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[M] Hawt Damn

As if a cruel joke by Karl Jak to punish her for her premature departure of his game, Ash found herself feeling a bit sicker than usual as pixelated lights shimmer across the space where Ash stood on shaky legs. As an added bonus, her ponytail started standing up in the hot air. The gathered hair fell into voluminous black curls which dance about in the heat before settling around her shoulders.

She stumbled back against some crust covered enlarged surface, her all of the eighty-or-so pounds meant nothing to the rockish thing. She leaned across it, taking in a few steady breaths as she stared up into the swirling fires. Part of her was concerned about the possibility of being cast to the Underverse once more. Only for the connection to the dataverse to fill her with a second wave of relief. Ash closed her eyes and let the twisting calm in her flattened belly.

She still wore the gown from the hospital, it did not flatter her anymore now than it did in the hospital, but it made her very aware of the radiating heat all around her.

As she contemplated on adjusting her outfit or just summoning a new one the morality mirrored humanoid felt the rough ribbed surface she leaned on the move. It was a subtle movement, as if breathing while in slumber. Her neck craned to one side, noting it sloped down on both side of her, but there were shoulder-like lumps to her left. A set of webbed spikes followed the curve, just slightly drooping one side as if not used to gravity pulling on it in that direction.

It occurred to her to move a moment too late, the whole thing rolled over onto its side and a pair of bipedal arms with sharp claws wrapped around her protectively. She let out a soft grunt as she was crushed under the muscular weight of the legs, her back pressed firmly to its belly. The scaled surface was so hot it scorched her exposed skin and began to melt the plastic threads of the cheap gown. Holes formed where the scolding hot body pressed into her's and she had to bit her lip to not make a sound. Pain or Pleasure, it all was the same to her at this point.

Ash let her body relax as she tried to look around for any way out, or be damned to be burned or crushed by the dragon.

She was in a cave. The top of the cavern had to be a good 300 feet, its curved surface fully lit by the moving orange, yellows, reds, and whites of the lava. She could see the mixture drooling along the fang-like stalactites that hung only about 20 feet from her head, the hungry beast craved a sacrifice.

"I don't think I've ever tried hot wax..." She said thoughtfully to herself, then considered what was close by to assist in her escape.

Nothing really. She was on her own.

A bruised colored hand came out and with a few moments to herself, she quick summoned The Red Devil's Claw. Movement was difficult and limited but she managed to whip the grapple hook into motion and released it towards the stalagmites that settled perfectly at the edge of a steaming pool. The claw did as intended, wrapping around the larger one in her aim and locking into the obsidian spire. Its blades cut into the side, but the rock was much harder than the squishy bodies of her enemies. She glanced up at the sleeping dragon that clung to her and rolled her eyes as it started breathing heavily.

"They call me arrogant." She said to herself once again and wondered if she should attempt to slit its throat for a trophy. Against her more adventurous nature, she decided to focus on fleeing from her cage.

It took a lot of strength that Ash didn't have to pry her arms out from under the creature's arms. She estimated an hour just to do so little, as well as staying stealthy about it. All while dealing with the heat. If she thought the dressing room in the back of that strip club she used to work at was bad, it was nothing in comparison to the lair of whatever dragon held her captive. Sweat poured off her and soaked into the hospital dress. At least what was left of it, she felt patches of the thing missing, her skin rubbing against the rocky surface of the mythical beast. Which she bet would be blistered and raw by the time she'd get out from under him.

Or her.

While the idea wasn't extremely unpleasant, after all, there were tons of erotic fiction about dragons and what they do to their virgin sacrifices, Ash still savored the taste of Gildarts tongue on her. Although, if there was a powerful creature ever to be able to make a girl forget Mr. Clive, a dragon would be one of them.

With her arms free, Ash spun the semi-braided ebony hair around her wrists and prepared her next labor-intensive endeavor. Not one that was afraid to get into the dirt and mud, Ash only smirked at the challenge. That was before The Storm Demon attempted the feat herself.

When she pulled, the lazy weight of the drake was still just enough to give her a hard time. How the thing didn't wake up on its own before now would forever be a mystery to her. But for now, she strained and struggled. When she managed to pull her chest to one place on the rope, she spun her hand in the hair and reached for another half foot. She could hear the metal scraping the rock as her arms began to shake under the dead weight of the over-sized lizard. With nowhere to go, she felt her arms give out and her upper body slam into the ground before she rested with a long sigh.

For what felt like several hours later, she inched her body out of the dragon's grasp. Its sharpened claws were relaxed, but still cut into the gown and left the bottom half in ten thick pieces. Her flesh received about the same in treatment, except not as pinchable without the precision that came with consciousness. Each time she believed she managed to avoid it, a second later the nails cut through her with such ease she almost didn’t register she’s been wounded. It was the searing pain afterward with the cuts were exposed to hot fresh air that let her know.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.


It was a labor of blood, sweat, and tiers. Mostly of more blood and sweat. Especially in the oven that was this cavern.

The sex demon slipped from under the drake but not before its claw cut into her one last time. In general one doesn't celebrate until they were literally free, but she tugged the last bit a little harder than she did in any of the process of clawing her way out and it left her with an insignificant lesson. Across the arch of her foot, the skin broke open and she bit her lip once more at the pain. Her brilliant blue blood seeped out, a small burst to warn her that the object she touched was sharp.

With a quick glance to make sure her bed mate was still sleeping, the tiefling headed over to the steaming pool she spotted between two nearby spiky rocks that jet up from the ground at an angle. She stepped with a limp and left a fresh trail of blood behind her, but manages to do so without any more problems.

At the edge of the pool she carefully observed, the edges of it blistered in a rolling boil, but the middle seemed fine. Instead of jumping in she lowered her visior. As the blue crossed her eyes another world opened up to her. Already it was analyzing several parts of the cave. Estimation for temperatures popped up in her field of vision coming through as both Fahrenheit and Celsius, both she only had a vague sense of what that could feel like. Her compass confirmed she was in the Ashen Steppes and rotated slowly with no rhyme or reason.

After examining the pool she could see that the edges were the source of heat, but the pool’s liquid contents were at a tolerable heat closer towards the middle. She could smell several of the listed ingredients as the visor attempted to do breakdown on the water. It looked like someone was using this as a healing bath. She guessed the dragon.

She decided to risk it and using the spiked rock, lowered her wounded foot into the hot water. Being cuddled by a dragon where its scales left burn marks and the claws cut into her flesh, the water didn’t seem all that awful.

As the faux demoness sat there and let the hot water soften her sole and wash away the pain a shadow rose behind her. Her reptilian host apparently waking to the smell of boiling flesh and blood. She heard the creature’s scales sliding across the cavern floor as it climbed up onto its feet. When she dared to look over it was only to confirm what she’d guessed.

“Hello, beautiful.” She purred.

The dragon’s tail slapped the ground as it growled its warning.

“Now… No need to be rude.” Ash pulled her foot out of the spring, putting her weight on it, testing it and finding that the hot water has shocked it into unresponsive. She didn’t let on to this weakness, she just smiled up at the figure as she tried to summon her launching mechanism. “Most guys ask if a girl wants coffee before they kick me out.” She taunted.

The dragon was a wall of muscles, powerful and armored. It’s elongated neck curled back to raise the crested head higher than her. Light from another source played at its ruby-colored scales. She decided that it was a gorgeous creature, but she didn’t want any trouble. It decided to just watch her to see what she’d do, only somewhat aware of her summoning. It’s gold eyes were windows of dissatisfaction. It clearly was not pleased to see someone had gotten in its lair without its knowing. To be fair, it would have been the last place she would have volunteered.

“Not a talker, are ya?” She continued to flirt. The launching mechanism was of primal design. Looking a lot like a crossbow gun but without the gun part, and mostly without the bow part. She pulled the pin back and stretched out the spring as soon as it was tangible. “Honestly I don’t understand how girls can fall for that romanticized version of tall, dark, and broody.” she spoke as she loaded her grappling hook. “Between you and me, I can’t stand the silence.”

She let out a truthful laugh.

“Of course, I can’t stand a chatter box either. You are doing great, by the way. Better than some guys.” Her mind turned to Desman at this. Clingy, childish, practically begging to hold her hand all the time. She’s glad they didn’t get teamed up, how boring would that have been? Of course, Jak was the better candidate. He had just the right touch.

She could only think of a couple of guys she would have liked to play with more.

The dragon took a step forwards, its mass shaking the floor enough that the steaming water behind her rippled. The light also reflecting off the shrinking waves made her check how far she was from it. Certainly, it would suck to take a tumble into it.

The growling beast in front of her caught her attention again, a clicking rattle escaping its mouth. It’s teeth, slender, thin, and ivory smooth. “Gotta say, not really into vore though.” She unable to take a step back from it, physically crippled in her foot. On top of which she simply had nowhere to go.

Except up.

Her favorite direction.

Only because she didn’t think ‘down on a cock’ really counted in this case.

She needed about four seconds though. “Enough foreplay, do you… I don’t know, have an exit around here? I don’t see any signs, just… Well you.”

And indeed she couldn’t see anything beyond it, if only because it kept creeping closer. Slowly, purposely. It understood that it was much bigger than her. It probably understood fully as well that she was one unimposing creature. If it understood her words, which it could, it may even know half the shit she was saying. She could see its wings unfolding, spreading them out to eclipse whatever source of light was dancing in the background.

However, as the spines stretched and the leathery folds tightened between extended sections, everything came to a beautiful stop. Before her was not just a creature of legend, but a statue that mimicked those figurines that game masters used in Dungeons and Dragons. Right down to the fierce snarling, drooling face it made, as if it would swallow her whole had she not activated one of her abilities.

She took a deep lung-filled breath, and brought her arm up. Their eyes met as she aimed her forearm up at it.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

The Storm Demon stood defiantly before a behemoth, the idea of taking on the fire dragon excited her and itched that daredevil craving she chased on good and bad days. Too bad she couldn't imagine her personal level being close to the required level it would take to take on the boss monster by herself.

She imagined herself in some bikini armor like one of the many massive multiplayer online role play games that she dominated back in her cheap apartment, on her multiple monitor gamer setup. She went over the many requests in her inbox to help out this person or that to take on a beast like this. On a platform that wasn’t this unknown, she might have gone for it.

Today, today she wasn’t really feeling it. Death was no longer the ultimate punishment, it was just an inconvenience stop on her climb. One she’d rather not deal with at the moment. She didn’t have a week to waste on whatever her mother’s ghost wanted to torment her with next, she had places to see, people to meet.

That said, she was wasting enough time just thinking about how she’d like to return and give it a go when she was bored.

The Red Devil’s Claw aimed past the dragon’s massive head and admittedly attractive horns, and into the rocky fang-like stalactites in the near distant. It fell short as expected, but the arms flexed and with a little tug, struck at the back base of its wings. Her next step was to do what she always love to do. Lay back, relax, and let the big guys do all the work.

Ash let her legs give out from under her as she held onto the braided rope, the small bit of weight that she possessed allowed her to swing straight under the beast’s belly side.

The creature’s reactions slowed because of her ability, moved with her. As she pulled a Tarzan, the dragon’s sharp talons reach over its shoulder and down onto the spot where she’d been. She let out a small yelp of excitement as the momentum carried her body into the air, arching back and up - over its shoulder and almost into another rotation, but she switched the position of her legs in the air to guide her straight down onto its back. A maneuver she was well practiced in.

Her foot, nervous system still shot by the boiling water, refused to carry her, however. She landed on both feet with all the grace in the world, just to crumple to her knees. Her caps crashed hard between its shoulder blades. “Shit!” she spat as her bruised colored palms let go of the ebony rope to aid in stopping her faceplant.

With full contact with its body, the scolding heat of its scales pressing into her flesh. She could smell herself frying against the drake’s hide as it left an imprint of scales grilled into her shins. She grabbed the hair that made up her grapple hook’s rope and hoisted herself to her one good foot. She took a brave glance down and assessed the damage. The criss-cross pattern reminded her of fishnet’s, she decided she could live with that. With rock climbing logic Ash limped and tugger herself to the wing base to untangle her weapon.

When it was free she loaded it back into the device on her arm while leaning against the stretched out wing. The scent of melting plastic filled her immediate area as she felt even more of the hospital gown shrivel away. If it were anyone else they might worry about their ass hanging out, anyone smarter might be concerned about the damage the plastic would do to their skin. The Storm Demon just wished to be done with the fire and brimstone cliche already. Maybe a trip to the other side of the map would be worth attempting...

Back to the present, quickly, she looked around for a place to put her hook next. There was a shelf in the heights of the cave, a slight glow making it easier to spot. However, she’d need wings of her own to reach it.

While the idea of riding a dragon through the air appealed to her on so many levels, she didn’t want to stay on the creature for too long. She was positive this would do more than just leave some neat temporary tattoos on her soles. The idea of her flesh melting into the metallic red hide of this creature came to mind. The unfavorable fusion would be both nightmarishly unsightly, and predictably unsuitable for combat in any way.

Instead, she set her goals on something more immediate and achievable. She may not be able to get to the shelf but she could reach the long icicle-like stalactites that were forming a natural wall less than fifteen feet from her new position. The drake’s back stood at least thirteen feet off the cavern floors, but with a little adjusting, she could achieve more. That said, she’d rather just work from where she stood - if you can call it that. She reached her right arm out like she was giving Omni a fistbump and launched the claw into the cluster of cave-teeth.

The Red Devil’s Claw impaled itself through a larger gap, then fell into a more narrow crevice and thus giving her the last advantage she could hope for. She looped the rope around both hands as she felt the effects of SUPER HOT coming to a simple and exhausting end. She decided it would be best to move now. Ash kicked off and swung, she could feel the heat of the dragon’s body warm her exposed butt cheeks as she came close to third-degree burns. As everything began to kick back to normal, even for her, she could feel the crash coming.

It felt a lot like the time she’d downed those super-sized energy enhancer drinks they sell at every corner convenience store back home. If you buy three you get the fourth one for free. She remembered her buddy Bandit trying to talk her out of it, so she’d gulped it down even faster than she was sure she should have. It had been a slow burn at first, so much she’d been debating on a second one. About fifteen minutes later she was salt, vinegar, and horny. This was while they were running from the cops for some job he dragged her into. For all her flirting though, it still took the guy too long to catch on.

If memory served the morality mirrored humanoid, the can’s said no more than one per day and she had drunk three in the span of twelve hours. So when they wore off she had one hell of a headache when the crash hit her full force. Exhaustion settling in, heart rate coming down, and the numbness in her lip finally fading. This was a lot like that, but all at once in a fast-n-hard kind of way. Not a very good one either.

Her body felt incredibly heavy to her tired, worn muscles, sleep threatened to snap her from consciousness even while in mid-air. She heard sirens in the back of her mind, Bandit screaming her name… Worse of all, she could just see her mother’s scrunched up face telling her she was going to get wrinkles if her daughter kept up this ‘tomfoolery’. Anything to keep from dealing with her mother for another moment much less a week! Ash could have slapped herself but just willed herself to hang on.

Ash twisted her body in the air like a skilled acrobat, her form bending, jerking, whipping, and swaying as if she’d grown up in a circus of high fliers. She danced in the air, her partner: Death. Much like a carnival’s worth of performers with practiced acts, The Storm Demon would need to step it up a notch and play with fire!

The ember colored beast below her twisted its long neck around, craned into position its jaw popped open. Out from its throat roared its territorial anger, flames flickering against its uvula - a view Ash had no trouble seeing. Her mind was slow and lazy, it struggled to form thoughts of escape, the computer connection inserted in the base of her skull picking up the slack just in time.

She soared as if she had wings, and narrowly escaped the blazing red flames that poured from the dragon’s mouth which were aimed at her. While she was not bathed in the flames, the heat did more than enough to make up for the lack of burning flesh. She heard the popping sounds of plastic as she felt the gown’s only hope burn off her body. She could smell the sickening scent of singed hair, knowing all too well she’d received a new-aged hair cut. When her body slammed into the wedges of the stalactites the morality mirrored humanoid was as naked as the day she was birthed by the true demon, and miraculously still had a full head of hair. She would have to comb out the burnt ends once she was safe, for now, she ripped the Claw out of the rocks and clipped it into place before scaling the fangs of the cave.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

Up. It was the only direction, the only thought, the only way. She could think of nothing else but to move as fast as possible. Her actions quick, but sometimes stupid as she climbed into complicated corner after dead end. There was an annoying fuzzy feeling in the forefront of her skull that prevented her from processing as quickly as she normally did. Normally the demoness could think beyond one inch from her nose.

It wouldn't be that bad except for the drake below her preparation for another fire breath added a lot of pressure to her choices. “I guess he rolled well this turn.” she complained. “Damn random number generator is going to ruin another game for us.”

The usually sharp eyes of the girl scanned her options a number of times before it clicked. A little nook just small enough for a cat like her, but the challenge was to make it there without getting the attention of Smogling here. She only had a few seconds to make the choice, but in true Ash fashion in the end she just flung herself into it!

With the abandonment that comes naturally to the morality mirrored humanoid, she kicked off of the surface she clung to with her hands and chased the small hope of success that her situation has provided for her. Naked she was far from the graceful sugar-glider that made falling a majestic artform, but her wind resistance was none existing.

Ash lost her breath in her chest as she crashed against the textured surface of the opposite stalactite harder than a belly flop in the pools of her old neighbors. She immediately struggled to find purchase with her hands across the smoother lips of this wall, clawing at it much like an animal, desperate prey as it escaped its hunter. She fell a full three feet before her senses kicked in! Her reaction was slow but she quick summoned both Claw and Quil to stab the slab of stone in another effort to keep from splattering across the cavern floors. Sparks flew for the last two feet she slid, the amber lights arching elegantly like shooting stars across her midnight black horns and raven black hair.

She looked up as dragonic flames flood the small space she tucked herself in and the space she’d wanted to be. Roaring destructive fire displayed just how close she’d been to possible roasting before cutting out as the creature below presumably inspected its work. It became clear to her that if she hadn’t fallen her lack of clothing would simply have been the least of her problems.

To be fair, that wasn’t all that big of an issue.

With the lost time and efforts it took, however, it would require an incredible amount of fixity to continue this. A head of her stood a dangerous trek, one that wouldn’t be so laboring if only she had the used of her other foot. As someone who didn’t really believe praying and hoping was even an option, Ash seemed to have an endless supply of willpower and drive. To the commonly perplexing demoness it was not a question if she’d be able to continue, but a groaned decision to continue. Thankfully some of her energy was shocked back into her system or she might have been tempted to see if the dragon would catch her mid-air in its maw before the fall to the cavern floor killed her.

As she slowly made progressive steps towards her escape between the two fang-like rocks which were nearly as long as the cave was high, she actually debated the pros and cons of dropping off and letting herself die. The highest bullet point on the pro side was that she wouldn't have to put anymore work into this. The amount of effort that it took to scale these stalactites was only amplified by her self-inflicted exhaustion. On the other side of the list, the most important point for con would be that death required a lot of work if either of her prior deaths were evident enough. On top of taking a significantly longer time to deal with.

So in short. It was easier and less time consuming to just reach that shelf, regroup, and then deal with this large, fire-breathing lizard.

At some point in her thoughts she achieved the first of a few key points in the plan. Her back touched hot rock as the gap between the stones narrowed to the point that she was but a piece of food stuck in the cave's teeth.

Ash took the time then to search the cave. Her friend was still stalking the area below, looking up but unable to make her out. That is how she perceived it because he was not attacking her just looking up with narrowed emerald green eyes in her direction. The drake looked much like the size of a horse from up here, or a large dog. She imagined she must be incredibly tiny in comparison as well. She could imagine the ancient enemy taking flight in here, but his freedom of movement would suffer a great deal.

Now for the shelf.

It glowed brightly in the distance, about a hundred feet from her.

She could see a nice clustering of the same hanging rocks next to it, and thankfully plenty of stray starting stalactites that her grappler hook should reach making a jagged path toward it. She let out another tired sigh though as she debated bullet points once more.

The conclusion was the same. The only new point of assumed information was that a fall from this height had a better chance of killing her outright than prior points. Before she imagined her friend missing her body or just not attempting to catch it, she imagined herself crashing against the stone floor below but her fall not breaking her skull. She liked then the idea of the dragon being dog-like when one dropped a piece of food off the table. Trotting over and leaning down, sniffing at her broken body before its tongue slurping her up and the end coming in the form of suffocation as it had no need to chew her.

If that wasn’t motivation to fall, she didn’t know what else was.

She positioned her legs so that her knees - which had equally as much experience at supporting her weight as her feet - pressed into the sides of these fang-like rocks, spreading them and bringing forth perverted thoughts. Maybe when she came back to do this boss fight she would bring Victor with her. His level of creativity might bring some life to this boring place…

The Red Devil's Claw is slotted into place on the device on her arm and she aimed for a spot on her next stop. She was lazy if this wasn't yet apparent, and so she planned to hop and swing using the available rope and reach to its its fullest potential. No bunny hops if she could help it, or she just might kill herself for real this time.

This went off without a lot of trouble, surprisingly. The hook didn't always find purchase, but this was fixed with a redo after pulling the Claw back in. Once the arms found purchase one way or the other it was a simple swing to the other side of the rock. More than once she was lucky, her swing was fruitful enough to send her through another fifteen feet past the intended surface and onto another which had been angled in a way she didn't initially see it but reached it effortlessly. These made the trip exciting and faster.

He injured foot made climbing hard, so anything that prevented her from suffering through that again was appreciated.

She did come to a point where her luck stat would be tested though. Around the center of the room she came to situation where her only options were to sprout wings, or come up with a clever plan. As it stood, she had a few of those.

The tiefling would have liked to test a theory about leaping ninja style from formation to formation, unfortunately she found herself in a predicament that wouldn't allow this. That situation being her foot's condition. It stopped more than just the dream every parkour artist had of being a gravity defying acrobat. She was unable to rocket herself across the gap fully. Not that she was sure she wanted to achieve this specifically with the still throbbing aches across the front of her naked form. This jump wasn’t just more air time though.

So if she couldn't achieve this completely, she decided her next best option was to partially achieve the goal. Half the effort, half the distance, half the strength, and all of the consequences if she is to fail.

Failure was no longer an inhibiting factor. It was a setback but never an end again.

With that philosophy newly birthed inside her confidence, she adjusted her aim once more. From her position on a barely existing ledge, Ash brought her endlessly white eyes onto the most optimal placement. She needed to keep moving, the best place for her hook to land would be a spot just before the tip so that she could swing upwards instead of around. Her weight would do the rest.

The problem however, was the likelihood the hook would find purchase in time. The last time she tried this, she fell several feet before coming to a slowed stop. This would be a combination of math and luck, but the luck was the most important part. When she thought she was prepared to risk it The Storm Demon took a deep breath.

Not one to relax, as she had more trouble finding stakes in this game that would leave a tension of possible failure in the air. As it were, the worst part about dying would be the week of being unable to push her agenda. Trapped in some room she couldn’t leave for an entire seven days. Admittedly to the inert woman, a break after all this wouldn’t be horrible. If only it weren’t accompanied by her controlling mother…

With that put aside, again, Ash prepared herself.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

A hop, a skip, hell even a fucking jump later. Ash was finally putting all of this behind her. Or close enough to those types of movements that she struggled with being crippled by the shockingly hot water pool she’d visited at the beginning of all this bullshit. If this was not Karl Jak’s doing because she abandoned ship before she could be killed, she’d be surprised.

For what it was worth, the epilogue of the central cave jump was highly anti-climatic. She’d had to drag her hook into the side of the fang as if she were a dentist flossing the teeth of an even larger dragon’s mouth. It hooked into the stone with little trouble and she was launched into the next stalactite.

Now she was but a few feet from the glowing window. Below her, the apex predator that was the fire dragon has all but became bored of his toy and stalked off to do some lordly drake things. The Storm Demon was too busy focusing on possible freedom. She hoped this was the way out because she wasn’t fully sure where to go if this was a dead end. And if she had to blow herself an exit out of the walls of this cave, she was screwed. At the very least it should provide a space where she could rest.

She was about six feet from the shelf she’d been blindly attracted to, and she took a moment to observe her next step.

It was seven feet long, two feet tall, and about two feet of stone made up the wall between this chamber and the next. From this position, it was near impossible to see inside so she was still unable to figure out what was glowing on the other side.

Happily, this was the easiest climb she’d made today. For sure. She tossed her hook lazily across the shelf so that the metal arms braced against the back of the other side of the wall. She then let her body fall, smacking the wall at a relatively modest pace so that the bruised colored woman hit her side against it. This was not enough to cause much more pain than she’s endured of the past hour or so.

Truthfully she’d like to say Gildarts’ rough kiss had hurt more than anything, but the least she could say was the lip crushing kiss he’d graced her with hurt a lot more than tapping this wall. The surface of the stone was no more radiant and unbearable than the previous others. So there’s all the good out of the way.

She tried to use her shocked limb to no avail multiple times throughout this whole ordeal. It hurt here as well, so she didn’t receive any benefit from it. She instead relied on her arms which were about given out from this climb on reverse mountains. By the time she could pull herself up on this narrow ledge, she was just relieved to not have to move out of fear of falling.

Ash rolled over the shelf’s surface so that she laid on her back, and then immediately felt as though she laid in a coffin with the sides cut out. How appropriate for the nude she-devil who wasn’t afraid to show off a small bit or a larger amount of skin be buried in a box for everyone to see. After all, if they could not see her lifeless body, how would the be able to promise she would never terror the street of New York again?

Well by having a child-like god summon her from the ethereal plane, of course. Duh.

There is where the woman laid, gasping for air. She would like to say she was covered in sweat from the long journey here to shelf-land, but to be frank she’d been sweating for as long as she’d been here. It poured off her, but it also seemed to evaporate.

After but a few minutes to relax, she was attempting to scope out the other side. Apparently, there was no rest for the wicked, if only because she had the inability to stand still for even short periods of time. It took a bit of maneuvering, but she finally rolled over to face the golden rays of light, or whatever made the room to appear to be glowing so invitingly.

When the Morality Mirrored Humanoid set frosted white eyes upon the innards of this room, they went wide with surprise. And all she could think of was how foolish she’d been to not remember this key ingredient about dragon’s and their lairs. Piled in towering mounds in a singular round room that was a quarter of the size of her previously scaled room was enormous and unreal amounts of gold, jewels, and other things that you could simply categorize as ‘treasure’. The mother of all hordes, a dragon’s keep.

She just stared.

And gawked.

And tried to estimate the worth of all these glittering gifts of delight for one large lizard…

In the end, she decided to activate her CyberDeck to take pictures of it. To her surprise, the computer automatically attempted to appraise the objects she scanned. Numbers with a lot of zeros trailing behind it came to her screen over many of the things she was scanning, all of it actually. The dragon had so much gold in one spot that if she weren’t in this thing called Omniverse she might be impressed.

As it were, this shit was meaningless to her of all people. Straight of trashy trinkets. He might as well be hoarding foiled plastic or chocolate coins, jawbreaker jewels, candy necklaces, ring pops, marshmallow statues, peanut butter cup chalices, cakes, and pies. The brilliant gold coins that an overhead light of a magnificent chandelier might as well be bottle caps from glass pop and beer bottles. These worldly trinkets were as pointless to her as broken pottery or stacks of old newspapers.

She was a prime. She could magic up this same mountain of gold with enough time. That kind of level-headedness is what separated her from the beast that called these holes in the ground home.

The Storm Demon even scoffed at the ‘magical’ items. These possible relics that could save villages and towns in Camelot begged for her greed to wake, but she just turned the visor off to lay back. As if her roost had more valuable than several hundred trillion dollars worth of hoarded gil. In truth… It was. Food had more monetary value than some pile of useless metal to her. Unless something in the depths of this cave of wonder could heal her foot, she didn't want anything to do with it.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

She laid there for a long time in eerie silence. At one point her mind drifted back and she was reminded of what she thought was a dream of death. The two times that she’s experienced the brutal grip of death, she was greeted by images and voices. It was much like if she was dreaming, and a lot different to when she jacked into the Matrix. The one that came to mind had her floating naked in a pool of blackness. Maybe it was the warm temperature finally breezing across her naked form that reminded her of the lapping lagoon she’d drifted in for a week, but her mother’s voice came to her.

It was far from pleasant, and it provoked memories of the man in the mirror who’d dawn her sister’s skin.

The image of Isabelle as she screamed melted into Emory from the pages of the Red Devil’s diary. Isabelle’s scream is swallowed up by thousands of other voices, her face turning brutal and thick like an ape.

Ash’s eyes flicked open as she inhaled sharply. Her body was twisted up with tension as if the nightmare had some hold on her. In her hands, she even found the two weapons of her predecessor in ghostly white knuckled clamps.

She exhaled in a deep sigh. Her body relaxed against the thin slab of stone under her. As she did she released her fists and laid her hand's palm face up. The Red Devil’s Claw caught on the edge of the ledge, making a small metallic sound as it tapped the surface. However, the Red Devil’s Quil slipped so completely from her grip that she didn’t even realize it immediately. The weight-balanced precariously on her palm, the poorly balanced blade swung back to even out the weight; but where there is a see there is a saw, and the blade tumbled out of her hand.

She heard it clatter against the wall, apparently, the room was bowl-shaped, and it bounced off the curve and towards the mass of treasure below. At this time Ash realized what had happened and turned to face the horde once more. She caught the movement of her dagger as the feather shaped-blade arced poetically through the air. It fell against a shiny shield, bounced off that, and spun dangerously in mid-air. If there were someone in there they might have ducked as it shot forth again. She followed the movement and when she found the dagger it has landed tip deep into a large chest!

“There’s a joke there…” Ash said to herself. What a waste it would be to say it out loud though.

The Storm Demon sighed again.

She attempted to retract it, out of pure experimentation. Reaching out with her hand and tried to will it to her as they did in games. Her bruised colored hand stretched, her fingers splayed, and she strained until the muscles on her fingers hurt. It was a lost cause and she fell back with a groan.

When it rains… It fucking pours.

At the very least she should get dressed now that she had time to concentrate on clothing. The hospital gown didn’t even exist anymore, the Omnilium that it was made of absorbed by the hot flames the dragon had thrown upon her. She’d have to start from scratch...

What little nap she’d fallen into had given her the energy back to deal with this, it would seem. The girl couldn’t stand up so she laid still as she thought about her new outfit. When she had one in mind the lightning-sparked and surrounded her at the waist. Then it was two rings as it divided into two. The rings passed her naked form and replaced the nothingness with something. Or at least in most places. Her stomach was bare so it seemed as if the magic was malfunctioning.

On the contrary, she just liked showing off as much skin as she could.

From her hips down, she started with low cut booty shorts, tightly hugging her rounded butt and thicker thighs. They were black and featureless. Rather boring for the flashy demoness despite the bright pink g-strings sticking out of the hips. Same with the long black thigh-high silk socks. Broken up only by black leather boots that go up to her knees. They were made for dexterity vs trampling on the lives below your status, but they would do.

From the waist up, or rather the chest as most of her stomach is especially bare. From just below her bust line up to her jawline zipped up her shirt. It was made of tight-fitting, thick but highly breathable fabric. The color was a rich golden yellow with bright dandelion colored accents at the hem and throughout the voluminous, long, bell-shaped sleeves. The ends reaching just an inch from her longest fingertip.

When the circles of blue energy fizzled out, four gold lights burst from various parts of her body. One exploded brilliantly on her right hip, leaving a holster for her grapple hook. Where she promptly placed the Red Devil’s Claw. Another Claw related piece of equipment was the second light on her right side, from within her sleeve. It remained hidden, but it was the reforming of her launching mechanism. Behind her, against the stone, the light flashed and left a hook for an enormous weapon strapped to the middle of her back. The weapon would be summoned later when she could stand and put Invictus in its place.

Finally the last light was on her left thigh, a few strips of leather and a buckle formed a place for the Quil to set in. Now… All Ash had to do was retrieve it.

First, she had to see what her foot was like. Hiking up the light boot she planted the thick sole into the roof of her small slotted place in the walls. She then applied pressure. Miraculously it didn’t hurt. Unfortunately… She felt nothing. The nerves in her foot were shot while applying pressure didn’t hurt anymore, the foot wouldn’t respond to her will until fully healed. Ash sucked at her teeth thoughtfully. It didn’t even feel numb like it did when the nerve was pinched and it ‘fell asleep. It just didn’t feel.

What was she supposed to do though? Yes, even now the Storm Demon didn’t sweat it.

Instead, she tucked her legs in close and rolled.

Into the treasure trove! Where she straightened out on the curved bowl-like wall so that she down it like the ninja she appeared to be. Her black hair even held in a bun with intricate metal chopsticks, lose wisps of raven fly aways dancing around her face.

It was the instant she landed against the ridiculously large amount of coin is the moment she felt something was very wrong…

As if on cue, the dragon let out a roar.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

Warding - Warning? - magic. She didn’t think to analyze the room itself. Welp. Too late now.

The dragon’s roar exploded in the air in pure fury at whatever thief would dare even look at his treasure. It rocked the entire cavern system, feeling a lot like how maybe an earthquake would... The change shuddered in empty anticipation for death, moving out from under her barely sturdy legs. Ash tried to stay on her feet, but this only made things worse. Soft gold slipper coins buckled under her form, becoming much like standing on ice. In New York’s winter, the patches on sidewalks were deadly and created mayhem. She normally did so well, but her bum leg didn’t do her any favors.

Ash watched her hands disappeared up to her elbows in the piles of gold when she landed on her knees. It felt like metal fingers trying to grip her and pull her under. While she finally found some stability on her usually favorite position, the coins continued to move, toppling over and tumbling into lower parts of the pit.

It was when everything fell deathly silent and became as still as snow when things were no longer appealing to the morality mirrored humanoid. Like when you hear two vehicles collide, or shots fired near the windows of where you sleep for the night. The implications of a bad time were heavy, the curiosity to look rose into the demon-like creature. She knew she wouldn’t like what she saw, but decided it was best to look her fate in the face and take it head-on. As she did with most things in life and has for a very long time.

But first, she slid her hands out of the hoard. The treasure did not release her so easily. Her left wrist had accidentally slipped through a jewel-encrusted bangle during its plunge, it had a rather tacky floral design on it and she quickly swatted it off with a flick of her other hand. She gave the right a quick glance and found a ruby ring had slipped onto her pinky. She picked it off and tossed it into the remaining piles.

Ash planted her disabled foot down firmly and stood by putting her weight on the unsure limb. As she rose, she cast her gaze towards the chest from earlier to make sure her dagger was still sticking out and hadn’t fallen in the chaos that was the dragon’s only warning. She needed to get to it as she didn’t know if she could re-summon it if its stuck in here.

In her grace period, she also looked past the chest. To the right ever slightly and then to the left as if assessing the damage an phenomenon like the shifting of two plates could cause. She was trying to formulate a backup plan that didn’t involve using her key item, the silver whistle still very secure on her person. One part of the cavern stood out to her. There was what looked like a cover over one spot in the wall. She thought it was strange but it made sense for the dragon to want to plug up any backdoors. The Storm Demon stared at it long enough for the sound of impatient snorting to start.

Snorting which flung oven-hot air into the smaller room, smelling a bit like death and decay as she was certain he wasn’t the type to brush after every meal…

Ash took a deep sigh and calmly turned around to face Smogling - his given name by her. He - it - was glaring at her with ember-like eyes that smoldered like coals at the fire. They seemed benign but really they threatened to start massive and uncontrolled fury if not dealt with by the end of the party. Without even having to use a language she knew he was incredibly pissed. She put her hands up in the air again, very careful not to use any extra movement that could convince the majestic monster to attack and gave him her warmest smile.

“There you are big guy~!” Ash purred, cocking her hip seductively despite her position. “So! I know this looks bad, but you have my word that I wasn’t after anything of yours. See, my dagger fell into this pit. It’s pretty worthless I assure you, but it's my only means of defense!” She spoke to him as if there was any talking to him.

Smogling blew another dragon-lung full of hot air her way, a wave of rancid air crashed over her form. As hot air does, it swooped down by sheer force of its creator before enveloping the extremely small - in comparison - woman before him. It was of the most ghoulish morning breath she’s ever been subjected to. The burst of hot wind made her lose clothing flutter like a flag and loosen the strands of hair that hadn’t been secured by the ornament hairpiece.

When the foul smelling wind dissipated she took a fresher breath of air. “I just want to get my dagger, and leave. Okay?”

He snapped his mouth sharply as if he understood.

This raised the Storm Demon’s pierced brow.

“Well... Okay.” Ash said, then hesitated once more before taking a step closer to her dagger. To keep him entertained she pointed in the chest’s direction, the one with the feather-shaped dagger sticking out of it. “That’s it. Right over there. See?”

He grunted, again like he was very aware.

Ash limped through the pile, looking a bit like a marionette on strings with how she moved and held her hands. Smogling was silent, watching her intently with an air of amusement. It took a little bit longer than she would have liked, but she was within grabbing distance.

“Alright. Cool.” She announced, not understanding what this ancient being was up to. “Now, I am just going to take my dagger. Okay?”

There was another snap from his jaw, a wet smacking of his lips.

Ash nodded affirmatively, not exactly sure what the smacking meant. Nor did she care. Her hand reached over and grabbed the thin hilt of her blade. She watched as he watched her every movement. “See, just my dagger.” When she had a firm grip on it, she gave it a hefty yank. The blade came out cleanly with a soft thud, and Ash was relieved that she didn’t have to use more than one hand. She tossed it to her left hand that was still raised and showed it to the dragon who continued to observe her.

“There we go. What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is yours.” The morality mirrored humanoid announced and took a half step back away from the chest, but also further away from the sentry drake. “Now, if you just show me to the door. I will leave you in peace.”

The red drake at the mouth of the cave stared at her for a really long time, looking her up and down to make sure she was telling the truth. Or that’s what it felt like to Ash as she had no idea how to read a dragon.

Despite her pure honesty and the clarity of her intentions, she still must have rubbed the giant creature the wrong way because he shimmied his muzzle into the doorway of the cave and opened up his mouth. She watched lava-like strings of drool bridge the gap between top and bottom rows of sharp teeth stretch out into twine sized lines. Ash watched his tongue unravel as it lolled out between rows of razor-like fangs. Each tooth was the size of her arm, she guessed. Massive and tapered to a painful point.

One of two things was about to happen. She has already experienced the might of his roar, how it shook the chamber around from what distance he’d started at when the coins had slipped like ice chips under her feet. If he were to roar point blank? She could only guess the damage it would inflict on her eardrums alone. And while she was more than okay with some pain, it wouldn’t be her idea of a good time.

What was more alarming than that? The fire she thought she saw flickering behind his uvula. The heat of it from a distance melted away the nylon gown, which wasn’t that impressive if she thought about it. However, she was still covered in burns left by the plastic and just his scales so she didn’t think she’d survive a direct hit. She didn’t think anyone could.

Neither of these options was sound. She politely decided against just standing around and attempted to dart for something she could hide behind.

Ash vaguely remembers seeing a film about dinosaurs being revived in a park on some island. She remembered how it had an exhibit for a tyrannosaurus rex, and throughout the movie the kingly - ahem - queen of the dinosaurs terrorized the group of visitors. There was a moment that stood out the most in her mind. When the queen bitch of the island lowered herself and roared at some of the visiting characters.

This was much like that, a screeching nazel execution of air and sound. Yet, somehow masculine. It impacted her body like a wall, she felt it hit her square in the back.

She once took a bat to the back of her head in a fight, and if she could multiply that feeling by a thousand, she might get close to explaining how this felt as she was picked up by the pure force of airwaves. Even her damaged foot attempted to find purchase as she lifted to the air and found nothing.

Terror was not what ran through her mind, she was not afraid. At least not of death. She wasn’t exactly calm either, but not afraid. She could only think about how annoying this was. All she wanted to do was leave Dante’s Abyss in one piece, and now she was being flung through the air by a dragon’s hot air!

She saw her destination, a flattish wall that would do a good job at assisting this asshole in crushing her body to a softer substance to eat. The trouble maker decided she had a better idea and instead she willed her body to twist in the air so she landed on her feet.

Upon impact, a fissure snapped through the wall centered around her boots. The bruised colored woman gritted her teeth tightly and attempted to endure the pressure on her shoulders, head, and well everything as his attack persisted. While she liked a lot of rough play, this was just a crushing motion and not even in the erotic kind of way. Instead, she just screamed back.

At first, her voice was drowned out by Smogling’s furious might, but she had had enough!!

First the stupid people on that floating fucking island press upon her the important quest that hadn’t been worth the trouble. Then Jak’s stupid little friend who could not be any more USELESS followed her into the pits of hell! Whom only slowed her down when they weren’t attached to her in one way or another. ‘WHO WASN’T EVEN A GOOD FUCK EITHER!!’ Then after she had finally gained some ground with new contacts, and better bedmates, Desman had to fuck that up, too!

And this stupid robutt-red fucking dragon thinks he can push her around any fucking longer!?

She inhaled deeply the acid smelling pressured air as the dark eco exploded in activity inside her. Neon blue bolts of electricity snap to life with cloth breaking cracks. Shreds of the gold and black clothing fall off her body like dead leaves in the fall. A particularly strong discharge in her horns flung the metal chopsticks straight into the stone behind her!

Ash, the Storm Demon, screamed from within herself out of the simple need for release, first. Her voice erupted from her mouth in a high pitch that rivaled the Jurassic’s alpha from the movie. Higher pitched than that, higher than she’s ever reached with poorly pitched karaoke. Reaching the octave that breaks glass before the air in her lungs run out while her transformation completed.

Blue lightning cracks across Ash's entire body, her horns and eyes glow bright neon blue as the electricity supercharges her. Her form begins to pulse with light, leaving a map of her nerves across her skin for a moment until the light fades. As an added effect, the lightning tears bits of her clothing and her hair floats in an invisible current.
(( 2/8 SP ))

The tiefling then lowered her body, another strand of electricity flickered into existence as she commanded even the deadened muscles in her wounded leg to do as she demanded! The leg shook with uncertainty and her mind told her not to use it, but she would NOT relent! The boot creaked, defeated by her own willpower, and then with the slightest thought the Storm Demon sprung back! A large arc of bright blue lightning streaking in her wake.

Ash heard a bone-crushing snap ring through her head. Though she was not at all sure if that was the dragon’s nose where she landed, breaking under the force behind her boots, or her own feet. Secondly, she heard a pop as Smogling’s jaw snapped close! In the edges of her tunnel vision she could make out a mixture of neon blue and pure gold light as a wave of coins are forced into the air upon impact of his jaw, creating an abstract illusion of wings behind his attacker.

No more time would be wasted on this stupid lizard!

Ash’s hand came up, fingers extended and stretched to the limit. Pixels of light drew from thin air and a quick summon later Invictus landed in her hand. Ever the one for a flashy ending, Ash let the chainsword fall under its own weight and into her hand, her weakened muscles guiding it just slightly as she spun right there on a fire lord’s nose.

While the emperor’s justice in this weapon form flew down to the left, to bring both hands on the grip, her right foot kicked out. Balance was key in this deadly dance, and her thick thigh would do just fine. Her body twisted counter-clockwise as she reeved her prized possession to life. She felt vibrations massage her tired arms as the chained teeth growled intimidatingly. Her three-sixty turn stopped ninety degrees short as she aimed her convulsing blade into the eye of the dragon, at about two-seventy degrees. Extinguishing the molten embers within it!

The blade of justice did not yield to the might beast. The eye, even covered by a thicker dragonic lid, was no match for her stolen weapon. Like a cold senseless blade into hot butter, Ash felt no resistance at all as she sunk it socket deep. Eye juice and blood exploded from the fresh wound and showered her with the body fluids, seeping deep into the torn clothing so that it truly got everywhere. Jelly chunks flung after her as well, pelting her more exposed body like chips of wood - soft bits of eye carnage bounced unnoticed off her exposed body - including her breast - before collecting in Smogling’s previously protected precious hoard. Defiling his gold with his viscera.

Of course, the dragon didn’t like any of that.

The creature’s pain was evident. First, in the way it ripped its muzzle out of the hole, knocking her and her weapon loose. As she went sprawling elegantly through the air, flipping so that she landed in the treasure about where she started upon his intrusion, it let out a pained roar. This one didn’t have nearly as much power as the last one. It was like it was merely an expression of the damage she caused. Further evidence of her stomping all over his hard work in the form of his tongue flopping about in a puddle of dragon’s blood while the nerves come to the realization there’s no connection to the brain.

Faced with the decision of going in for another bite or getting the hell out of here, Ash’s choice was- Ok, no. This was a struggled she finally had something to take out some serious frustration on, but since was in no position to fight the beast for real, she opted for escape. She was already feeling worlds lighter in mood and movement after her internal vent. So the decker turned tail and ran for the only other option.

Reaching the raised stone she didn’t hesitate to bring the hungry Coruscanti weapon down onto the blackish red stone. Backed by her enhanced strength the rock crumbled like cardboard. A hole opened up and cool air breathed over her as rubble fell in and away. She had a second to notice the strange sound of stone clattering against stone infinitely softer as time progressed when the gravity of this choice swept her away as well.

Coins, she hated coins. If she never held a fist full of change again, it would be too soon. They were as much of a liquid as a solid can manage to be. Hundreds of gold pieces shifted all at once under her weight - ok let’s be real, they really shifted under the weight of her large and vicious weapon - taking her with them into the pitch blackness of the tunnel beyond the freshly broken trapt door.

Swallowed up by the darkness her senses were broken in half. The dark eco’s effect on her blinking out as quickly as it had come to life and allowed full engulfing of her sight. To keep the rest of her limbs intact she cut the power from her chainsword, and clung to it possessively. She knew she was moving by the way her long hair whipped, now that it was unbound once more. It was a good indication that the coins under her now carried the demonic figure through whatever depths of hell fate had set up for her next.

The change rattled against the cavern walls as she is whipped around, acting as lubrication and a flotation device. Not at all unlike a water slide gravity carried her down, down the mountain. She swore she felt herself heading uphill as if the momentum was much too high to stop or even slow.

The endless darkness began to break for some glow below her racing feet.

It was magma. Pockets of molten rock in lazy currents of reds, yellows, oranges, and white. Her ebony black horns passed inches from the windows that dotted this stretch of tunnel. Without light, she couldn’t even tell how small the passage was. Though now was not the time to worry about how close she’s been to cutting off her own nose. Randomly the imposing liquid appeared, always trapped behind something special enough to allow her a view of a lifetime. The mixing of colors created a dangerous but beautiful source of light.

And as quickly as the appeared, she had slid past them. Her mind raced at the scene she left behind, how truly amazing it was. For a moment she even forgot she was in a game. The omniverse just dissolved from existence. Part of Ash was certainly she passed through dimensions if only temporarily.

She passed over boring old rock, the coins jingling all the way home for another few long and questionable moments. The lust demon anticipated an end to it all before she had any evidence to confirm this, she prepared herself.

Cherry blossom roots have reached through the volcanic rock, breaking pieces of the mountain off in small living cages. While the coins literally rained down onto the ledge below her, she was at the mercy of Omni. Like a circus performer, she was shot from a small opening in the side of a mountain and into the contrastingly bright air past the rare vegetation.

Blinded by the abruptness of light she felt a familiar weightlessness of being in the air. This was quite possibly the most comforting feeling the daredevil knew. Unfortunately, it was coupled with the lack of control she was used to. She clenched her eyes shut as she waited for whatever would happen to happen.

The air outside the cave was chilled compared to the living space of the dragon, fresh air surrounded her and poured into her lungs. She could feel gravity’s familiar pull begin. When she felt the heat of ten bonfires approach her left side she assumed she would splash into a pool of that mesmerizing lava very soon. It wrapped threateningly around her a moment before she felt the solidity of two muscular arms embrace her.

They clutched her closer, pressing her into his thick chest, as far as she could tell was also naked. She felt a strange gentle movement but understood that she had come to a complete stop. Ash finally dared to look up, straight into the burning eyes of a handsome, dark-skinned man. His eyes were like her’s, no pupils or irises, just burning orange. From them, lines of similar lava color ran down his face, like he’d been crying tears of magma.

His face was stern, rigid, cold. It send a shiver through Ash to remind her that there were events two people considered doing also while stressed out, and she hoped he expected some thanks for saving her. Around his browned face were dreadlocks, which ruffle with that strange movement she felt. Just past his solid shoulders, she could see movement. When the morality mirrored humanoid focused past his looks, she was met with the vision of wings. Not normal angel wings or bat-like wings from the demon side. Wings made of fire.

With that, he used them to push them through the air and land on relatively safe grounds.

The man set her down on the ground where she struggled but succeeded to stand on her own two feet. In his stone silence, he glared down at her. While she wasn’t even sure he knew her language she understood his. He saw her as nothing but a pain. A true damsel in distress. Her full lips pouted in his direction and he glanced away. Ash sighed, and then looked around. In the distance, she could see the gate. She pocketed her weapon on the hook strapped to her back and pawed at him. When he paid her attention again she pointed towards it. “Is that the way out?”

“Yes,” he answered simply.

She acknowledged him with a warm smile. “So you do speak?”


He didn’t seem like a man of many words. Ash reached up for him when she saw Smogling’s guts drying on her skin. That might be why he was so cold. Well, there’s no fixing that here. “Are you a servant of the dragon?” She asked, trying to dust off the dried parts.


“That’s too bad,” Ash said, over her shoulder, she checked him out again. He was glaring at her. “Or is it?”

“Kravenx is dead?”

There was a silence between the two of them as the weight of the question settled on their time. “No… Wounded. Pissed. But not dead.”

There was another silence, heavier than the last. “You are lucky.”

Ash scoffed. “That’s me. Lady Luck.” though she had no idea if it was good or bad.

“Leave… You are not my enemy.”

The she-devil looked back at the mountain she must have come from. She nodded. “Thank you, again.” she offered, before hopping down a small platelet and limping down the path towards the nexus.
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Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

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