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[Open] No Time For Mourning

In the space between universes, man and beast face off. The man, named Peter, has been beaten horribly. Red bruises cover his body, and blood is flooding out of his mouth and onto his black padded armor. The beast is also injured. Its many long legs have all been torn apart, and all that it has left is its massive maw. Peter stares the beast down with a monstrous gaze. The sword in his hand is overflowing with a translucent energy as a generator at the base of the blade whirs. The same hand holding the sword is wearing a purple gauntlet that shines with power. The monster only opens its maw wider, as if it's eager to crush Peter with its teeth. Both man and beast rush towards each other. As they meet, the beast chomps on Peter's body as he thrusts his sword into it. Then, chaos. The power of the gauntlet expels from every possible direction, forming a dazzling light show. Accompanying the light is a massive shaking that assaults both man and beast. The beast roars as its flesh is torn asunder. The explosive display continues for several long moments. Just as it seems like it won't end, the shaking stops and the light disappears. All that remains of the creature is the gore scattered around the area. Peter stares forward for several moments. He's still alive, and still intact, but a deep pain has frozen him in place. He looks down. One of the creature's giant tusks is piercing through his chest. He places a hand on his chest and coughs up blood as the other hand keeps a tight grip on his sword. Peter looks around for help, but it is nowhere in sight. He lurches back and closes his eyes. "I guess this is the end... I'm sorry Esther..." he thinks before his consciousness fades away.

It is pitch black and empty. Dark colors swirl about in this infinite expanse of unconsciousness. Peter's mind is still. His ears have gone deaf, his body cannot move, and he isn't even breathing. How long Peter has been in this state of uncertainty, he can't tell. Could it be minutes? Days? Years? The time doesn't matter. All that's left for him is to finally fall into an eternal sleep. Or so he thinks. His heart pounds, just once. There's a pause. Then it pounds again. After a slightly smaller pause, it pounds once more. As his heart rate returns, Peter takes a breath. His mind races, his ears ring, and he feels his body move. He's suddenly standing. Peter looks around. The dark swirling colors are gone; all that's left is the pitch-blackness of the void. His heart pounds faster. Peter turns around, and sees a grinning silhouette sitting in the darkness. Peter stares in silence at the person, who decides to speak.

Quote:“My name is Omni. This is not the world you know. This is the Omniverse. You interest me, so I have made you part of it. The Omniverse is a place that reflects the wishes of those who are part of it. But! There are rules. I will explain them only once, so listen carefully.”

An orb flashing the colors of the rainbow suddenly appears in Omni's hand. He offers the orb to Peter. For some reason, Peter doesn't respond. He doesn't question what the Omniverse is, or how he's still alive, or where his friends are. Perhaps he knows deep down that there's no point in trying to speak here. With a slightly frightened, yet also amazed expression on his face, he stares at Omni and the orb for a few seconds. He holds his hand out, and Omni places the orb in it. As Peter looks at the orb, Omni continues to speak.

Quote:“This is Omnilium. It’s what ties the Omniverse together. Without it, you are nothing. With it, anything you desire can be yours. But you will need more than this. If you desire it enough, you will find it. You will find that using it comes naturally. Just think of what you desire most.

“You will not be alone in the Omniverse. There are others. Of course, they, too desire Omnilium. Do not fear death. For as long as you interest me, you will be reborn.

“That’s all you need to know right now. You’ll figure out the rest soon enough. I’ll be watching … and waiting.”

A blinding white light breaks through the darkness as it fades away. Peter shouts, covering his eyes with one hand as he stumbles backwards. His legs give out, and he falls. His back and arms slam into the floor as his legs go up in the air and fall back down. And thus, Peter has arrived in the Omniverse. He will soon find that his wounds have disappeared, but for now he's just laying by the fountain with his arms sprawled out.

Thomas Sinclair found himself just staring into the void of whiteness once again. Forcing himself to shade his eyes once again, his eyes seemed to water for a bit as he winced.

As he found himself alone in the Nexus with himself, a fountain and …. “Wait, who was that?”

The former director found himself running toward the person lying there on the fountain who didn’t seem to be moving for the moment, but the sprawled position out. Sinclair guesstimate that either the person had come from a fight or just was sleeping.

The man bent down gently and shook the man to see if he’d wake up right away.

“Hey, you alright?! Come on, answer me.”

Then the man resorted to more direct tactics. He dipped his hand into the fountain that was constantly filling with water, took some and dripped a little on his face.
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Peter's thoughts sluggishly move through his mind. It feels like he's waking up. Suddenly, he feels someone shake him and ask if he's alright. Peter groans and opens his eyes, only to squint from the harsh white light. He barely moves, like a teenager trying to get out of bed for school. Then he feels a little water drip onto his face. This ignites his senses, and he quickly sits up and rubs the water off his face. "I'm awake..." he says to the stranger now standing before him. After waiting a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the light, he gets a good look at the stranger, then looks at his surroundings. To his right is only a vast void of white. The sight catches Peter off guard. He flinches, thinking that he had suddenly gone blind, but after waving his hand in front of his face he realizes that's not the case. To his left, he sees a great fountain. It has a circular base filled with water, and partially submerged in the water is a large upright triangle statue formed from three rectangular pillars. Water is gushing from the top of the triangle. On closer inspection, the triangle's rectangular sides are connected in a way that should be geometrically impossible. It's as if he's viewing the triangle from two different sides simultaneously. This impossible triangle gives Peter a foreboding sense of unease. He takes it as a sign that this universe he's in is one of the stranger ones. However, this thought quickly passes. His mind is muddled. So much has happened, and he's trying to sort through all of it. As he sits on the ground, he looks back at the stranger. "Where am I?" he asks.

Thomas closes his arms and then nods, holding a hand to the man to get up.

“Name’s Sinclair. You are in the Omniverse, strangely enough. The former VSA director rubs his head and said observing the stranger “Need some help getting around?”

The man in question had dirty brown blonde hair and Sinclair looked for anything else in question as he noted a pendant around the man’s neck.

Sinclair stood straight “What’s your name?”
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Peter takes Sinclair's hand and pulls himself up. He notes how difficult it is to stand up; the gravity of this place is much higher than he's used to. Even as he fully stands up, he wobbles a little and has to lean against the edge of the fountain's basin. As Peter turns to face the impossible triangle, Sinclair asks him a couple questions. However, Peter doesn't respond. He silently looks at his hand, then at his chest. He's amazed to find that all the damage he took has disappeared, from the giant tusk in his chest to the smallest cut in his armor. This brings his thoughts back to that horrible battle. The blood, the death, the horror all flood into his mind. His mouth tightens into a frown as he clamps his hand to his chest. With his back facing Sinclair, Peter's distraught expression is hidden from him.

"Did you hear me?" Sinclair asks, slightly irritated that his questions were ignored.

"Yeah... give me a moment..." Peter's voice trembles as he speaks. His composure cracks as he starts breathing deeply and sobbing quietly. With one hand he covers his eyes, before moving it down to his mouth. "Damnit... Servo... why..." He mutters to himself in his pained sorrow. Peter looks at the gauntlet he's wearing; the one that Servo used to wear. His other hand moves from his mouth to grip the gauntlet tightly as he suffers silently. After a short moment, he remembers his priorities. He's now in an alien universe and separated from his crew. This is not a good place to mourn. As he learned when training for this scenario, he must learn how to survive here, and figure out a way to contact his crew so they can pick him up. The sooner he acts, the better. With his composure regained, he stands up fully and turns to face Sinclair. "Sorry about that. I'm Smithson." He notices that he left his sword on the ground, so he squats down to pick it up. "I just arrived here, so if you could help me find my way around, I would appreciate it greatly." He says as he stands up and sheathes the sword behind his back.

The serious man helps Peter up, slightly clearing his throat. The former director of the Vektan Security Agency eyed the sword on the man’s back, finding it slightly interesting.

Sinclair took in almost sizing up Peter for what seemed for a second. The armor, the sword. He looks completely like he’s from the past. It’s something a lot different than what he’d seen back in Vekta city. Armor completely different from what Vekta made.

“It’s better to be in a position of having someone to go along with instead of fighting by yourself. Speaking of weapons, he’d have to get one himself sooner than later.

“Right, where you want to go?”

“From the Nexus gate, there seems to be other verses. It really depends on what you are looking to do.”
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Peter is caught off guard. A Nexus gate? Verses? He has no idea what those are, but he decides to save those questions for later. They'll be standing here all day if he tries to understand this place now, assuming the concept of day even exists here. "Forgive me if I sound confusing, but I'm trying to contact friends who are outside this universe. Do you know of any places where I can make, uh, extra-universal contact?" He says, not sure if Sinclair will understand him. At the same time, he realizes that the ball of Omnilium given to him is missing. It doesn't matter much to Peter since he suspects the orb was part of a complex hallucination. He hasn't noticed that his body has absorbed the Omnilium.

"You want to contact individuals outside of the Omniverse?" Sinclair asks. Peter nods. "Hm, I don't know if that's possible."

Peter looks down for a moment. "If it were possible, where would I have to go for it?"

It takes no time for Sinclair to think of a place. "Coruscant. It's a center for growing technology; I hear their equipment is far beyond what the rest of the Verses have to offer. If extra-universal communicators are possible, then Coruscant is where you would get them."

"Can you show me the way?"

"Certainly. In fact, I was about to go back there. Give me a moment." Sinclair, using the fountain as a place marker, spends a moment determining which direction Coruscant's gate is in. After peering into the white void for a bit, he says, "Alright, it's this way." He motions for Peter to follow. "Don't worry, the Nexus has a stable ground despite its appearance."

"This place is called the Nexus?" Peter asks as he and Sinclair walk side-by-side into the white void.

"Yes. It's a fitting name because all the Verses connect to it."

"What is a Verse?"

"They're locations almost entirely separate from an other, with only gates connecting them together."

Peter falls silent. He has many more questions, but his will is at a new low. It's taking everything to maintain his composure. As he walks with Sinclair, all the good memories he's had with his best friend Servo rush through his mind. He unconsciously grips the gauntlet again. It is the last trace of Servo that Peter has left. Then his heart starts burning as he thinks about what happened to his girlfriend Esther. Oh, that poor girl! It's all his fault that she was hurt, if only he didn't freeze in panic! Now he doesn't even know if she survived her injury. He can only hope that once he gets back to the ship, she'll still be there to welcome him with open arms. These wallowing thoughts continue until, after exhausting every possible way to think about his tragedy, they recede back into his subconscious. Peter realizes that a good chunk of time passed by while he was buried in his thoughts. He was buried so deep that he hardly responded to Sinclair's attempts at starting a conversation, causing him to become silent as they trekked through the Nexus. "How long until we get there?" Peter asks.

Sinclair checks a timekeeping device. "I heard time isn't very consistent in the Omniverse, but it looks like we have an hour and a half to go. It's a long hike."

Peter groans lightly.

"Smithson, may I ask who summoned you here?"

"I never really got a good look at him. He called himself Omni." Peter says plainly.

"That means you're a new Prime." Sinclair says, causing Peter to look at him in confusion. "I should give you a few important details. Primes are individuals who have been dragged here by Omni. Primes can also summon people. Those summoned by Primes are called Secondaries. Secondaries can't summon anyone. Now Omnilium, that is truly something that ties the Omniverse together. It's used as currency, but it is so much more than that. Everything is made of it. Just by concentrating, Primes can create anything they want with Omnilium, or they can turn objects and materials into Omnilium. Also, Primes can contain Omnilium within themselves. There's probably Omnilium within you right now."

Peter looks a little surprised. How could he tell? A realization dawns over him: there's been a strange feeling inside him. He takes a deep breath, holds it in, and clears his mind so he can focus on the strange feeling. It's coming from a power swirling in and around his heart. As he thinks about it, he realizes that he felt this same power inside the Omnilium orb that Omni gave him. So that's where the orb went; he had absorbed it all along. The impossible triangle made him suspect that this universe is strange, but learning about Omnilium has confirmed his suspicion. Out of all the universes he has visited, this is the only one where the basic component of the universe is not only manipulated through the thought alone, it's also used as currency. This experience will definitely test his ability to adapt to new environments.

The small talk between both men continue as they head to Coruscant's gate. With Peter still recovering from his traumatizing experience, he remains mostly quiet as Sinclair dominates the conversation. They don't really learn much about each other on the way there, since Peter doesn't ask Sinclair any questions about his life, and he's hardly willing to describe his own life at the moment. Eventually the conversation lapses back into silence, just as both men near the gate.

Sinclair looked up at the Coruscant gate and then at the white armored soldiers called Stormtroopers. The two guards seemed pretty calm and one looked down at a digital tablet. Let’s see here, “Pulsar”? Or Sinclair am I right?”

“Yes, sir.” Sinclair nodded quietly and looked over at Peter “These are stormtroopers. You might be wise to follow them as we go along.

The stormtrooper then looked over at Peter.

“New here in Coruscant?”

Peter’s eyes looked into the stormtrooper’s masked face and nodded

“Yes, Sir.”

“New Prime or Secondary? The regular guard recorded his name and identity.

“Prime.” Peter was surprisingly calm after answering these questions.

“Alright, you two are clear. You may go through.” The man waved them through.
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