill that it was rumored that she was bascially imortal, while also having many skills regarding the medical ninja arts. If not for this he would probably have needed more convincing, but maybe if they get the animals back they would allow him passage to at least visit the village?

Scampering along he would move fairly modestly along the ground, he wasn't the fastest but he covered ground quickly. Though, as he began looking back he noticed that the others weren't wishing to run as much. At least at first as his attention was mostly towards Arriana, squinting her eyes at the mention of the chimera explaining later about her odd body type, less so the shape of her body which he would no sooner find to change on a whim.

Even her means of transforming into other animals didn't surpirse him as much as her medical condition, after all he could do the same to some degree. Just not into certain animals. He would no doubt always and forever remain a weasel, and he was fine with that since it just meant he was comfortable with his species.

Though, with more pressing issues, and a parting glance to Retane as he asked them to split up he would wave back with his little paw; asking the question. "So...you need the wolves captured again? Or..."

Retane gave a nod, "Yes, at least ensure you don't harm them, rather not lose them to a stray cut or bolt of energy." Though the namekian ahd seen probably most of what RIcter could do, he ahd no idea what the little doctor could do at face vaule, it was like trying to play a gambling game with 1:100 odds of getting the right row of numbers or icons.

Sitting on the steps as well he would prepare to go now, or at least be as prepared as he could be to leave now that they had mostly everything done, or so he felt was the case. Though his attention did turn to Arith on his comment about bait.

"Um...I'd rather not, besides, maybe we can reason with them?" The weasel squeaked.

"Yeah, I mean if that dosen't work we can always try making sure they don't maul us and tussle a bit. They shouldn't be that terrible to deal with." The chimera mentioned while flashing a canid grin. Not having all the info the two of them would have to look over to the others for answers.

Pouting, as much as an animal who could pout would do, they would inwardly groan to her mention of fighting them. At the same time it was difficult to understand if they would be fighting or just looking to capture them and bring them back, so Ricter looked over to Arith first to ask about the mission objective for Retanes little group; just not too heavy on the details.

"So do we beat up the wolves and take them back? Where do we take them?" Ricter wasn't a very good capture specialist, nor was he very good at anything besides healing and sword fighting to a moderate degree.

Which was obviously odd for a little weasel like himself, but probably wouldn't be the most strange thing anyone would meet in this universe of monsters, creatures, and gods. Ricter just didn't want to become a more appealing target given he would count as food for the canines who they were bound to face, so diplomacy over combat was his goal.

Arith moved along with the group, keeping pace easily as the armored male would take a moment to think, eyes rolling up before he rubbed the side of his helm, then spoke. "Well it was never really specified, but I believe the plan was to subjugate them to some degree, not kill of course."

The stoat had no interest in killing animals, he's done that before, it was different than killing something who was trying to murder him. He could at least reason with animals, but monsters were a different story.

Focusing on walking along now when they prepared a path for them to take, his paws gently tapped the soft ground and leaves bellow his little paw pads, searching the ground for tracks and signs if wild life. Careful of where to walk as he made his way along, staying in the middle of the pack as he had no idea where he planned to go besides following those in the lead, hoping that they wouldn't run into some form of ambush by the wolves they were seeking to capture.

Having only maybe a mile or two before they may even reach them with how nice of a pace they were going with out tiring themselves out, even if Ricter just wanted to scamper on ahead, energetic now as he kept his own wishes and motives for coming a secret till it became necessary to tell everyone why he wanted to maybe visit the ninja village eventually.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

"A Dragon, a Wolf, and a Weasel walked into a bar," Arith mused out loud, as if trying to come up with a joke. Ricter and Arinna both eyed him weirdly as he stopped and looked about. He ran his hand around the neck of his helm for a moment before pausing and scratching at his helm again and then looking into the sky.

"Yeah, just so you know, we found them. Or they found us. One of the two. Not entirely sure." The wolf and the rodent both looked at him curiously only seconds before the pack of Dire Wolves stepped out towards them, one of them, the leader, Byrn coming from the side, letting out a low growl. He was large and red, and sneezed once before growling again.

Arith laughed, "Oh so you speak Retane too!?!? That's great!" Arith turned to the other two, and through his arms up. "He says he's going to kill us.

Ricter cocked his head for a moment, trying to understand the dialect, "Are you sure? Because I am almost sure he was asking about 'them'"

Arith shrugged his shoulders, "Well he said he's going to kill me if I don't tell him where Probitas is, and I don't think that is the best idea."

Before he could say anything else, Byrn took a step forward stamping a foot with another growl, "Where are they!?!?"

Arith took a step back almost as if he was offended and paused for a moment before stomping his own foot and putting his helm to the wet nose of the Red Wolf and shouted, "NUNYA!!!!"

The Leader of the pack swatted Arith backwards towards the two, but the Lythian dug in, not letting the two stop him and let out a chuckle. He glanced around, nodding towards the direction of a bush where there were slight sounds of pups suckling and whimpering as they tried to find a tit. Arianna and Ricer both, seemed to pick up the slight notion and observance, and took note with their own ears.

The Champion of Lythia however, quickly changed his attention, and looked to a wolf nearby, almost ignoring Byrn as he spoke again and cocked his head for a moment with a giggle. He looked back to Ricter and and nodded, "She want's me."

Ricter tilted his head in confusion, "What?"

"She's in heat and she winked at me. She wants me." Arith nodded in affirmation.

Ricter threw a paw to his face and looked to the Chimera in wolf form hoping he could make some sens of it all but all she could do was sneeze at his bull shit.

Retane stood on a tree limb, hugging the bark. Kelsie, Probitas, and Squeaky, all rested beside him as they observed the scene below. Keha, who The Leader of The Horsemen had already marked, seemed to walk around and bark orders at the others, almost trying to get everyone situated and ready for their next trek. The eldest Namek took a look at his son and gave a wide-eyed look and let out a low growl, before dropping down in the middle of the pack.
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Arriana took two steps forward, sniffing at Byrn like he was a new plaything. Her tail batted at Ricter's arm to nudge him towards the pups.

"I can handle Mr. Frumpy Puppy here, Ricter. Go do your thing."

She shook out her fur, thick fluffy mane clinging to the dirt remaining from her tumble at the ruins. The Chimera stretched out with a downward-dog, seemingly unfazed by the wolf nearly as large as she was and his pack. Ricter started towards the bushes, prompting a lunge from Byrn - and a swift smack to the alpha's head by Ari's paw. 

"I'm not done with you yet. Leave the rodent be. I'm the one you need to worry about."

She gave him a playful growl, challenging him but still mocking him as though the wolf were nothing but a housepet. The Chimera prowled forward, putting herself between Byrn and the pups. He lunged; she rose to meet him. He went for a killing blow to the neck; she stepped to the side and swatted his nose with the plushest part of her paw. For each move he made, she had one to match. Occasionally he would manage to snag a claw-ful of thick fur or a small scratch on her flank. Arriana, on the other hand, kept toying with him. Her claws never dug in, her teeth never bared to attack. By the way her tail began to wag every time the alpha grew close to drawing blood it seemed as though she enjoyed the possibility of being killed. 

Byrn looked furious, definitely not appreciating the taunting. He lunged agian, though Arriana didn't bother to dodge this time. The point was made, and the battle was done with this final move. The alpha wolf's teeth sunk deep, the metallic taste of blood seeping into his jaws. When his enemy didn't try to break free, didn't even whimper in pain, Byrn knew he'd walked into a trap. His second cue was loss of taste. 

The self-declared victor of their spat, Arriana waited for Byrn's jaws to go numb before shaking him off. 

"Now that that's dealt with," she started, "I am The Chimera. The kid is with his father, safe. I don't know where they went. We were sent to find the pack, and stop them from making stupid decisions. I'll take one stupid decision as a goal accomplished." 

The Chimera lifted her head and howled, voice carrying over the trees in all directions. Hopefully, that would be enough to tell Retane what they'd found.

As the Namekian dropped to the ground from the canopy above, he landed in a slight crouch, his eyes meeting a single one of Keha's as she snatched her head to glance at the intruder. Both seemed to sneer, curling their lips at each other as they tried to look down at the other, almost as if they were trying to show dominance their target. Keha's clan mates seemed to take more offense to the scenario than the Alpha Raptor did, as they started to blow air, letting a few low barks and clicks and clacks come from their vocals.

This was the first time Retane had ever met the Raptor and her clan, but he knew that this was important to his son. Not to mention that it seemed that someone had tried to set his son up, and he wanted answers. This was going to be the first step into a process of figuring out what had happened. The Emerald Fiend didn't flinch, but he took his time to sniff the air, noticing that he actually couldnt smell the Raptors at all. Not even Keha's hot breath that he inhaled. Still, he had his ears, and they were one his best senses, if not his best. He was able to focus on his surroundings, counting at least four others in biting distance of his flesh and twice that amount not even twenty feet away.

The Emerald Warrior took in a slow breath, figuring that the raptor had noted that he looked similar to his son, only a lot bigger, and that they were smart enough to know who he was. Probitas would most likely have told them stories of Retane. After all, they had been told about 'that' spot, and it seemed they were going to head out towards that exact location. There were a few clacks, from Keha until she finally huffed once more and turned her head upright and barked out.

At the same time, Retane felt ease for a moment, then tension as his antennae twitched and he let out a low growl and turned his head upward, to see Squeaky and Kelsie fall from the sky. The Namekian leapt upwards grabbing both of them in each arm and landing upon the branch he had initially dropped from. His eyes focused twenty feet away on a target. It appeared to be a member on the ANBU, the mask however was a slashed image of a coyote. In his arms, was the restricted and seemingly paralyzed, Probitas.

Retane let out a low growl as he flexed and prepared to jump without warning. "You messed u-"

The Leader of the Horsemen didn't get to finish his sentence as Keha leapt beside him , her head cocked at the foe and sneering at the situation. Retane couldn't stop but pause and look to his side , seeing that there was literally, a raptor next to him as they stood on a branch, both wanting to get the Ambassador from this stranger.

"So you must be the foolish one that thought it wise to incriminate my son?" The Emerald Fiend snatched his glare back at the capture, who seemed confident.

"Yeah. It would be me. These pathetic beasts and this punk child are going to take the fall for it all, too! Everything! It's going to be epic too! Just watch!"
[Image: hchh.png]

I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

Ricter would have chimed in plenty of times that he wasn't necessarily a rodent as they kept calling him, but the little weasel didn't seem to bother with it, after all this seemed fairly important. Although a bit out of the ordinary as he hadn't expected too be trying to help with little pups, as this whole thing seemed too call for a care taker more than a doctor. Luckily his line of work did involve this to some degree, just not as often as he would have cared too like.

At the very least it would seem that his new shapeshifting friend had them covered as he flinched and expected too get attacked but instead the large canine was intercepted by the other. Ensuring he could go into the bushes unhindered to find, what he expected to be, two or more puppies. Which in fact he did find, though instead though he also found what seemed too be a mother here, who, just as he was about too move out of the bushes, snapped towards him with a deep growl as he would be startled by the sudden aggressive action.

"Make any more movements and I'll be snapping off your head rodent!" The female no doubt angry that someone unknown had come this close too her pups, who seemed too perk up but more so seemed too want food more than anything, struggling too do so as Ricter would raise his paws up in defense. Trying too show that he came with no ill intentions, but most of all he wanted too aid them rather than end up in a fight, one of which he would rather not try and do right now.

"Wait! I came from Retanes little group an-"

"Retane? Pff, if you think throwing his name will save you your wrong." The mother was defensive.

"I was told to come along and help out, or at least offered to do so, that and heal someone, but that's besides the point. Your pups aren't able too feed." He pointed towards them, the little dogs struggling too find something too latch on too while they wiggled and squirmed in defiance at not being able too drink or nourish their need for sustenance. Which as he took a step forward she growled again, causing him too freeze as she was only a foot to two away from easily being able to snap at him with her powerful jaws.

"I said not another step! They..will feed, they just need too be coaxed, or placed in the right position, I can do it myself." Still as defiant as ever it seemed she was clearly head strong, as any protective mother would be when it came too their own young and or offspring. Either way as he would no doubt sigh he simple took a step back and resorted to just using his abilities instead, which he didn't enjoy doing but it was better than letting the puppies starve due too negligence.

With out much rime or reason a pleasant Oder began to come off his body now, something unexpected but also just calming. It felt somewhat like a light buzz in the back of someone's mind, and over all just made relaxing that much easier as Ricter spoke, "Please calm down, all I'm here too do is make sure your puppies are okay, and hopefully no more than that." He stated as the females growls began too slow down.

Of course she had no idea what the smell was doing, she picked up on it as soon as he began but over all its effects began too take hold and eventually she would seemingly sigh a bit. As if a bliss filled expression had encompassed her face she would rethink the idea as she looked too her pups then back too him, "Fine, please help them feed, they will learn in time but I'd rather not them suffer." She stated, almost having a smile on her face now as what ever Ricter did too calm her down seemed too work wonders.

Now that she was compliant he would scamper over too her and no sooner would pull the puppies one after another towards each of her nipples, allowing for them too be suckled from as the puppies tried biting him at first but they calmed down once they got what they wanted. Ensuring they wouldn't fall off or pull away once they were attached, a very quick job as by the time the little 'sparring match' was done on the other side of the bushes, Ricter would have completed the job.

"They should be okay, though if you need more help later on just have another adjust them too each spot." Ricter advised as no doubt this was her mates job.

"Yes, thank you, what is happening over there if you don't mind me asking?" She seemed too giggle a bit, not in finding what he said funny, but more in a somber manner, like she might have had a bit too much to drink. A small side effect of the aroma he had put up around himself as he tried explaining.

"Your alpha is in a small squabble, were not here too hurt them, but maybe they need too calm down too." Contemplating extending the range of his odd area of effect he would no doubt move away from the female canine and perk up as he looked past the bush and out too see what was happening now. It looked as if their little squabble was over, "Oh your done now, um the little puppies are okay and what not, so is the mother. Dose this mean were taking them with us now or...?"

Clearly not fully accustomed too doing this sorda thing he would look too the group too see what they might want too do now, as the drugged aroma would no doubt begin too fade away now. Clearly he had no need too use it on everyone here if the fighting was now done and no one was in an angry fit.
Ricter CasengerPurchases LogATK: 1 • DEF: 7 • SPD: 3 • TEC: 3

"Everything will be epic too!"

The Leader of The Horsemen lowered himself, gripping the limb he was on and with a snarl he was about to leap, but it was Keha that barked out and leapt towards the ANBU member. The Coyote and Probitas both vanished in a gust of leaves, but the Alpha Raptor was collided head on with a weighted net.

Retane let out his own roar as he leapt past the raptor, slashing the netting and looking deep into the eyes of Airyonna. They both met each others gaze, and mumbled, "What the fuck"


There was a slight rustle in a bush as three kunai came through, aiming for whatever they could hit, be it the Weasel, the mother or the pups or the young ones, themselves. Ricter sniffed the air sensing the danger a slight moment too late and jumped to protect the litter and their mother with his backside. There were two clangs and a deep sinking sound as the third made it into flesh. The short-staff healer looked back to see Arith shielding them all, both sabers drawn, but only two projectiles on the ground before him. The Champion of Lythia glanced back at his comrade and, with a slight struggle, removed the last ringed blade from his abdomen, a few drops of blood littering the soil.

"See? This is what a blade is supposed to do!"Arith laughed as he looked up to thees, were the attack had come from.

The Stoat wiggled his nose a bit with a nod, "Something seems off, why would they try to kill the young ones?"

The Dragon Clad Warrior shrugged his shoulders and looked up as he stabbed his blade into the ground and flung the kunai back in the direction from wence it came. "Good question! I'm gonna go up there and ask them!"

If there was ever a moment that Ricter wondered if Arith was joking or serious, it was answered when he took plucked his second blade from the ground and leapt up into the canopy, both sabers at the ready.


As the three kunia flew, two of the Shinobi tracking the wolves shook their heads and frowned as they saw a member of the ANBU unleash the projectiles.

"Hey aren't we suppose to just trac-" The masked member was upon him in a flash, a short blade cutting through the shinobi's throat, spine, and sinking into the tree. Before the stranger could remove the blade from the fresh wood, a returning blade took him by surprise, landing into his back right shoulder. all the traitorous scum could do was take then hit with a low muttered "Shit", and turn around to look into mask of the Champion of Lythia.

Arith pointed one blade at the one who had just killed one of his own kind and to the other recon unit, who seemed dumbfounded and confused at the entire situation. Arith, recognized the look and gave a nod, "I look like that every morning!" He quickly turned his attention to the 'Brutus' of the situation, "I guess that means you are the bad guy and are the guy that's about to die!"

The shinobi that had just seen his comrade die finally snapped too and whipped out a hand full of stars and a kunai of his own. Tears weld up in his eyes as he shouted, " You bastard! That was my brother-in-law! They just had a child, him and my sister! You're gonna pay for that!"

Arith watched it all happen, and through one of his sabers, repealing the three stars and sinking them into a nearby tree. He moved as fast as he could blocking the man from his target and let out a scoff and then a sigh before shaking his head ," Best not let him kill your sister's husband and brother on the same day." He was speaking to the young emotional shinobi as his target finally removed their blade from the shaft of the tree. "Don't worry, I'll bring you back both his testicles before all this is done. One for you, and one for your sister. Gonna assume it's your sister since you mentioned she was pregnant."

Before Arith could say anything else there was a rustle around the tree tops and it seemed to be the cue for the masked shinobi to escape. With a gust of wind he was gone and there were five more ninja surrounding the two, weapons drawn.

"Dude it wasn't me! It was the Catfish masked fucker!", is all Arith could say, not dropping his weapon.


Nearly twenty feet away the culprit appeared with a sigh of relief, only for a moment as there was a whistling through the air,an arrow sinking deep into the mask and flesh, the ANBU member's blade falling to the ground. There was a poof of smoke and only the mask remained as well as a small log, causing the arrow to snap from the weight.

Form a distance, Inirtias let out a sigh, knowing a split second faster and he would have killed his target. "Substitution Jutsu."


Off in the clearing , while Byrn was struggling to get a hold of himself, the Chimera turned her head towards where the Stoat had vanished and realized Arith was no where to be seen. A sense of urgency came to her as the other wolves nearby seemed to get restless.


As the Coyote traitor looked behind him, he could sense that he was being gained on. The ANBU masked warrior turned to look towards his direction, digging his heels in as he came to a stop, inches away from a blaster aimed at his noggin.

"I don't know who the hell you are, but I am almost sure that that child doesn't belong to you, so you have the count of on to put him down gently and explain what you are doing with him. By the way, I am already on half a second."

The Son of Retane was unconscious, and strapped to the back of the masked shinobi. Coyote, put his is hands up slowly and with a snap of his fingers, unlatched the shoulder connections that held the young child, and slowly let the child rest upon the grass. Behind, the rogue, his trackers were getting closer, and all the ANBU member could do was shake his head, "Really? How many pointy-eared bastards do I have to deal with? If this a fucking convention?"

Before The Horsemen could answer, his adversary was gone and he was being approached by Keha, Airyonna, and Retane and three other ninja.
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I refuse to lose this battle,
Let whatever come my way.
I am stronger then my rival,
No, I will not fall today...

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