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Hunting a Renegade[Great]

13 needed to find where Tyson had went to, hopefully the trail hadn’t gone cold yet and he would be able to easily find him. He considered the consequences of his actions, the last person to act like this to his knowledge was Dane, who had killed him. If he kept on selling his body he would eventually end up like him, a heretic and a fool. Probably and hopefully not though, his will and sense of morals were too strong for something as meagre as bounty hunting to corrupt him. He summoned a 6 legged insect, similar to what ancient Terrans probably used as beasts of burden and began riding towards the scene of the crime.
A castle began to appear in the distance, crawling into view at the same speed as the Sun dipped out. By the time he had reached the entrance, witchlight was the only thing showing the castle beyond the primitive torches that adorned the walls. He stopped the mule and let it rest by the large, ornate doors. He raised his hand towards a guard and after a few seconds, they let him in. Inside, the captain of the guards came down to greet him.
“Ah, I guess you’re the prime here to deal with our… mutual issues?”
“We want revenge and you want payment, preferably no questions asked. Don’t ask around about what happened, we’ve already made the cells linked to other levers and have… ‘punished’ the traitor guardsmen appropriately.”
As he said that a sharp thwacking sound and a spray of blood came out of the wall behind him. The captain continued after looking back.
“All in all, if you are going to ask questions, just make them about how to find Tyson. From what I know he went that way, towards Guantka. He might have gone past, he might have stopped before it, but he is that way.”
13 nodded and walked out of the castle, heading towards Guantka on the mule.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

13 arrived in a dry chasm on his mount, each clawed step echoing until it crescendo’d into a stampede. Other softer and clawed footsteps joined in the noise, following 13’s actions until he reached the midpoint of the chasm. At this point, the echo of the chasm didn’t need to cause a stampede. With a scurry and a squeak, thousands of cat and dog sized rats began to flow out of the cracks of the chasm and towards 13. Within a minute, he and his mount had become a chitinous island in a living sea of fur and teeth. The rats broke around the mule, some trying to claw at its armoured legs before being swept away by the hoard. Others jumped up next to 13 but were quickly swatted back down. At this point there was not much he could do but brave the storm and hope it would break.

As he drew closer to the end of the chasm, the tide of rats became thinner and thinner before finally breaking. Exiting it, he saw the outer buildings of Guantka, which was surrounded by guards. 13 walked up and was stopped by one who had just pocketed some gold from their friend.
“You’re the bounty hunter for Tyson?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Ah right, well don’t interrupt the execution of the guy he caught and you can go about finding him.”

13 nodded and headed into the city to see the execution, maybe the convict would tell him where Tyson had went, maybe Tyson would still be in the city. He pushed his way through the crowd to reach the front of the group and stared into the convicts eyes, the convict stared back. Somewhere along the line he must have understood what was happening and began struggling in his bindings to loosen his hand, the executioner noticing and rushing over too late. The man’s hand extended and pointed into the centre of the city before being cut off, still pointing the way as it twitched and was covered in blood. The man let out a scream along with the crowd as the executioner finished the job before nature did, the head hitting the floor as 13 turned around and began to find Tyson. Either that or another clue of how or where he could.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

The demon was two miles away wondering about things now someone had a bounty on him this was just great now he's the prey. This really stinks to high hell someone placed a bounty on just a pathetic moron but something was amiss here the demon could have the bounty removed. The old king was dead and the new king was dead meaning, Tyson could claim ownership of that castle what a devious plot. Camelot needed some changes and this demon knew what needed changing their laws that the first to go but really nothing could happen nothing bad. "That's right the muthafucka is dead meaning someone is about to crown the new lord of that castle. That is my damn crown, I've got to stop the ceremony fast" With speed, Tyson rushes back to the castle not thinking clearly what the hell was the demon thinking this was a blockbuster moment. 

Screw the damn bounty this was a golden opportunity to screw with the humans as the demon made it back to the castle as the ceremony was beginning. Tyson rushes over a bunch of people were wondering what he was doing as the guards were wondering what the hell this demon was doing. He was taking a deep breath and made his intentions clear the demon was looking at the new crown and the prince that was about to become the new lord. Tyson only had one shot at this the demon needed to make this count and by the book. He started playing the role hoping to get the crown on his side. "Stop the ceremony, STOP THIS HORROR NOW... STOP...There has been deceit and injustice within these castle walls. This man may a claim to the throne as your lord but this horrible man was a slave to cannibalism killing countless people including children. I have learned the errors of my ways but this man's path to lordship is a folly. What I hold here is what made him into a monster do you want that as your new lord? I apologize for killing your guards but that is nothing to what inside. A macabre of violence, gore, and death, I know it wasn't your fault that is true but you are to blame to the deaths of 700 innocent people"

The prince was shocked that the demon came back wondering why the guards were looking at him like that. The crowd couldn't believe it either wondering if this demon was lying about the whole thing. "

That demon is telling the truth" Tyson was shocked to hear that it was that old lady with the broken leg she was alright and walking then looking at the prince "That man is telling truth...They ate my brother he was screaming after they devour his legs. The demon saved our lives but they killed members of my family placing false charges and raped my daughter" Tyson thought this was all working too well the demon didn't expect the old lady to help him out. Many other villagers started making claims about the cannibalism going on for years before the demon even arrived. The guards knew it was true none of them even engaged the demon because they were ashamed. "The people of Camelot have spoken, I'm sorry for my actions but seriously 700 innocent people? I killed about 17 guards if anyone placed a bounty on my head a jackass in the headlights. Your crimes are way brutal, So tell me right now HOW MANY HAVE YOU KILLED?"

The prince started crying the facade was over the man couldn't even keep a straight face. "You're no better demon. You want the truth fine. We killed 1,200 people here the court jester had us under that evil spell for a long time. For God's sake, he made me do so horrible things but it was our fault, my family, too many horrible pranks which led to this. I'm sorry...Guards let him go..." 

The crowds started getting angry at the prince yelling for murder this was exactly what the demon wanted revenge it was so sweet seeing it. But now the demon needed to put the second part of his plan into motion. But there was the bounty to think about, Tyson will have to worry about that later. "Is this your lord you want countless deaths to answer for a soulless murderer? But we as people must to forgive because it showers to the blossom of redemption. That we can forgive one another...I do forgive you, young prince. Onto the question of the new lord, you need a person that can fight for you and not subject you to the laws of the land. But who could do this for all of you making your dreams come true bringing a sense of freedom to your lands" The demon couldn't believe this was actually working humiliating a person was feeling so good and the truth was working with him. He was hoping to trick to the humans to get what he wanted using this form of truth to get his way with them was so much better. Tyson needed to push this further hoping they don't think that the demon was some sort of prophet. "Now the Lord will grant me my judgment but not yet. I have been sent by another party to bring humanity toward salvation. I felt the great power of what it means to be a human to help humanity to show Camelot we strong as a nation. The people come first each and everyone are important among the lands of Camelot...I can bring you all to paradise the power of a demon can bring you to the promised land" People were cheering him on this was fucking working having these people right in the palm of his hand it felt great.

What else could he do here???

13 tuned around as he heard the crowd cheer a second time, now from a slightly different area. He began a slow march towards the crowd, thinking of fight protocols. Civilian causalities would be avoided if possible which meant that all flame based weapons and flachette blaster would be unused until they cleared out. Certain bodies had cut marks on them which implied a way of attacking with blades, most likely in close quarters. Others had had their heads caved in by blunt trauma which would imply a weapon that could apply it, improvisation of some advanced form of telekinesis that could cave in heads. Of course this assumed that he had no one along with him for the fight but no one else was mentioned in the bounty.

A guard who was searching for someone noticed him and wandered forward, tapping 13 on his head forehead. A message began playing to 13, as the guard looked on in fear.
“Hello bounty hunter, it appears that Tyson has somehow won over the hearts of the people. I can no longer officially support you, but, if my men were to let you slip through their defence after you subdued them without any killing and you killed Tyson… you could quite possibly be the next ruler. A worthy one as well.”

“I did not come here to seek glory, send 5 of your best men to my forge and I will think about it.”
“Ok, but make sure they come back in one piece and as close to their original bodies as possible.”

13 hit the guard on the head and knocked him out. Quickly dodging around the body, he continued on his path towards the crowd. Unfortunately, he was recognised by some of Tyson’s new citizens who after a brief battle-cry charged at him. 13 took out his axe and swiped at the feet of the rabble, stabbing the end into the knees of each of them with the help of his mechadendrites. He hoisted one of the attackers up and asked “Where is Tyson?”

“H-he’s already gone. Left to liberate another town. You’re too late you bastard.”
“Where, and don’t lie to me. I have ways of gathering information after you’ve died.”
“He’s gone southish I think, I’m not sure how far though.”
“Good enough.”
13 threw the man back onto the ground and resummoned his mule, heading southish in hopes that the trail wouldn’t have gone cold again.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Tyson thought the damage was done still humiliating the prince was a big step still the demon could take over the kingdom. He wanted to do so many changes to this world however the man was being hunted so the demon needed to leave. 

Any chance those bounty hunters catch up with him but the most part the crowd believed in him which was satisfying but it time to get really serious here. Those bounty hunters could be after him any minute it was time to leave but what to say to this crowd now that the demon had the floor. Just thinking about the demon thought about telling a good story about trust and forgiveness and then getting the hell out of here. "My fellow people even though the title of lord sounds interesting but this isn't for me. Because my dark intentions are far worse what you people near is someone, not the prince that follows your ideas and wants. Camelot can become better without it being controlled by people making their laws and we just follow them like good people. You people deserve change and better lives here but I shouldn't be the one to do it for you."Tyson got applause for his comments before leaving getting on his horse thinking those bounty hunters might be coming after him but the damage was done. The thing was the demon didn't want to leave the thought of about being lord was interesting but really, in the long run, it wasn't for him at all. 

Being a boss and telling people what to do placing laws and taxes upon people it wasn't his style though the benefits were kind of interesting to have. Not only that they've placed a bounty on him something that was a fucking farce because people can't take the blame they have to blame someone else for murder. When they committed countless murders of innocent people including the guards his best bet was one of those guards blame him for a lie. He killed all the guards outside so the only guards that the demon didn't kill were with the fat king inside that had to be it. When you think about people even humans in a weird dimension they never change always finding people to blame for their own actions. The demon hopes that no one comes after him allowing his bounty to die or be forgotten for good but who placed the bounty. It just doesn't make sense to him someone hating him that much because they can't stand the fact about the acts of cannibalism. He just needed to get away for the time being until the demon was ready to confront the bounty hunter or keep running away.

With the threat of cannibalism being gone maybe the people within these castle walls can start healing, Tyson thought now it was time to leave as the demon rode off. What a freaking mess? Being tracked down by a bounty hunter this was getting too intense but the demon couldn't go back to the temple yet bringing any trouble to them. He thought maybe leaving the place maybe gaining a head start before those assholes have a chance of tracking him telling his horse to keep going. Hoping to get far away from whoever it was that's been following him finally after an hour-long ride, Tyson thought it far enough. Getting off his horse making sure nobody would be able to follow him covering the horse tracks in mud and tree bark. He was convinced someone was after him but the demon thought covering his tracks would buy him some time so the bounty hunter would go somewhere else. But then the demon would have to get smart here making a false direction of where he was allowing his horse to go into a different direction. Thinking it was the right thing but the demon would miss that horse the animal treated him well for those long months but it was the right call. Tyson was hoping it would buy him some time now the demon was off and started running off hoping to lose anyone that was tracking him. "I think just two miles more after that it time to make a stand against this bounty hunter because enough is enough. Some fucking asshole who can't even get his head out of his ass put a damn bounty on my head. This is bullshit...100% pure bonafide bullshit. I have had enough"

An hour later...

Tyson stops after managing to far away hoping that will be enough the sun was setting not even enough time to enjoy it. He needed to wait for the time being the demon was going to wait for this bounty hunter. But the demon thought just waiting like this to be attacked it felt bad someone wanting to bring him into justice under false charges. He wasn't going to give this bounty hunter the satisfaction the demon needed to keep running for now. "So a fucking bounty is one my head but he won't be getting me....Hopefully I can get away from the guy"

It was night time and it got dark really fast but something caught his attention after travelling so long. He sees something familiar a campfire someone or some people were here this could be trouble but maybe not. Tyson walks over to the campfire seeing a family telling stories near the fire someone of a urban legend where the demon was living. Before the Omniverse, Tyson was formerly human remembering how people told many stories even horror stories around the campfire. It was all in the past now, Tyrone Williams was gone and the demon needed to accept that still things just show up out of the blue. Something like this a campfire somehow brings his human memories back out even when the demon locked it away forever maybe some things can't be locked so easily. "Memories...Just things you thought are gone and then they manage to show up again when you least expect them"

13 continued south through a forest, ignoring the small creatures that nipped and scratched at him and the mule. As it went onwards, he found a respect for the mule that was lost upon almost all other fleshy creatures. Unlike them, it would continue trundling on until laid low. As he entered the forest, a sudden roar came out of the dense overgrowth. 13’s mechadendrites acted before he processed the noise, picking up his pistols and firing them off into the trees until multiple, audible, meaty thumps and a crashing noise could be heard. Another proof of the superiority of machines. As he drew out of the forest, smoke could be seen over the horizon and crackle of burning wood could be heard.

Suddenly, a village in the middle of a pillage drew into view. Bandits were running around and smashing through windows, jumping in and out with slightly larger loot bags each time. 13 dismounted his mule and changed from his normal brisk walk into a light jog in order to quickly get into the town. In the height of their raiding fueled frenzy, one bandit didn’t notice him until it was too late and 13 had caught him by the neck. He stared into the bandit’s eyes and asked the obvious question.
“Have you seen someone called Tyson Renegade?”
“Oh, hmm, well yes I think. He, uh, he killed ou-our leader and then told us to leave. So we decided ‘hey, one more raid wouldn’t do no harm would it’?”
13 threw the bandit onto the ground and gave him his last rites.
“For committing crimes against non heretical mankind you have been given the Omnissiah’s judgement for alas, I am too minute in comparison to him to accurately judge the souls of the damned. I can, however, send them to him.”
With a smooth and practised gesture, stepped into raising his foot above the neck of the bandit and stamping down quickly. They would have been a waste of ammo anyway.

He went on systematically murdering his way through the rest of the village, snapping necks or shooting out vital organs whenever possible. With his speed and agility, it was possible for 13 to surround the remaining 2 bandits. With backs to each other, they slowly spun around in a circle. 13 charged out of an alleyway and punched out the throat of one of the bandits, catching the hurried slash of the second’s dagger in his hands and crushing it. With a quarter spin, he opened his palm and effectively slapped the remaining metal shards into the last bandit’s face. As the body hit the floor, he began walking into the forge to gain repercussions for his time or at least a place to do it himself. Ignoring the unaugmented’s thanks, he walked to the smith and looked at them in their blindfolded face. Barely visible under the straps of cloth was a mismatched group of copper wires and two piercing blue circles. Circles that somehow conveyed a simple message. Yes, but also no. 13 looked at some pristine cognis flamers that were somehow made in the simple forge and nodded. He took them and walked away back to the city. Suddenly, a voice appeared in his ear.
“Ah 13, it appears that Tyson has been sighted again at another village and castle. Another murder I’m afraid”
Without a word in response, 13 set out to the new village and hoped with a silent prayer that this would finally be the one that led him to Tyson.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

13 arrived at a castle with blood on the grass the drawbridge raised. He stood in front of the moat and shot into the sky, quickly prompting it to be let down. As he walked in he was greeted by a cast of shivering men in full battle plate. Upon seeing the warrior who had become well known, at least in the close area, as the bounty hunter hunting Tyson Renegade. They explained their holy mission and how after Tyson killed their leader they were too scared to even leave the castle. Their weapons had been nearly ineffective and when they recovered Lord Drux’s body it was the blunt trauma that had killed him, not the bullet piercing his skull. 13 took their story to heart and summoned a single red guard, master of forge and weapons to look after their castle. He practised with each member of the military until with 3 on one they could nearly disarm him. Finally, he taught them how to look for signs of corruption and what to do when they’re discovered. Interestingly enough, word choice took the longest to grasp. Labelling the enemy as something that could rally sympathy for them was unsurprisingly somewhat of a bad idea. Naming them something most groups wouldn’t innately support such as cultists or heretics was far better than slaves. With another area repaired from Tyson’s wrath, he moved into the nearby village to try and find some more clues to Tyson’s latest actions.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

13 was on the outskirts of the village when he noticed a pair of bandits holding the bloodied mess of another. They called 13 over and laid their friend down on the ground, blood leaking out from under him. They spoke in a rushed manner, as one would in this situation.
“You’re the guy who’s huntin’ Tyson right? Well we tried to claim it- uh, for you, but he nearly killed us. You’re a prime, surely you can heal him, right?”
13 assessed the damage, heavy impact damage to the ribs and skull with multiple organs being pierced. Likely, they wouldn’t survive long enough for a medical operation but at least the ranger could make this poor soul’s last moments in ecstasy.
“They will not survive, but I will see to it that they do not die in pain.”
He hooked his fingers around each other and pulled, slightly stretching them out and letting out blue sparks at the knuckles and making them begin to steam. After crouching down, he dragged his fingers across the wounds of dying man, soldering them closed in order to prolong the last moments of life. Then, he simply closed their eyes and placed his fingers on them. A smile crazed smile crept up the man’s face and his face began to char as the two fellow bounty hunters watched on in horror. Suddenly, 13 lifted up his hand and marked out an Aquila in what was left of the forehead’s skin, never disturbing the smile of the truly converted. He nodded to the corpse’s two companions.
“I’m sorry for your loss, but I must be on my way now.”
He nodded slightly and was back on his way. And so he stood up, walking away.

“So, d’ya think we should mug him?”
“Nah, ‘e’s got an odd look about him and is a prime. You saw how bad Tyson messed up ol’ Jim over here. Imagine what someone who’s actually… damn, what’s the word again?”
He said, snapping his fingers to nothing in particular.
“That’s the one. If anything I reckon we better find out what those sparks were doin’ to Jim. Certainly got him to shut up about bleeding out and all that.”
“I heard he’s got a city set up somewhere in the desert over yonder, may as well check it out eh?”
“Feck, may as well huh? Nothing better to do.”
They began to walk towards the endless dunes in a known attempt to find his forge city and an unknown one to become the first electro priests of it.
Off in the distance, 13 gave a slight nod.

He arrived just at the border of the town and noticed a displaced tree and unconscious wolf. Whatever had happened here, the defender was either incredibly over or under-equipped for the challenge. Drunkenly, the wolf stumbled up and began to growl at 13. Without much warning, it jumped straight at him in an attempt to savage his midsection. Unfortunately for it, 13 managed to snatch it out of the air and throw it out back out into the fields, mechadendrites killing it before it had even hit the ground. He continued into the closest building, a tavern. Oh well, if anything a drunkard would be able to tell him something.

As he entered, he found a crossbow being pointed at him by the barkeep. It appeared that his reputation had preceded him.
“You’re that 13 fella huh? Heh, you’re a small fella.”
“For you.”
“Anyways, I don’t want no trouble in here so just… don’t kill anyone who doesn’t go for you first I guess?”
“Acknowledged. Now, what do you know about Tyson Renegade?”
The Barkeep scratched his chin, deep in thought.
“Well he came in around about yesterday and killed some goons that were hustling my honest business here. Now, this would ordinarily be fine but he caused a large scene and scared away some of the actual customers. Now, the scalpers are gone for good but that’s not the issue. I attempt to keep this area as clean as possible, bar the occasional drunk vomiting around, but he went and stained the new wood boards. Also, he used my goodwill against me to get a free orange juice which will just invite others to also do it. Regardless, you’re too late. He’s already been executed and buried.”
“That would’ve been nice to know upfront.”
“That’s fair I guess.”
“Is the body.... still there?”
“Well, yes. I expect it hasn’t just gone off somewhere.
“Ah, so it was a fake body.”
“Oh. Well have fun with that I guess, you can leave now.”

13 left the bar and went to the gravesite, watching others in the village look at him with an amused look. Tyson was dead and buried after all, why was he still here. They watched him walk up to the recently dug up body that was busy rotting and watched him poke it. Suddenly, 13 sliced off a finger and watched it leak lubricant and holy oils over the muddy ground. And then he left. The townsfolk were worried now and their doubts compounded when they saw the tip of the finger start to disappear soon after. What if Tyson had somehow tricked the prince into not executing him or worse yet, had switched places. They shook their heads and forced away the thought, retiring to their abodes for the night. The body remained for the next two days. The finger did not.

Heralded only by blinking lights and a constant whir like sound, 13 walked in front of the guards. The eyed him quietly and one nodded to the other.
“By order of Lord Pike, you are not to come in here under the pain of death. Please leave and if you’re going to come in, just don’t hurt us.”
13 nodded and hit both of them in the neck, catching their bodies with the pole end of his axe as they fell. Leaning them against a wall and leaving them a single bullet each as a token. He attempted to open the door, locked off course, and then barged through it, snapping it off its hinges. A man in regal uniform came out, putting away their honour blade and raising their hands in surrender.
“Ah, so you’ve found me. I expect you want to know why I helped Tyson?”
“Not especially, no.”
“Ah, well I’m going to tell it anyway. Basically, I was the heir to the throne and then the jester took over. Tyson… was in the area I guess and somewhat helped trigger his demise and so it was the least I could do to help him. Surely you can see that?”
13 shook his head.
“No, you have aided an enemy of mankind and enabled their murderous acts. What else have you done, traitor?”
“Well I may have given Tyson a hostage in order to let him settle a petty and false information fueled feud but what else was I going to do? Let him possibly kill me? Really? I mean honestly, is Guard Ryan’s son of such importance that you would arrest me?”
“Yes to everything you’ve just asked except for the last question. The penalty to submitting to the will of a heretic and then aiding them is death.”
13 punched Lord Pike in the stomach and then over the top of their head, sending them sprawling onto the ground. He checked the power of the axe and circled around the lord like a vulture waiting for the kill. Sending as much power as could be spared into it, he sliced down and cleanly cut through the king’s neck and with the power used didn’t so much as spill a drop of blood on the stone floor.

Lifting up the head of the monarch, he went to the balcony and threw it onto the ground. Vox amplifiers added as much volume to his voice as they could as 13 made an announcement.
“The king has been killed on charges of working with Tyson Renegade. The next of kin or highest nobility shall become the ruling family. Otherwise, continue to live your lives as normal.”
13 heard a murmur from the crowd that was neither intrinsically positive nor negative. Sure, the higher nobles would quarrel for a while but that was natural. Now, he just had to find his way back to Guard Ryan, save his son and hopefully kill Tyson.

He continued on a circular path back to Guard Ryan’s post. After asking a few locals who had seen his finger trick, 13 found out that the guards had taken Tyson’s body away from the gravesite and then brought it back, although covered in slightly more rags than before. When prompted, some could vaguely remember the direction. From this, 13 managed to glean the rough direction that Tyson had taken. Hopefully, he wouldn’t have caused too much carnage or chaos on his warpath.

After a few hours, he came across a small house on a hill. It was a normal looking house, white plastered walls and a thatched roof. The trail had gone cold as of late, no new victims had appeared and sooner rather than later he would make a misstep and go off course. He knocked on the door and was greeted by a wizened old hag dressed in rags. She glanced up at 13’s face and muttered to herself;
“Oh, another youngling from Coruscant here to tease poor old Beatrice eh? Well I’m not having it this time, you can laugh at me all you want but I won’t hear any of it.”
She slammed the door on his face, narrowly missing it. 13 stood perfectly still, patiently waiting for her to realise he was not in fact here to be rude to her at all. After a while he saw her face awkwardly poke out of a window as she saw a notable lack of heckling coming from 13. She slowly opened the door and asked;
“Well if you’re not here to make fun of me, what are you here for?”
“A criminal by the name of Tyson Renegade may have passed by here with a hostage earlier, have you seen either of them?”
“Hmm, I believe I may have, but my mind’s going away in my old age. Come in and I will get out my tarot cards.”
13 walked into the house and saw that, the first room at least, was clean if not in a slight state of disrepair. The woman brought out a deck of blank white cards and motioned at 13 with a knife.
“I need a drop of your blood if you still have some going around in you.”
13’s jaw mechanisms made a sudden grinding sound and a dribble of blood spilt out, spilling out onto and pooling in his outstretched hand. He shoved it back in Beatrice’s direction. She dipped the tip of the dagger into it, soaking up the blood into it, and then stabbed into the cards. A seeping purple colour ran through them as they were filled in with 13’s past, present and possible futures. She shuffled the cards and then threw them onto the table, removing those that had landed face up and pulling those that had landed face down into her hand.
“Oh, this is interesting. Well the Tyson person you’re after was around here but is long gone. There are two possible ways for you to find him with one being the option of least resistance. You would simply have to walk your way back to the castle. Alternatively, you can cut a bloody swath through the ranks of the unbelievers and emerge all the stronger, assuming you survive. Just go forward and you’ll find your way”

And so 13 left the old hag’s house. Maybe she would end up chasing off the miscreants, maybe she wouldn’t. Either way it wasn’t really his problem. He continued on his way down the path until he detected a lifeform in the bushes to the side. Fluidly, he drew and aimed his pistol at it, firing a warning shot to the side. Sluggishly, a body crawled out of it and glanced at 13. They were armed with a crossbow and broadsword but were very lightly armoured. They raised their fingers to stop 13 and to try and speak to him.
“Ah, going for the Colosseum are ya? Well good luck, they only accept teams of two. Now, if I was being brought along then you’d be in luck. I know we just met but ech, I’ve got nothing to live for and neither do you if you’re going into there.”
13 glanced down at the man and felt nothing but very slight amounts of contempt. Unfortunately, though, they were right about being his only ticket in if they were telling the truth. He gripped their arm and pulled them up, walking ahead while what happened slowly dawned upon them. They let out a grin and jogged forward.
“You won’t regret this, I swear on me life.”

They made it up to the gate of the stoney circle and 13 rapped twice on the gate. A guard came out to size both of them up, silently raising the gate and solemnly nodding as they went through. All ranged weapons were taken off of them in order to keep the competition as fair as possible, no one wanted the fight ending in five seconds due to a lucky bullet after all. Immediately after, a man in a clipboard came up to 13 and started rattling off questions;
“Finally, someone took up the old sod on their offer. Now then, what’s your name?”
“13-jzall, skitarii ranger of Mars and warrior of the Omnissiah.”
“Ok, we’ll put that under 13… jzall… Anything you think will give you the edge in the coming fights? Well, fight really, all the other teams left when business dried up. The crowd we’ve drummed up today should fix that though.”
“My unshakable faith will protect and arm me in the coming fight.”
“My- god- will, hmm, strike- down- my- enemies.”
“That’s not what I said.”
“Well you’re not wrong on that point, guess you’re attentive as well. Better get out there and face the crowd in a few minutes when this goes through the mages up top.”

The strange man from before started stretching and looked at 13.
“Thanks for letting me get into here, I’ve really gotta try to get back in the game and you’ve given me a better chance than just ambushing people.”
“You’re welcome I suppose”
“Come on, cheer up a little. We’ll be great.”
They flashed another smile and clapped 13 on the back. A nonphysical siren sounded across the room, sending them out into the arena. The field itself was just an empty circle with a few scorch marks and grooves dug out from previous battles. A crowd slowly milled in that looked at 13 and his companion with amusement before staring at the entrance opposite. The gate began to open and the crowd began to cheer, the artificial shadows waning to show a man clad in barely any armour and armed with a trident and small shield. They raised their arms to the crowd and let out a wordless challenge to 13 and his partner. WIthout much warning, they threw their trident at them and it hit 13’s teammate, killing them near instantly. What a waste of a human life that had been. If the gladiator was pleased he didn’t show it, drawing a new trident from the shadows and pointing it at 13. They both advanced slowly, even footing keeping them from stumbling over the occasional bump or divot. They reached each other and warily continued forwards, axe pointed against trident.

Suddenly, they swung at 13. He went to parry but as contact was about to be made the trident suddenly moved. 13 overextended and was viciously cut as a result. He filed the fact that they wouldn’t just go for a straight hit down for future use, any advantage he could get would be welcome. As he was busy with that, however, 3 more rapid strikes were thrown into him that were each punctuated by roars from the crowd. Forced onto the defensive, 13 began to give ground before dodging out of the way of an attack and cutting into the attacker’s shoulder. As he dug the axe out though, they appeared to just shrug off the wound and continue. It appeared they both shared in having superhuman resilience. Either that or they could just push through the pain. Unfortunately though, they had given 13 enough data to work with that they could be somewhat more easily dispatched. Blocking was important and counter-attacking would only be used when the situation was plainly open and there was little room for error. With this, 13 managed to score more and more hits before managing to catch the gladiator’s head with the pole end of the axe, sending it spinning up with such force that it broke their neck. It wasn’t the best ending to a fight but the suddenness of it pleased the crowd enough. Shimmering pieces of gold were sent flying to him, some members of the crowd being so brave as to follow him out of the arena and continue the barrage until the turned around. Then, they ran.

He found his way back to the castle where he had started, guard Ryan waiting for him. He had been stripped of all armour and status but it seemed like none of the guards really wanted to get rid of him. He waved at 13 as he approached and ran to meet him, giving an explanation.
“It appears that Tyson managed to coerce Lord Pike into stripping me of my rank. I would ask you what you’ve done but the recent power struggles over yonder explain it quite nicely. Anything else happened that I should know?”
“Your son has been taken hostage by Tyson.”
“Oh. Well I suppose we’ll need to go and kill him now, hmm?”
“My thoughts exactly.”
“Well then let’s get to it, no one gained anything by waiting for something to happen.”
Ryan and 13 began to move towards the village Tyson had nearly taken over after summoning a servo skull to keep watch in the castle. It was time to put an end to his crimes against Camelot.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

13 arrived in the village, far outpacing Guard Ryan who had been left far behind. It appeared that the no one was outside, not all too unusual behaviour for dusk but still somewhat strange. As he continued, his suspicions were confirmed when he heard a deep voice speak out from the other side of a building.
”Where is Guard Ryan”?
The voice asked. 13 could detect through the walls that it was a humanoid male asking the question to a figure being held up by their collar. The victim was thrashing around in Tyson’s grip madly, trying to escape his iron grasp. Upon realising they were too far gone to say anything, Tyson flung them to the ground with a thump. 13 walked out from the other side of the cottage and faced Tyson. Tyson spun around and faced 13, pointing an accusing finger at him while his victim scrambled away.
”You, do you know where the hell Guard Ryan is?”
“Yes, but you will not find him. I am 13-jzall of the Adeptus Mechanicus and have come here to kill you for counts of regicide and general murder.”
”Oh, so you’re one of the bounty hunters? I don’t see how a bitch ass looking guy like you is going to kill me?
13 had stopped detecting verbal audio after the accusal, nothing Tyson could say could realistically change his mind and the excess background noise was just going to be an annoyance. 13 set his mechadendrites into battle mode and set the battle into motion.

Immediately, 13’s mechadendrites popped under his cloak to retrieve half of his cognis flamers. They sprung back out to face at Tyson, sending twin gouts of flame flying at him. They broke against Tyson’s skin and just made him angrier. With a roar, Tyson drew his sword and rushed at 13, slicing downwards at his head only to be suddenly stopped by 13’s Omnissian Axe. 13 suddenly twisted the axe around and sent Tyson’s sword flying into the ground with the momentum. He then pushed Tyson away from him, knocking them onto the ground in the process. Noticing an opportune moment, 13 went for the sword only to be pushed away by Tyson at the last second, silencing the flamers. It appeared that they were far faster than 13 had originally anticipated, an annoyance but one that could be worked around. Tyson smoothly pulled the blade out of the ground and went back to attacking 13, not overextending so as to make sure he couldn’t pull the same trick again. 13 was forced onto the defensive with his axe, barely managing to dodge or direct away any attacks but still managing it. Finally, Tyson made a mistake 13 could capitalise on. The tip of his sword hit a nick in 13’s axe and slide out, allowing for 13 to dash back so his mechadendrites could safely swap out their flamers for 13’s pistols. They began shooting into Tyson instantly, forcing him to take cover behind the cottage that had up until this stage been untouched. With this opportunity, 13 holstered his axe and unslung his transuranic arquebus, snapping off a couple of shots through the cottage at Tyson’s position. The first one missed, but the second hit him right in the shoulder, spraying blood over the shattered wood on the ground. Tyson snapped back around the hospital, slashing at 13 at forcing him to use the rifle to parry. Fortunately, Tyson’s sword found itself in the grooves of the arquebus, forcing it to slide out harmlessly. On one of those slides, 13 suddenly jumped back and gave the rifle to the mechadendrites, holstering the flechette blaster but holding his Phospheonix pistol. He shot at Tyson’s legs, hitting only one but hitting dead on target.

Tyson fell down and 13 ran further into the village, hoping to use the urban landscape to his advantage. So far, Tyson wasn’t the most skilled opponent but that could easily change. He had seen certain things on his hunting journey that couldn’t just be done with a sword and large amounts of anger, likely nothing that he couldn’t handle though. 13 was tempted to call in an auxiliary dragoon or expel the necrodermis lurking in his pocket, but there would be a better opportunity later. It would be important to conserve it in case of Tyson having any abilities that conventional defence wouldn’t work against. He was brought back to reality when Tyson charged through the labyrinthian houses and found 13, jumping towards him and bringing down his sword with an almighty swing.

Quote:764 words
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

It was unbelievable this asshole was pissing him off wounding his body trying to kill him or worse lock him in jail for some money. Tyson was beyond angry killing this bounty hunter would be too easy the demon wanted this guy to suffer immensely. Not expecting of facing an opponent like this the demon would need to go on the offensive but very little the demon could do. 13 wounded him badly and what was worse the demon had no time to act because the bastard was coming with his sword. The fact of the matter is this was the first opponent that ever wounded him, Tyson thought this might be a battle the demon can't escape from this time. This wasn't the time to doubt himself...13 was coming with his sword the demon needed to act now. With time manipulation, Tyson's eyes turn pitch black as time started slowing down now the smart option would be getting away but the demon thought. 13 would rush after him once the time manipulation fades away this was a strong bounty hunter and one of the toughest challenges ever. Tyson managed to get away from 13's slash attempt with two seconds to spare coming up with a plan of action but the demon sees someone else. 

A rare opportunity, 13 manages to slash his shoulder hard leaving him wide open, Tyson grabbed 13 wrists. The bounty hunter was caught now the tables had turned the hunted became the hunter for now it seems. But Tyson didn't realize 13 was rushing him forcing his sword upon the demon cutting him a little. A human managed to cut him...Tyson noticed a torch nearby grabbing it forcing the burning touch right at the human's face. He watched the flames started roasting 13's face and burning his left eye. 

The human smacks it away in such pain, Tyson thought this was the best chance. Revenge was on his mind killing him would be too easy but maybe could a certain weapon against him. The truth...Tyson thought that maybe convincing the bounty hunter that this was a setup by the Empire itself. "Before our fight continues...I do believe you deserve an explanation. You have been deceived and don't take my word for it" He yelled. The demon released his hostage and Guard Ryan's son and the demon nods "Tell the bounty hunter everything you told me". Guard's son started crying and then looked at the bounty hunter "My father was paid by Lord Crenshaw to framed and kill the original king of our castle. The Empire had enough we couldn't pay the taxes and so...Lord Crenshaw ordered my father to kill everyone. This demon was also framed but the guards were dead already placed under darker necromancy. My dad was ready to kill the fat bastard, He showed up and everything changed. Lord Crenshaw killed my mother so my dad...had no choice if he didn't do what Lord Crenshaw...I would be next". Tyson nodded pointing to the door "Alright, The truth comes out...Get out of here kid. You're free...SCRAM".

Guard Ryan's son started running away the demon was a man of his word after all. "So, Bounty hunter you were set up and I supposedly was framed for someone else's actions. Yes, I did kill Lord Drux...Because of his stupid ideology of kidnapping innocent children in the middle of the night and forcing them to his will. Better yet killing even children who dare not follow his rules." 13 attacked Tyson managed to slip away from his sword attack but the bastard cut his finger. Tyson realized his claw fingernail was on the ground may be enough talk and back at it. Nothing could be used to tend his wound but the demon sees something on the ground grabbing it. Beginning to start wrapping some chains around his wrists, He was ready again as 13 began attacking. Tyson could do nothing but defend himself from the hunter's attacks. Every time 13 would use his sword the demon would block then after so many times, Tyson started seeing a strategy may be enough just to defeat him.

He waited as 13 attack his chained left wrist hard, Tyson managed hitting 13 with a vicious uppercut with his right. The strategy started working for a while hitting 13 right in the face bashing the bastard dead on. Until 13 got smart and slashed Tyson's wounded shoulder as the demon fell to one knee as the bounty hunter went on the attack. He needed to ignore the pain this human wanted to kill him, Tyson waited for 13 as the bounty hunter was getting ready. "This is the end demon. Your death will be peace to Camelot" Tyson waited just holding his shoulder in pain. 13 was ready to make his kill, Tyson managed to use his Dark Revenant power quickly grabbing 13's hand crushing it. The demon grabs 13 arms. "My favorite song was Jeepers Creepers. But we should play a new song. Jeepers Creepers when did you lose your arms? When did you LOSE YOUR ARMS???" He yelled. Tyson rips 13 arms from the sockets but couldn't fully complete the task because from the loss of blood. But managed to viciously disable the bastard arms breaking the very bones in his arms, Tyson was injured. The power in his Dark Revenant power didn't last because of taking injuries somehow affected his demonic power. "So weak little demon...Tyson, you will unlock my power soon enough. We will have our revenge but find a way to survive this the awakening will happen real soon. Be ready..." Tyson heard someone in his mind what the fuck was that it never happened before. His creators told him about a hidden power that was completely dormant within him. Tyson wonders if the monster within him wanted the demon to awaken him could it be...he couldn't worry about it.

He was vulnerable and the demon hated it...Just a reminder to get stronger.

Tyson reverted back to his normal state clenching his shoulder. "I can't believe this...I can't even rip out his brain as I wanted too. This sucks but this needs to end" He thought.  Tyson grabs 13's sword putting it the damn thing to his neck but it would only prove to the bounty hunter that a monster killed him. Tyson just wanted to be left alone maybe getting the message into 13's thick skull the message could be delivered. "I could end this now. But, I didn't ask for this. I can't help when it was the human race that killed me. But you came to the right place but at the wrong time to piss me off" Tyson replied.

For now...Tyson drops 13's sword as a sign of mercy the demon wasn't in the mood.

Tyson was talking to him, that much was obvious. 13 couldn’t spare the time to register the audio though, and so he had to interpret the words by reading Tyson’s lips which wasn’t very easy to do in the heat of combat. He began to focus on what he could in Tyson’s words although, after the glass over one eye melting, accurate readings would be difficult.
...I do believe you deserve… ...my... ...bounty…
Then, a small child appeared from outside of him. Most likely Guard Ryan’s child but that wasn’t of much importance to 13, he continued watching Tyson to see if any other words of wisdom would come from them.
So bounty hunter… ...yes, I did kill lord Drux… ...in the middle of the night…
13 filed down the confessions for later, although it did seem a bit out of place here. Regardless, Tyson had just broken his arms which called for a conversation with the combined machine spirit inside of 13.

++Damage report?++

Humerus shattered, elbow and above remain intact. Glass casing of left eye has partially melted. Mechadendrites remain in use. Request to use auxiliary dragoon.

++Request accepted, dragoon en route now.++


13 left his axe on the ground in front of Tyson, it wouldn’t be of much use to him now with little control of his hands. Luckily, his mechadendrites had already slung his arqeubus and caught 13’s pistol, also drawing the flechette blaster. They blasted at Tyson as he hesitated as if also listening to a voice inside of their head. 13 managed to lunge his way onto a roof only to be taken back down by Tyson’s time manipulation. Luckily, he managed to just jump back up again before Tyson could do it again. Now, 13 had a good vantage point to shoot away at Tyson from without much retaliation. Knowing this, Tyson picked up 13’s axe and threw it at him, catching him in the stomach and chucking him off the house. Tyson darted around and faced 13 with his sword, forcing the mechadendrites to stow away 13’s pistols and pick up the axe. Tyson wouldn’t give 13 an opportunity now, so he had to make one. As the axe and sword clashed, 13 occasionally threw his elbow or jabbed with it, sharply moving Tyson’s head and allowing for a free jab with his axe. Finally, 13 managed to catch Tyson in the neck and staggered him. He followed up with another two to their head and kicked them square in the chest, sending them to the ground. His mechadendrites got off a quick jab to Tyson’s leg as they sprung up and renewed the attack on 13. As 13 started defending again, the machine spirits contacted him again.

++Communication acknowledged, continue.++
Request: Support in the form of limited supply stratagems


Logic: Will likely cripple attacker and will provide extra defence.++



++Accepted, range must be generated first.++

13 feinted a jab and Tyson dodged away backwards, allowing 13 to do the same. He looked around at his surroundings, the only rooftop access was behind Tyson and so that avenue of escape had been lost. Suddenly the dragoon he had requested ran over Tyson and towards 13, allowing him to jump up and turn back towards Tyson in one fluid motion. The dragoon would easily allow him to ram into Tyson and escape back into the already destroyed village where manoeuvring would be far easier. Confident now, 13 let his mechadendrites attempt the same move against Tyson that he had done against the ambull back in the Endless Dunes. Tyson slowly rose up to meet the rushing dragoon coming at him but was taken by surprise by the axe coming at shoulder height and travelling far faster than he could react. It cut into Tyson’s shoulder, severing nerves from muscle from skin from bone. Tyson fell to the floor in agony, only for the same arm’s hand to be crushed beneath uncaring and unfeeling steel. Tyson let a roar of pain out at 13 and attacked at the dragoon’s legs with the sword. With only one hand, however, it was cutting into the redundant wiring and nothing else. Tyson suddenly jumped up with a burst of speed unlike what 13 had seen before and tackled off the dragoon, sending both of them to the ground and the dragoon aimlessly off into the distance. Tyson attempted to get up but found it hard with one of his arms disabled and leaking lifeblood. He managed to get up though only to find his back being held back from raising any further by the gun barrel of 13’s pistol. Though Tyson couldn’t see it, a viscous silvery liquid could be seen lining the barrel of the gun. 13 had finally used his necrodermis.

Quote:800 words, used dragoon and am using my tier one super move 'Godbreaker ammo' now. 2/4 SP left and I wonder where they'll be going. /
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

Moment of death something the demon never thought he would see again the thought of him being killed. Tyson knew the feeling that moment when that asshole killed his human self was the moment to hate the human race for their selfish actions. 13 had to put to a gun to his face as the demon this was the same way Tyrone Williams died an evil person pointing a gun and shooting him. He thought that not how it happened it was a lot worse growing up on the streets people using guns to get a point across. Tyson remembered one such incident remembering his human friend getting some groceries for his family and a car pulls out as the driver rolls down the window pulling out a shotgun. Tyrone yelled "Joey RUN" Tyrone's friend started running and then the shotgun fired and kills him. Back to the present, 13 managed to cut off one of Tyson and then a gun was pointed at him this might be the end of this fight because the demon was tired.

"I'm a demon from hell. This isn't my world but to give up in a situation like this despite my injuries. I want to win, I want to win, I WANT TO WIN" Tyson thought. The gun fired and Tyson dodged it with his burst movement leaping towards his sword grabbing it. "This is it...I have to make this count all of nothing" Tyson eyes looked at 13's face looking for his target and the demon had it the loss of blood was getting to him. "Keep it together...NOW MOVE" He thought. Tyson used super speed charging at 13 throwing his sword and using time manipulation again speeding up time a little. The sword was rushing like a super fast spear hitting 13's left eyes ripping away his entire nose and ear it wasn't enough. 13 steps on Tyson's foot hitting him with some lefts and right and then uppercutting him as the demon falls to the ground. Then 13 punches him in the face some more while the demon has something else planned. He needed more time remembering the wrapped chain around his wrist getting it ready. Tyson wanted to think 13 had him dead to rights and quite frankly the bounty hunter has given him a beating. 13 then dropkicks the demon in the face, Tyson thought the plan was ruined maybe the demon should let the bounty hunter kill him after all.

13 was bleeding badly but managed to shoot the gun, Tyson was hit in the leg falling to the floor one of his arms was gone this might be the end. 13 was in pain as Tyson was crawling to a window and then stopping the pain was too much a nice wind blew upon his face as the bounty hunter. 13 throws down his gun and get his battle ax getting ready to chop the demon's head off, Tyson didn't move. "This is the end Tyson. You are a threat to Camelot no more...Goodbye"  Tyson yelled, "Shut up and finish it already." The one thing the demon hates someone just nagging about killing him. 

13 was ready as the demon thought this was the end but something was wrong, 13 couldn't see straight. 13 couldn't worry about as the bounty hunter just missed Tyson's head cutting off one of his horns. "His eye...the bastard in pain. I have to make this count" Tyson thought something was wrong this was his only chance getting the chain and wrapping around 13's neck grabbing his good arm putting on a chokehold maneuver. Also putting the chain around his face, Tyson watched 13 was struggling to break free slamming Tyson into the walls as the demon was applying pressure to the hold. 13 tried beating him then minutes later his punches started getting a bit slower as the demon was showing no mercy to the bounty hunter this was to the death. 13 made his attentions clear that he wanted to kill Tyson so the demon couldn't show any mercy, not at all. He watched as 13 was losing breath the bounty hunter fell down his knee. Forcefully choking the bounty hunter watching his eye turn red meaning the end was near, Tyson wanted this bounty hunter to suffer immense pain. He couldn't let up if he does the demon is dead 13 started coughing up blood as Tyson grip was unbearable. The demon forced his knee upon 13's neck finally trying to apply all the immense pressure that the demon could.

With his right knee, Tyson hits 13's neck until the demon hears something of a loud snapping sound it wasn't his leg. He broke 13's atom apple from the knee to the neck. Tyson had nothing left if 13 wanted to kill him this was it. "I've lost a lot of blood...I don't know if I defeated him or not...I guess I'm finished here"

13 didn’t really need to breathe, but Tyson seemed to lack any knowledge of the boons skitarii were given by their Tech Priest masters. Due to a lack of flesh, most skitarii units could go far, far longer without oxygen than most other creatures. Of course, when bones started breaking and blood started spilling out of his mouth, 13 began to notice the issue the machine spirits repeated it back to him.

Potential coil damaged.

++I know.++

Spine partly broken in 3 areas, attention required

++I know.++

A breath was in the middle being expelled when Tyson began the chokehold, estimated oxygen supply remaining is roughly 30 seconds. In addition, our left eye is-

++Don’t tell me.++

Pressure lifted from neck, blood beginning to unsurface.

++I noticed. Ending communications.++

Tyson collapsed behind 13 and he stumbled away from them, blood dripping from his face and mixing in with the dirt. Crimson blood fell over his eye, obscuring his vision and removing a significant amount of depth perception. He could likely account for the latter, but not the former. 13’s mechadendrites made a snapping motion at the air as the dragoon came back around and slowed down just enough to allow the mechadendrites to scoop him up onto it. 13 lay down on top of the saddle and got his mechadendrites to switch out to cognis flamers. He was too injured to direct the flow of combat and it was now up to the machine spirits.

Target identified. Name: Tyson Renegade. Crimes: Regicide and assault of a skitarii. Punishment: Death. Logic: Flame will purify a heretic’s soul, flamers will be used.

The mechadendrites withdrew from 13’s coat with their deadly armaments, each using the others sight to find a full profile of Tyson and devise a solution to his life. Finding it, they decided to stagger their shots and shoot around or sometimes through the thin legs of the dragoon. The dragoon stalked around Tyson, allowing for a constant stream of flame to be applied to him. Time after time, Tyson dashed at the dragoon only to stumble down into the scorched dirt. The servitor in charge of the dragoon, who had been charged with both driving and the strategy of the driving, decided that it would be a good idea to try and finish off Tyson with a kick. The idea was good, but in practice it allowed Tyson to jam his sword into one of the joints. This broke off the tip of the sword, but also slowed down the dragoon immensely and gave it a lolloping gait. In turn, this threw off the timing of the mechadendrites and for the few seconds of which they were readjusting the aim, it allowed Tyson to continue whittling away at the dragoon’s legs. Eventually, a horrible crunch was heard and the dragoon fell, hard. Luckily, it fell on top of Tyson which let him a bit to think about weather it was really worth it or not. 13 hauled himself off of the dragoon and walked toward the trapped Tyson, staring at them blankly as they struggled to get out of the heavy dragoon. The cognis flamers never stopped their barrage of flame and continued to burn Tyson as he struggled to remove himself from the wreckage of the dragoon. Tyson, now partly free of the pile of scrap, managed to grab at 13’s leg and pull him down towards him. This gave Tyson some leverage to get himself out from under the dragoon and an easy target for him to attack as he did so, only for the mechadendrites to block the brunt of the attack.

Tyson and 13 stood against each other, blocking and attacking for what seemed like an eternity. Luckily, machines don’t tire and so as Tyson’s stamina went down more and more attacks began to seep in. Seizing the advantage, 13’s mechadendrites grasped Tyson’s head and began bashing it against his. With every wet thud, fresh blood was spilled onto the ground Eventually Tyson fell down, dodging a blow that would have knocked him out. Unluckily though, he didn’t manage to get back up. 13 looked down at the daemon, covered in blood and charred by holy flames. He got out all but the last dregs of his necrodermis and poured it into his pistol, aimed at Tyson’s leg, and fired.

Quote: 725 words, used my last SP for one more use of dragoon and god breaker ammo, 0/4 SP left. Tyson's next post will end the fight and the juding process will begin.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

The demon was covered in blood, 13 was about to shoot him but being covered in fire his instincts took over to stop, drop and roll. Going out the window and jump into some muddy water getting some of the holy flames off him. 13 missed the shot wondering how the demon managed to escape all the warrior could think of was getting rid of these flames. The damage to 13's eyes and nose was finally getting to him having a little trouble breathing.

13 kept on attacking him with his fists but the demon tried fighting back but the bounty hunter overpowered him. Kicking Tyson to the ground the demon was hurt but finally managed to get up noticing that a solid rock was on the ground. It was time to get a little ruthless here, 13 hits Tyson with an uppercut and then the demon bashed his eye with the rock. 13 was holding his face in pain because it did more damage to his eye. Still, 13 couldn't give up this demon killed countless people and he had to be stopped despite his injured body. Tyson started to sense it a little the bounty hunter was at his limit because the dude looked pretty sluggish. "This had to be the end...We're both at our very limits if something isn't done soon. This bounty hunter is going to kill me keep it together you've been in dangerous situations than this. Please...A little longer then find rest." He thought.

Bounty hunter rushed after him taking a shot but the demon had a little power left stopping the bullet with telekinesis. Finally, Tyson felt the flames dying down stopping the bullet from hitting him directing it at 13's eyebrow as more blood drop from his face. If they continued this fight even longer one of them will die, Tyson thought about getting some medical help for his injuries but escaping this. He tried getting back up but some of his body was either bloody or burnt this was a losing battle but his enemy wasn't doing any better. This had to be it their final attack, Tyson was having some trouble himself falling down to one knee. The first fight ever since leaving Hell, Tyson managed to damage this bounty hunter pretty good. 13 managed to grab his ax getting ready for the killing blow. 13 thought finally Tyson was out of gas but the demon was preparing one final assault but the demon started sensing something too. They were very close to a waterfall this is it all or nothing managing to grab some rocks and gravel from the ground. 13 was about to raise his ax and this was the signal, Tyson threw a small rock injuring the bounty hunter's damaged nose.  13 managed to drop his ax and Tyson grabs it rushing at him tackling the bounty hunter forcing them both off the cliff into the waterfall making a huge splash. 

Tyson woke up seconds later as 13 was falling down under as much as it wasn't his business it would make him feel bad. He swam after him and managed to get him to surface throwing his unconscious body onto the ground. The bounty hunter was down for the count not dead but really not a threat anymore still the bastard was breathing slowly. 

13 gets up and managed to strangle Tyson but quickly falls to the ground unconscious again. For that brief moment, Tyson thought the end was almost near. However, 13 was still alive just unconscious now would be the time for the demon to kill the bounty hunter. Grabbing a broken shovel ready to kill the bounty hunter, Tyson stops thinking that wasn't his way taking the easy way out. He falls down to his knees hearing some birds chirping...

Tyson needed to get out of here but something catches his attention, Guard Ryan's son appeared. The demon was wondering what was going on as the child was holding a sword to him but lowers it. The kid thought this demon was a man of his word allowing him to leave. "Go on, Leave...I'll help 13. My dad just placed a bounty on 13 for killing Lord Pike. The heat is off you for the moment. My stupid dad placed a bounty on this kind man how evil can my dad be? There some villages over there...I'll get some help for him. But you should leave and fast." Tyson whistles for his horse and it arrived really quick as the demon gets on his horse getting on the saddle. 13 killed Lord Pike? Tyson thought this bounty hunter was finally speaking his evil language after all but that wasn't the icing on the cake. "I don't believe it...Did he kill Lord Pike? So the little prince is dead about time this bounty hunter showed some evil backbone." He said. The kid went to get help for 13, Tyson again was going to show mercy and started riding off "Next time...You won't get off so lucky. Consider this a sign of respect besides why kill you? There's no point now. Farewell Bounty hunter." He said quietly.

Tyson rode off...

Some handmaidens started arriving on horseback and started placing 13 on a wagon taking him to the village hospital. The village elder was wondering what happened to him, Guard Ryan's son told the elder the entire story. The doctors started tending to 13's wounds cleaning him up and started going to work on him. The village elder looked at the unconscious bounty hunter " Don't worry my friend. We'll take care of you now your going to be alright. But please hang in there" Many miles away, Tyson was riding off but the worse thing was another bounty hunter after him. He started covering his tracks trying to lose his scent. Then continued onward heading to an abandoned hideout and with his stolen items...Tyson began the long road of finding ways of strengthening himself.

13 woke up in the middle of a dirty hospital, surrounded by bent and broken instruments. Ignoring the pleas of the staff, he hauled himself off of the bed and outside. Then, his trek began. After his fight with Tyson, 13 now had a way to continuously follow him. Seeing him fight, talk and move allowed for 13 to notice certain indicators of movement and ignore others. Tyson didn’t know he was coming either, which would make him more careless about leaving ways to track him.

Slowly but surely, 13 walked through forest after forest until over a hill he saw an abandoned home. His instinct told him Tyson would be in there, and his instinct wasn’t wrong very often. And so 13 lay down where he was, aiming his transuranic arquebus at the house and waiting for Tyson to make a move. The house had a window on each side of a door, it was likely that Tyson was in one end of the house and would go to the other sooner rather than later. Right on time, Tyson appeared on the left hand side and began to move towards the right. As he passed behind the door, aimed at the window at fired. The bullet travelled perfectly into Tyson as he passed behind the window and hit him in the head. Knowing that the battle was likely not over, 13 stalked up to the house and burst through the door. He pivoted right and shot at Tyson’s nearly dead corpse with everything he had, tearing off several large chunks of his body as the bullets flew through it. 13 knelt down and looked into Tyson’s face, tapping at it a couple of times. Tyson didn’t respond. Seeing a somewhat noteworthy trophy, he picked up Tyson’s sword. Satisfied, 13 walked out of the house and started on his way back to the forge to deposit the spoil of battle and to think about what to do next.
My armour is steel.
My shield is logic.
My weapon is faith.

By the Omnissiah I will let none survive.

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