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[Quest] The Precursor's Salvation

Ashelin couldn’t help but look around when she felt the warm air blowing from the Tangled greens. Leaves jutted from trees which had a beautiful shades of gold, red and purple blowing around.  The smell of flowers jutted from the ground.

The former governess brushed the grasses from the side as Sig pushed the bushes aside as well as Damas helped lift Para over the wild grass, Daxter using the grasses to keep hidden.

The adventurers pushed on as they stared very cautiously at which way to move from here. They needed a plan. But who knew who was watching.

Ashelin dug through her pack and threw a small gun to each of the party. “Hope Para knows how to use a weapon.”

Damas frowned “Of course he does. Just don’t give it to him right away.”

Para raised an eyebrow “You had to learn to use one back in the Endless dunes, it was the only way we survived otherwise. It's a long story on how I was able to get to Damas. I'll explain later."

Damas nodded and was staring out into the forest area. He seemed to be looking for something in particular. The ottsel in question was using his speed and quickness to search the grasses for anything interesting.

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The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
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DA 18' 

But it only changed when the eco warrior sat on a branch, grinning like a idiot.

“Hey, Did I miss anything important?” Jak looked down on the group of misfit family members.

Daxter’s eyes opened in shocked “HOLY SHIT! JAK?!”

Only when orange lightning noticed his friend, did the others stop what they were doing right away.

“No way, we must be seeing things.” Ashelin blinked, trying to stare down the eco warrior.

Jak smirked, in a way not to scare Ashelin and the others “What?” “Miss me that much?”

Ashelin growled “You idoit! It took us DAYS to find you and when we go on a adventure without you, you subtly show up!”

Daxter giggled “Sounds like something I would say, Ashelin.”

Para blinked “Brother?”

Damas raised a eyebrow, blocking the sun in his eyes “So it is really you, Jak after all this mess.”

Jak swung on the branch to get down and step down in between Para, Daxter, Sig, Ashelin and Damas.

“Holy shit, SIG?!”

“Well, I couldn’t leave our king to go off on our own, could I, chili pepper?

Jak scratched the back of his neck “Well as to where I’ve been, it’s a long story. A VERY long one.”

Everyone just glared at the eco warrior from a mile away. Jak raised a eyebrow “What?!” “Haven’t you known I’ve had to clear a blacklisting off my name in the Empire?”

Ashelin frowned and Daxter followed “You… WHAT?!”

Daxter more specifically gritted his teeth “You give up yourself to the empire’s lackeys so you could CLEAR YOUR NAME? What happened to the Jak I knew? My friend?


Damas stared hard “Sig and Ashelin drove a mile to Nippur to get my SON which almost killed the Governess?! ARE YOU NUTS?!”

Jak frowned “Listen, it’s a long… story.”

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

Jak had to twist his words slightly in order from offending any more of his friends. “Listen, it’s a long… story.”

Damas pushed the young Para aside, as his eyes lightly started to tear up. “Pap-, why are you mad at brother?”

Jak frowned, his greenish eyebrows resisting the urge to raise “You adopted another son?! You didn’t tell me this, Damas. “

Damas frowned and crossed his arms in the crass jungle-like area as he pushed aside another leaflet out of his face. “You better, explain now, Boy.”

Jak gritted his teeth, trying to avoid talking about the situation at hand. “Can this wait, we are kind of among the jungles right now?!”

Daxter stepped in the middle of Damas and Jak “Whoa, whoa... Ladies, ladies, you are BOTH pretty. Now can we move on?”

Damas gritted his teeth back “Not until my best fucking warrior, Jak tells me why he almost killed the Governess of HAVEN CITY!”

Jak knew he had created a hole with Damas and needed to explain why otherwise Damas won’t let him go any further.

“You want the truth, old man? Fine. I’ll explain as we go.”

The Wastelander King turned to look over at Sig, who was frustrated as well.

Daxter, hopped on Jak’s shoulder as only the ottsel knew what had happened going forward.

Jak turned as he patted Daxter, as the ottsel looked distressed.

“It’s the Omniverse. It’s changed me from who I am to.. someone I haven’t been for years. Let me begin. “Sig, Damas, Ashelin, you know Baron Praxis, am I right?”

Ashelin looked up and frowned “My father, yes? What about him?! Ashelin seemed to be harboring a secret grudge ever since.. well Jak had turned into his dark King form.

Jak bit his tongue “He kidnapped me and threw me into the Dark Warrior Program against the metal heads for two years. You wanted to know?! NOW YOU KNOW!”

Jak felt his anger growing and the shock of eco lightning numb his senses again.

Ashelin stepped back, trying to defend her father and both support Jak at the same time.

“WHAT?! He kidnapped you and then threw you into… the Dark warrior program.”

Everyone seemed a little shaken up about the knowledge they now possessed.

Damas gritted his teeth “HE WHAT?!”

Para blinked “What’s the dark warrior program, papa?”

Damas eyed Sig and Sig took Para to the side and bend down.

“Some bad people kidnapped people to try to save Haven City at one point and they took prisoners as experiments.”

“So brother is bad?”

Sig frowned “No... No cherry, he’s done more good than bad.”

Para growled, “Big brother is BAD guy!!!”

Sig bent down and tried to calm Para again “He’s a good guy.”

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

Daxter coughed for a second as he tried to once again interrupt the mislead family further into the forest.  He was hot, had a blaring headache and everyone’s increasing tone of anger was bothering him and Jak.

“Look, I know everyone is worried about the past, but hey, we are in the Omniverse! That means it’s been 5 years since we’ve been here! And hey, we got a grand adventure to worry about. Orange lightning was oddly cheerful for hearing horrible news.

Jak glared over at the ottsel who seemed to be leading the charge “Dax, we just got horrible news about my tragic past and now you just want to ignore it?”

Daxter’s ears flopped to the ground as he stared back at the others.

“I’m just thinking ahead to whatever we have planned.”

Jak’s mouth contorted into a frown as he stepped into the space between Daxter and Damus and Para. “It’s a long story, let’s just keep it at that, alright?” The eco-warrior could feel a migraine creeping up in his head. He actually was unsure if it was his friends arguing that was doing it or the Dark King or the Noble hero in their truce going on right now.

Jak had heard enough arguing for one day. His echoing tone could send birds scattering throughout the forest, scattering just to escape with their lives for another day.

He screamed just to make everyone stop in their tracks “STOP IT! ENOUGH OUT OF ALL OF YOU!”

His frustrations had bubbled on this trip and it didn’t help anything that the Wastelander had a headache the size of a yacow.

“If anyone wants to stay with Daxter and me, think things through and throw your problems of the past somewhere else before I shove it. Thank you for listening.” Jak placed a hand on his head and muttered curse words out of his mouth.

The tangled greens had its share of problems but it didn’t help that fresh rain covered the sky above the five of them.  The former governess sighed. Perhaps the past left was better left to the past.

She shivered a bit, covering her fiery red dreadlocks from the rain. “Jak… perhaps…”

Before she and the others had a chance to respond, the eco-warrior and his furry friend was ahead of them.

Sig sighed, placing a hand on the Governess’s shoulder “Come on, my liege, let’s catch up with that stubborn chili-pepper before he gets too far.”

Ashelin looked at Damas and the little Para “Coming?”

Damas nodded, holding Para on his shoulder as Jak did for Daxter. “Come on, we have a difficult man to find in this forest.”

And so the crew chased after the stubborn eco-warrior and ottsel holding the map close to them.

And so our heroes scatter off into the Tangled Greens….

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The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

Stage 1: The unlikely event they thought would never happen…

Orange Lightning stood on guard, his hand over his eyes, sunlight peering into them trying to see for the next part of their journey. Turns out the map’s first location was something like a… HOT TUB?.

Except this was no ordinary hot tub. It was colored brown and smelled good.

He stared at the map with a drip of saliva coming out of his mouth as he lusted for a great time even if this could be a possible trap of epic proportions.

“Jak, look at this, IT’S MY DREAM COME TRUEEEEEE!”

Meanwhile, the eco-warrior dragged himself following Daxter, eventually ripping the map away from the lusting ottsel from dripping on it. “HEY! We are on a quest here, not your dream fantasy!”

Daxter wasn’t laughing “HEY! This is my quest too, Jak!!!” He grunted, whining under his breath.
If I want hot ladies giggling in a chocolate hot tub, I can dream too!”

Jak dragged Daxter this time rolling his eyes. But soon he started to smell a delicious mix of Mexican hot chocolate cinnamon hot tub bubbling away. Daxter blinked, trying to wave in front of Jak’s face. What’s going on?

Jak groaned and then facepalmed “Look our first location. The chocolate cinnamon waterfall hot tub of legends. Daxter’s eyes widened in joy “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! JAKKKKKKKKK! This is sooooo awesome! How’d you do it?”

Jak turned toward the ottsel with an eyebrow “I… didn’t.”

Daxter ran toward the ladies giggling in the cinnachocolate hot tub waterfall.


Jak gritted his teeth “Dax, it MIGHT be a trap!”

Dax waved his hand at Jak “Pshhh, you are just jealous, you know that?”

As soon as Daxter ran off, an angry Ashelin, Damas, and Sig cleared their throats. “What’s with the damn running off again?!” Jak literally ran into his father headon and fell over. “What’s the big DEAL?!”

Damas wapped him over his head with his walking stick “This is something we should all do instead of you two running off and leaving us behind again, like a family.”

Jak’s eyes widened “Psh, family? It’s been 5 years, Damas. 5 YEARS!”

Damas grunted “Sig, how long were we looking for Jak?”

Sig kneeled down once again “My leige, about a year now.”
Damas wapped Jak on the head several times again. Jak gritted his teeth “OW! COME ON!”

Jak grunted “Come on Sig, man up. You don’t have to kneel every time Damas gives an order you know.”

Sig raises a eyebrow “Damas, your son doesn’t know what he means.”

Jak grunts “COME ON! I’m not stupid.”

The whole party is interrupted when Para runs towards the hot tub with Daxter.

Damas’s eyes widened “PARA! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!”

Jak sighed and began to run toward Daxter and Para heading toward what might be a fake hallucination.

Daxter bent down and dipped his fingers in the hot liquid. “Ahhhh, hey girls… got some chocolate for me?”

Instead of chocolate, however, he found mud. But it still smelled good and tasted like chocolate. Oh man, this stuff is great.

Daxter was ready to hop in when Para poked him innocently on the shoulder and blinked “Uncle Dax, what are you doin?”

Chocolate dipping, Para. Care to join me and the girls?”

Para smirked, “Sure, Unca Daxter.”

As Daxter slipped in, Jak pulled the ottsel and Para out as Daxter whined again “What is THE MATTER WITH YOU TODAY, JAK?!”

Jak was about to warn the two when the water raised with the fish found in Misty island every time they swam.

Daxter turned back and he screamed “HOLY SHIT, THESE FISH?! AHHHHHHHHHH!”

Jak covered Daxter’s mouth as he carried Para with him “I swear.”

He ran back to the others and sighed “Well I got them from almost being fish bait.”

The chorus of concerned adults screamed “WHAT?!!!!”

The ottsel and Jak covered their ears.

“You know the fish from Misty Island? They swam in mud that tasted like chocolate.”

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The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 


So past the Mexican chocolate waterfall and the lurker fish they went, Jak and his motley group of ragtag warriors moved along as they stared at the map eyeing the location. Jak blinked “The Snakes, not the snakes?" Is what it’s called. Daxter blinked “Nahhh, it’s like an old movie I watched one day, like Daxter Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Artifact, something like that.”

Para looked up “Cooooool, you watch tv, Dax?” Daxter smirked “Of course I do, kid. Wanna come by to Uncle Dax’s house someday?”

Para’s eyes reflected that of puppy eyed “Papa, can I go watch this T.V at Uncle Daxter’s house?” Damas raised an eyebrow “NO! He’s still too innocent.”

Daxter gritted his teeth “Hey King, try releasing the umbilical cord sometime.” It didn’t stop until Daxter moved a group of leaves and saw a strange figure carved in wood.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He ran in circles, screaming. Jak covered his mouth “Shut it, Dax.”

Daxter blinked “AHHH- what was that?!” The group was passing by a river and birds chirped loud as the group found itself looking around at the scenery for something.

Sig pulled out an arrow from a tree and everyone stared at it. “My liege, look what I found?

Damas blinked, looking at the arrow. Seemed to be tipped with some sort of poison.”

“Careful, Sig. That arrow contains some sort of poisonous substance.”

Sig frowned and immediately threw it down, stomping on it and breaking it.

Ashelin looked up, tensing looking up “That can’t be dark eco on that arrow, right? That would mean.”

Sig frowned “Didn’t look like it.”

Daxter winced as a summoned brown floppy hat flopped on the ottsel’s head and a random leather whip was found on the ground.

“Whoa, I feel like a hero now! Woohoo!” Daxter smirked, trying out his new whip.


Unfortunately for the group, a stranger decided to attack the 6 of them with a light gun. Jak was already on them with a weapon when Daxter suddenly whipped them with his “leather” whip making the stranger drop the weapon.

Jak blinked in surprise. “Dax, holy crap! How did you do that!?”

Daxter smirked “It’s all in the whip. WAitCH! WHITCH! He enjoyed his newfound power with the whip he found on the ground.

Everyone in the vicinity immediately gave Daxter a distant stare. Daxter adjusted his new “Omni” Jones hat and pointed over to the others. “Told you guys I could do something”

Jak blew air out of his mouth as he took a deep breath, almost regretting taking Daxter on this ridiculous adventure and just pointed ahead, facepalming and ready to go to the next point on the map.

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The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

Squiggly lines were seen on the legendary map the ragtag group held in their hands. Jak summoned his gun and loaded it, carefully walking through the fog that was so thick you could bite it.


Jak was met with people who he thought he had forgotten years ago but they had to be figments of his own imagination, right? Voices of old and voices of new.

A smell of what was that in the air, Ash? The regular callings of the sex demon clawed into his mind as he paused. Fear hit him right when he smelled everything.

A hand waved him into the fog, appearing to want him to come closer.

But everything seemed so real!

But as Jak tried to reel in the allure of the sex demon, the fog changed its tactics, changing to a very different background.

There were three voices whispering in the background of a dead tree of some sort, something very familiar to the eco warrior at one time in his life.

The tree had voices talking around it for some reason. Almost eerily similar to what the eco warrior remembered at one time.

The tree almost called to him, small flickers messing with his mind.

Jak.. save us…
..save us
What the hell?”

Jak held his head, voices calling to him trying to get him to remember memories of the past.

He didn’t know why the fog chose to bring up old memories that would haunt him.

The fog changed to that of a sandy area.  One scary enough to spook the eco warrior.

What could possibly become of the man if he died back home.

The hallucinations brought on a sense of dread as there was fear in the eco warrior’s eyes.

He was staring at a version of his father lying down in the sand, holding a small warrior next to him, blood drying out in the sand.

He tried to touch the versions of them only to hear a laughing sound. He couldn’t see the figure or figures but they were stomping on “them.”

“SHIT!!! NO!”

Jak bent down again, fear laced in his eyes “No… dad, wake up.. NO! Who did this to you guys… please..”

“YOU did, you sick bastard. YOU Did this.”

“M-Me?” Jak gasped and backed up.

The dead body pushed itself up, hallucination induced. “You are at fault.”

Jak frowned “No… you’re alive… You are just..” He turned once again, Don’t fuck-

“Get away from me.”

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

A storm suddenly started to break the silence and the hallucinations seemed to blow away, leaving a very dazed and confused eco warrior.

Daxter, however was faced with his own storms as he saw a very familiar disappointed face of Tess. “What about me, hun? Did you forgot about me while you were on your adventures while you swoon over that sex demo-”

Daxter blinked, staring back “How did you know her?”

Tess smirked “Easy, she’s right here.”

An almost twisted version of Ash in hallucination form moved forward, not speaking to the orange ottsel, instead grabbing him and using him as a playtoy.

“Ah, now that’s a woman..”

Jak ran into sight as Daxter looked like he was being slammed into the ground by an unknown force.

Daxter, snap out of it! It’s just a hallucina-

A voice cut him off as Para’s voice sounded out, worried.

Para, it’s just a hallucination… They aren’t going to get you!”

“They took you guys away from me, bad bad men.”

Para seemed rather scared and shocked.

“Where’s papa?”

Jak raised an eyebrow as he watched Damas look like he was fighting a old version of Baron Praxis and others. “Damas, it’s not rea!”

Damnit, Jak. I know but It feels too real!

Even Ashelin and Sig seemed stuck in illusions that weren’t really there.

“SNAP OUT OF IT, GUYS! It’s really us!”

Ashelin and Sig were snapped out of their funk and turned “Whoa, man what happened?

Jak growled, this was going to be a long 3rd day.

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

3You know what they say. It’s gotta be 5’o o'clock somewhere. Even if that means 5 o'clock somewhere stranded in the closest thing to an overgrown jungle.  Daxter made it clear it was time for a much-needed break at the local Tangled greens bar.  Orange Lightning stared at jak with the hardest puppy eyes he could muster “Can you please summon some drinks for everyone? We are all hungry and tired…”

Jak grunted as he rolled his eyes as Daxter poured on the sugar. “Daxter, stop it. It’s not going to work..”

Daxter tried harder “PLEASE, JAK?!”

Jak squeezed his forehead and sighed “Fine… just don’t bother me for food and drinks the next time we go on an adventure”

Daxter smirked, happy he got what he wanted as Jak summoned a few beers, more drinks for Sig and Damas and one for Ashelin and a Pepsi for Para.”

Jak crossed his arms after he finished all the summoning and grabbed his own drink “I guess this has been a long adventure and we’ve spent almost like weeks on this.”

Daxter and Para chatted, while making small talk for a bit as Sig and Damas looked out for danger, Ashelin and the other two took shifts peering around the trees.

“Things alright, guys?” Ashelin stepped back as Sig took turns on shifts while Damas nods “Yeah, so far things seem quiet.”

As the shifts changed to the last one for the night, Damas held Para in his arms to warm the child while Sig packed up what was left for the night and Ashelin eyed the crowds.

“Jak, what’s the 4th symbol supposed to be?” The eco warrior looked at it and raised an eyebrow “It’s a sun.”

Ashelin raised an eyebrow “A .. sun, like just morning sun?”

Daxter stared at the bottle in his hands “So this is our 4th symbol, wow.. That was remarkably easy…”


Daxter shook it and a piece of something feel out, something leading to Day 5.

So onward our heroes go, after a party break that was short and well deserved, to the 5th spot on their map.

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

Day 5: Jak, back to the past.

Last time, we left our heroes on our regularly scheduled adventure, Samurai Jak… oops wrong show…

But to be honest, maybe this adventure would lead to some strange twists and turns including a very relaxing forest visit.

Day 5 was probably the quietest and most relaxing day of them all,  fruit fell from the trees almost giving the group literal free food.

Daxter wrapped a grape necklace around his neck while nibbling and Para ate an apple, while staring at everyone else enjoying their food.

But there was a twist of course.

The grapes were real, but they also tasted like wax.

Jak took a bite of a kiwi and spat it out “Un-fuck-ing-bele-vible. It tastes like wax, just like every other crazy thing that seemed to happen on this adventure.

Daxter took a bite and spat it out quickly “Can’t we ever catch a break, Jak? Yuck, this fruit tastes like wax.”

Jak sighed and pointed at the “Wax fruit’ symbol “Lovely. What a treat” as Jak rolled his eyes in obvious sarcasm. 

After destroying said “Wax fruit”, everyone groaned only to find real fruit in between the fakes.

Ashelin blinked “What’s this?”

She pulled out something sweet and blinked “It’s real..”

Jak sighed and looked over at the fruit “Looks good!”

He split the juicy fruit with everyone.

An hour later, the eco warrior and crew felt less stressed and more relaxed, actually able to go for a while without their stomachs bothering them for substance. Para was fast asleep in Damas’s arms as the others finished the food.

Jak looked over at the others “Hey, I think we solved the mystery because the next problem is our final destination.”

Sig blinked “No way, you can’t be serious, Jak…”

Damas’s eyes moved toward the last part of the map with the sparkling thing on top of the gold temple.

“Is it what i think it is?”

Jak, taking a swig of the fruit juice shrugged and sat down, “I think we should be cautious, so far it’s been considerably easier for all of us at this point “Don’t you think it’s strange that right now it’s quiet enough to hear the unmistakable sound of pins dropping??”

Sig sighed “You are right, Jak. I’d say all of us is best to keep up our guard up.”

Jak’s face contorted into a frown “I’ve heard stories about people who had those things, only to be chased down several times.”

Ashelin frowned “What do you mean, like you are stuck in a mouse and cat hunt?”

Jak looked serious “Yeah, I doubt this is going to be anything different.”

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
DA 18' 

Day 6: Day of the Golden Temple

Jak sat on the steps talking with everyone, “It’s a risk but I think we can handle it, right guys?”

Daxter carried the stubborn Para on his fuzzy back, while Para insisted on riding him as a horse “Kid, calm down I’m not your horse!”

Para chuckled “Keep going, my loyal steed.”

Daxter groaned as he watched Jak chuckle at his misfortune. Oh he’d get Jak back one day for this big time.

Daxter looked “What next, Jak…”

Para groaned “ARE WE THERE YET?!”

Damas gave a “look” to Daxter meaning he better shut up or you know what.

Daxter groaned “Fine, for now.”

Jak and the rest gathered around the map, apprentently the symbols seemed to end with a golden symbol built like gold bars on each other.

Daxter moved forward with Para on his back, being stubborn as he snubbed Jak of the map “Let Daxter Jones look at this…”

“Holy shit, look at this! This place is all gold, I mean the symbol.”

Jak grumbled “Give me back the map, Daxter.”

Daxter muttered “You owe me, Jak for letting me drag around Para who thinks I’m his horse.”

Jak said “Come on Dax, it’s for a short time, and he doesn’t have shoes!”

Jak’s puppy eyes came into view as  Daxter groaned “Don’t do that, Jak.”

Ashelin pulled the two apart “Let’s… GET … Moving…”

Sig and Damas followed behind “What do you see, Cherries? The map looks like it could be a long distance to where it’s tellin’ us to go.”

The eco warrior and crew pushed the jungle trees aside being awful careful, apparently there were mysterious people who didn’t want the group around the general area as they seemed quite protective of what was on the top.

Sig turned “Come on guys, we got a lon-"

The ex governess turned at Sig to confirm what was bothering the spy and fellow friend of Jak.

Sig frowned as he yelled "GET DOWN" as Jak pulled Daxter down, Sig pulled Damas down, Ashelin got down while Para threw himself to the ground as darts flew threw the air over their heads.

Daxter cursed "Damn, I knew this was too easy, all the way here we faced little trouble until n- he pushed himself down as another dart flew over his head.

Every step the group made, got harder and harder to walk, but with everyone sharing the responsibility, Sig and Jak was able to take on the grunt of the work.

Jak turned back "Everyone alright?"

Ashelin sighed "Well, how far we have from here, Jak? We've been on this quest for a week or more now."

The eco warrior eyed the map "Almost there, I swear it, Ashelin."

Sig stared at him "You said that days ago."

Jak grumbled at his lie exposed.  "Let's just move... I smell something wet..

Turns out the scenery was as wet as Jak predicted but the dirt near the final location was muddy and dirty for every step they took.  

Para rode on Sig's back so Daxter wouldn't have to complain about his paws getting dirty this time. Orange Lighting got the premium ride on Jak's padded shoulder.

"Ah, that's better.. Don't ya think, sidekicks?"

Sig stopped and pointed at a large golden temple as he stopped to take a breath and wanted to take a closer look at it. "Holy shit, my liege. You should take a look at this. I think we found the mysterious temple on this map thing Jak found."

Jak stared up and then back at the map "Wha-what?! This is it? No gold, no artifa-

Daxter Jones hopped off the eco warriors shoulder with literal dollar signs in the ottsel's eyes "It's MINE! It's all mine"

Jak cleared his throat "DAX!" "CAREFUL!!!"

Daxter Jones adjusted his brown coat, his floppy adventurer hat and his light whip "Come on Jak, I'm Daxter Jones, what could go wrong?"

Ashelin gritted her teeth "Every time you say that, something goes wrong."

Para looked up in wonder, he's never seen such a wondrous statue.  Damas looked cautious as Para looked him in the eyes "Dad, can I go with Uncle Daxter and Jak and his friends and go get that artifact? Please? I've never had a adventure like this one and it was fun. I never get to do something like this...

Damas frowned "Fine, go... Just go with the others, Sig... Jak I'm trusting you to protect the little one. Jak stared at his adopted brother as he placed a hand on his shoulder "Come on.."

The Wastelander King decided to watch for trouble, but Sig refused to leave Damas alone "What's bothering you, my liege?"

Damas kept quiet and bent down "There always seems to be trouble when everyone's around, either Jak or Daxter. They spell trouble for all of us if things go wrong."

Sig sighed "Damas, stop being so harsh on the man and his friend. They earned your trust, don't you think?

Ashelin went with Para, Daxter and Jak as the woman didn't trust the area not to be filled with traps if they walked up the steps.

Jak looked up "Hey, I'll go Ashelin, Keep Daxter with you so far. I'll check for traps before we go for the artifact."

Daxter looked up "Just be careful, Jak."

Jak stared up the 120 steps on the golden temple as he stepped one step at a time, taking time to observe to make sure there were no traps around the golden beauty temple.

"Dax, it's safe." Daxter Jones didn't hesitate as he followed the eco warrior up the stairs, Jak yelled out to Ashelin "Come on!" Ashelin frowned a little more weary, is it ok?

The eco warrior kept moving up the steps as Daxter joined him up the stairs, Ashelin lagging somewhere behind. Daxter was on his feet faster and could run up stairs faster than Jak could. For every 20 steps they went up, they stopped and let the others catch up. Daxter and Ashelin took a breath on the 40th step and Jak nodded. Once everyone had a light break, they began walking up another 40 steps. Everyone seemed to be worn from wear except for Daxter who was taking things in stride with every step. "Man, this journey was interesting."

Jak frowned "Shut up Dax, we still got a long way to go as he pointed up at the 120th step "Want to get up there? Stop the talking, please. Jak sighed as he shook his head, following Ashelin as he lagged behind the group. "Come on, it has to be almost there. These steps are really annoying me. Ashelin finally passed even Jak up the stairs. Ashelin and Daxter stopped about the 80th stair and took a breath, sitting on the steps and looking down. Daxter glumped and looked down, that was a long way down for one ottsel.

Damas and Sig looked for trouble as it seemed way too quiet for now. Did they grab the legendary artifact yet? What was taking everyone so long?"

After about the 120th step, they noticed some sort of temple underneath and they popped inside. Daxter blinked, this place was seriously a temple dedicated to Omni of all people.." Jak stared around inside, taking a view and gander almost impressed Omni actually had a temple in his name. But Ashelin cleared her throat and tapped Jak on the shoulder. "The artifact."

Jak and Daxter nodded and rushed out followed by the Governess as they ran up the final steps, taking one more break before staring at the Artifact of Salvation. Jak blinked, bending down at the legendary artifact. "So this was worth all the trouble, huh? I don't even know what it does.."

Daxter blinked "Huh? Is it a precursor artifact Jak? What does it do? Ashelin gritted her teeth, they had to protect the artifact with caution now. Jak pulled the artifact out of the center as a platform lifted up and Jak grabbed Daxter and the artifact in his arms. Light Jak held the ottsel, the artifact and Ashelin in his arms and flew down to the group of unlikely adventurers as Sig and Damas stared at the wondrous artifact in their hands.

Para stared at it with wondrous eyes, never before seeing something like it in his life.

Jak sighed as he dropped from his Light form and held the gift in his hands as he gritted his teeth.

Would Ashelin ever get her apology from Jak? That's for another story.

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

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Turns out that artifact in the hidden temple was all a ruse to get Jak and Daxter and company angry and riled up that they’d been fooled. Just as they touched what seemed to be an artifact in good company, it suddenly turned into sand. Had Omni fooled them into believing they found a real artifact? Did they actually believe it? It almost seemed like a “fool” stamp was stamped onto the dynamic duo’s faces in disbelief.

Daxter blinked “Wait? WHAT?! All that searching and the real artifact is in another temple. My poor feet after all that adventuring.”

Sig looked back “What’s wrong chili peppers? Was the artifact real?”

Jak shook his head, looking down. “Must of been a cruel joke of Omni to mess with us like that. However, the artifact can still be out there just I’m not sure this time how long to the real temple.”

Damas sighed and shook his walking stick “You bring me 1,000 miles out here Jak to find out there’s nothi- Dad…. ng out there but sand … DAD! “


Jak cleared his throat “ I think I know we are going toward the real artifact this time, I swear.”

Damas held Para on his shoulder “For your sake, you better be right this time, Jak.”

Ashelin turned to see a “drink stand” just set up in the middle of the tangled greens “What the hell?!”

Jak raised an eyebrow “Really, a drink stand in the middle of the Tangled Greens? Now they thought of just about everything, but seriously, who in their right mind puts a drink stand in the middle of nowhere.”

Sig groaned, his face contorting to that of a groan “Look, chili pepper, sometimes things can’t be explained in this place.”

Jak scratched his head and crossed his arms “I suppose you are right, Sig.”

Para looked up, staring at Daxter “Daxter, wait for m-”

Damas picked Para up and sat him on his lap “What did I tell you about accepting strange drinks in the middle of no- Para’s frown told everything Damas needed to know about that “You didn’t tell me that. I found that out myself and BURRRRRP!”

Damas groaned once the cute Para kept burping and laughing “I don’t have time for this.”

Jak, get your friend and let’s get goin- Jak?”

Jak bent over his friend who just seemed to be suddenly drunken over the random ‘drink” he found in the middle of the forest.

“Daxter, what did they serve?”

“Urgggggughhh, Jak… They serve the best- Damn… drink in the Omniverse here… you should try- it buddy! It’s truly...goo-”

‘You’re in no mood for the adventure, let’s all go-

Daxter hiccuped “NOOOOO… Not yet..”

Damas was starting to get a headache from everyone just being in the same room as him except for Sig. “So, what did you find, Jak?”

Jak groaned “A drunk Daxter?”

Ashelin appeared baffled “How the heck can Daxter get drunk off a mysterious drink. But on second thought, yeah I see now.”

Jak carried Daxter around and placed him on his shoulder while Daxter just babbled drunk “Arrrrre we there yet… HIC! “Jak only slightly rolled his eyes once or twice after Daxter giggled drunkenly.

Jak looked over at the map and had the others who weren’t drunk help look at the map again as he crossed the fake location out. “That location was “fake” so time to try again. Where would Omni keep his favorite temple?

Everyone stared at each other in thought until Para spoke up “Uh, it’s over there guys.”

Sig raised an eyebrow when Para seemed to be staring at a blank door just on the wall. “It’s there… I saw a hint of gold!”

Jak looked up “Think we should look, guys?”

Ashelin raised an eyebrow “Could be a trap, you know traps are a signature part of everything we’ve been through, right?”

Jak frowned ‘Come on, I trust my time little brother for now.”

Sig nodded “I say we trust the young one and we’ll prepare in case something does happen, alright?”

Damas thought for a second “Right.”

The wall led to a small stone barrier that showed an odd symbol on the wall. Damas blinked as he looked at it “Why is there a symbol of Mar on the rock?”

The eco warrior just stopped and pulled out the symbol he had in his pocket “It matches what we have, dad..”

“Let’s try it and see if it opens, alright?”

The two places the symbols on the door and it slid open.

“Don’t ask me how, but it’s strange, very strange.”

Everyone walked in, taking in the crisp details of Omni’s real palace of gold steps that was.

“Think we should do it?” Jak said as Para was already halfway there “WAIT!”

Everyone followed at varied paces, occasionally stopping to make sure that step wasn’t a trap to mess with the group’s heads.

As it was finally safe, they stared up at what appeared to be the same artifact on the temple middle but to make sure it was safe, Jak quickly slipped the artifact with a drunken Daxter to see what would happen.

Nothing happened except for a loud burp and “JAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK”

The group stopped to admire the artifact “What does it do? Why did the door only open for Jak and Damas? This is so weird.”

Daxter was pulled off the middle where the artifact was and the journey almost seemed like it was at a standstill until the next adventure.

Jak decided it was best he hold onto the real artifact in case he had to protect his friends with it.

“Dax, you think this artifact turns you into a human again?”

Daxter gasped, “You really think so, Jak? That’s my dream! I’d love to become… well me again… but remember I gave that up to save the world. But if it does, I’d take the chance to become human again.”
Jak smiled, his friend would finally find relief as a human again and searching for a dark eco sage would be no more.

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
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The smell of victory seemed close within their grasp. They didn’t fight for it which made it feel too easy.

Damas looked up and checked into the distance, on occasion searching for even one shred of danger. “You sure that artifact’s safe, Jak?” Jak glared at his old man looking several times back and forth before saying with a raised eyebrow “What do you mean?”

Damas looked up “Have you ever questioned the possible danger you might be in? Bounty hunters? Other Primes? <i>Our<i> safety?”

Mar, you must think, one wrong step could be our downfall. You may of had the advantage of being “Omni’s chosen.” but what about us? We are just secondaries, one who may fall at any time. Being reckless and rushing headfirst into problems never benefits anyone but yourself.”

“Remember who you are. I wanted you to have a life I couldn’t have. Why couldn’t you think of anyone but yourself, Jak?”

Ashelin stopped to turn at what Damas was telling Jak in all seriousness.

Jak stopped near the steps “Huh? What are you implying, Damas? Are you saying that I didn’t come all this way to help Daxter? My friends? Why bring this up all the sudden?”

Damas turned “I want you to think of the big picture. Why do you cause grief for your friends? The ones who care about you the most. “
Jak’s eyes look downtrodden “I’ve tried to help my friends the best I could. Even through every problem that’s happened. I just wanted to protect who’s left here by any means possible. If I lose you guys, I lose everyone I’ve ever known.

Damas stared at Sig, then Ashelin and then Para “Then don’t do it again and mea.”

A curious Para peered at the strange box everyone had picked up from the fake temple. It shone with odd colored gold with bronze letters on it.

“Dad, what’s this?”

Jak eyed Para “Don’t touch it! We don’t even know what it does!”

Para shrugged “Uncle Daxter found it and said for me to carry it. We found it while looking around in the fake temple.”

Damas looked at Daxter with a look that could kill ottsels. Daxter stared back “WHAT? I didn’t even pick it up!”

Damas growled “Fix it before I fix you!”

Home could be found in the strangest of places in the Omniverse.

Daxter gulped as he noticed Para hid his arm away from everyone. If curiosity could kill this cat, looks would kill..

“Uh, hey Para… what ya got?”

Jak looked at Sig “What did you find at the fake temple?”

Sig sighed, while we searched “I found this strange writing on the wall, it talked about “You have 3 days to find the real temple or the life is sucked out of the wearer. Wait, WHAT?!”

Jak’s eyes bugged as he eyed the box as it sudden creaked open and slammed shut placing itself on the young Para’s arm.

“Remove it at once, Para, REMOVE IT!”

Everyone panicked at the fact a magic artifact had stuck itself to Para’s arm of all things.

[Image: oNAS6Nu.png]

[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
DA 17'
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Para lightly laughed while backing up. “I can't! I tried diligently! Please get it off get it off!! "Jak stared at the bracelet pulling at it as well.

“Damn it!!!” The eco warrior muttered fiercely under his visible breath.

“Stop! I doggedly tried it! It won’t work!!!” Para winced in considerable pain.

After everyone tried to promptly pull and Para pulled away his gentle arm, Damas groaned now hiding a frown. “Let’s just keep going.”

The man looked genuinely worried but carefully hid it. Jak tried but looked at damas “I undoubtedly see you are genuinely worried.” Damas roared,“You think? Daxter did this! Jak frowned thoughtfully "Hey!!! He found the box but didn’t open it.”

“Wait… do you?” Jak raised an eyebrow.

Damas frowned, “Don’t you give me lip, boy?

Jak rolled his eyes “What lip?”

Before father and son could tussle over the unknown artifact on Para’s arm, the young boy stared up at Jak and his dad “Guys? Guys. GUYS! I know there’s a bit of family tension in the air, but WE SHOULD GET MOVING BEFORE I DIE! THANK YOU!”

Both the eco warrior and the sand king looked over at Para who finally had the guts to raise his voice “Yeah, he’s right.” Jak looked awkward for a second as Damas took a deep breath “Just don’t push it, Jak.” Both of them looked at each other and turned from each other before walking back to the map.

“Dax, Ashelin, where we go from here?” The eco warrior asked as he took a breath, hoping the temple was closer than it looked. Soon after, everyone’s stomachs rumbled. Daxter mumbled under his breath “I thought Primes didn’t have to eat either.”

Jak groaned and rubbed his forehead “Ok, lunch break. I heard everyone’s stomachs from here. “Before I summon anything, anyone have foraging experience? Don’t be in such a rush to raise your hand. Ugh, Fine. I’ll go look for wood and some food, unless of course you guys wanted some summoned food.

Ashelin and Damas nodded “I’ll go with you, Jak” as quick as Daxter and Para just stared at each other. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on the kid, alright guys? Right Para? He winced and nudged the kid lightly.”

Para grumbled “Aw, can I come?!”

It was a choir responded in turn with three heads belting out the main word of “No” in perfect do-rah-me” format. Damas turned ‘Come on guys, the daylight’s burning. You want help or not?”

Sig sat near the others “I’ll wait here with the others. Alright with you, my liege?”. Damas turned “Are you sure you’ll be fine, Sig watching the others?

Daxter sat with Para and Sig “Don’t worry yourself so much, Damas.”

Damas picked up his walking stick and pulled himself up off the ground with the help of Ashelin and Jak a bit.

As the group pushed through the light grasses and lush smelling fruit bushes sitting around, Jak looked up “How are we certain this fruit is actually safe to eat?” “Ashelin’s from the city, Damas is from the city and wastelands and Jak? I’m not sure.”

Jak sighed, “I’ll do it, carefully.”

“If we can’t find safe food, at least find wood. I’ll summon us some food, alright?”

Damas nodded “Of course, come on Ashelin.” Ashelin turned “We are in the middle of nowhere with a fake temple, where can we find wood?”

She turned around as she smelled a brief location with an old-fashioned fireplace nearby and conveniently had some old firewood nearby.

Jak facepalmed as he looked at the map, the next location was a house with firewood. “I bet you want to ask the whomever is inside? Ashelin frowned, “I was but who knows who lives there. Damas already had firewood in his hands.

Ashelin raised an eyebrow “Why didn’t you ask?”

Damas shrugged “Doesn’t matter, let’s go home. All of us are starving.”

Jak stared at the logs in his father’s hand “Let’s move.” After some well paced movements of trees and grasses, they reached the others in the group where Sig and Daxter and Para were all having a good time.

Sig looked up “You found the wood?”

Ashelin shrugged “It was easy, it was located in an old location in the woods.”

Damas nodded, setting the wood down in front of everyone and Jak moving the wood together in a pile “Now anyone know how to rub two rocks together? Old-fashioned trick in making fire, you know.”

Para accurately described what he typically had in his convenient pockets “All I naturally have is some temple rock remains but sure, I’ll try. Step back a bit everyone.”

The innocent kid rubbed together the two solid rocks until it instantly began to gently warm and spark. As soon as a few rubs and sparks instantly began to fly, he finally got a light going and threw it into the pile of wood.

The talented group nodded and sat by the fire, Para lying his head on Damas’s legs, Jak and Daxter chilling while basking in the fiery glow and Ashelin volunteering for guard duties during the night to at least make sure nothing sneaks up on them during the nighttime.

“Seems rather relaxing considering we only have 3 days until Para’s artifact goes off soon.”

“We’ll take it off soon.”

“No worries.”

Sig, Damas and Jak’s private conversation went on into the dark hours while Ashelin voluntarily went on guard duty keenly watching for anyone.

She would go back and forth looking for the fire pit when she naturally wanted to come back.

Day 6 was slowly coming to an end while Day 7’s direct sunlight began carefully to pour on the ragtag group of famed explorers. Jak gently shook Para lightly “Hey, bro, you up?”

Para blinked his fierce eyes “Huh? Oh, hi Jak.” He pushed himself up while the others were already awake as Jak summoned food for everyone. “Hey, I have some light snacks for everyone before we go off again.”

Para rubbed his eyes “Ugh. I naturally had the strangest dream last moonlit night about a far off journey going somewhere, but I couldn’t tell where it led to.”

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

DA 15
DA 16'
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DA 18' 

Damas took the time to listen to Para’s engaging stories. Sometimes they could be a bit of lies but he had a good heart and really wanted to help everyone in this quest. Damas stopped, waving over the others as they all bent down “What was the strange dream about?”

Para looked up “Some journey we have to take but it’s like a prophetic dream where it shows where we are supposed to end up. Perhaps this artifact had its own story at one time from past wearers out there. But I don’t really want to find out what it does.”

Damas gently holds the little Para in his arms “We’ll find a way, we always do.” Sometimes you had to tell a white lie to the child while he was still young. Life here in the Omniverse wasn’t as fair even as survival in the Wastelands entities.

Even though the man had forced himself to face mortality many times in the past after crawling out alive out of two desert environments. He had never wanted his two boys to face the same crushing situation he would eventually have to face.

Para looked up “Father? What’s bothering you?”

Damas patted Para on the shoulder “Sometime you must grow up on your own without your father. I worry that someday this might be the case. Jak and you might have to fight your way through situations that will haunt you someday. I want you two to watch each others back, protect each other, make sure you both survive. You two are the house of Mar and everything I ever wanted in a child.”

Para said “What are you saying? Why talk about this now?”

Damas looked up “You must be prepared for rough times ahead, like the time I was in the dunes and harsh winds blew my hair as I found you.”

Ashelin was busy talking to Sig. She had so many questions, many of them unanswered wondering if she was ever going to find the answers to some of them.

Sig looked at Ashelin, a thoughtful look in his eyes, thinking of what his life had been so far in the Omniverse. With Damas alive, it was a huge requirement to watch over the Sand King without a title and his son. But the titles meant nothing here. It was an old time title to revive old memories of a time long past.

Sig looked at Ashelin “Had you had thoughts that your title means nothing here? Same as Damas, mine and Jak’s. We all started over a long time ago. Ashelin turned to Sig “Yeah, I noticed things would never be the same once Jak somehow summoned me.

Sig raised an eyebrow “Summoned you?”

Ashelin frowned “Yeah, the truth is we are secondaries and Jak isn’t. I had to learn the hard way from Jak’s other friends out there. The truth is we don’t get more than one life to live. I’ve had to learn to live without Torn for the longest time, but I’m going to have to rely on Jak and you guys to get us through.

Damas got up and nodded to Ashelin, allowing her to move over a bit as she needed to share her experience.

Sig frowned “I’m going to have to think on that, chili pepper. For what remains of us, Jak needs our support, Damas needs our support. We must protect these two no matter the cost. I remembered back home, once you was proclaimed missing, I was put on the throne to take over.

Damas sighed, “There was no way to get home. I would of stopped it if I could. But I trust you as my personal advisor, Sig. You know that.”

Sig nodded, “Thank you, my liege. I will protect you and your family with my life.”

Damas frowned “Stop that, Sig. Remember our titles were gone since we stepped here a while ago.”

Sig frowned “But sir-”

Damas sighed “Enough.”

Sig nodded “Damas.”

Damus gave Sig a handshake as a man and on the same level as Sig this time. “Sig. Let this be our personal secret, alright? Nobody needs to know what we talked about here.”

Sig closed his eyes for a second “Yes, Damas.”

Ashelin turned to the guys “Rather informal of you, Sig to address Damas like that.”

Para stood there, staring literally at nothing as he experienced another hallucination. “What’s going on, it’s scaring me.”

The three’s conversation came to an abrupt stop when Para mentioned something about a hallucination. “Huh? What’s going on, Para? Another prophetic dream? Para blinked “I don’t know why, but every time I think about the bracelet on my arm, I feel it is trying to tell me something through dreams.

Daxter looked at Jak while they were just looking at Jak’s summoned guns, watching him prep it. “Hey Jak, why are you worried so much? Things are looking up for the first time in our lives and you still seem down. Why is that?”

Jak turned while cleaning his gun looking over at Para and the others “Huh? What’s going on?”

Para stood there confused staring at nothing while Daxter waved a hand in his face “HEY! PARA?! You there?”

The kid just stood there and then he stopped and blinked again, taking a few breaths. “That was so scary, I stood there and all of a sudden I just couldn’t move out of fear, it was like I was watching another being entirely. I don’t know what to expect, let’s.. Just keep moving, please.”

Everyone started to grab their items and step up again.

“Jak, are you sure we are close this time?” Damas looked worried over at Para.

Jak moved his hands from the select locations over 7 and a half days to a golden temple near the end with a “Omni symbol” on it.

Daxter looked over and grabbed the map “Come on, slowpokes.”

Jak grumbled and pulled the map back “It’s actually straight ahead.”

Daxter frowned “Huh? Really? I’ve heard the “your artifact-is-in-another-location” joke one too many times.”

Jak pointed grumbling “Let’s GO!”

Daxter and the others followed the eco warrior as he pushed whatever was in his way aside and dusted off ancient steps that were made of gold. If eco was worth its weight in gold, he sometimes had to wonder what artifacts were made of other than bronze. The precursors, if they were here sometimes didn’t know what they were missing with all these new golden items.

Step by step, piece by piece it felt like the lost “City of Gold” as everyone was as gobsmacked as much as the eco warrior was and Daxter was.

Gold and jewels lined the inside like it was nobody's business. But strangely nobody had bothered to find this wonderous find.

Para blinked as he looked for a magic box the artifact on his arm was telling him to go to and lifted it up. After a long process of putting it on an area, it didn’t unlock. But as soon as he moved his hand on the spot, the bracelet fell off breaking into pieces.

Para smiled and shook his arm in relief as he celebrated that the cursed artifact was off his arm and the problem was solved for good.”

Everyone stared at Jak and Daxter and followed as Daxter grabbed the artifact.

“Artifacts, wonder what ol’ Omni had cooked up for us all this time after all.?”

It was golden and beautiful.

“But I have to wonder what it actually does to be honest. Eventually everyone reached the inside of the golden chamber. But what should appear was the door closing and the place falling apart.

Daxter cursed “Just like Omni Jones, everytime!”

The ottsel ran, Jak holding the artifact as hard as he could, Para and Damas following, Ashelin and Sig finally after the door closed.

Jak sat on the steps “My first artifact, I’m… not sure exactly what to think of all this. Pain, Relief? Daxter, what are you thinking? Guys?”

Daxter snapped “That darn artifact almost got us all killed.” Jak groaned and rolled his eyes “But it was for a good purpose right? I did it for you guys, all of you guys. Because without everyone here, it wouldn’t be the same.”

Jak threw the artifact to Daxter who grabbed it and the eco warrior held his blaster nearby, and summoned a few weapons for Ashelin and Damas and tossed them with ammo in it. “You guys, you’ll need weapons. I’m not sure if we are expecting company anytime soon.”

Daxter raised his eyes “What about me?”

Jak said “You have the artifact…”

Daxter raised an eyebrow “It’s always about the artifact with you, Jak, isn’t it?”

Jak shrugged “Nah, it’s a new experience with me and having all of us around sometimes trying to figure out what to do with it.”

Ashelin looked at the others “Are you totally sure that is safe around all of us?”

Jak looked around at Daxter “I’m sure Daxter can handle an artifact though. I just want us to protect ourselves and potential get ready for a fight.”
Daxter looked up “You trust me with this Jak?” After everything we’ve gone through, the tears we shed, you’d give this to me? Jak nodded “My best pal through years at a time. We’ve always been buddies since the beginning of time in Sandover Village and now here in the Omniverse. We’d do anything for each other, and I’m starting to relax more about you Daxter.

And so.. Jak and pals await a new adventure.

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[Image: Darkdata.png]Jak/Mar- Dynamite Kid/ DA 2018" (Translated text)[Image: hVDTXBF.gif](Thanks Ezzy!)

The Infamous Dynamite Kid- Sasuke

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