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[Open] A New Predator on the Savannah

He had to admit, he wasn't really sure what to expect when he stepped into the gate, for that was what it obviously was.  Azrael had been teleported, frozen at absolute zero, and all manner of other things.  He supposed the closest comparison was Teleportation, but that was just instant, he didn't even really feel anything at all.  This though?  It was practically indescribable.  Azrael could feel himself getting moved, shifted and warped through well...he wasn't sure if time and space were the right descriptors.  Either way, he came out on the other side all intact, his clothing and hair weren't singed, his organs weren't out of place and he wasn't missing any limbs, all in all that was a plus.  He could also feel more than that white emptiness.  There was bright light, from an actual source, an actual sun looming overhead and casting a powerful, oppressive heat on the environment.  It was hot for sure, and the ground beneath his feet was hard baked, cracked stone.  He could see trees, sparse and separated by the cracked Earth, with short, dry brush occasionally hiding the baked stone from view.  All in all, it was an incredibly refreshing view compared to what he'd had to deal with for...over an hour really.

Azrael just took a few steps forward as he looked around.  His eyes adjusting to the light and scanning the landscape for any major signs of threats, civilization, or otherwise.  The horizon looked odd though, very odd.  Like it...went further than he was used to.  It was messing with his sense of distance.  Briefly Azrael looked down, one foot scuffing the ground and kicking a small rock, sending it skittering along the cracked stone.  His 'companion' had probably emerged by now.  He'd noticed that odd feeling when he passed her, but he paid it as much mind as he paid anything else, which was to say very little.  It had roused his curiosity, made him wonder if she might actually be worth consuming after all, unfortunately, she still had that blank, deadened expression, and the feelings were more the feeling of coming near something potentially dangerous, rather than anything she personally gave off.  So, he doubted he'd enjoy it.  A filling meal, but not an appetizing one.  Ultimately he was going to keep dismissing her on that basis until a reason came to do otherwise, but given his instincts were warning him there was at least some potential danger he'd still keep his guard up.  Right now though?  Now that he had actual terrain to deal with?  It was time to test something.

"You might want to take a step back."  Azrael commented without looking towards Rose, assuming she'd shown up.  Then he pulled his hands out of his pockets and cracked his neck, pushing fist into palm and cracking his knuckles before returning them to his pockets, as his eyes narrowed.  His knees bent before he pushed off, suddenly leaping up and forward into the air.  His coat pressed flat to his back as he went hurtling upwards, he looked up, eyes narrowed to shield from the sun, before he hit the apex of his jump, gracefully arcing through the air as his arms spread out wide as he looked down to see his height.  It was difficult for him to directly judge it, but it was high, it was roundabout thirty meters actually as gravity began to exert itself once again, dragging him back to the ground.  His coat billowed up, flying upwards and exposing the chiseled muscles of his back, and the darker lines of his tattoo running along behind it.  As he came down towards the ground though he seemed to almost pick up speed, before slamming both feet into the baked stone with a terrific impact, a dozen meters away.  The result was more cracks, the ground giving way slightly, leaving an imprint of his feet as he slammed in, knees bending until he was practically squatting, creating a small crater.  Anyone passing by afterwards would probably barely be able to tell, aside from the slight impression of his feet it didn't look too different from the ground around, just a slight dip in the rock.  

As if he hadn't just fallen thirty meters straight out of the air, Azrael straightened up, his expression tight, jaw clenched.  So, his weakness wasn't as bad as he thought.  His physical abilities were still far superior to the average human, his speed, jumping ability, durability and strength were higher than them, but it was still so much lower than his maximum.  His face had an angry look on it, brow drawn down low and his lips parted, showing white teeth as he started walking along.  This time he knew there had to be things here, and for whatever reason the horizon was expanded beyond what he was used to.  First order of business was finding water.  Even Azrael at his strongest had still needed to actually sustain his body.  He offered no explanation for what had just happened, no rationale behind why he'd just decided to leap into the air and slam both feet onto the ground, he just started walking again while the sun shone overhead.  As he started walking though, he would ask Rose one simple question if she decided to keep following after him.  "Know anything about where we are?"  If not, well...then they'd just find out together, given he seemed set on following him.

Rose felt sick as she passed through the gate, motion sickness that made her stomach lurch and pull. It felt like someone was threading her guts through her belly button and then feeding them back forcefully to her. She found it abruptly hard to breath like someone was choking her, and panic was beginning to set into her mind. Her neutral gold eyes turning it gold fleck against a porcelain white background! There was a pounding of blood in her ears and the darkness began to consume the hollow's mind.

And then suddenly she was on the other side. Azrael's warning falling on deaf ears, a high pitched ringing drowning him out. Gulps of air were inhaled and then exhaled frantically as the spirit's power spiked dangerously. The heat that burned into her body did not come from an internal fever, but the sun that soaked quickly into her cream colored skin. She could feel the hardened crisp sands solidly under the soles of her bare feet. All her senses being stimulated gently seemed to slowly bring her back from the brink of an anxiety attack. In her silence, she looked to her guide.

From her position, she watched every defined muscle in the man's core, legs, and back coil up. Then a second later she watched as he released the built-up tension in a high-speed explosion of kinetic energy, propelling himself high into the air. A moment of peace in the oddly up wound man that he found answers to his own questions while his jacket-cape lifted and fluttered about like a symbol of peace. Everything that this man clearly was not.

Beside Rose, out of the limited shadows, two fingers stepped through the portal and into her peripheral vision. She felt the hand of Evan as he placed it on her shoulder to reassure her. With a quick flex of her shoulder, she shrugged him off. Unwilling to admit that his touch was just what she needed to anchor herself in this reality. All sets of their eyes turn upward, watching as gravity reached up and grabbed the man by the ankles. She pulled him back to earth, where his mass left its impression in the form of more cracks that reach out in a spiderweb-like pattern.

Lilith gasped in her awe at his well-dressed despite seeing things far more impressive than that. A brief moment later the hot wind blasted past them from his hurried return to the ground. Lengths of rose pink and amber blonde whipped around madly. The childish girl lifted her sleeved hand in front of her face to shield it, but Rose boldly faced the storm. The calm and placid stare settled back onto his back.

Always a step behind him physically, it would seem.

His question finally breaking the silence, asked her another question she didn't have the answer to. She thought silence would suffice in voicing this fact, but Evan cleared his throat and made a signal that implied she should answer the guy. She glanced beyond him. Rolling hills of yellow-tinted sand stacked before them, the heat of the sun playing with the air gave the illusion that they moved like a golden sea.

It looked like a place she'd seen before, though not nearly as colorful. Even the faintest hues were loud in comparison to the flat white deserts of Hueco Mundo. The brilliant blue cloudless skies only mimicked its skies for being a solid color. Only it was a stark black blanket that covered the land of the hollows, a large inescapable full moon always watching from up high.

"Looks like a desert," Rose responded after a long time of not saying anything. She did not mock him though, the words she spoke were devoid of any sarcasm or jokes. A simple answer from a simple mind.

"Surely he can see that as well, Rose! You don't have to be so unhelpful!!" Lilith said, stepping out from behind her host and appearing between her and the man she was so fond of.

Rose's head turned just slightly to face the spoiled ghost, challenging her.

Lilith's defiance held as firmly as her hand held onto her own hips. She tilted forward as well, to prove she was brave, despite the shaking of her knees under all that fabric. She glared there in silence for a good long moment before Lilith's hands come up and she straightens her back, too. Her arms hug her chest and she twists stubbornly while raising her nose into the air again. "Don't look at me like that, just answer the attractive man!"

Rose blinked. A slow, five-second long blink that best represented her thoughts on all that. Their host then turned away from Lilith and to Evan, as if acknowledging that he would have more information on it all. To do so, she had to actually take a step from her stance to turn her attention to the well-dressed company. Without a word though, she expectedly stared at him.

Evan took a moment to notice, about as long as it took her to twist to face him. His head jerking up and his eyes locking in with hers. He had been admiring the view, and only barely understood what was going on. "Hm? Oh! Right." He turned back to Azrael. "What was the question?" He asked.

Lilith cried out in frustration. "You twit! What the hell do we know about all this!?" The young lady said, sweeping her arm across the verse they've come to.

Evan frowned at her. "Great. Twenty seconds in the desert and you've reverted to the mannerisms of a bandit. Demanding this and that of me. How charming you pretend to be when the moment is favorable for your whims, only for the truth to come out like the witch you seem to be!"

"That's nice and all, but can you just get on with it!" Lilith barked.

Evan's chin rose higher than Lilith's head and he imagined what it would be like to slap her.

"Nothing," he said bluntly.

The face Lilith made screwed up painted lips and scrunched her brows together in something that resembled insulted confusion.

"We know nothing of this place because we've never been here before," Evan spoke to Lilith, taking a few bold steps towards her before whipping back around to face their host. "It's not the hollow's desert, its not even the desert from which you lumbered your Gillian form from with that leech attached." Evan made sure to point to Lilith when he pronounced 'leech' with a proper English accent to the vowels.

Lilith inhaled sharply, and the exhaled in disgust at his less than flattering description of her. "The only leech I see here with us is the bottom feeder that latched onto us at the river!" She screamed back.

With another fight breaking out, Rose decided to just tune them out and take the necessary steps past them to face her companion. Her eyes came up and dared to look him in the eye. "No." she finally answered, flatly. Without anything else to say, she moved on, taking casual steps further into the new territory. Possibly the last place she would ever venture if what had happened at the gate ever repeated.
ATTENTION: Lilith and Evan are
manifestations of Rose's broken
mind, please do not respond to
them unless you have Telepathy.

Base Stats:
Atk 4
Def 5
Spd 1
Tec 0
[Image: 6EAE58367061BD66264BC0B456C8D7BD3F2D9658]

Though it was very possible for the two primes to make it home in one sitting, Serraph felt in unadvisable. Who knows what could be waiting there for them. The great king Gilgamesh had taken every prime he could muster to Dante’s Abyss leaving behind naught but a token guard comprised by secondaries. It would be enough to keep order within the confines of its rebuilt walls, but if it were to be attacked by just one prime, that ability would be tarnished. No, they would need to stop and rest for a time to recoup the energy lost during their horse ride across the dunes. Surely the pint-sized Shantotto would greatly appreciate this.

They rode until they found a space fairly flat for a considerable distance. Although still fairly dusty, the lack of dunes left Serraph’s eyes with an unblocked field of vision. If one would approach he may surely notice. The “horse” they rod clopped to a stop in the middle of his shallow basin, allowing Serraph to slide off with The tiny mage tucked securely under his arm.

“This godly mage, two legs hath been given. Unhand me, and you, sir, shall be surely forgiven.”, the Tarutaru’s tiny, but lyrical voice demanded.

Serraph’s chest heaved in his chuckle and he set her down into the dusty ground below. He turned his attention to the hollowed horse that carried them so effortlessly. It was a magnificent stallion clad in heavy plates of mask material that stretched over its body. Black flames emanated from its hooves, converting the sand beneath him to smooth glass. It nickered at Serraph as his hands patted the beast’s neck.

“Worry not, friend. Surely you are hungry after that journey?”, Serraph asked,  his head tilted inquisitively to the side. The hollow’d horse bucked his head and slammed a flaming hoof into the glass that had formed beneath him. Serraph laughed and stepped back from him, turning to begin working on the camp.  Surprisingly enough, Shantotto was a fast worker when taking in her size. Already she had a fire blazing and a couple of logs pulled up near. “Oh dear~”, he cooed, plopping himself across from the little one. “Guess you didn’t enjoy the ride then.”

“Nary a horse I’ve ridden have left me feeling comparable to a barbarian's midden”, Her voice rang snarkily. Serraph laughed and glanced to the horse, whose ears twitched in response.

“Careful. Had our ride not been so benevolent,  you may have likely drowned in the dunes.”, He winked and held his hand near the flames, a leg of an unidentifiable animal forming in his grasp. The flames licked over its flesh, burning away the fur to reveal the pale flesh beneath. Rather than continue to cook it, he tossed it over to the horse, who anticipated the action. It caught the hunk of meat with a maw that would put a shark to shame. Ravenously it bit and tore its way through the food.

Serraph’s eyes returned to the flames and the amber core forming at the charred wood within. “Relax, little one, but be wary of we may find at our doorstep. We have been gone for far to long.”

The Tarutaru’s ears perked with ancient eyes poised as curious as ever. “Nay, We have been absent for merely days. Surely nary have gone ablaze!”. She answered confidently, slamming the butt of her staff hard against the sand below. Serraph smiled and summoned a small porcelain cup within his gloved, slender fingers. He could smell the tea within it, a smell he had not forgotten. He sipped upon it and sighed, a single eye of crimson looking up at her through the flames.

“Did nothing seem different? After I was slain in Dante’s Abyss beneath the dreadful light of its moon, I lay within the space between worlds. I existed and yet I didn’t.”, He sipped again and cupped the glass within the palm of his hand. “Aye, I was a mere consciousness, but nevertheless my ability to count was not diminished, Isn’t that right Steve?”, he turned his head to the horse in which he had just named, who neyed and pounded the dust below in his approval. He smirked and turned his head to the small one. “And there you have it. Steve agrees with me. It must be true~”

 “If that is the case, so be it. Neither will leave me defeated.”, she boasted, causing that smile of his to spread.

“Perhaps. Just be wary is all. Time doesn’t flow as we expect it to. A day for you may be centuries for another.”, his eyes caught movement in the distance behind the small magus, a pair of figures, one large and one smaller draped in the shadow of the night. Naturally, his left hand fell to the basket weave of his rapier that hung lazily from his hip. “We’ve two guests. I’m curious about where they’re headed.”
"Mine eyes hath seen the glory of the presence of my Lord. He is sifting through the treasures in which his Gates of Wrath does store. He lets loose the righteous vengeance of his terrible swift swords. Gilgemesh has returned!"

So, his companion didn't know anything about where they were.  Wasn't that just wonderful?  Normally Azrael wouldn't be bothered by such trivial things, but unfortunately, as this new realm seemed so eager to remind him every other minute, Azrael was not in his usual position of overwhelming superiority.  It was unpleasant, but those were the facts.  As a result, he had to care about his environment, extreme heat and cold could actually hurt him, at least he was pretty sure, and even back at his full strength he still needed to eat and drink, so water was going to be a concern.  There was also still no Seithr in the air, and this definitely wasn't a high altitude.  Did Seithr not exist in this world, or did it only exist in trace amounts?  Well, he never used Ars Magus to begin with, Dragunov was the closest he ever came and it no longer existed, so providing it with fuel was now a non-issue.  He rubbed his chin thoughtfully as he looked over the environment.  "Mmm, looks like there might be Savannah nearby too, hard to tell though.  The horizon's screwing with me.  Either way, we need to find water first, then see if there's anyone else in this place besides us."  Maybe there was some kind of civilization, a city or town would have someone interesting to fight, they had to.  Azrael could feel that psychological hunger gnawing at his mind, that native urge to fight, to feel his blood boil in battle with a worthy opponent.  If nothing else it should be a lot easier to find one of those now that he was so much weaker.

He scanned the horizon again, making sure the odd perspective hadn't made him miss something, and that was when he spotted them.  Two other figures further ahead.  His eyes narrowed, trying to make out the details, but in the end it didn't matter.  He was going to walk closer, hands in his pockets as he began his advance.  As he neared, Shantotto and Seraph would be treated to the view of Azrael, his tall form, his rippling muscles, and his oddly refined sense of fashion, even if he didn't wear his coat properly.  If one just fixed that and got him an appropriate shirt he might actually qualify for rather snappily dressed.  He wasn't moving quickly at least, so that might alleviate their worries somewhat, if nothing else, it meant he wasn't attacking them immediately, or rushing to do so.  No, Azrael was simply going to walk up to where they had set up an entire campfire seemingly, unafraid, unconcerned, why he'd even flash a smile as he approached, lifting one hand from his pockets to gesture with in a relaxed fashion.  Although there was something...off about the smile on his face.  Maybe it showed too much teeth, maybe it was just thanks to the natural set of his eyes that gave him a cruel, almost feral look to most of the things he did.  Maybe it was the way his eyes roamed over both of them, cold, piercing and lacking any sense of warmth or compassion.

"Hello there, name's Azrael.  Pardon the interruption, but me and the girl there are new around here.  I'm afraid I don't know my head from a hole in the ground and was wondering if you wouldn't mind letting me know if there's any kind of town or water source anywhere around."  A simple enough offer, his tone was even a bit jovial!  Yet he hadn't stopped examining them.  The small one was a curious figure.  She seemed almost certain to be a beastkin, she had everything down, the ears, the nose, he would place money on her being a mouse type beastkin if he was actually in his world.  However, she was small, smaller than any beastkin he'd ever seen.  Of course, that didn't rule it out, but given everything else?  It was likely just an unusual similarity.  She had an interesting air to her, she looked like a confident woman, if she had any strength it was probably in magic.  Beastkin were usually superior to the normal human physically but with the proportions of her limbs that seemed pretty safe to rule out. Which still left magic or...honestly he shouldn't rule anything out in this place.  Not when he still had very little idea of what was going on.

The other one was less visually interesting.  A man of average height and build, unusual hair color.  He did have a weapon nearby though, and as Azrael scrutinized them, for some reason he felt there were similarities between this man and Rose.  Were they the same species?  Was he imagining things?  He supposed it didn't matter, what intrigued him most about both though, was that they had fire in their eyes.  The very thing Rose lacked that ensured she was safe from Azrael's hunger.  Honestly, it left him a bit conflicted.  The kind of confident air that the small one possessed was something that wasn't often borne by the undeserving, while the man with the weapon presented a more reliable opportunity for the kind of fights that Azrael preferred, in theory at least.  He needed to test his abilities, see just where he was at from a combat perspective.  There was a strong temptation to challenge them here, or at least one of them.  

He'd wait, for now.  At least until he got his questions answered.  Two on one was rarely fun even with good competitors anyways.  Maybe he'd try for a 'friendly spar' afterwards.  Now there was an alien thought.  Azrael hadn't had a 'friendly match' with someone since he was a teenager, and that was quite a long, long time ago.

While the strongest, broadest, and the gruffest of the group sauntered up less gangster style, even grinning like the wolf in sheep's clothing he was, Rose kept her nondescriptive walk. Her bare feet touched the hot sands of the desert, the scorching heat that they reflect from the sun's burning warmth did little to bother her. That with her dead gaze might bring about the idea that she was a simple zombie lumbering behind her master. Except her steps were boringly normal. Her walk, normal. Her stance, attractively straight, but also rather normal.

She came to a normal stop.

While very normal from afar though, she didn't appear to be especially normal to the others. The nineteen-year-old appearance was completed with a strange haircut of half her golden hair cut sharply and at an angle, not a bad one at that, while the rest of her hair touched the back of her knees. Two of the most extreme hairstyles, she must have just been interrupted in the middle? If so, it might be considered stranger that she did not go back to it or fix it yet.

As Azrael attempted to be friendly, she did nothing to even greet the two except acknowledge that they exist with eye contact. Her amber colored eyes glowing faintly to those who are most observant, but then she focused on what was just an empty spot. Keeping her attention vague and ambiguous.

"Aren't you going to introduce yourself?" Came Evan's voice from that spot, his hand on his hip.

"You said yourself, Evan, it is the gentleman's job to introduce a lady when in the presence of more people." Lilith echoed from beside her personally claimed 'gentleman's side.

"Generally, yes. But that is exceptionally harder when the..." he trailed off here to lift both his hands up to use air quotes. "... 'gentlemen' doesn't know her name. Unlike most people, your unsuspecting suitor generally asks for a name back." Evan lectured Lilith, before turning back to Rose. "I think you should take note of the surroundings though, my dear. After all, we have entered the domain of another hollow," he explained mysteriously and gestured to the horse that looked straight back at Rose.

Lilith screeched out in fear and used this as good of an excuse to duck behind Azrael, more out of want than a need.

"That horse?" Rose softly asked, in a dry monotoned voice. Only Evan understanding she was questioning if that was the hollow he was speaking of.

But it was the man with platinum locks that spoke. He didn't need the supernatural ability to see or feel Rose's hollowfication. "It's mine, miss Arrancar. A faithful steed."

His eyes were drawn to her the moment she appeared. He stared at her with a look not of lust, but the attention of a man who's found something very interesting to him. Though anyone could mistake it for the former if it weren't for the powerful mage beside him that new that look all too, well.

The mousey woman had also seen the gaping hole in the girl's chest. Medically it shouldn't exist. If it did exist, she should not exist. Even in the Omniverse, this was a strange occurrence, but not one she had not seen before. The eyes of the doctor slid over to her companions to secure her suspicions, and then back to the girl who ought to be dead. No, that's incorrect. She was dead, just not dead. Undead, like the zombie she mimicked on the hill. But very different. She was a spirit, the saddest of her kind.

And yet, one of the most powerful.

"Wait. That gruesome creature is yours!" Lilith cried in displeasure from behind one of Azrael's massive arms. She clung to the limp arm of his jacket, but with the barest of grips. She didn't want to wrinkle it and put on a bad impression. Especially after the trash that Evan said about her! "Gross." She ducked deeper into hiding.

Evan's glare chased her even further. "It's rude to call a peer 'gross', Lilith."

"I don't care! It's looking at me with its dead, cold eyes. At least Rose's moves... It's just watching me even from behind here."

Evan rolled his eyes very obviously. They landed on their host. "I wager that if he's throwing around words like Arrancar, I'd say he's a big deal. I can't imagine Akumu being happy with us if we were rude to someone like him." the man said as he watched Rose very carefully.

With that dangerously risky nudge, life swirled in the empty look as Rose's heart fluttered with admiration. Something that might alarm the man who'd seen nothing of the like from his traveling companion. She turned back to Serraph with a small smile that wasn't exactly meant for him. Toxico's blade was lower even closer to the sand as a clear sign of her guard lowering and she physically took small steps to face her new friend.

Then she froze, not knowing what to say to him at all. She panicked and glanced over at Evan.

"Your name, always start with your name."

"Rose." Her tone lifted as she announced to them all her name, as well as volume. Not so loud that she was yelling at him, but much louder than Azrael has ever heard her.

Evan shook his head and chuckled to himself. At least she was back on track. Perhaps this place, this... Omniverse, would break her of this spell the group had forced upon the girl. For now, he would confidently use Akumu as a tool to sway their host in the right direction.

"Serraph," he responded with a more comfortable smile. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Rose. Honestly, I am glad to find another hollow. Please, sit with us."

The man that introduced himself to her, motions for her to take a seat anywhere she'd like. If only because of there as no claim on any of this land.

The scorpion hollow came closer to him in particular. She stabbed the sands with the back end of Toxico and then fell to a sitting position beside her fellow Arrancar. Her knees together and her feet tucked behind her but not in a way that she sat on them. She placed her hands on her bare legs and her hips were just the slightest twisted for comfort and to further conversations.
ATTENTION: Lilith and Evan are
manifestations of Rose's broken
mind, please do not respond to
them unless you have Telepathy.

Base Stats:
Atk 4
Def 5
Spd 1
Tec 0
[Image: 6EAE58367061BD66264BC0B456C8D7BD3F2D9658]

The mouselike mage hid her immediate distrust of the pair of desert wanderers, the unnecessary brashness of the male and the reluctance of the woman seemed like total polar opposites. Of course it was of little consequence to the mage, how these two strangers maintained a relationship was none of her business.

Her small amber eyes looked on at the sitting arrancar, her appearance was not particularly one that the magus understood. The girl was barely covered at all. So far she has sensed little hostile intent from the woman called Rose, but for the one called Azreal there was a odd vibe the mage got, she was going to need to keep an eye on him, if not for her own sake but for Serraph’s as well.

The paper swordsman however seemed to have no issue with the eccentric duo, his gaze watched every movement with no scrutiny that the pintsized woman could see.

"If it is shelter and liquid that you wish to seek, The dunes are not a place for one so meek. Preparation is the key to a long life in this heat, succumb to the sun and you shall be beat." the rhyming tarutaru chided, her amber brown eyes danced in the firelight

"but an question was asked so answer shall be given, There are two places one may go to keep ones life for sure, the firs, the town with no name and the second Nippur." her words danced around the empty expanse as little more than an echo that was soon lost in the very sands.

The Mad Dog of Ikaruga responded quickly, a single eyebrow raised in question to the peculiar way the mage spoke but overall not all to much bothered by it. "So, in which direction is the nearest?"

The mouse-like mage didn't hesitate with her answer her staff dancing artistically in her hand as she shifted it around and pointed ahead in the direction she had been traveling before Serraph had snuck up on her.

"The town lacking a name is a bit closer if that is what you need, but the city of Nippur has more grandeur indeed."

Rose said nothing listening to the exchange, her eyes darting between the other three individuals. Unbeknownst to them she was listening and paying attention to Evan and Lilith

My, my, my

Wasn’t this the most interesting interaction Serraph has witnessed. Eyes of crimson flicked over to the small one, fully aware of what lay behind those honeyed words. Surely one of her age could see one of less quality demeanor without batting much of an eye. Serraph didn’t have that particular experience, yet. As close to humanity as she ever was, he was still so far away from understanding them. This in on itself intrigued the former Espada to no end.

The king’s servant rose his gloved hand to stifle a laugh, his eyes returning to the pair before him. What interesting things could Serraph learn from them? From Azreal, his confident demeanor paired with his flawless physique led the arrancar to assume a warrior out of him. Like a Greek god, each muscle seemed strong enough to snap the former Espada in two. Judging from his question, he must not be too familiar with how a Prime’s power operates. A prime could live out in the most inhospitable of environments on its own. Hunger and thirst become mere inconveniences to ones such as Serraph, Shantotto, and the two guests.

If they weren’t gods in this plane of existence, then they certainly were close.

His eyes fluttered over to the fellow Arrancar. Even if her actions so far hadn’t spoken for it, she too shared similar confidence in herself. It was clear as day to the king’s servant. Her clothing, or lack thereof, told him that she wasn’t afraid of people thought of her appearance, or perhaps her hierro was strong enough to withstand deadly blows. It couldn’t be the temperature. The endless dunes grew quite cold in the dead of night. A normal person would be suffering without such coverings. What intrigued Serraph most so far wasn’t Rose’s obvious beauty, nor was it the Zanpakuto that stuck from the ground near her. It was the blatant display of that mark that identified her as a Hollow, her hole. Many of Serraph’s generation distasted what they truly were, and took steps to conceal themselves. Alas, those were dark times where human dweller and Soul Society scum alike sought their destruction. Perhaps she came from another time.

“Now isn’t that food for thought”, he thought aloud, drawing the eyes of their guests. He grinned and let his hand fall from his lips, draping his arm across his knee. “The nearest place for you, is our home, Nippur. Do you wish to accompany us there?” Shantotto kept her mouth shut, but he knew he’d be getting an interesting talk later, one in which Serraph wasn’t curious to see. However, even the Magus knew of their King’s nature. He was a unifying force, able to gain respect, obedience, and, from some, even worship from those who wouldn’t give those particular things to another. Serraph was confident King Gilgamesh would accept these two potential allies.
"Mine eyes hath seen the glory of the presence of my Lord. He is sifting through the treasures in which his Gates of Wrath does store. He lets loose the righteous vengeance of his terrible swift swords. Gilgemesh has returned!"

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