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Desu had watched the fight with the rest of the spectators, everyone's eyes on the screens. Some of the others in the room bounced their eyes around the screen, jumping from one to another in attempts to follow the many exciting fights. However, one brightly dressed ninja had her eyes glued to the screen that depicted a fight between Taloc and his teammate Makoto and their opponents.

One of them a very popular decitezens of the Omniverse, the Dynamite Kid. Jak Mar has been in nearly every event in the omniverse, if not all of them. He has not been a pushover either, earning the nickname due to the dynamite sticks he'd received and abused one year. He had his own fan club on the edge of their seats, gasping in anguish and disgust as Taloc whipped a chair against the long-eared man who meant to protect his teammate from Taloc's apparent rage. She got the feeling that it was also misguided, but the assassin's attack rang true as it should.

The intended target of his rage was a vixen of greyish-purple-blue hues. A woman this secondary had ever seen or taken notice of. She was the spitting image of a demon, right down to the pointed tail. With little effort The Storm Demon had made a pure mockery of this serious fight by throwing food at her opponents instead of fists, targeting Makoto especially. The fluidity that she bypassed Taloc made the observing woman think Ash did it on purpose to get under the assassin's skin.

Eventually, the prime she'd been following and aiding up until this point came to his senses, but even though he saves his teammate valiantly - nay heroically, the fool - he was destroyed by the embodiment of wrath that Jak often took in battle. She couldn't help her own conclusive commentary coming to mind: Befitting.

With his death, the fangirls screamed with delight as blood and champagne mixed, Taloc's body - what was left of it - coming to a holt in the murky piss colored liquor. Hayaidesu was silent through the whole ordeal, and even as those who lusted for this kind of carnage cheered around her, she simply stood up and left. Only making one stop at the mandatory souvenir shop on the way out of Karl Jak's realm of competitive horror.

For clarification. With her meesley allowance bestowed upon her by her prime when she completed tasks, the messenger secondary was able to afford two highly overpriced items. One, an apothecary satchel from the Syntech's Dangerous and Edgy section. Black leather with the official DA18 icon pressed into the sturdy leather. After this purchase, she didn't have much, but they didn't really carry much in the way of what she was looking for.

It seemed that as a competitor, Taloc's team received a flag in the way of memorabilia. It had on it 'Taloc&Makoto' in bright yellow lettering on a dark grey background. The flag wasn't made of cheap material, but not much better. She rolled the flag up, stuck it in the satchel, and then strapped the bag to herself for safe-keeping before heading out as silently as she came. With one last long look on the roster of fighters, satisfied to see that Ash and Jak would most likely meet a harsh end in the next round against Gildarts no-less, Desu rode back to the Nexus via teleportation pad.


She randomly appeared closest to the Tangled Greens gate. When she felt the sickness of the teleportation sink back into the vile of her stomach she looked up and into a very familiar gate. Moss covered stones and the murky vision of flora that promised to eat you if you stood still for too long just gave serious reason for the contents of her stomach to gush from her guts.

Calmly, she turned her back to the gate as she had done some time ago, and headed for the centerpiece of this verse.

Upon reaching the elaborately sculpted fountain with its forever crimson waves lapping at the stone lip, Hayaidesu took a seat on the edge. It looked just as they had left those months ago... The messenger pulled out the flag, laying it across her lap and fingering the edges with her thumbs, slowly drifting into a meditive trance. Something slowly beginning to come to her mind.
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"Centurion: I'll leave you to your work then Dust. Thanks for chatting!
Me: no problem. stay awesome!
Centurion: It's more of a passive ability"

‘Idle hands lead to idle minds. Wake up. It is time to get to work.’

The thought, not his own, shocked Taloc out of his trance. Opening his eyes for the first time in weeks, he looks around at the interior of the fountain, his resting place. Ever so slowly, the world started to come back to him. The sound of water striking water, the feel of stone beneath him, the smell of moisture in the air.

Reaching a hand forward, he tenderly gripped the rim of his little meditation chamber and pulled himself out. Muscles that hadn’t moved in weeks groaned and screamed at the sudden exertion resulting in him falling onto his knees in the clear water.

“It’s… clean,” Taloc whispers, not entirely believing what he was seeing. The water, once forever stained with the blood he had carried, seemed to have been purified during his meditations. A pendant, once hidden by the tinted waters, now shone brightly directly in front of his face. The sharp angles offset by the gentle curves on the interior breathed new life into the man. Reaching forward, he took the amulet in hand and brought it close to his chest.

‘Come back safe, you’re people need you. I need you.’

His wife’s farewell burned into his mind, he slowly stands, the agony of unused muscle already forgotten and dismissed as irrelevant. Nothing mattered except this one object. It was everything.

‘I will always be with you.’

Stepping out of the fountain, Taloc glanced about at the stark white that was the nexus. Nothing had changed since he went into the fountain, though he doubted anything ever did here. Water flowing freely from a heavily detailed fountain and a small girl wearing pink waiting, surprisingly patiently, for him to climb his sorry rump out of the funk he’d been in.

“Hayaidesu. I,” he starts, though finding nothing to say, he simply bows his head to her. “Thank you for waiting.”

“You’re late.” She says simply, standing up to face him.

A grin tugs at his lips at the simple acceptance. There is a lot that needs to be taken care of, but at least here's one person he should be able to count on. A burning determination flows from him as he slides the pendant under his gauntlet, a constant reminder of what he is and what he will need to become.

"There's work to be done."
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.

Hayaidesu snapped back to reality, much like a rubber band. There was no tranquil slow drift into darkness where she slowly opened her eyes. One minute she was staring into firey eyes, a voice whispering something intangible to her, and then the next moment she was sitting up in a start. Pure white space all around her welcomed her back to the omniverse where she sat panting beside the fountain she'd sat next to, hand still clinging to the side. Her breath was haggard, but she was able to breathe.

She turned to look down at the water, where crimson waves had lapped at the lip, calm purified liquid rippled gently to break up the reflection of the endless ivory surrounding her. She could see hints of magenta and violet where she looked in, but it was all that she had to offer to the pool.

There was a moment when she knew her features were wide and spread out in confusion and awe, but slowly her expression shrank back to the cynical stare she was used to. Just in time for the man she'd come looking for to slide out from the stone centerpiece like a fasting monk from a crypt. She looked at him with a bit more clarification and enlightenment of her own, but if it showed in her dark eyes she couldn't know.

The brightly colored ninja twisted to greet him, watching as he flexed his body and tucked away something she'd actually recognize into his gloved hand. By the time he even acknowledged her she was breathing fine, relaxed, and standing with the satchel clutched to the side. Easily missed by the stunned assassin who approached. She searched the mask he faced her with for something that he didn't quite say but she could feel instinctively. Just as much as she knew it was there, she understood it was time to ground him back into this reality.

"Like what?" She replied simply, taking charge as she did.

Taloc looked like he was searching for the words to say, only to stall out. "I... I don't- All I know is that I can't sit idle like this. I need to get back into it."

The secondary slowly blinked this time, to show how foolish that all sounded. "You want to get back to work?" she asked, but he didn't even need to nod before she fully understood. "Well. We can try the Ashen Blades again. Or we can try to impress them by going after a bounty... I am sure they will ask for your resume." she spoke, bringing up her hand to her chin and eyed him up a bit. "You know who always seems to have a bounty on the board?"

Taloc didn't say anything, probably because he understood that it was rhetorical and didn't matter what he said. Perhaps also because he'd have no idea of such facts given he was a recent addition to their lives.

"Well... I'd say Coruscant, but they basically have their own army of bounty hunters. We should go to Camelot. I think you will fit in there just fine. Besides, everytime I walk into that place there's like seven or eight posters on the first bounty wall I come across." she announced. Then she nodded. Apparently having decided their course.

Little did she realize she was already talking a lot more than she normally did. A habit that one picks up when you become closer to someone. Something expected when you've been inside someone's head...

"Here. This is for you." she added, her older tone slipping back into her voice as she pushed the gift she'd bought him into his hand. Without a trace of explination, she twisted in the direction that was Camelot's gate, and lead the way to their new frontier.
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"Centurion: I'll leave you to your work then Dust. Thanks for chatting!
Me: no problem. stay awesome!
Centurion: It's more of a passive ability"

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