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Stardust in the city.

As Marisa felt the shift in her bodies weight she landed on the  stone ground of Nippur feeling her stomach fight to not eject it's contents for a few seconds. Once she got her bodily functions under control she muttered in annoyance as she started to rush to her store where she and Alice could catch up and on  the way there she faintly overheard a couple people arguing with one another. "Gilgamesh is gone! Last time I gave him the benefit of the doubt; but why should we live under a group of people who leave at the first sight of something more interesting going on?" The person argued as they breathed in anger.

"But... he and the others have always come back; it's just what primes do I guess." the other spoke in defense of New Babylon and it's actions and this caused Marisa to grumble under her breath before hurrying for the shop.

Seeing the two story building caused her to breath a sigh of relief; opening the wooden door she was face to face with a sword causing her to raise her hands. "Alice, what the hell?! I leave for a bit and I come back to a sword in my face?" Marisa yelled as she pushed the sword aside as she could see Alice whittling a block of wood down into what was likely a brand new doll.

"Thing's have gotten quite tense since that group of events ended;  specifically when Gilgamesh seemingly died. I'm not sure if he did or not but it has a lot of people here on edge;  It would be wise if you got to work keeping the peace."

Marisa walked over to the wooden table before slamming her hand into it looking annoyed at the seven-colored puppeteer. "And, how do you expect me to do that? Me, Marisa Kirisame; someone who can't do politics, and can't work a religion into there lives. I don't have the sway the others would have." Marisa knew what she did best wasn't rallying people to her cause which was frankly a weak one here plus the others would have a bone to pick with her if and when they returned.

Alice pinched the nose as she sighed before slapping Marisa in the face. "Idiot! If Gilgamesh doesn't show his face then we will have a bigger problem than conversations about if he will or not; it'll be chaos as a power vacuum has opened up yet again since the faction is unreliable yet again." Marisa rubbed her cheek as she shook her head slowly.

"Fine, lets get to work I guess. What do you suggest I do then?" Marisa said with a reluctance in her voice.

"Well I can give a few ideas but this is all on you witch." Alice said as she started to speak the various ideas to the black and white magician.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

"So your asking me to build an underground faction that waits for the right moment to strike and imput a brand new government that isn't ran by New Babylon? I... don't know about this Alice; this has so many ways it could go poorly in the flash of a light. Who'd I even work with? where would we even build up this group? how would we pay for such a investment?" Marisa said as she looked at the paper labeling out a tentative plan while she scratched the side of her head. "well; I do have a few allies I can grab that we can definitely trust. Nitori should be able to supply us with anything technological we could want."

Alice smirked as she shaved another piece of wood with a knife before checking her work. "Marisa, you either go all in or you do go in at all. You will likely be branded as a traitor to New Babylon if you do but it's better than the faction causing the entire city to go into civil war if enough time has passed without anyone important showing their faces." Alice said bored as she set the wood piece down and went to drink some of her tea Marisa had whipped up.

Marisa leaned back as she tapped the table with her hands while humming. "Well; we can think about this in the near future; I have to sell some stuff. Start actually getting to know the major players that aren't NB based and try to win them over to my side of the argument; because the support of the people will inevitably be a great help in the long run if this goes perfectly which will take a lot of work." Marisa sighed as she started to work on actually sowing the seeds of stability in the city knowing the ramifications of her actions.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

As Marisa looked throughout the plans she sighed as she got up. "I'm heading out for a bit Alice. Man the shop for me." After hearing a slight confermination she headed out and started to walk around Nippur if only to take her mind off what is happening. After a while she came across what likely was a bunch of farms ruined by who knows what. This caused Marisa to take a good long look. "What can I do to rectify this problem? I guess Nitori would be helpful plus I think they would enjoy such a engineering challenge..." Marisa pulled out her MDD and called up Nitori as she starts walking towards the castle to potentially grab some of the blueprints to help give Nitori some ideas while keeping her grounded.

"Hey, Nitori! I got a job for you. How would you like to renovate a farmlands?" Marisa said once Nitori picked up the phone as the sound of machinery moving could be heard and it threatened to drown out the kappa's voice.

"Farmlands? Like what do you mean? I mean agriculture isn't my primary focus... but I can probably work something up." Nitori said as she walked out of the workshop out into the busyish tier of Coruscant. "I sweating buckets in there, plus I needed a break anyways... the law or something says I'm required to take breaks every so often. So Agriculture huh?"

Marisa sighed as she reached the various maps and such of the city and started to look through them. "You'll get paid don't you worry. But what do you need exactly for this? I was thinking about letting you just do your thing; I'd have to check with the more important members but I'm sure we can work something out." After grabbing a few of the blueprints she would summon copies of them before heading out and back to her store.

"When do you need me here by the earliest Marisa?" The kappa asked in interest.

Marisa sighed as she spoke bluntly. "Whenever works best for you, just know that I'd like to get this done earlier rather than later.

"Got it. I'll get over there as soon as possible." The device hang up after that causing Marisa to sigh and head the rest of the way home with little in the way of problems.
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

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