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S.H.I.E.L.D. Operation Breakout

“Again Commandant! Fry him again!” Baron Zemo barked from the prison cell’s intercom system his voice not once hiding the maniacal pleasure it gave him. In some ways, it was almost like a dream. Never did he think that the day where Captain America and the loathsome Avengers would be no more.

The Commandant nodding at the cell’s only camera laid his right hand’s fingers on the console to Jarvis’ containment device, or what some would call a Hydra born torture device. Circle in shape and made in all steel, four manacles cuffs held Jarvis’ hands and feet suspended in the air. Giving a slight smile himself the Commandant cranked a knob on the console. Electricity primed inside Jarvis’ cuffs until finally coursing through his body. Like red hot fire, the electricity stung burning at Edwin’s hands and feet. Clenching his teeth Jarvis tried to resist giving Zemo the pleasure of screaming more but as the electric current kept at a steady pulse causing muscles to convulse Jarvis gave in. Shouting at the top of his longs Jarvis tried to resist its continuous pain but the harder he fought the longer the Commandant kept it going.

“Enough! I do not wish for him to die… Not yet.”          

Beads of sweat rolled down off the center of his bald-spotted head making its way to his aged face. Panting for his breath he raised his head towards the cell’s camera.

“If you wish for me to beg then I regret to inform you that you’ll be sorely disappointed. I am stronger than you think.”   

“Stronger physically yes but mentally and conceivably you are nothing but a breath of air, an insignificant speck compared to my gloriousness. I am the master here and you are the rabid dog that only lives to be put down.” Zemo’s words spilled out at Jarvis like the venom of a snake.

“You… You are wrong about us wrong about those you deem too weak to be in Hydra’s Empire.” Jarvis gave a toothy smile for the camera his body shaking in shock from the electrical current that previously ran through his body.

“Oh, my dear Jarvis you fool yourself. Even if people resist our new order with the combined might of the Cosmic Cube and now one of Starks full fledge Iron Man suits we will quell any and all rebellions. The Empire nor Camelot will be able to stand out might!”

“You have the Iron Buttler suit?” Jarvis said cocking an eyebrow keeping a false sense of surprise. He knew Hydra was desperate for any form of power and now that he knew his suit was inside the base as well, the fools just gave him and the others a fighting chance.

“You look surprised Herr Jarvis did you take us for fools? Stark’s suits are worth their weight in gold for us-”

“Herr Zemo!” A distant shout echoed from outside the security room.  

 Stepping back he took his eyes off of the monitoring screen he had been transfixed on for so many hours. Taking only quick glances he observed each and every other monitoring screen that filled up every wall in the base’s security room. Sitting in rows front and back of the room Hydra soldiers buzzed back and forth in a constant working effort to make sure that there were no threats to security and that each prisoner was accommodated and watched carefully to ensure there was no escape.

Rushing for the room’s only door a communications officer scurried in before marching in crisp attention to Zemo giving the Baron a full salute, both hands in the air with fists clenched shut.

“Herr Zemo, Lord Carlton has requested that you speak to him at once.” The officer stated discontinuing his salute.

“No doubt that he is inquiring about the gamma bomb, no?”

The officer slightly twitched one his eyebrows, doing his best not to show any surprise from the Baron’s answer. It appeared that no matter what situation had arisen he was always aware.

“Y- yes sir.” The officer stuttered.

“Ah, don’t be so surprised my friend. When you have been in my position as long as I have, there is nothing that you have not already seen or expected.” Zemo retorted putting his hands behind his back.  

“I… Understand Herr Zemo.”  The Officer replied nodding his head in a quick motion.

“Doubtfully.” Zemo’s voice flipped to a more monotone pitch. “Are you going to escort me to the communications room or are you going to just stand there and gawk at me all day?”

“Of course my Baron! Right, this way.” The officer said jumping to sudden action following Baron Zemo out the door. 


“Are sure that drilling through the helmet won’t damage its HUD system?” The lab-coated technician looked to his partner, pushing a cart of tools close to the Iron Butler suit.

“Nonsense.” The other shot back. “Pretty simple actually, just take the hydraulic drill and carve it out of the helmet lock and voila it’s free.”

“But what if we somehow activate some type of security measure?” The more cautious one said shrugging.

“Do you really think that there’s some type of booby trap even after several soldiers moved it before us?” The other said stopping in his tracks before drilling into the helmet’s locking mechanism.

“No… I mean maybe, I’ve heard stories about these Avengers. They might have been waiting for something like this.”

“You’re full of crap, now shut up before Baron Zemo catches us talking.” The technician said as he began to puncture through the neck of the armor.

As the drill began to make contact the armor’s eye slits sprung to life flashing on and off a bright red light. The technician standing away from the Iron Butler suit jumped at the site giving out a startled shout. The other technician, however, was stuck in his position as thousands of volts of electricity coursed through his body frying him alive. After mere seconds the poor man fell to the floor no longer human but a charred corpse.

Picking itself off the workbench that it had been laid on. Looking around the engineering room the suit began taking diagnostics before analyzing the structure of the entire base. Taking several steps the suit turned its attention to the remaining Hydra technician.

“Threat level analyzed initializing response code: rescue and escape.” A female voice sounded from the helmet.   

Rising a right gauntlet a loud whine sounded from the palm before a powerful repulsor blast sent the Hydra operative flying into a toolbox. Turning away from its recent destruction the suit took a step repositioning its footing to equalize spacing. Rasing both gauntlets into the air its fists clenched together as bolts of electricity began to form around the suit’s body.

“Initializing EMP blast.”

As the words reverberated from the suit the electricity began to crackle until launching off the suit entirely in the form of a blast.  


Silently Jarvis raised his head to the ceiling of his prison cell to the sight of cell’s built-in lighting system flickering before plunging the room from alabaster white to pitch black. Surrounded by the darkness Edwin Jarvis gave a smirk.

“I’m a bit disappointed,” Mercier sighed. “I thought Zemo would be kinder to his guests.”

She sat on a cold steel chair, twirling a loose lock of her hair. Across a metal table from her was her Hydra Interrogator. He repeatedly adjusted his wire-rimmed glasses and spent most of his time with his nose buried in his dusty red notebook. On both sides of the room Hydra soldiers stood menacingly, their expressions hidden behind their helmets. If it wasn’t for the steady rise and fall of their chests, Elena might’ve assumed they weren’t even alive. The uniforms here were more formal, with the green and gold motif and the hydra logo far more present in their regalia than the soldiers who had capture her and the others.

Mercier remained in her clay form, uninterested in dolling up for the interrogator or his minions. Her body was a matte gray, imitated by her ceramic eyes. He hair billowed around her shoulders, unnaturally loose and flowing despite their heavy texture. She did, however, maintain the womanly figure that she was naturally given. She derived a bit of indignant pleasure in watching the wretched interrogator stumble over his words or go red in the face when his eyes wandered a bit too far downwards. His stringy brown hair was combed over a prematurely balding skull and plastered down by sweat. His only redeeming feature was his pair of piercing blue eyes. Despite the thin glasses, oily scalp, and wandering eyes, he had maintained a surprisingly professional tone and rhetoric throughout the interrogation. Nonetheless, she found it incredibly easy to make him uncomfortable.

“I apologize that we could not provide better accommodations,” He sneered. “This is the best we had available for scum like you.”

“I doubt that.” Lady Whisper smiled, tilting her head and locking eyes with the interrogator. He looked away again.

The interrogator shuffled through the last few pages of notes and mentally summarized their previous conversation. He licked his chapped lips and sat back in his chair. Whisper had kept her answers deflective and light. It was infuriating.

“Now then, Ms. Mercier, let’s wrap up this conversation. What do you know of Edwin Jarvis?”

“He’s dreamy,” She gushed sarcastically, leaning forward on one arm. “And he’s a hell of a guy. Why? You looking for that special someone?”

“I will be asking the questions!” The main suffered from a sudden surge of confidence, something Mercier immediately punished with a cold stare.

“Ooh, and you were doing so well…” The woman pouted and rested her chin on her palms, leaning her other arm against the table. “You know, I could give you a few pointers on how to properly interrogate a hostile agent.”

The man’s face became flush with anger and he snorted. “Silence!”

Mercier smiled sympathetically and lowered her voice. “Aww… Am I your first?”

The interrogator’s hot rage was immeasurable, something clear by his white knuckles as he nearly tore his notebook in half. Whisper’s countenance shifted suddenly. Her sarcastic and condescending tone disappeared, along with her sly expression. The clay around her face seemed to harden, accented by her sharp, silver eyes. Her voice became ice.

“Edwin Jarvis is resourceful. At this point I’m just waiting for him to do something dramatic so I can walk out of here… And maybe kill you. I’m still working on that.”

“You are not leaving here anytime soon, Ms. Mercier.” The Interrogator stood up, his pale face still red and his expression twisted. “And neither is Edwin Jarvis. Consider yourself and your fellow agents hopeless.”

He spun around and stalked out of the room, fuming. Elena leaned back in her chair and sighed. This wasn’t the first time she was in some foreign interrogation room, and likely wouldn’t be the last. At least she could have fun with the interrogator. She glanced back and forth at the soldiers, their bodies rigid and unmoving. The spy had to admit, she was almost impressed. It wasn’t often you saw an organization with this level of dogmatic fanaticism encased in so much stoic discipline. Zemo clearly ran a tight ship. Whisper kept watching the soldiers with interest until she was interrupted by a commotion at the door of the interrogation room.

She could hear the interrogator shouting in frustration at someone with a much softer voice. After a brief exchange, his angered shouts weakened. The soft voice continued, imperceptible through the thick doors. Their fervent arguing quieted into a calm diatribe, and Elena watched the door with anticipation. Eventually, the man returned, his face notably less red. He seemed thoroughly cowed as he made his way to his chair. He sat down calmly and shuffled his notes. With a wave of his hand he dismissed both soldiers from the room. They saluted sharply, then marched out.

The interrogator sat down hastily, wiping his brow. “I would like to formally apologize for my behavior. I was not informed of-”

Elena held up a finger, stopping him in his tracks. Slowly, she bent forward across the table and placed her finger on his nose. Their faces were almost touching, with the man’s warm albeit rancid breath washing over Whisper’s face. His confusion and terror buzzed behind his baby blue eyes. Her tiny smirk returned before she spoke with a breathy and confident voice.

“I know you weren’t.”

Suddenly, the building vibrated and the lights blew out. Tiny sparks from the bulb above them showered both occupants of the room, highlighting the terror on the interrogator’s face. Lady Whisper smiled, the last of the sparks twinkling in her baby blue eyes.


“Ah, Zemo.” Lord Carlton was already up on the screen, his image crisp.

He motioned for the Baron to take a seat in one of the few chairs present in the communications room. The other Hydra agents in the room scurried away to leave the two to their devices. Zemo placed Captain America’s shield beside him, leaning it against the console. It was something he rarely went without, these days. Carlton was already seated in his own chair, one hand resting on his chin.

“You’re an intelligent fellow, I’m sure you know why I asked you here.”

Zemo nodded, swallowing his frustration. “The Gamma Bomb is still nearly complete. However, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents present a challenge that must be addressed before we risk continuing.”

“Can’t you just kill them?” Carlton waved a hand dismissively.

“Were I a more spiteful man, perhaps,” The German leaned back in his chair and put his fingertips together. “However, I am well aware that the Avengers are far from dead, and as their name implies they will seek retribution if we impart any permanent harm on their little pets.”

The Englishman rolled his eyes. “Captain America is dead, their base is in ruin, and we have The Vision here, in this base! They’re, at best, a broken shell of what grand titan you seem to think of them as.”

“Do not underestimate the Avengers,” Zemo hissed. “I have made that mistake more than once. It has always cost me dearly.”

Carlton sighed and rubbed his eyes after pushing away from his chair. “I want the bomb ready, I want the agents handled, and I want my damned Tesseract back, Zemo. Can you handle that?”

The Baron’s seething rage knew no bounds, save the walls he threw up to hide it from Carlton. “Of course.”

“Good. Then handle it.” Carlton motioned for Zemo to leave.

The Baron obliged happily, taking the shield with him. He stood up and bowed his head ever so slightly, his expression hidden behind his purple cowl. He cut the connection.


With a clenched fist, he walked out of the overbearing smog of Carlton’s presence left in the room. His hatred of the man overwhelming. Carlton didn’t understand Hydra, he never did. Any passion for the cause was overshadowed by the madman’s own lust for power. Zemo regretted ever giving him any power over the organization. He would have to move up his plans. As the Baron stalked down the hallway, he grabbed one of the Hydra soldiers he passed. The man quickly fell into step with his Kommandant.

“Contact my research teams, ” Zemo turned a corner towards the interrogation rooms. “And reach out to my new companion. I’m tired of waiting.”

The soldier nodded. Zemo stopped walking and locked eyes with the man. His hand grasped the other man’s shoulder tightly.

“This is a private matter. See to it that Carlton remains unaware.”

The soldier nodded, more fearfully. “Yes sir.”

“Excellent.” Zemo released the man and continued walking. “Hail Hydra.”

The soldier promptly returned the salute, but Zemo was already walking briskly down the hall towards Lady Whisper’s Interrogation room. He had more than a few choice questions for the woman. Without warning, the hallway shook and Zemo nearly lost his balance. The metal mesh clanged as it clapped its own support beams and the overhead lamps flickered. Zemo glanced around,cursing quietly. Then the lights went out.


The two soldiers outside of Whisper’s interrogation room responded to the power outage with grace. They held their posts, not missing a beat as they switched on the flashlights attached to their rifles. They swept the immediate hallway, and finding it secure, decided to check on the prisoner. Just as one of the pair reached for the doorway it swung open. Nervous and rambling, the interrogator rushed out and slammed the door behind him.

“She tried to kill me! She’s insane! Good Lord! Insane!” He seemed on the verge of panic.

“Sir, are you alright?” One of the soldiers ran his light across the interrogator.

“Yes! Yes. Get that damned light out of my face, you idiotic meatheads.” He waved them out of the way angrily. “I swear, all you grunts are the same. All Hail, no Hydra.”

The soldiers glanced at each other but they remained silent.

One of them spoke up as he took back his post. “As long as the prisoner is secure.”

“Yes, of course, that wretched woman.” The Interrogator adjusted his glasses and trundled down the hall. “I must report to Zemo. Make sure she doesn’t leave!”

The soldiers saluted as the Interrogator disappeared around the bend. They took up defensive positions at the door, checked the lock, and stood their ground. Once the interrogator was out of sight of the soldiers he sighed and straightened his back. With a roll of his shoulders, his hair billowed out and lost its brownish color. His body tightened and his clothes melded back into his body.  His hips widened, his legs became more shapely, and his face softened. In seconds, the balding, pathetic, red-faced, blue-eyes interrogator was gone, replaced by Lady Whisper. She smiled at her own clever ruse and kept walking. Her chiseled grey body blended well with the shadows as she continued down the hall.

The halls bustled with activity, so she moved to a maintenance accessway. The room was small, meant for storage, but it had a narrow grate to allow access to the ventilation. She sighed and rolled her eyes before crouching down and squeezing into the tiny vent. Her body compressed uncomfortably, but she ignored it. She’d done far worse for far less. She had to try her best to find Jarvis before he got himself killed. More than likely he was in a far harsher wing of the holding cells. She’d have to sweep the prisons or extrapolate Jarvis’ location from a guard. It was an unwelcome hitch in her escape, having to rescue someone else, but it did bring back a strangely warm set of memories of better days.

Whisper shook away her thoughts and focused on wiggling through the painfully tight ventilation. She would handle Jarvis and the other SHIELD agent Frenchie as soon as she accomplished her own tasks. First, she had a call to make.
From Hawaii, With Love
[Image: W4PxwDv.jpg]

The unappealing room was bland and white as the brunette’s eyes were burning due to the salty sweat in her eyes. The Hydra soldiers insisted they kept her awake. Blair’s eyes snapped open for the third time. She remembered being kidnapped and then taken to HYDRA’s base with the other SHIELD Agents.

The world is ruthless and unforgiving. The ex-resistance pilot realized that a long time ago when she was ripped from her world into this one, getting her heart glued back together by Marcus, and then finding herself alone… again once agents tried to get her to believe the Avengers wouldn’t be back for them and they had to save themselves.

Blair was sick of having things fixed and ripped apart from her over and over…

But that was the constant battle of being in SHIELD.

She had recalled techniques the Moon Knight taught her and Blair hoped she could put them in good use here.

Two green and gold goons protected her cell as they were convinced she couldn’t harm them, right?


The ex-pilot of the Resistance/ Quinjet remembered reading something about picking locks earlier during her stints in Resistance HQ during her rare moments she wasn’t pilioting or hanging with Marcus.

All she needed was to get the HYDRA goons to come near her.

She eyed the cell for anything suspicious inside but time to get the guys to come to her, not the other way around.

“Oh boys.”

She taunted the HYDRA guards

“Come on, boys don’t keep me waiting.” They once again thought a chair and handcuffs would be the best personal method of keeping her in her cell.

“Shut it.” A hotter version of a hydra agent moved closer to the cell although he turned right away, allowing Williams to slip a few things out of their pocket

Including the things she needed to escape.
Pickpocketing wasn’t Blair’s big skill but this agent was dumb enough to not pay attention.

She moved one of her handcuffs near the paper clip and bent it, sticking the clip in the handcuff hole, loosening it up enough to free her hands. The cuffs fell off allowing the former Resistance pilot to hop off the chair and use the legs as spare ways to smash into the guards.

She only hoped Marcus and the others were alright and getting out of all the mess.

The guards suddenly noticed Blair getting from her cuffs and tried to open the door only to get a slight hard smash to the head by a chair leg enough to knock them out. One and then the other fell after being smashed hard in the back of the head.

Both fell and she slipped the two handcuffs on one and the other’s hand and smirked “Sorry boys, I have bigger fish to fry.”

She muttered under her breath “What ugly-ass uniforms.”

She slipped the ugly green and gold uniforms over her and the cover over her head as she slipped the two rifles from the guards near her back.

Now the fun part began.

She had to get through a prison brimming with assholes in green and gold.

The pilot turned a corner and a few HYDRA agents saluted her in greeting, matching them and then following them toward a few other cells.

Oddly, the agents led her right to Frenchie’s cell.

And she was assigned to his cell, strangely enough.

“You watch the prisoner, we will be right back. “

She held the salute up in the clothes and as the guards turned the corner, she knocked on Frenchie’s cell.

“Psh.. Wake up.. Frenchie..”

Her voice became quieter “It’s me..”
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

“Bon nuit mon ami,” Frenchie whispered into the ear of his cell’s guard. Quickly but silently Jean-Paul made his move. Cloaked in the darkness he swung his right arm around the guard's throat the Frenchmen’s biceps bulged tightening around the soldier’s neck. After only a minute the sentry’s reactionary struggle died down until finally going limp. Carefully dropping the now more than dead guard to the cell’s floor Jean-Pual quickly fumbling through guard’s gear, starting his process of assuming the role.  

This should work if not for a little bit or until I start speaking. The Frenchmen mentioned to himself slipping on an armored glove. 

“Frenchie… It’s me.” 

Jean-Paul’s brown eyes widen in surprise and startlement at the sound of Blair’s whispering voice. She had escaped her cell which meant either this was a staged escape by Jarvis or just some much needed dumb luck.  

“Madam Williams, you gave me quite a surprise. Is this a planned escape by Jarvis?” 

The Agent of Shield fastened one of the guard’s boots over a prosthetic leg completing the green and gold uniform. Standing straight Jean-Paul gave out a long breath of relief the outfits armored silhouette in the darkened cell made him look more menacing than what he actually was.     

“I’m… I’m not sure?” Her speech muffled as she looked about making sure that there weren't any soldiers lurking around.

”I’m going to open the door, okay?”

“That would be much appreciated.” 

Pressing a button on the door’s side console she released its lock, allowing for its metal frame to slide open with a hiss. Stepping out from the cell Jean-Paul unholstered his newly obtained machine gun gifted to him by the Hydra Soldier. 

“Thanks, now let's see if can get to Jarvis in one piece and from there find Lady Whisper.” He said taking his gun off safety.    

“Way ahead of you-- let's go,” Blair said nodding as they both sprung out into movement.  

 Racing through the open hallway engulphed by darkness their flashlights were the only thing that pierced through. Each minute had to be proceded with caution for at any moment the two could easily stumble upon a squad of soldiers or worse.    

“Omega Squad to Alpha Squad, make a sweep of the perimeter base threat level is on high alert. Everyone has permission to shoot if anything is out the ordinary.” Omega Squad’s commander informed keeping his left index and ring finger on his helmet’s comlink while with his gun in right hand motioning for his fellow commandos to keep aim on Jarvis. 

“Roger that, this is Alpha squad commander we’re patching in Super Commander Zemo to you via hologram.” 

“10-4 Alpha, continue perimeter sweep.” 

As the commander's reply finished a green holographic almost picture perfect image of Baron Zemo displayed itself in front of the commander. Folding his hands behind his back Zemo narrowed his eye towards the commander as the soldier came to attention.

“Herr Zemo!” 

“At Ease Kommandant, the base has been hit by an electromagnetic pulse, within an hour the technicians will bring the power back online. Have your men keep a close eye on Mr. Jarvis.” At the mere mention of Jarvis, the commander waved a hand motioning for one of his men to keep close to the Englishmen. “Good, I want him in one piece but if he becomes too much to handle… Terminate him. Do you understand my orders Kommandant?” Zemo questioned straightening his posture and cocking an eyebrow. 

“Yes, sir.”   

“Excellent, Zemo out.”

With an instant, the hologram faded out leaving only Omega squad and Jarvis in the cell. Jarvis studied them all individually, watching each one's movement carefully reading for any opening. Though these men were highly trained no one is free from mistakes and eventually someone was bound to make one. 

“I don’t like the ways he’s staring at us, sir. It’s like he’s waiting for us to make a move.” The closest one to Jarvis said turning their back to his commander. 

“Quite corporal, you heard what the Supreme Commander said-- shoot him if he causes trouble, besides the man’s like sixty what’s he going to-” The commander’s words were cut short by the base rocking its metal foundations screeching in stress. The blast door from behind them blow open, the metal door itself crashing square into three of the commandos. As quickly as they could the other four turned back opening fire at the doorway. Bullets ricocheting off of it’s armor the Iron Butler suit marched into the cell. Bringing both metal arms in level with its chest the suit returned fire. The blue bolts striking each elite Hydra commando causing two to fly into the walls beside them while the last two smashed into the concrete ground with a loud thud.  

With the room clear of hostiles, the suit moved its way towards Jarvis releasing him from his restraints. The former butler collapsed to the ground, clenching both hands he stretched his aching body. Standing up he gave a sigh in both relief and pain before bowing to the remote controlled suit.

“Thank you, Friday, another successful demonstration of the Iron Butler armor. Remind me to construct an upgraded version more suitable for warfare.”  

“Added to your schedule Director Jarvis, shall we gather the others?” The calm feminine voice of Friday asked. The suit opened with a hiss allowing the Director of Shield to step into the armor.

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.” 

Climbing into the armor Jarvis’ eyes darting back and forth analyzing each and every diagnostic that pinged within helmet’s HUD. 

“Friday give me a scan of the base’s perimeter, masters Vision and Howland are somehow held captive here as well.”           

The hall leading out from the communication console was surprisingly empty as most of the soldiers had rushed to the detention cells to secure their prisoners. The lights still flickered, and most of the facility was washed in red emergency lights as Elena made her way across the walkway. She was met with a decision. To her left was a curved path disappearing around a bend. To her right was a more extended hallway leading back to the interrogation rooms and detention cells. 

Her cold eyes lingered on the curved path. That was almost certainly the way out. She could walk away from all this madness, all the promises she had made and loyalties she had forged. After all, Elena had never been one for long-term relationships. She tried to rationalize walking away in her head. Jarvis was old and self-righteous while Frenchie was just in over his head. Blair had some idea what she was doing, but she was painfully naive. Worse yet, the Avengers seemed to be real heroes, putting themselves on the line for people other than themselves. Mercier didn’t feel ready for that kind of commitment.

She took a few steps down the curved walkway before stopping again. Her mind seemed to be experiencing a strange and almost alien thought process. She was… feeling? It had been a long time since the last time she empathized with anyone unironically. The spy took a long breath and steadied her nerves. It was best for her to leave. She would only hurt them anyway. Another few steps down the hall and Mercier was stopped again, but this time by a mental voice she hadn’t heard in a long time. She could almost see the beaten young man’s face as his words bubbled up from some hidden pocket of her psyche. 

‘You’re a better person than you’re willing to admit. I think that scares you.’

Mercier rolled her eyes almost as hard as she had when she had first heard that said. “Come on, Elena. Just walk away.”

‘Don’t let that fear hold you back. You don’t have to be what they made you.’

The young hero in her memory wouldn’t go away, just like in real life. He always had a knack for getting under her skin. She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to tense her muscles and scare away the thoughts, but she couldn’t find enough strength. With a dejected sigh, Lady Whisper turned around and started jogging down the path back to the Detention Cells.

“Damn you, Will Todd.”

Mercier made her way through the twisted junctions and random walkways, pressing herself against the walls to avoid the random Hydra patrols that rushed to and fro. As she crept around the facility, she heard a series of voices near the Interrogation Rooms.

“Was I not clear, flachwichser?” Heinrich Zemo, flanked by two personal guards, stood uncomfortably close to the two soldiers who had been posted at Mercier’s room. “NOBODY leaves her room without a thorough vetting process, yet you quite literally allowed her to WALK OUT UNHINDERED.”

“O-of course sir, sorry sir, but we never thought-”

“SILENCE.” The Baron stepped back and rubbed his eyes. “I am surrounded by idiots. Bring me the escapees. I want Edwin Jarvis’ head still sitting inside that cursed helmet!”

Before his subordinates could respond, Zemo turned away and stalked down the hall and right past Elena. His two guards followed wordlessly. She held her breath as the Hydra leader breezed past her like a tense cat. She waited a few moments to make sure he was gone before stepping out into the hall. The two soldiers argued between themselves for a few seconds.

Eventually, Elena grew tired of waiting for them to notice her. “Looking for me gentlemen?”

The soldiers spun around, fumbling with their weapons. Whisper’s eyes flashed blue, and she winked.

“Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you twice?” Her body thickened, forming jagged, hardened armor along her shoulders and arms. “Then it just gets boring.”

The first soldier to fire was the first to go down. Mercier stepped forward and launched herself off of her front foot as he pulled the trigger. She threw up her left arm, and it widened into an ovular wall of clay in front of her chest. The bullets thunked harmlessly against her shield before being dispelled into the ground. With her other arm, Lady Whisper flung her hand forward and wrapped it around the soldier’s helmet. 

As her grip tightened and her fingers spread into a wrap around his head, she slammed her new shield into the other man’s body and smashed him against the wall. He slumped forward, unconscious. Elena ignored the first agent’s muffled cries as she heard the cracking of his glass lenses. Eventually, she felt something snap and give, and the struggling man fell limp. The spy retracted her arm, and her body armor sank back into her skin. She rolled her shoulders and kept moving down the hall. She still had to find Jarvis.

Thankfully, he found her first.

“Ms. Mercier?”

Whisper peeked over her shoulder to see a man encased in black and gold armor standing in the intersection of the previous halls.

“Mr. Jarvis,” She smiled, relieved. “I was just on my way to find you.”

He stepped over to her. “I’m searching for The Vision and Howland, but Friday is finding it difficult to scan very far.”

Mercier picked up one of the Hydra Agent’s submachine guns and checked the ammunition counter. “We can plug ourselves into the facility’s mainframe from any control console, it’ll let you hijack their own internal security. You can piggyback from there.”

“Clever girl,” Friday observed from the confines of Jarvis’ helmet.

“Very well, Ms. Mercier. Where can we find one?”

“There’s a maintenance console in the security office for the cells.” Whisper started down the hall adjacent to where Jarvis had come and away from the Detention Cells.

Jarvis cocked an eyebrow. “And how do you know this?”

“I’m a spy, dear,” Elena smiled over her shoulder. “It's what I do.”

The cell blocks made Blair shiver in fear. Marcus was often reluctent to describe his final moments as he often was silent and gave her the cold shoulder. Maybe she’d finally understood what he meant as she was often on life or death missions in the middle of HYDRA HQ.

Passing each cell in the dark made her think of her life back on the Resistance bases. Even if she wasn’t flying the plane she was assigned for the Resistance, she had her own problems to face. Her anger at Marcus was slowly building once she decided to do her own missions for Shield. Marcus would try to push her away from her own budding life with SHIELD to try and spend time with him. He was becoming a bit too co-dependent for her own liking and a yelling match broke out in the room between the two of them.

Marcus had been standing near thier room as Blair was packing to go on the important SHIELD mission with the others. “Off again, Blair?”

Blair raised a eyebrow “What do you want now, Marcus? I can’t stay around the mansion, trying to protect you. You are big enough to protect yourself.”

Marcus frowned “Come on, Blair. You are a secondary and you know the rules, nobody can protect you if you die.”

Blair growled, lightly “I KNOW, Marcus. Do you think I worry about myself at times while I sit here worried I might never see my home again!”

Marcus growled lightly “Home is here. I don’t know if we can ever go home.”

Blair was quiet. She defentily had changed as time went on and the mission was grating on her as well.

She knew Marcus was supposed to be the last thing on her mind but she pushed the thoughts of him back in her head as she focused in on the mission. Her costume was a fashion mistake thought of by HYDRA and one very annoying pest that kept appearing in everyone’s life.

Baron Zemo.

Blair and Frenchie had been on the defensive, checking cells as Blair was cautious to either pull Frenchie to the side to keep him out of danger. There were a few close calls in the lingering darkness as voices were echoing.

“Come on, let’s go find the others.”

However, Zemo never was expected to make things easy for the agents even at times, you could hear screaming coming from the speakers of the unconcious HYDRA agents that “They better find the agents now or risk being killed for being such scum.”

Trying to play the part of “Clarence” was a lot more annoying than she thought. She could only hope she, a female could mimic a male if needed. How else was she able to slip Marcus undercover under the nose of a certain John Connor? Frenchie looked back at “Clarence.” as he spoke to him under his breath. “We need to get out of here.”

Clarence frowned “We need to-. He stopped and hastily pulled Frenchie and “him” into a weapons room and hid quietly before the other agent disappeared. “Fuck, that was close. Load up. ” After Clarence found a gun he was used to and it was full and Frenchie had a weapon as well, they looked at each other and slowly nodded “Let’s go.”

The agents who were unconscious at the time had their radios deactivated and or crushed.

While Zemo’s hideout was nowhere as huge as the numerous Skynet camps she’s heard of, the corpse smell certainly reminded her of the battlefield back home. She used the cover of darkness and the moonlight’s shadow as He and Frenchie painfully planned out each move to take out HYDRA soldiers one at a time, and change it out for the prisoner inside. He hoped none of those prisoners would sell them short to a guard or even worse, Zemo himself. She warned the person inside the cell they needed to take the outfit of HYDRA and follow them if they wanted to live. “He” would protect himself if needed as well.

It didn’t take a good person to save prisoners, just the will to do the right thing. A few others stared over and cursed under their breaths. “Why should we trust you?.” “You want to get out of here, right?” “We might be your ticket out here.” The HYDRA goon eyed his name tag and the outfit, cursing in German as a soldier looked down the hallways. Clarence frowned, freezing up but the soldier shrugged and continued on his way. He tried again “Try disabling the radios once you knock the men unconscious. That way they can’t send backup.

Frenchie eyed Clarence “I got another prisoner, Clarence. Let’s keep moving.”

The prisoner was already dressed in HYDRA gear as they followed suit.

They stared down and nodded “Good enough. Let’s go” as they ripped the clothing off the unconscious HYDRA men and slipped them on throwing the prison outfits and clothing onto the men.

The man who appeared in his 20’s was watching every step, almost appearing to be paranoid for some reason like he was going to make a wrong move.

Any source of electric blocking the prison cells was released and those prisoners who were being locked up were now free. Chaos ran rampant in Baron Zemo’s prison and that wasn’t supposed to happen.

It’s when Baron Zemo stared at a voice report. The Avengers may have slipped his grasp a lot earlier than expected but suddenly an alert popped up. The lights in the prison had turned off and his maps were turned off.


Clarence had slipped a keycard out of the outfit ‘he” had and tried to change “his” accent” “Let’s get out of here.”

Bob yelled, “Wait, the others!”

Frenchie was cautious “We need to get the key code and then everyone is free.”

Baron Zemo was watching the computers for problems only to find out the power was down. He slammed his fist on his desk. “FIND THE POWER FAILURE NOW!”

They replied with a hushed whisper “Let’s see, probably about a good 10 minutes before Zemo’s able to fix the power.”

Bob muttered “Fuck, how many will we get out in time?”

Clarence looked over at Frenchie “Where’s Jarvis?”

“They are finding their own way out.”

Clarence almost slipped out a female voice as she cursed “Damnit.”

“Hey, Bob, you have a key for the entrance to get out of this hellhole?”

“I’ll try,” Bob said

Clarence was worried as she looked behind her.

Baron Zemo would probably have guessed they were near freedom.

Bob played with the keypad with his “number” and typed in certain codes.

“Clarance” was cautious enough, but he noticed others running to the exit as well.

Frenchie pointed “Clearence, the others!”

Blair frowned “Crap, they’ll never believe it’s me in here.”

Frenchie looked over at the others and noticed Jarvis and Lady Whisper heading out.

“Guys, I have Blair with me. Just call her “Clarence” right now.” Frenchie frowned, keeping his voice low."
[Image: marcus%20wright%20sig.png]

[Image: ytLTikp.png?1]

"How!? How is it that she got away from you a second time!?" Zemo shouted towards the green and yellow-clad soldier following at his side.

"She… She surprised us, my lord." The Hydra agent answered the Baron. 

"Idiots!" Zemo screamed closing his eyes tight gritting his teeth underneath his permanent purple mask.

"Please my lord." The soldier stopped Zemo, placing his left hand on the Supreme Commander's shoulder. Zemo's eyelids shot open wide his head slowly turning to face the Hydra agent, then narrowed his eyes. "Forgive me." 

"Yes." Zemo said softly, his eyes took a glance at the man's hand then back to his face "I forgive you."

Jolting his left hand over the soldier's mouth the Baron held it tight and with his open hand like a quick breeze, he stabbed the poor fool through the stomach with his sword. Zemo pressed tighter over the soldier's mouth muffling his screams of terror and pain. Blood gushed dripping from the blade. The two guards that followed Zemo kept quiet only watching the scene play out. With a short sigh, Baron Zemo pulled the blade out letting the soldier collapse to the floor dead as a doorknob.

"You should have died like your friend, instead your incompetence has you killed," Zemo spoke down to the dead body, his eyes examining the blood soaked into his blade.

"My lord." The Supreme Commander's personal radio buzzed in. "We've managed to reactive the backup generators."

"Good," Baron Zemo replied pulling out a handkerchief with his left hand whipping the crimson liquid off his sword.

"Are the cameras back online?" He asked.

"Yes Supreme Commander, we're already tracking the prisoners."

"Excellent, inform Bushman to meet me in the monitoring station, everything is still going according to plan." Zemo sheathed his sword and then with a glace motioned for his guards to follow.


The Iron Butler suit’s thrusters roared with a hiss as Jarvis motioned for it to keep at a flying position above the other Shield agents. Passing through a corridor each member of the group kept at high alert as they traversed through the Hydra base. Besides Jarvis’ suit’s active motion tracker there was no telling where any soldiers or Baron Zemo himself were as they made their way through the EMP’s aftermath. Perhaps that was a good thing though? Being in the dark had its perks such as the element of surprise being an example.

“Friday can you tell me far we are from the exit?”  The former butler asked picking up his thrusters speed. 

“I’m sorry sir the suit’s scanners are having trouble with picking up range any further than a few corridors. Do you want me to try and see if I can patch through the base’s security cameras?” The AI asked. 

Jarvis slightly shook his head under his suit’s helmet.

“It’s worth a try, just keep trying there’s got to be an exit close by.” He answered.

“Wait, stop where you are sir.”

Jarvis put his hand outwards in front him sending his body into a rough but complete stop. The other Shield Agents soon followed, taking positions best suited for cover fire in the case of an ambush.

“The cameras are back online sir, there’s a door right beside you, you’re going to want to see this.” 

Landing gently to the ground Jarvis pointed an arm towards the metal door beside him and the others. With a single arc reactor blast, the door gave way smashing to the floor creating a startling screeching noise. Aiming a flashlight into the room the Iron Bulter stepped inside the room, the others shortly following him in. To their horror, they soon discovered what the room was used for. It was a personal torture chamber and in the center of it laid two full leatherbound chairs. It was like stepping into a leaving nightmare or a horror movie, sitting dead in these seats were the Avengers leader and member Vision and Dick Howland.

Jarvis hunched his back as he got close to study what had happened to them, his face gapping open in shock. The others’ expression was of the same, Frenchie himself lowered his gun and bowed his head, Blair, on the other hand, held a hand over her mouth and Lady Whisper just stood in place, her eyes wide in either shock or plain surprise.

Both Vision and Dick had been brutally killed. From what scene looked like Vision had been completely gutted for parts while his head had been split open. As for Dick, the old man’s body was thin, emaciated, like he had died from some sickly illness or malnutrition. It was all too much for Jarvis to take in, both anger and tears of sorrow filled the old man’s body and soul.


If the purple hood wasn’t glued to his face Zemo would be smiling now. The foolish Shield Agents walked right into their own misfortune and they would never forget what their eyes saw. It was almost something that the Baron could jump in joy from.

“Sir an engineer just patched in, we can turn the power back on.” A camera worker said from across the security room.

“Tell him, what is he waiting for bring the power back online,” Zemo said turning to face the soldier, putting his hands behind his back. The Hydra gave a nod in response then gave the order. Turning back to the face the monitor that he had been watching he gave out a light chuckle. The Agent’s of Shield almost jumped as electricity pulsed through the entire building bringing life into the base.

“A shame isn’t it?” Zemo spoke through the intercom system, with almost unnatural speed Jarvis turned to face the origin of Baron Zemo’s voice.    

“Mr. Howland was the first to die, his body had what you would call an untapped energy source. We just couldn’t let it go to waste. The vision, of course, was the last. He fought and watched and oh how he screamed as we gutted him from circuit to circuit, that is until the end when we tore out his memory core.”

Behind the steel mask, Jarvis held a vicious scowl and he almost growled at every word the Baron spoke, his hands clenched tight balling up into fists.  

“You’ll pay for this one Zemo,” Jarvis said his tone full of venom. Zemo gave out a laugh before replying.

“You could try but I will let you on a secret, this place-- this base… It will be your grave.”

“Sir with the power back online I was able to pinpoint an exit-- placing it on your HUD now,” Friday said in Jarvis’s ears as the Baron raved on.    

“Team let’s make a move.” The former butler said motioning for the others to follow.

Zemo gave out another chuckle as his men followed the Shield agents through each camera they passed by. 

“Captain, give word to Bushmen to meet at the docks so that we can give our friends a nice farewell’ The Baron said making his way for the security room’s exit.

“Oh.” He uttered turning his head slightly back. “Also send word to Warlord that I command him to be at the docks as well but not to show himself until given the order.”

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