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The Stranded Phoenix

Great just great! The Anrufe, Lucifer, Mortals, Embodiments and now this! Why did it always seem that the Multiverse wanted her captures in some form or another? Did existence just like to torture her? Was it some punishment for her past sins? Or had she really grown so weak as to fall for every damn trick that came her way? "Well if I was not before, I sure am now," Hikaru muttered more to herself than anyone else as she walked over and sat on what seemed like  the 'ground', her back against the ledge of what appeared to be a fountain. No only was she without magic and her senses, something she was used to now, what with the mortals and there incessant anit-magic fields. But per the usual, she yet again found herself without any weapons, items, or really any physical ability above the average human.

Hikaru could only sigh at the thought of it all. What was it this time? Another mortal prison with anti-fields? Another Embodiment domain? Some sort of technological simulation? Or was she dead? That being she had spoken to, the one who had thrown her in this godforsaken place. What had he called himself? If it was even a he. For all Hikaru knew, it could be whatever it wanted to be. Astral beings were known for that sort of thing after all. It had called itself Omni, Hikaru was sure she remembered that. Probably thought itself a God too, just like the Embodiments. Now that she could recall how it spoke so highly of itself and its world, she was sure of it. This Omni was another higher being trying to play god and pull the strings., Sadly for "Omni", Hikaru wasn't one to simply follow blindly.

Oh, she would play along for now. Travel this world, adhere to its rules for as long as she needed to, and figure out how things worked. But in the end, just like every other time she was captured or forced to play pet to being who thought they were god. She would eventually find the secret to how they did what they did, how they ran the system, and most of all, how to break it. Hikaru was not some pawn on a chess board and she didn't take too kindly to playing the puppet to a puppet master.

"Well here we go again..." The Sage muttered once more to herself, breaking her thoughts.  She slowly stood up from her place and peered into the water of the fountain, making sure that she at least looked the same. Last time she had dealings with something like this, they had changed her entire appearance. Something that still made Hikaru shudder. From the water Hikaru could see her normal reflection staring back up at her, her bright hot-pink hair in its spiky form, the rest of it thrown over her shoulders, with part of her bangs which would gold in color, covering her eyes which were also a brilliant gold. Her clothes were their usual, and even her cloak remained. Well at least that seemed in order. Now if only she still had her magic.

"JUST YOU WAIT OMNI!" Hikaru turned on her heel from looking at the fountain until the point she was looking at the sky. She now raised her finger and pointed at it. " I AM HIKARU TYRIS. ELDEST OF THE SAGE THREE, THE THREE MOST POWERFUL MAGIC USERS IN EXISTENCE, HEIRs TO THE GENESIS DRAGON KING, LAST REMAINING  IMPERATRIX OF THE PHOENIX KINGDOM, AND NOT ONE TO BREAK EASILY. I WILL GAIN MY MAGIC BACK,  I WILL FIND YOU, I WILL NAVIGATE OUT OF HERE, AND I WILL UTTERLY DESTROY YOU!" It had been a while since Hikaru had stated her full title, and just as always, it felt great!

Hikaru was not the only one who was irritated with the individual named Omni. There were many others in the Omniverse who shared a similar ideal, namely that they wanted to take Omni and beat him up. Strongly among that camp was one individual who had his own reasons for wanting to do so, James Knight. More to the point, the reason he had wanted to do so was that Omni had stripped him of everything he had worked at, and worked on. James knew that Deryll likely would be irritated with Omni. While Omni was not as exasperating as the individuals known as "Le Mu" or "Ra Mu" had been, he was certainly far too powerful for the personal tastes of James Knight. Likely anyone with any level of sanity in their head did not like that Omni was abducting people and using them as pieces on a chess board. Having not discovered anything on the lower tiers of Coruscant that could have been of any real use to him to be honest, James was back in the pure white that was the Nexus. Unlike last time however, he had wisened up to how harsh the environment was on his eyes and had prepared. Thus the set of sunglasses that were now being worn by him were going to be kept by him at all times,  because of the glare of the various areas. 

Another person had been abducted by Omni. Judging from her shout she really did not like Omni one bit. Given she was alien or at least appeared that way, perhaps there was a way James could turn this to his advantage. While not a plan Deryll, or Atlas, or Geo would approve of, his current plan might allow him to reap dividends. "So you must be new here?" asked James, looking at her. "Let me guess, Omni dragged you to this place, you lost most of your capabilities, and have to start fresh?" 

Hikaru immediately spun around to see who had interrupted her, a look of surprise upon her face. Just where had he come from? Now that she had noticed James, she started to take note of the area she was in, and the various people coming and going around her. It seemed that in her angered state, she had not realized that she wasn't exactly alone. In fact, alone was probably the complete opposite of what she was now. There were too many people!

"Maybe..." Hikaru muttered, her eyes on James the entire time as she noted the people around them from her peripheral vision. "Maybe not. Why should I tell you?" She crossed her arms while staring him down, her eyes narrowed into a glare.

"The same thing happens to a lot of individuals in the Omniverse, and Omnilium is the only way to gain them back." said James. "I'd be happy to teach you more about the Omniverse if you are willing to learn from me. Your first lesson is that you have probably lost most if not all of the abilities you possessed in the past, to be honest. In order to gain some of them back you need more experience in the Omniverse. I'd be willing to be your tour guide and your mentor in this strange world. Provided of course you are willing to accept education from me as to the nature of the Omniverse." 

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