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Questing Questions

I was scrolling through the available quests, and there's maybe two that aren't definitively either a faction quest, a void gate quest, or a star piece/chaos emerald. I'm not entirely sure if all these are updated though, but what are the exact limits on creating our own quest-like threads? 

I know that personal story-lines are always an option but I don't want to contradict established lore, while also wanting to have the opportunity to influence the verses in ways that would genuinely imply gaining reputation/recognition. Would that be something that had to be passed by staff? Would it require a Storyteller to keep things balanced? Am I allowed to simply create a small problem in one of the verses and solve it myself or have someone else do it for me?


So the Omniverse is built in a way that you are very much allowed to create your own story. Generally as long as you are not breaking lore or god modding its a pretty open ended and open world kind of place. I understand even those restrictions aren't clear at times do to the limited recourse for the given lore.

Personal storylines/quests that earn you notice in a given verse should be "big, loud, and proud" enough to earn you that reputation while still sending the message you are aiming to. This can range from several small steps, to a massive singular goal. So yes, you can create your own problem and solution.

The storyline should also fit the theme of the verse. You shouldn't force fire elementals into the Frozen Fields as a monster hunting quest. At least not with a really good reason.

If you are aiming for something that will most likely effect the verse politically, economically, or in a way that may shape it drastically as those would, it might be better to reach out to us for simple approval of this, or more in depth assistance by the storyteller.

If you want the extra guidence a Storyteller provides, feel free to also make that request.

And as always, we encourage you to get your friends involved, or even just inviting someone you think would be an interesting help to your quest, as soloing for long periods can stress out a single writer. Recognition and Quests can be done in pieces, so if someone needs a break it takes off the pressure of having to do one long campaign.

Also, with the recent additions to the team we are looking into creating unique quest lines. But if you need a boost of creativity help, I reccomend dropping by the discord to brainstorm with the rest of the community.
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Quote:What are the exact limits on creating our own quest-like threads?
As long as you are not contradicting site lore, using Site NPCs without approval, or breaking the fourth-wall to concoct said stories, go nuts. We actually encourage you to go on epic quests that in turn add to and/or change the site lore, so long as it is done in a believable, meaningful, and well crafted way.
Quote:Would that be something that had to be passed by staff?
Again as long as you are not contradicting established site lore, or breaking the fourth-wall then you will be fine. Just seek permission before using any Site NPCs first and you will be gravy.

Quote:Would it require a Storyteller to keep things balanced?

If it does, staff will inform you of how to proceed, once a storyteller is needed. We try to keep a handle on the going-ons of the verses, but generally speaking, if it feels like your actions would elicit a reaction from any of the in-game content, just reach out to staff Via the Help Desk and we'll help you from there.   
Quote:Am I allowed to simply create a small problem in one of the verses and solve it myself or have someone else do it for me?
Yes. Again, go nuts (within reason). ^_^
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