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Into The Spiders Web

<From A Story Of A Crimsonheart>

Revan journeyed across Camelot toward the direction he was told lead to the place known as the Tangled Green. Apart from it being full of plants he knew only a little about it. In fact the amount of flora and fauna in Camelot alone had been enough to make his head spin nevermind the rest of the Omniverse. He did have some hesitations about travelling on his own considering the dangers often presented but he’d been through to much for simple dangers to scare him into being complacent. He still had to learn why Omni had brought him here and so much more about where here truly was. 

From what he had learned Camelot was a most interesting place reminding him much of his home, it seemed however the Omniverse was made up of beings from many different worlds where many seemed to lack any knowledge of the other. This Omni figure seemed to draw them in, like a tidal wave drawing one into the depths of the sea against their will. But from what he could find out this seemed to simply be for his entertainment, but how did this being come to harness such power and was entertainment truly the only reason?

Regardless Revan knew he had been given many gifts, already he felt powerful and the ability to bring forth fire from his hand simply because he chose to filled him with an extreme amount of confidence that he could force such answers from those that held it. Camelot and Coruscant had been an eye opener though in realising the political hierarchy that had formed and though he was certain Camelot held many of the answers he sought, finding the answers in person seemed better. In truth he couldn’t bring himself to trust the point of view of Camelot’s resident’s words. He also felt that certain knowledge was well guarded by those currently in power and so he needed to attempt some sort of low profile.

Revan moved through the forest hoping he was in his final approach toward the gate. He didn’t even notice when his foot went over the edge and his body began to slip. The crevice in the ground pulled him in as he slid painfully down the rocky wall sliding into a pitch black cavern. 

Revan coughed as dust entered his lungs. He simply lay there a moment hoping his body wasn’t too injured from the fall. He slowly lifted himself up from the rock and attempted to peer into the darkness. 

“Just my luck.” He said to himself as he stood up. 

He paused however as he heard rocks fall across from him. It quickly dawned on his mind that he may in fact not be alone down here. He gripped the hilt of his sword.

“Is anybody there?” He asked hearing strange sounds coming from around him.

“That’s enough.” He said lifting his hand and summoning flames from his hand to light up the room. 

His blood turned ice cold as he realised how much danger he was in. Massive Spiders as big as he all stood around the room, their many black eyes focused upon him as if he were their new prey. He wanted to stay still forever but seeing the closest take a step further toward him his body forced him to take a step back. The Spiders seemed to notice this as they all prepared to charge forward.

Revan drew his blade as the lead Spider finally charged. He swung at it forcing it back.

“Back you foul thing!” He yelled truly terrified and unsure if he could get out of this.

One of the Spiders in the back seemed to shoot silk at him opening up into a web that fell over him. Unable to swing his sword he panicked and prepared to use the flames in his hand to burn his way through. Before he could however the lead Spider leapt forward and began spraying him with more ropey silk and the large legs began spinning it around him. In a few short moments he was wrapped up and being dragged hastily through the dark rocky tunnels towards his death.

His body seemed to free fall for a moment through the air before he landed upon the rocky ground. Luckily due to the webbing it was only a tiny bit painful but the thought of having massive fangs sink into him made him consider that only an extremely minor blessing.

“Who are you?” Came a booming feminine voice.

“I’m Revan Noctis, Who are you?” Revan asked incredibly scared.

“I am the one who will determine your fate.” 

“Vague, whatever suits you.” Revan said attempting to struggle in his web.

“What brings you this way.” 

“I was on my way to the Tangled Green.” Revan said reluctantly.

“Why.” The voice demanded to know. 

“I’m exploring, trying to find out why I’m here.” Revan said.

“You’re a Prime, Omni brought you here.” The voice said repeating what Revan had heard many times.

“I want to know more, there are answers I feel I’m not getting.” Revan said deciding it was now or never to explain himself.

“You interest me, perhaps we could form a deal of sorts.” Revan was confused but stopped thinking when he felt legs piercing the webbing around his body.

Finally able to break free from the web site he moved away from the Spider that had freed him and tried to get himself up. Wanted his sword but had no idea where it was in the dark. 

“Revan Noctis, I will let you live, if you use your powers to assist me.” 

“Assist you in what?” Revan questioned the darkness.

“We are not all that live in these caverns, assist me and my children in clearing the caves and you will be allowed to leave.” 

Revan raised his palm up and ignited the fire from his hand. Before him, the one he had been speaking to, was a massive Spider almost as large as the room he was now laying in. The Spider Queen’s eyes looked down upon him and poison dribbled from her fangs. Revan screamed at the top of his lungs.

Revan eventually finally stopped screaming but couldn’t bring himself to think calmly about the situation he now found himself in. A Spider bigger than he was threatening him into doing some sort of favour. 

“I hope you’re finished.” The Spider said sounding annoyed.

“Why should I help you!” Revan yelled 

“Because we are not the aggressors here, this is our home and for the sake of my children I ask you to help.”

“I don’t know.” Revan said worried at defying the humongous creature.

“Are you not the type to help others?” She asked leaning closer to him.

“I am!” Revan said feeling offended at the question.

“Then do you condemn my children to death because we appear so different?” She asked sounding somehow sad now.

Revan didn’t know what to say, he’d never been fond of spiders and he’d never expect one to talk much less ask him for help. He quickly thought what was being asked of him.

“Alright, I’ll do it.” He said still not liking what he was needing to do.

“Then take your metal blade and follow my children deeper into our caverns, there you will find our enemy, slay them and then my children will return you to me for your reward.”

Revan stepped along the webs across the abyss joining the many younger spiders joining him. This enemy wherever it was clearly wasn’t able to enter upon the webs that had been made. The holes in the rocks however told a different story, something else was living here now. Revan drew his sword and approached the holes in the cavern wall, Revan didn’t know what he would soon face but knew that if spiders wanted it gone it had to be bad. Antennas poked out from the darkness, as if scanning what was coming. Revan wasnt prepared for the beasts that were then unleashed from the holes. Enormous insects upon many legs and with razor sharp mouths burst out at him and the spiders next to him.

“Charge!” Revan yelled bursting forward to help the spiders.

Massive centipedes attacked. Revan’s swung his sword. Quickly he realised how doomed his situation was. Spiders wrestled with the centipede heads, fangs vs mandibles. The sword punctured the heads of two centipedes but more kept coming from the darker depths. Revan began to ignite his fire and prepared to burn them away.

Having been taken by surprise by the large amount of Giant Centipedes Revan had been forced to retreat. A number of spiders had been killed but most had retreated back away from the massive stone wall that was the many gateways to the creatures lairs.

“You didn’t tell me that there would be so many.” Revan said cleaning his sword of centipede blood.

“I guess I should have assumed it would be something numerous, considering how many of you there are.” The spiders seemed to stare at him but he couldn’t tell if it was there way of communicating with him or if they were just fantasising about making him their next meal.

“I don’t know what you expect now, I took a stab at it, what else am I supposed to do?” He slid his sword into his sheathe.

“I guess there’s got to be some way to do this.” Revan stared at one of the spiders, his thoughts on how to defeat an enemy that was far stronger brewing.

“Perhaps brute strength isn’t the answer, but then you spiders don’t necessarily have much to work with.”

“Those tunnels need to be sealed up, but it would take a lot of force to collapse enough rock to bury them.”

It was a matter of fact the rocks here seemed fairly stable. It was then that it occurred to him. Why had the Centipedes made this place home, it wasn’t like they could chew through rock. Just how had these tunnels come to exist.

“Water, water eroded the rock to form the tunnels and they must be drinking what water still sleeps through the rocks.” Revan had to admit that the Centipedes had found themselves quite a good place, the only problem was these spiders were sentient and were asking for help.

“I bet you behind those rocks is still a lot of water, probably enough to flood this entire cavern, risky but we could divert it and make sure it only washes out the Centipedes.”

“Of course we still have the issue of breaking through the rocks, but how?” Revan thought for a few more moments. “I think I got a plan, but it’s going to be extremely dangerous, we’ll need as many spiders as you can muster.”

The spiders charged once more against the centipedes. A battle of arachnid and insect causing tremors throughout the large cavern. Revan held his bow and fired upon the centipedes when he could. His main focus was however instead on defending the spiders that even now attached their webbing to the rocks above.

“Heave!” Revan yelled knowing soon the centipedes would catch on to their vulnerable position.

The rocks rugged and began to collapse under their force. Shortly after gravity did the rest as the spiders rushed to get out of the way of their own collapsing effort. The spiders below he hated to admit he hoped would move out of the way in time. Water flowed, washed and funneled, the centipedes were unable to resist the tides that had been formed. Sunlight from up above filled the cavern illuminating the hollow realm of horrors for Revan’s eyes to glimpse.

Quickly after realising their victory the spiders swarmed around Revan. He brought up his sword this time hoping he was more ready for them. He wasn’t however and again webs stole his weapons and took him sliding through the abyss.

“You have done your duty.” The Spider Queen said in her chamber.

“Happy to help...” Revan said rubbing his skin that was scratched being tugged along the rock.

“Humans rarely travel down here, but we do not eat our allies, it is my hope you would return again.” The Spider Queen spoke sounding sincere.

“As a reward, allow us to upgrade your robe and other fabrics with our silk.” Before Revan could protest the spiders swarmed him again, this time however the webs seemed to assist him instead of hinder.

“Your robes and armour should now be more.. comfortable.” She said observing him closely.

“Ah, Thank you.” Revan replied feeling genuinely better.

“You may not care for it, but you have my blessing, I hope your adventures go well and you discover the answers you are searching for, come back at any time, I pronounce you an honoury Spider.”

Revan chucked nervously, but bowed before turning to exit the chamber.

Crawling from a crack in the ground Revan felt the wind hit his new spider silk robes, the time had come to explore a new verse, he just hoped that not all of the Omniverse was so dangerous.

<To The Forest of Nightmares>

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