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[M] A Knight in the Frigid Witch

Before Ash reached the ice sculpture looking gate, she felt the temperature [b]drop[b].

If the Ashen Steppes were the hottest days of summer, and the Fountain had been Fall, this new place was a bitterly cold day that got worse the closer she got. Given her current attire, she felt the effect even more dramatically. While the heat of the Steppes cooked the top layer of blood across her skin to a crusty brownish black, the cold current wafting her way as she closes in on the land of zero froze the apparently still liquid underneath. This was the worse of it, but given she'd recently discarded her top, the cold air brought her notice to a point on her chest. One that everyone could see.

All of like three secondaries which were close by arguing. Two of them were women who gasp in horror at the guts covered prime, one male who just started with nothing further to say about anything. All three were embarrassed for her and deep in their minds concerned for the level of crazy that she had to be to approach the cold climate gate with nearly nothing on...

One of the women saw the man staring, and slapped him back to his senses. It was apparently time for them to go because as soon as this happened he had to chase the thickly dressed girls who stuck their noses up and trotted way like timid deer.

Ash had only noticed them when she heard the skin on skin contact. Her eyes smiled at the gentlemen before he ran off after the fleeing 'ladies', giving him a playful and simply flirtations wave. As she watched them run off in ways she's grown all too used to, she noticed the fur trims of their clothes. This struck her as both obvious and unobvious. As a parkour agent, Winter was always the most fun. As a sophisticated lady, it was always the most boring. When your family expected you to stand around and do nothing that's when you wore things like that.

Imagine this though... A girl who's never wanted these kinds of things suddenly wanted to try on a pearl necklace and baby seal fur. Never did Ash normally encourage this kind of brutality, as long as animals didn't fuck with her that is. However, here's the beauty of this make-believe world. She didn't have to hurt anyone or anything.

The Storm Demon stepped closer to the snow-capped gate and grinned, stamping into position and taking a moment to get dressed.

Pixels of light that were regular for this situation sparked to life, but instead of the usual circle of light, she chose a different aesthetic. Pixel by pixel the dragon's blood, guts, eye juice, and the simpelton clothing she'd tried to leave that lair in floated away as if caught in some magical winter breeze until she was naked and clean of all her past encounter.

As if the pixels traveled around the world they then flew back at her body from the front. Piece by piece a new outfit appeared. Strands of her flowing black hair twisted into a single bun, chopsticks again speared the messily made hairdo. Pale pink lace formed around her hips and chest quickly covered up with thin but warm black material that reached from her ankles, straight up to her nose, and down to her between her fingers. This layer was also quickly covered: First with thick wool socks and glovers, secondly with a loose icy blue turtle neck and thick winter dark blue pants that squeeze her ass but fall loos around her legs, then thick white leather boots with pristine white lining the insides appear around her calves. Her upper body is covered in the thickest white fur she could think of. Polar bear if anyone asked. It reached to her knees and closed around her with carved bone buttons. Around her neck, completely unnecessary, a pearl white silk scarf that is wrapped over her neck and face.

The demoness opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around herself. The thick fur felt wonderful to the touch, with a hint of expensive in the stitching. The inside of the coat was a collection of wild geese feathers insulation. She groaned to herself at the sudden warmth. It reminded her of a long day spent in bed with a man.

Her daydreaming had to come to a disappointing end. She wanted to drop her hands from her shoulders to her pockets but instead had them climb higher so she could throw the hood over her head and entered the frozen unknown.


The hood was laced with something heavy so that as Ash limped away from the gate on the other side, the wind didn't toss it off her head. Instead, her ebony hair is tossed about while she calmly walked in like she owned the place. Or at the very least knew what she was doing. She got about ten feet from the gate before she stopped and looked out. Another verse to leave a lasting impression on.

What she found was an endless sea of white and frost, glittering across the ground was crisp settled snow. Apparently mimicking the stars high in the beautifully clear sky. When she looked in one direction she saw some beautifully green, aqua, golds, and turquoise lights formed a ribbon dancing in space. She stared at these for a long time... Dangerously long, so long she lost track of how long she'd been watching. Something about these lights called to her...

But when she realized how long she'd been staring at them their spell on her broke.

Her mind turned to the area on the horizons. She could just make out something in the distance in several directions, but what she was drawn to was the sense of people. She gathered this place would be crawling with animals and the like, so before she went off causing trouble, it might be best to find a place to crawl back to. Perhaps a place with some kind of white mage she could get her leg looked at.

She was looking for some kind of settlement, but she was certainly not about to walk all this way. Time for another mount. And honestly a horse might be the way to go, but she was tired of the normal. Not wanting to repeat herself either, she focuses on one of the most common mounts in games she's ever seen. The dire wolf.  As she concentrated on her beast of burden she imagined what she'd like it to look like. Since she does have the power to do so.

When she opened her eyes a few minutes later, they looked directly into golden moons. The giant grey wolf recognized its prime, but if there was any hostility or love in him, it did not show. The beast lifted its head and twisted its ears, thoughtfully as it scanned its surrounding area. Ash noticed it was already equipped with the needed set-up. Lightnin blue straps of leather spanned the distance between its bridle and the saddle. While the saddle had a leather seat that was black but accented with the same blue, it was different from the horse she rode on before. The blanket was strapped down to it with leather, but the stirrups sat in different places. She'd never mounted a horse before this game, and likewise for a wolf...

"Lay," she commanded.

The wolf looked at her like she dared to disrespect a powerful being, but then obeyed. It sat first and then flopped to the cold ground, waiting to be mounted. The wolf's ears still stood high and turned towards a particular direction.

Ash noticed this as she climbed up and placed her feet into the rings of metal. They were shaped for the feet but positioned her feet way back. She grabbed the reins and gave them a flick instead of trying to kick him. On her command, he rose. "Should I name you?" She asked, but there was no outright response. She hugged her legs around him and balanced herself with her hands on the 'horn' of the saddle before giving his shoulder a hardy pet and then smacking it gently as a sign for him to go. "Find me a town, Toga."

The wolf grunted, as if to laugh at her, but then took a step. His head rose higher into the wind that brushed his fur about and took a few deep inhales. Toga then lowered his nose to the snow, searching his new surroundings. Whenever he'd gathered the appropriate information it took to map out a way through this place, the wolf padded to one side of the clearing before changing his mind and jumped into a run the other way.

If Ash thought the mounts were different just at a glance, she was proven right as soon as the wolf began to move. Unlike the horse or even the Chocobo, Toga's movements were quick and abrupt. It was able to be ridden, but was it meant to be? Because it was summoned with that in mind, of course, it was. And for a woman who prides herself in balancing and acrobatic acts, he would become a very memorable mount. But for one who was used to riding a horse, he was nothing to scoff at.

She felt her body whip around as Toga weaved through the pines, rocks, and other obstacles in the immediate area. When he leaped over gaps in the tundra landscape, it wasn't the weightlessness the stallion gave her. She had to fight not to fall right off. Toga raced up a jagged hill and tossed his head back and forth as he looked for the best way to proceed, and then crashed down onto the floor of the fields once more before chasing some unknown scent. At one point they passed a wagon that was coming their way by darting wildly around them. She didn't get the sense that he did this all on purpose to test her resolve, but the thought crossed her mind.

There was a point when he stopped again to sniff at the ground. feverishly sniffing at the snow for some sign of him going in the right direction. This was done long after passing the wagon. It was done at a fork in the natural road. Hoofprints of horses, deer, and whatever mammals could survive this setting walked over each other forming a porous look to the ground. On top of that, it began to snow again and the wagon marks that should have been made freshly before this were covered partially as well.

But she apparently chose the right mount, even if she questioned if he was chasing people or prey at some point, he stopped scenting the ground and burst forward again down the left path. Shortly afterward she could see the makings of a town. What would have taken her days to get to, Toga had taken a few hours to find. Now that it was in sight they would arrive in a few more.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

The town they arrived in was busy by its own means. She was severely overdressed and looked like a shiny heiress with a new hobby and pet to that she'd be bored within a few days compared to the practical clothing and equipment floating around. Toga stood out just as much if not more though. She saw horses, yaks, donkeys, and more of the same among the people. She guessed that if there were dire wolves in this verse it wasn't a common thing for a demoness to be riding one into town.

That would explain some of the dirty looks she got from the sturdier smaller folks. As she entered she saw a larger population than she was expecting, with a heavier side of dwarf. She was no stranger to the dirty looks so it didn't bother her all that much. She rubbed the side of her mount gently to make sure he stayed calm with all the chaos his presence made, but really she probably could have just found another town with his nose.

They entered a bizarre kind of place and she pulled him to a stop near a merchant that was selling parts of some kind of animal. Her wolf turned to it, licking his chops in a clear sign of desire. The merchant also noticed it, because how could you not notice a giant wolf looking at your wares with a hungry look. "N-Now, none of that." The merchant, a portly older woman with more guts than a few of the people in her town. "You go on." she braved to tell wolf.

"It seems Toga is interested in your wares." the woman riding him said with a sense of superiority.

"Unless he's got gold, he'll be out of luck." the merchant said decidedly, waving him away with a hand missing a finger.

Suddenly though, a small brown heavy bag dropped onto her stall's counter. "Can you also tell me where I can find a healer?" Ash asked.

The merchant looked from the canine to its rider. She spotted the winding devil tail behind and saw the black horns poking out of her hood. "I suppose you mean one that is not of the cloth?" she asked, coming closer to the bag and opening it.

Gold light sparkled to life, enough for a whole beast. Then the bag snapped closed as she realized she was still very much in public... She pocketed the purse and changed her tone as she slowly moved over to a chain where half a beast hung. The merchant, part butcher as well, pulled a blade out and carefully cut the few bits of flesh she needed to for the portion she wanted.

"There's a strange mage... Takes coin for his magic. He lives in the tower with the tilted shutters and the broken roof towards the south part of town. If it's not life-threatening, I'd wager a deal with him." the portly woman came around her stall and with her hand on an exposed bone, offered the beast she road a leg portion.

Toga glared at her with his golden eyes as she approached, but the meat was met with a flick or two of his tail. Jagged dangerous teeth parted as he prepared to snatch it away, but his prime gave him a gentle kick. "Slowly, Toga. Don't scare the woman." The wolf's lips fell back over its fangs and like a well-trained dog he reached around the massive leg and pressed his teeth firmly into the flesh without breaking it. "Thank you, ma'am. If Toga is keen to your meat, I'll be back." Ash explained and then nudged her mount to head out.

South, her compass app allowed her the leisure of knowing that off the top of her head.

It was a bit hard for the large beast to navigate through the smaller streets and at some point she had to dismount. She left her wolf to devour the great elk's leg while she limped into to the 'doctor'. If anyone was stupid enough to walk in on the wolf enjoying his treat, their punishment would be to be scared senseless of something that was seemingly well behaved. If only with a similar 'do not fuck with me' attitude that his prime had.

Ash found the broken roof fairly easily if only because it looked as though the roof had recently be rebroken... She knocked on the door with little enthusiasm. Thankfully, the resident heard her. The door opened. Where the morality mirrored humanoid thought she'd see a small crazy gnome, she instead found a tall icy thin man. His handsome features were disrupted by soot covering a quarter of his face. "Can I help you?"

"I'm looking for a healer," she explained herself bluntly.

He looked her up and down without moving his head. "You don't look harmed. Blind, but not harmed."

"Nerve damage." she blinked slowly.

"In your eyes?"

Her head tilted slowly to show her annoyance. "I can see just fine. I stepped in boiling water and now I can't move one of my feet."

"And you expect Dr. Slaad to assist?"

"Are you Dr. Slaad?" she asked.

"I am Liam."

Ash sighed through her nose. "I was told by a woman that if I didn't have an emergency to come to the tower with the tilted shutters. Are you or are you not the mage?"

Liam blinked slowly back at her, several times. "If you cannot move your foot, then how do you expect me to believe you walked here?"

"I didn't walk here," Ash replied.

"Then how did you get here?" Liam asked, foolishly.

"I limped." she tossed back, expecting this to become difficult.

But Liam just snorted, and his stiff back buckled with a chuckle. He lifted his face with a small but noticeable smile. "Come in, then." he invited her while stepping back and out of her way.

Ash nodded and then limped through the threshold.

It was half an hour later before she walked normally up to her mount, her hips waving under the layers of polar fur. Toga greeted her by lifting up from the gnawed at the bone. He was laying in the street and took up a lot of room. None of it anyone was willing to tangle with him for. No one but the demon who summoned him. She threw back the hood to reveal that she no longer had the scarf on. The black fabric collected around her neck as well. Without the billowing bitter wind, she apparently had no need for it.

With her foot in perfect condition, she flung herself elegantly over her mount and yanked him to his feet. "Alright Toga, let's find somewhere tasteful with a stall you can sleep in," she announced as she steered him back towards the main part of town. "Let's see if our merchant friend can address my taste in exciting bars and good food."

Toga responded with a snapping of his lips but did as his prime commanded.
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

A short talk to the woman again - a fruitful conversation to say the least - and another pouch of gold for her help as well as a delivery to the inn they were directed to, allowed the pair a sense of stability. Strange as it was for the woman. Stability was only good for married couples and balancing acts. She supposed that it was good to at least have that here in some unknown world. Besides, it's not a horrible thing to have a hold of while waiting for the quest givers to process her existence.

Ash would have had no trouble following the instructions the old woman gave to her, slipping in and out of crowds. Even if they were especially filling to the winding streets, she had Osa'a hook that could swing her from building to build. Hell, they were so short she didn't even think she'd need it.

However, Toga...

The waves of people, probably because of the time of the day, washed over them. Like a river, they parted for the large beast that most likely could maul them all to death, giving him as much space that they could. It was convenient, but it became problematic when they came to a point in the path again where it would be trouble for the citizens to give her the berth her mount needed. She could be rude about this all and push the NPCs out of her way, no one could really stop her or even dared to. Yet, she sighed.

Ash pulled the reins of the beast underneath her so that Toga's head lifted high over the shoulder of a woman nearby and then forced him to turn around. There was plenty of room for the wolf to change its direction in the current street, but before he allowed her to direct him he demanded an explanation with a cold look from his amber eyes over his shoulder.

"We're finding a way around these people, I don't want anyone attacking you just because their fat ass can't squeeze through an alleyway." She was gruff about it but the message was clear, and Toga followed her lead.

They padded silently and methodically through the half-assed stone set streets, taking a few twists and turns through the rest of the city. Each time they reached a narrower straight she chose to pass it up for another path. Only when they reached the layers of the outer city where little to no people walked aimlessly in groups did they dare to pinch through alleyways. His fur was misleadingly thick. As was the expensive coat around her shoulders, making them look four times as big as they really were.

Freezing water dripped along hanging icicles from poorly insulated houses, a barrel of what used to be partially full of what looked to be general goods caught the waste of three of these jagged lengths of slightly melting ice. She guessed general wares because of the items are frozen in fairly clear water. When she came close she pushed a finger into it to see how much was water and how much was ice, only touching the second knuckle before hitting the bottom. Ash shook her hand as dry as it could get before sinking it between the saddle and Toga for the warmth.

"The quiet here is nice," she commented. Apparently, she was lonely since she was talking to the large wolf. "And your company is appreciated."

His powerful legs carried her through the cramp spots they wouldn't dare while being surrounded with so many non-players. His paws leaving clawed prints in the snow and mud. It took some calculations, none of them very troubling for her quick mind - and exactly one question to another random body walking about - but they arrived at a fairly large tavern.

She guessed that between the floors, the advertised lounge and bar, and the stables, you could fit about two NYC blocks worth of people in it and still not feel too crowded. Given how close this place was to the gate, it made sense to have so much room for travelers like herself. As Toga carried her even closer to the wood and stone building with its snow-packed roof, she made out the sign that dangled mystically from chains off a rod at the center of the 'porch'. In frosty blue, winter white, and just a touch of teal and gold, the sign said: Frigid Witch. What looked like an obvious depiction of a 'witch' graced it with a wicked grin and a mean secret to hide.

"Oi, you lassie!" One of the thick shouldered dwarves called out to her from the outside sitting arrangement. He sat a round table with a couple of peers playing cards, not far from the knuckles of his gauntlets was a pint of ale, the foamy head spider webbing down the side. "What's a girl who can afford polar bear fur doing in this shit hole?"

"Acute sight you possess," she responded, her wolf's powerful paws lazily took her closer to the edge of the wooden addition.

"I can see just fine, lass." the dwarf decided that she was more interesting than the game going on on the table. "Don't see a lot of dire wolves waltzing about, none this close... None being ridden by civilized folk 'ither."

"How many primes do you get around here?" the Storm Demon asked, raising a pierced brow.

The dwarf eyed the bold woman. “A surprising number of.”

“High or low?” she asked, but Ash guessed he was suddenly done with pleasure.

“Say, interested in a game?” his change abrupt but not unexpected.

“Less interested in it than a room. I received a high recommendation of this place.” she freely explained.

“Did ya now? Unfortunately, I've the pleasure of purchasing the last room. I'd wager it was worth its price tag if'n you join me tonight.” he said boldly, wiggling his thick furry eyebrows before taking a swig.

Ash could just find another place, in theory. “I take it it's an ‘only room left in Bethlehem’ sorta thing, then? Or is the suite as good as it gets?”

“Bit o’ both. I am lucky to have a room at all, but I'd be luckier if I didn't have to pay so much.” his friends gave the boastful man a glare as he puts on the charm.

“I take it the stables of this place is just as packed?” she fished.

“Aye… we fit our three beasts in the promised stalls. Big enough to fit even a massive creature like yours. If you take my offer, we can put ‘em up all on his own while mine shares with my friend or my brother.” he was holding himself over the rail at this point.

Ash can tell he fancied her hard but wasn't sure exactly why or if he was so drunk he couldn't tell the difference between a beautiful stranger and beautifully strange.

“Alright. I'll play you for it,” she said, leading her wolf to the hitch where some of the unfortunate horses had to stay.

While the brother and the friend hesitated with good reason, the forward one grinned drunkenly. “Sure, lass. What are the steaks just so we're clear?” he asked as he fell back into his seat.

Ash dismounted but didn't tie Toga off, she instead made her way up the steps and to their table.

“We'll play fifteen hands, and the winner gets their choice of prize,” she explained as she slid into one of the impressively built chairs. “If I win you forfeit the room and the attached stall in the stable, and have to find another place to sleep.”

He scratched his beard in thought. “And my prize?”

Ash let a smirk slip across her lips. “I believe you wanted some adult company for the night?”

The look he gave her made her understand he was in agreement, but she waited for him to nod eagerly.

“I assume poker is fine enough a game?” Ash asked, taking the deck. She glanced over then, counting the numbers and suits. She noticed right away they were playing an honest game and while she began to shuffle she slipped a card into her sleeve. It didn't matter what it was for now.

The man she made her bet nodded, but the other two hesitant to join.

“You don't have to play if you don't, but it would be nice if you stayed so you can tell him how he won a bet with a demon.” she taunted playfully.

They smiled and the brother nodded to be the judge. No one even saw her flick of the wrist.

Through some finesse, some bluffing, and counting, Ash was able to manipulate the game so they were dead even. Now it was her deal and with her quick fingers, the cards landed her the winner.

She had been concerned about him also cheating, but he won the games she'd set him up for without any surprises to his hand. Even if he was going to cheat this last hand she had him pegged.

“Are you sure I can't just purchase the room from you instead?” she asked, pretending to be nervous. He's won the last two hands with laughable ease if only to make him cocky.

“Nah, lass. If you did not want to go through this deal, we shan't make it.” he laughed confidently. She passed him a good hand.

Better to add to his arrogance.

“I just… It's not that I am afraid of my end of the deal. I am afraid of what will happen to your reputation.” Ash bit her lip.

Drunk and cocky, the guy was an open book she could take her time reading. The problem was the librarian beside them in the form of his peer. She got enough to know these guys were merchants but the type that goes from town to town trading goods that are in demand. He barely had the money to lose on this room, but if he wasn't going to back down she wasn't going to waste time.

“Are ya foldin’, lass?” the brother asked.

“On the last hand? No! But I was hoping he would.” she said staring back at her fool.

“Nah. That would just be foolish.” he looked hungry at her.

“If'n nobody yields, lay ‘em down so’n I can go to sleep.” the brother complained.

Both hands flattened across the well built wooden table. As Ash expected, there on the other side of the table sat three of a kind; Queens, all but the heart... Their judge thought it was impressive, Ash thought it was poetic. On her side though, a flush. While not royal, Queen, Jack, ten, nine, and the eight of hearts stole the show.

Her judge’s jaw dropped, and so did the suite owner.

“Ya ‘ad me heart this whole time?” he asked with shock.

Ash giggled. “Didn’t I catch it on my way into town?” she teased, leaning over the table.

He grinned at that, but then looked down at his loss with some shock. “That be some luck if’n I seen any.”

“That’s the second time I’ve heard something like that today… Maybe I ought to go digging for oil?” Ash asked, innocently enough.

The drunk shook his head. “Luck like that… Ya might strike it even in this old place.” He rubbed his fingers through his beard.

They all had a small laugh at that, but then the seriousness of the matter came to play.

“I don’t mean to be all business suddenly, friend… But I’m going to need that room.” Her full lips moves lustfully as she pronounces each word in a calm but slow voice. Her fingers tapping at the cards to remind him of the deal.

“You ‘eard the lass… Pay up.” his brother said, giving his sibling a nudge.

The loser of the deal swallowed hard but slowly nodded. “I’ll be needin’ to move my stuff. Um, Chuck, you’ll let me bunk with you?” he asked dryly.

Chuck nodded with a loud laugh. “Yeah, but only this once.” he agreed, smacking his brother’s shoulder as hard as he could. “I’ll get yer mount moved into my stable, too. Go get yer shit.” he encouraged his brother who limped with a wounded pride away to do as he was told.

Meanwhile, Chuck offered to help Ash get her wolf settled, waiting for her to grab his reins and lead him into the back.

The drunken brother wasn’t kidding. Ash could have just wagered for the stable spot and slept out here with Toga. It wouldn’t have been the first time she’d slept in the same place as a wolf, but given how she wasn’t so sure if she’d survive the night with just the wolf to keep her warm she was fine with the fact that she got both.

Toga held still as she slid his equipment off and threw it over the available space. In the meantime, the donkey the dwarf was using had been lead away. When she took off his bridle, the dire parted his feet to brace himself before the wolf shook himself violently from head to tail. That wasn’t enough because his butt hit the hay a moment before his back paw came around and scratched at the places where the bridle had been summoned.

Suddenly Ash felt the weight of her wolf slam her against a more solid vertical surface. She lost her breath before she could manage to turn around and see what he was doing. Toga, after some relief, had walked over and pressed himself into her affectionately. This put her on edge immediately.

Firstly, the look the wolf’s been giving her all day said otherwise. Secondly, the idea of anything she’s summoned acting on its own outside of ideal code was alarming to any decker. Thirdly, what merited this action? Perhaps the game had love system? Did she summon a mount or a pet?

Before she could summon an answer, the wolf nuzzled her hand for attention.

The small sounds of animals around her faded deep into the background as silence consumed their shared space.

Emma’s never had a pet before. Never wanted or had a need for one. Even if she had wanted one, she doubted her mother would have given her anything bigger than a goldfish.

She’s never had to face the task by picking out what kind of animal companion she’d want. Out of the most common pets, she certainly never saw herself as a dog lover. Not really a cat owner either. Gerbils and other rodents seemed so small and picky, the largest aquarium that could fit in her tiny apartment even sounded boring… Maybe a bird?

When she named the wolf at her side it wasn’t out of love. Typically games allowed you to give your mounts a name. It was to personalize a piece of throwaway code until you got to the point of upgrading to a dragon or griffin. Hell, Toga was just a name she remembered from her time with dating sims.

Toga’s tongue ran his tongue along the side of her hand, which ripped her from her thoughts. When she looked back down at him he stared back into her blank eyes with those gold moons that forced her to pay him attention. He let out a soft whine, begging her to give him what he wanted. Like most men, Toga demanded her attention. It was simply fake love, playing the puppy eyes until he got his way.

She ran her hand across his head and along with his back, followed it with another few long strokes of his giant soft coat.

By this time the brother dwarf came back. “That ole fool should be done with yer room.”

“Sure,” she replied and gave her wolf a bit more before pushing him to go lay down. “Good night, Toga,” she said absently before slipping back into the Frigid Witch.


“'Ere she is.” the drunk said to the old man behind the counter as Ash was lead in by his brother.

Instantly the environment changed from cold to comfortably warm. Inside she looked around. There was a lounge as promised, on her left. She could see several seating arrangements like couches and benches, in the center of the room was a pit with a smokeless fire that danced across the coals. It was obviously magic. Plenty of people sat around with mugs and talked with friendly smiles.

To her right, there was the dining hall. A dozen rounded tables that could fit six people each comfortably at them dotted the closed off area. In this center was also a magical fire. Towards the back was a bar, behind it probably the kitchen. She even saw a small stage in the corner where a bard could sit and play. As it stood, no entertainment for the night.

By the time Ash reached the small modern like set up for a desk in the center area, she’d shed her fur coat to fold over her arms. Behind the desk was the stairs that lead to the many rooms, her’s included.

“Oh, and you will be our newest guest, miss?” the old man asked, looking over the rims of his glasses. She could tell he was disapproving but had no authority to kick out the demoness.

Ash bent over the desk to face him a bit more clearly. “Yes. I won it in a card game.” she adjusted her legs to twist. In doing so, her pants stretched thinly across her perfect ass and presented an interesting view to anyone who came in behind her. Her devilish tail swayed up in a very casual and playful way behind her.

“Of course… I just need your name, ma’am. For our records.” He dipped a feather into an ink well and readied.

“Ash,” she replied in a soft and sultry voice. “The Storm Demon.”
[Image: tumblr_maolcpnQS61qakj1do1_500.gif]

Warning: Anything that involves Ash should be rated M. Possibly higher.

Erik Vrell: Ash has a 'love' fourth dimensional shape//As in its wide and unfathomable for us mere mortals

Centurion/Venom: Look, Lassie, you and your overrated succubus are gonna get stomped so hard Ash's morality is gonna mirror back again.

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