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[Flashback] Yukika's Beginning

A lot of things make heroes what they are. Whether they were born for that greatness, or strived from the gutters to be something amazing, there is one thing all great heroes have in common: A turning point. A moment where their body defied all logical reason to move and moved anyways. For Yukika, that day was the day she was saved by Genos. In the heat of the moment, she encouraged him to do his best and made herself a target. If she had said nothing, perhaps he wouldn’t have been fried, but in a way, the cyborgs courage inspired her. He was willing to give his life so she could live her life a while longer. He was her hero.

At the age of thirteen, she started getting huge migraines. Her worried father took her to the hospital when they continued. The doctors, however, could not find logical reason behind them. A few months later she read the mind of her own father by accident and learned that she had something special. She had the ability of telepathy.

In the hero’s testing facility, she was at an absolute disadvantage. Every physical fitness test they had put her up to she failed in: 1500 meter runs, standing high jumps, punch testing, etc. Yukika’s abilities rely on analysis and planning, not brawn. By no means was she out of shape at the age of 16, she just happened to be cursed as a toothpick of a girl. She knew her weaknesses, and made up for the shy strength in high speed and skill. Though, without passing the physical fitness test, she could not be accepted as a hero.

The heroine came home after testing that afternoon with her head hung low. The apartment building that she called home loomed over her, only making her wonder if this was where she’d stay for the rest of her life. Metal keys jangled against the doorknob, but before she could unlock it, it swung open in front of her. Her father was on the other side.

“Ah, Yukika.” He said moving out of the way so his daughter could enter. “I heard someone messing with the door so wondered who it was.” 

“..Yoroshiku ongaishimasu, tou-san.” The upset girl responded quietly as she passed by her father. The obvious depression quickly changed his expression from a friendly one. “I’m going to my room for awhile.”

“Wait! Didn’t you just come back from your hero testing? Was it really that bad?” There was a pause of silence between the two of them. Yukika stood in the doorway to her bedroom. After a few moments she finally spoke up.

“I aced the written understanding test.” She started, putting some hope in her father. What she said next erased that hope. “But I’m too weak to become a hero.” 

“Nonsense!” He called out as the door closed with a ‘thunk’. As the moment passed, the man sighed heavily. He was worried about his daughter, the danger she was putting herself in at such a young age, but he didn’t want her to give up on her dreams. He wanted to rush to her side and encourage her to work hard and do better on her next try, but he knew her well enough to know that trying to comfort her now would only make her angry. She was too prideful for her own good.

After hours of confinement, she finally came out of her room for dinner. It was quite at the kotatsu for half the meal, but Yukika finally broke the silence.

“Do you think I’m good enough to be a hero?” She asked, setting down the bowl of misu she just drank. 

“I think you have the potential to see your dream be reality, Yuki.” Her father replied. “Though, you have to put in enough effort to get that far.”

“Souka…” The young heroine-to-be muttered to herself. “You’ll see, Tou-san. I’ll be a successful hero one day.” The spirit of his daughter pinned a smile on his face. 

The next few months were physical training for her. Mostly running and standard workouts like push ups and situps. On her second try, she still failed to meet the requirements, but her results were marginally better than her first try. She wasn’t as depressed this time around. She only had to wait a month before she could reapply so in another month she would try again.

On her third try, she barely met the physical requirements necessary to be a hero, making her one of the youngest actively registered heroes.
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