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Black and white thief.

As Marisa entered the portal to the highly advanced civilization she sighed as she got through customs with little fanfare as she pulled out her phone and called up Nitori. "Alright water girl, mind telling me exactly where this target is?" Marisa asked as she headed for one of the Elevators with her new set of clothing for the heist.

Static could be heard as Nitori answered the call. "Alright Marisa first thing you are going to do is head down to tier four. It will be a pretty large military complex about a mile from the nearest Elevator to your current position." Marisa nodded as she reached the elevator and entered as she pressed the fourth tier button as the doors shut and started to go down. She looked around carefully as she took a look inside the bag. Inside there was a Gasmask helmet combination as well as a black sort of padded clothing.

"Huh. i'll have to be sure to repay Nitori for this." She spoke nonchalantly as the elevator dinged as she walked out seeing darkness as the lights and sounds of the tier shows a much different kind of life as opposed to the first tier.

Nitori's mic crackled as a new voice came through clearly annoyed. "MARISA! I SWEAR IF YOU GET HURT!" The voice caused Marisa to flinch as she reached Nitori's shop before entering.

"Alice... Alice calm down. Yelling into my ear won't stop me. Nor will your worries Alice. Nippur needs this machinery and electronics and the Empire has them. Plus i'll be in and out before they can get a good look on me." Marisa said as she sat the bag on one of the work tables before starting to undress into her bloomers and undershirt. Grabbing the black, padded clothing she checked it over while talking to the both of them.

"So this allows me to take a bit more punishment? Doesn't look like much to be honest." Marisa said with annoyance as Nitori responded in turn with her reasoning.

"Well, it might not be much as I saw in the fight you are fragile, And a well placed shot will be very dangerous to this whole operation. Marisa the bag with the clothing in them is what you are bringing on the mission... And oh yea, bring anything you might need to break in and out should you need to blow a hole through the wall." Nitori said with a hint of fear for her friend as she knew that if Marisa failed, the witch would likely get banished.

Marisa gave a weak smile as she clenched and unclenched her hands testing the gloves. She touched the helmet gingerly dusting off the orange-red eyes on the gas mask before slipping the helmet on as the outside world became muffled and her peripheral vision shrunk as a staticky voice came through the helmet.

"T-t-testing... te-testing Ma.. Marisa come in." The Cucumber eater spoke the helmet's speakers seemed to be old or faulty, which one Marisa didn't know but she responded in kind with boredom.

"Yes Water girl I'm here, just finishing up getting ready for this. The complex is about a mile north you say?" The witch asked somewhat worriedly as she made sure her hair was not showing as she felt hiding anything that could give away her appearance would help people find her. She wasn't going to have another Shameimaru incident. As the witch walked over to her folded clothing she grabbed her set of explosive potions as she watched the green viscous liquid as they were ready to blow up at the simplest drop and pocketed the five of them for later use. Next up she grabbed her miniature eight-trigram furnace as the fiery metal shone in the artificial light. She stuffed it into the bag as she heard Nitori finally pipe up.

"It's about two miles from my shop if that is what you are asking. And it's almost directly north. Remember you can't stick around, you don't have the forces nor the Abilities to take on the forces the Empire pulls out when something like this crap is pulled. Run after getting the items I desire and your primary recall point is the Kawashiro industries building, and if that is compromised get down to tier 7 it'll give you plenty of room to hide, and as long as you don't run into anyone down their you should be fine." Nitori said as tapping could be heard. "Whenever you are ready to start."

Black and White sighed as she left her broom behind. "All ready whenever Kappa."

Quote:Note Taloc is being storyteller for this Thread and Marisa is locked out of using her broom for the fight, besides that she still has her Explosives, her hakkero based moves and anything else. For what she looks like at the moment it will be the one on the left: Her Appearance  Lets make this an enjoyable thread.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

The door closes softly behind Marisa as she leaves the shop and almost immediately she can feel eyes on her. Countless people walk along the roads lit by the neon of dozens of signs, and it is clear that her appearance has drawn a few looks, though it is common knowledge to never look long. As she strides through the roads making her way towards her target, she has to dodge her way through several groups offering "protection for a child lost in the city." Getting out of that was surprisingly easy, all things considered, and besides avoiding the typical gamblers and other such populace, the trip was relatively uneventful. In fact, as she grew closer to the destination, the crowds grew steadily thinner. Whether that was a blessing or an ill omen, it was probably better not to think about.

Slipping into an alley a few blocks away from her target, Marisa takes a deep breath and peeks around the corner at the military facility she was about to rob. Duracrete walls, easily ten feet high surround the entire complex and dominate a vast majority of the view, though directly in front of her stood the entrance. On either side is a large guard tower with a stormtrooper manning a mounted gun emplacement along with several auto-turrets and a large spotlight on the roof. Standing guard over the actual door are four troopers, all carrying heavy repeater rifles and wearing thick black armor with multiple sets of tally marks decorating their breastplates. Several security cameras dot the wall as well, all in extremely obvious spots.

Turning her eyes upward a bit she sees the actual complex over the wall. Smaller than one would imagine, only being around three stories tall and leaving ample empty space on all sides before coming in contact with its defenses. Constructed of a strange combination of metals and duracrete, this installation was much shorter than many of the surrounding buildings leaving it with a feeling like it doesn't really belong here, but 'TEAR Labs' is proudly painted in imperial red on the front of the building regardless.

As Marisa looked at the building she whistled in amazement at it. “Whew that’s a large building. How… am I going to get in though.” The witch could hear the crackle of the mic on Nitori’s side as she spoke up once again.

 “Alright Marisa so you’ve got two main ways of getting in. One is just busting down the gate and crashing into the main entrance. The other is getting onto the roof and busting in that way. Both have there risks mainly due to how the security works. Personally i know you have a tendency to do the former.” Marisa could almost hear a chuckle from the two as she huffed.

“Well considering Patchy didn’t build her defenses up it was easy. This however is a completely different order, shouldn’t be too hard however.” Marisa smirked as she started to climb up the wall. Once she got onto the roof she sighed as she rubbed her hands together as she bent forward preparing to run towards the building.

“This should be interesting…” The black white witch spoke as she calculated just how fast she should move before running into this problem.

“Marisa it doesn’t matter how you get in as long as you get in and out quick enough, and don’t move away from the intended course of actions.” Nitori said in a serious tone as Marisa took note before she ran towards the building. As the building got rapidly larger she kicked off and started to fly towards the roof as her Mini-hakkero was being prepared as her orbs started to spin up as the sound of a revving up machine could be heard as the autocannons revved up as they prepared to fire at the witch.

Marisa spun around as she fired a short burst of magical energy as she as flung forward towards the buildings roof as the extra speed helped her to miss the barrage of bullets and blaster shots, while she got undamaged mostly her clothing got rips and tears as she groaned slightly as she landed back into the roof.

Getting up she aimed her Mini-hakkero at the roof before activating her mini spark feeling the heat and the energy burn into the roof as it broke under the stress. On the intercoms she heard both of the youkai talk. “Did you just use your master spark to break in…”

Marisa chuckled as she peered in before jumping down into the third story as she started to look around. “We can talk about my siege tactics later Nitori and Alice but for now let’s just get the job done.”

A thump could be heard as she looked around slowly her orbs slowly rotating. She walked over to one of the signs as one of the guards just so happened to show up while she was busy looking the map over. “Alright Kappa so i go right or is it left?”

The stormtrooper aimed as he barked an order. “HANDS IN THE AIR NOW!” Marisa chuckled as she looked at him before bursting into movement as she tossed a flask at the trooper who felt the explosion point blank as he slammed into the wall before yelling in pain as Marisa took the initiative. “GAH!”

She in almost a moments notice was right up in front of the trooper as she slugged him in the face as she felt a throbbing pain from punching the helmet. “Ow…” She shook her hand as she felt the butt of the rifle slam into her stomach as she stumbled backwards as her orbs started to fire upon him doing minimal damage but it was enough to cause him to duck behind a desk as Marisa recovered.

She jumped up over the desk as she dropped another flask into the troopers lap as she bounded away from the explosion as she spun around on a dime to look at the trooper who was slumped over his rifle on the ground next to him likely unconscious from the explosions.

Marisa walked up to the rifle as she picked it up before looking it over quickly. “Hmmm, seems good well thanks for the present.” She aimed it at the slumped over trooper before firing it at his helmet before looking about and running off elsewhere to get to the stairway with her hands holding the rifle.

“Nitori how long do we have before the EPD show up?” Marisa said as the place seemed to be dead quiet except for her footsteps as she shot the camera’s whenever she came across one after hearing Nitori talk about them.

“You got about twenty minutes if my math is correct. Should take fifteen minutes to get the gear. It’s a big building after all.” The witch nodded as she reached the door to the stairway as she jerked the door open as she rushed into it as the door closed behind her.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

The facility rocked under the might of the intruder’s breaching attack, causing dozens of alarms to go off throughout the operations room and leading all of the operators to scramble around, trying desperately to gain some sense of what was going on. All but one that is. Captain Keller, the head officer of these labs, stood unfazed by the seeming chaos of this breach. Taking a small sip from his coffee mug, he calmly assessed the damage, plans of action already rolling through his mind.

“Alright people. We have one intruder by the looks of things. Based on the strength of the breaching attack, it should be safe to assume they are prime,” Keller said confidently, pausing to let his words sink in.

“I want damage reports on the medical lab they blew through and the footage on the downed troopers helmet cam. In the meantime, activate the auto turrets on floors 1 and 2 as well as the heavy turrets in the stairwells. I want them secluded to one floor as rapidly as possible. Send out the containment squads to begin evacuating the scientists post haste.”

The other operators jumped into action, resulting in a rapid restoration of order. Displays began being brought up across the room as the turrets came online and orders were rapidly relayed across the lab’s forces. Through all this, Kellar smiled and sipped his coffee.

“Captain,” one of the operators called out. “Damage reports indicate the lab staff had gone home for the day already. No apparent casualties, but extensive damage was caused to the lab itself.”

“Excellent work. Send in Trooper squads Bravo and Theta. Make sure they have elevator keys with them,” Kellar says.


“You heard me. Make it happen.”

“Yes, sir.”

Gently brushing a stray bit of his silver hair from his face, Captain Keller nodded. He’ll likely lose the two squads being deployed, but keeping the stairways clear will ensure a safe evacuation route for the people working here. The genetic scanner in the elevators will also likely reveal who was attacking them. Overall, it was a fairly safe and simple plan. Reaching out his hand, he motions to one of the other operators.

“Patch me through to the loudspeakers.”

As Marisa approached the exit to the second floor, a soft whirring comes through behind her.  Glancing back, she sees large gun emplacements begin coming out of the ceilings and walls all around her. Eyes wide, she throws herself through the door to safety just as the loudspeakers come to life.

“Attention personnel of TEAR Labs. There is an active shooter on site. This is not a drill. Floors one and three are free to evacuate now using the north or south stairwells. Floor two personnel, please barricade yourselves in your labs and obey all protocols in place. Military assistance is in route.”
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.

As she landed on the ground with blaster rifle in hand her heart raced at the sound of the many auto cannons as they stopped revving up. “Oh wow that was exhilarating! Almost as much as Okuu, though she was a bit more unhinged, just how i like my fights.”

Hefting her rifle she started to walk forward slowly the sound of her footsteps giving her some form of relief as Nitori voice crackled into her intercom once more. “So you reached the second floor, i assume since you didn’t turn into swiss cheese. Alright my little worker it shouldn’t be much farther now and i assume you can deal with a few fighters.”

Marisa grinned behind her mask as she responded. “Oh it’s a bit tight but i should be fine.” Sure enough she heard the walls move to allow cannons to appear as they aimed at the witch, but her voice could be heard clearly as she grinned. “Oh boy, i was going to be disappointed if it was just the military assistance.”

She burst into movement as she emptied the blaster rifle before tossing it at one of the autocannons as she was hard pressed to dodge the blaster bolts. “Well, I have to admit this is good exercise. Also this is wasting too much time...” She started to run down the hallway her orbs following behind a few inches though they were spinning rapidly ready to send a barrage of danmaku at the first sign of opposition.

She soon ran into a group of troopers as she skidded to a halt as she breathed fairly heavily as her orbs slowed to a slow rotation as she eyed up the obstacles. The witch moved into a stance as she grabbed a explosive flask her breathing calmed down as the troopers raised their rifles at the target ready to fire at any sudden movements. “So that is how we are going to play huh? You should have brought a bigger gun.” She said as she seemed to disappear before showing up in front of one of the troopers before using her momentum to slam a leg into his chest causing him to fly into one of the walls and a sickening bang could be heard.

The action caused the other three to snap out of their stupor and open fire as she moved onto her next target as a lucky blaster bolt hit her arm causing her to stagger for a moment before getting back into the fight as her own barrage helped to stem the tide of bolts coming at her.

A knee into the helmet caused another trooper to stumble and for them to drop their rifle which she picked up before firing it off keeping her more powerful magic in preparation for when she needs to likely blow a hole in the building to get out.

After the four troopers inevitably got taken down she knelt down and saved the clips from the other rifles. The witch checked her current clip before putting it back as she kept her eyes and ears out for more opposition as she got up breathing in deeply before relaxing clearly too tense for this sort of job. “It’s just like back at home, the library wasn’t much harder so why am i so tense?”

Marisa shook her head as she began jogging towards her target she heard Nitori’s voice come through once more as she stopped by a water fountain as she was getting really warm in the set of clothing. “Marisa how are you holding up?” her voice had a tinge of concern for the witch as Marisa slid down to rest for a few minutes.

“It’s just really fucking hot Nitori. You could have made this to allow air to flow through ya know.” Her voice wasn’t one of a happy camper as the witch looked at the ground as she slid her gas mask up to allow the cool air to hit her face. Getting up from her sitting position she turned to drink from the water fountain a blaster bolt missed barely hitting the fountain and causing it to break spraying the surrounding area with water.  In light of this she jumped back as her face whipped her head towards the direction the gunshot and sound came from as she looked furious.

Dodging another couple of blaster bolts she raised her “borrowed” rifle up and fired as she moved in midair. The bolt flew as it struck one of the troopers as they grunted in pain as their next shot was way off. Getting up close was not hard as she caused the rifles to lose their reliable range as the troopers were forced to either use melee or back up and potentially shoot their squad members.

Picking up one of the troopers the threw him at the others as her Mini-Hakkero was pulled out, grinning she covered her face before the Hakkero shined with a brilliant light as a small beam of light was shown as the fireworks were about to begin, even if she missed the Master Spark would still cause the building to shake and crack and even be destroyed in some places.

Quote:Marisa used Master spark 3/4 sp left 
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Quote:Due to special circumstanced I've been called in for a post, just to make sure the story keeps moving. Both Marisa and Taloc aprove of my stepping in momentarily.

Marching in step with his fellow stormtroopers, a young man had his orders. Undistinguishable from another, he became one with his squad and blended into the boringly simple background of the T.E.A.R. labs. Orders came in through his helmet to get in close and shoot the intruder. He didn't think too hard about it, tried to ignore the probability of it being one of the terrorists from West Side or a prime they warned you about when you are assigned for a job like this. He moved almost robotically, silently as possible through the connecting halls to the center lobby. In the direction where the short figure was last reported heading.

The soldier's implemented a very predictable procedure of ducking behind a safe place, waiting, and then flagging the next trooper to follow before waiting for your turn again. He was the one that reached the area first. He was behind a particularly large pot where a very real plant was housed. The lush green vegetation was but an example of what the scientists were capable of, bringing back to life plants long since dead except some rare seeds stored in some special lab.

When he peeked over his potted plant, he saw the figure. She'd pulled off her mask and was tugging on her collar to get some air into her snuggly-fit clothing. He heard her complain out loud to an unknown source. From the context clues, it was to someone who had helped her procure the suit. Unfortunately, they didn't pay him to think too much about his targets, just to shoot them. With that, he took a deep breath and leaped from his cover just a short ways from the fountain. From the muzzle of his weapon launched a red hot energy shot.

A moment later the girl's face was revealed to central command, and several still photographs as she unleashed and attacked the simple stormtrooper's were instantly uploaded to the computers. That's when one of Captain Keller's men - or a woman rather - spoke up.

"Sir?" Jodi said, twisting in her station's chair. She waited for him to also turn and acknowledge her. It was all the permission she would get. "I recognize her face, sir. That is Marisa. She was my daughter's favorite competitor in this year's Dante's Abyss."

"Excellent." the man said as he his large chair swiveled back around so that he can watch his screen once again. The monitor's light displayed a camera of a soldier that was told to hold back to monitor the fight from a 'safe' distance that wouldn't prevent Keller from observing everything. "I want everything we have on this Marisa. Immediately."

"Yes, sir." a chorus of voices answered him as the screen he was looking at went dark.

"Picking up an unauthorized radio frequency as well, sir." another of his personal team announced. "It appears it's coming from Marisa's person."

"Tap into it," Keller commanded with an eager smirk as he brought his cup back to his lips, slurping the contents of the mug into his mouth.

"Marisa! Are you okay!?" Nitori's voice echoed through the large room almost immediately.

One of Keller's lackeys was already pulling up a camera's feed from the lobby, he watched Marisa cautiously look around. She may have expected another wave.


"I'm fine, Nitori!"

"W-What happened? My equipment picked up a large explosion."

"I'll give you three guesses."

Keller could hear the heavy sigh of this Nitori filled with remorse for her friend.

"It's safe to say they know I am here. Just- Just tell me where to go from here. I- Hold on."

Keller's trained eyes flick across his screen to see one of his shoulders had made it. A condescending brow arched in mild surprise at the unexpected case. A single finger raised from his hand as he leaned into the button that he pushed. It switched his perspective to the severely damaged squad leader's helmet. Static danced rhythmically across the view, but he could make out her all-black outfit as it grew larger and larger in the screen as she stepped into a growing pool of blood and kneeled down.


Marisa had been drawn to the half-corpse because it had been moving, but as she closed the gap she found it lying motionless in a pool of his or her own blood. A shiny trinket around his neck piqued her sudden interest and as she leaned down her hand closed around the elevator access key.

"Nitori, I found an elevator key."

"That could come in handy. It certainly would make things easier for you later. The faster you get out of there, the better. So take the hall to your right from here and get to that lab."


"Lower security for now," Keller commanded abruptly. This was such a change from the orders given prior that his people hesitated. With a cold glance at his second command, he added, "Do it."

"Y-Yes, sir." and so they did as ordered.

"Keep the auto-turrets online, but cut off all other oppositions. I want to know what she's after, and I want to know who this Nitori is."

The echoes of "Yes, sir" left the Captain deeply satisfied as he continued to watch his prey.
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"Centurion: I'll leave you to your work then Dust. Thanks for chatting!
Me: no problem. stay awesome!
Centurion: It's more of a passive ability"

As Marisa looked over the elevator key she pocketed it for later use. Sighing she continued to walk forward to her target, as much as they had no position on how they felt on this heist they had to admit it seemed really easy to break in. Once she reached the lab in question she opened it slowly as she looked around inside to make sure no one was going to shoot at her. Once she made sure it was clear she entered and to her surprise there was shelves and containers of electronics.

She waltzed over to one of the containers before opening it only to see a miscellaneous pile of electronics. “I thought you said the stuff you needed for the agriculture system in Nippur was easy to find.” Marisa sounded concerned as she wasn’t someone who knew what the difference a nut had from a bolt.

Nitori’s voice came through as she started to say what marisa needed. “Alright so first off look for solar panels. They kinda look like glass panels except they are blueish." Marisa nodded as she pulled out a few large panels  and stuffed them into the bag before heading onto the next stuff.

"Next we need some wiring. It'll be a shiny brown color if it isn't covered in a colored wire coating, if it is it'll be a color like a yellow or blue. We need lots of it for the sheer size of farming you want done. Piping isn't necessary due to how Nippur can pull out its own piping plus it's unnecessary weight we don't need." Nitori remarked as she hadn't caught onto the fact someone had tapped into the groups communications.

Marisa frowned as she continued to grab the items she needed not wasting more time than necessary as the witch began to form a orb of pure omnilium to pay for the things she was taking. Normally she’d return the stuff and say she was borrowing the stuff but frankly she felt like she wouldn’t after all the things she’s done to this building, so paying was the second best thing. Soon she had put a note under the orb that told them that this probably paid for anything she did and she wasn’t likely to be coming back unless it was under different circumstances that didn’t involve a city not having a reliable farming system.

Reaching the elevator, she swiped the keycard as she bounced on the balls of her feet, and soon enough the elevator doors opened after a ding and she entered. Pressing the button for the third floor she felt the machine rise as she glanced at her magical furnace as she watched the hihiirokane gleam with anticipation for its user.

The love sign magician reached the third floor as she headed for the hole she made upon her explosive entrance. Upon seeing the hole she jumped up grasping the ledge before vaulting herself over it with ease. Breathing in she extended her arms to stretch before making sure her bag was secure.

Getting into a running position once more she began to move quickly reaching her top speed as she jumped off using flight and a burst of speed to make it over onto the roofs and then she began to run off seemingly running in random directions as she prepared to run for one of the gates.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Quote:Don't mind me, just your friendly neighborhood werewolf stepping in again~ *Substitute Story Teller Activate!*

It would have taken a large amount of acid to scrub the smirk off of Captain Keller's face. Chimes similar to that of when the correct answers to a game show were said filled the air as the hacked communicator gave them the answers. Most answers to the growing number of questions in Keller's mind. Marisa was here on some mission from Nipper to gather freshly finished agriculture equipment.

So it would seem that the Endless Dunes aim to domesticate their lands using his technology. "How quaint," he muttered to himself.

Marisa encountered no resistance for the remainder of her stay except the usual delay of the elevator, typically experienced only when one was in a hurry. Unknown to her the genetic scanner on the lift was matching hers to the information gathered by Coruscant consultants from Dante’s Abyss, members of the surging underground force that attended just to observe for their databases.

The clarity of the halls from personnel that work in and defend this place was incredible. Certainly, it crossed Marisa’s mind that they considered her gifted omnilium adequate enough to leave her be as she left. Or perhaps she was merely that big of a threat. It took a special kind of arrogance that surely the woman possessed to believe she was free.

And that, Keller, hoped for.

As the rest of the futuristic verse spread open to her from the rooftop and she used her flight abilities to quickly take to the sky, his men were corrupting the feed of her communicator. Nitori would be flooded with static while Marisa’s hearing filled with a similar silence to the room the captain now sat. Parting his cup from his lips, Keller grinned as his men gave him the sign of their success.

“Ah, Marisa.” he began, setting his mug down on a custom coaster. “It's a pleasure to finally be able to speak to you.”

The witch stopped on a towering building and began to look around frantically for who dared to talk to her like this!

“It’s no point looking around, I promise. By our calculations, you ought to be several blocks away. Please, by all means, continue your… Escape.” Keller leaned back into his chair, it creaked lightly under his weight. “I’d like to take the time to first congratulate you on your mission, and to thank you for the donation.” his eyes open to look at a screen. Already trusted soldiers collected the sparkling energy. “Unfortunately I cannot let you just get away with this.”

Marisa twisted on top of the tower to look back at the speck on the horizon that was in the direction of the labs. She could still see a stray plumage of smoke in the distance. She decided to take his advice and continued on her way.

Before she could reply, he spoke again.

“You have one week, Marisa. Keep the panels and equipment as a reward for a job well done, and tell Nipper there are no hard feelings. I wish them the best of luck, I really do. However, I want you back here in a week to endure the consequences of your... Heist.” Keller explained, looking at the clock so he could note the time of the offer. He was handed a tablet at this time, on the screen was the requested report of the physical damage done by her explosives. It filled him with pride knowing that casualties were kept to a minimum due to his precautions.

“And what if I don’t?” Keller had so hoped she’d ask, and was delighted to hear her do so.

“Nitori sounds like an intelligent girl. Hate to discard such a productive mind like that… It goes without saying, but I will confirm any suspicion you may have at the moment. Yes, I will order the annihilation of everyone in close proximity of her as well.” he returned the information to the member of his team that offered the tablet at the time. “As well as anyone associated with you, her, or anyone near them at the time. All of your friends will perish, that is a promise.”

He needed to wrap this up.

“I have a laboratory to clean up, but remember Marisa, one week. Please don’t disappoint me.” there was a small bit of silence before a click. It was then that Marisa would hear her friend.

“Marisa! Come in! Marisa, please! Come in!!” Nitori sounded frantic. “Oh man… Don’t tell me you were captured!?”
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"Centurion: I'll leave you to your work then Dust. Thanks for chatting!
Me: no problem. stay awesome!
Centurion: It's more of a passive ability"

As Marisa heard the kappa speak once again she sighed clearly annoyed. “No, nothing like that but an ultimatum happened.” She said bluntly as she headed for the Kawashiro industries building to prepare to get anyone who would get harmed out of the verse and into the dunes.

Nitori spoke softly as she asked the witch a single question tentatively. “W-what was that ultimatum?”

Reaching the door she the witch opened it up and entered as she saw her folded up clothing on one of the tables. “Yea, they are going to kill anyone close to me and you Nitori. It’s not like that is going affect me any but i’d assume you’d have people you want to get out.”

Nitori sighed as she shook her head before speaking. “No, i have employees but i can fire them in a day or two. They don’t need to get involved. But you have the stuff correct?”

Marisa waved her hand as she slipped off her clothing and started to get dressed. “Yea, yea don’t worry, i’ll deal with this problem myself after i drop my stuff off at Nippur then maybe head over and visit Lady Mima for a while. You don’t need me to work with you i assume?” The witch said as she placed her hat on her head before pushing her hair back to let it flow behind her back as she sighed in slight enjoyment.

Exiting the building with the clothing and the equipment in hand she started to head for the elevators allowing her to leave this god forsaken place. Her appearance gathered a few looks on the first tier as she considered this a victory all things considered since she wasn’t dead.

Soon reaching the edge of the verse she sighed before grinning widely and entering the portal to the nexus heading to the sandy verse she had made her base of operations in. Shutting down the conversation she and Nitori had up she turned to thinking silently about her life for the future. She loved magic yes, but there was times back home she wondered how her life would have turned out if she simply didn’t learn magic and worked back in her village, had a husband, kids, parents she could talk too.

Shaking her head slightly she continued to fly above the stale white floor of the verse as she moved towards the endless dunes and to face her fate head on whatever it may be.

Quote:Black and White thief is now concluded. 3,451 words and 18,447 characters in total
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

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