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[Quest] Hard Knock Life

Quote:Continued from Guu'd Night Sweet Princess

It's been a while since Guu had worn a inhibitor collar. She had forgotten how much not being super powerful kind of sucked. How does everyday people live with not being able to read minds, fly, move faster than the eye can follow, turn into whatever shape they want, and Master Acrobat?

...actually she still had that last one, so there's that at least.

She wished she shapeshifted fingers before they snapped this collar on her. It's going to be a rough few months with exclusively noodle arms.

The carriage rocked back and forth as they were carried from the streets of Dalaran and over the ever expanding fields of Camelot. The two guards situated in the cabin with her were just kind of sitting there, not ever looking at anything, just looking straight ahead on whatever spot of the wall was unlucky enough for their gaze. They looked almost comical with their their pecks barely fitting within their clothing. She was kind of amazed those puppies weren't bursting through like the Koolaid man on crack.

She really shouldn't know who the Koolaid man is, but she does. Dataverse is a bitch.

Actually, that does raise a few questions. Where exactly did all her stuff go? The necklace countered her stomach ability but... it can't of just disappeared, right? Sadly, she couldn't reach her hand in to check, at least not without getting it stuck in there.

The carriage stops with a halt, the counteractive momentum sends her sideways and right into the guy to the left of her. The two men suddenly stand up and grab her by the shoulders. The third guard, serving as the driver, walks around to the side of the carriage and opens of the door, clearing the path for the two other guards to carry Guu out.

The princess was surprised to see an open field before her, not any sign of a prison in sight. She was confused, but not for long. They weren't alone.

Sitting atop a horse was a very small woman. She was wearing a robe of some sort, but her iconic teal dress was poking out from underneath. She never bothered to remove her tiara. She flicked her long black braids as he big green eyes locked with the anomaly.

"It's been too long, Princess Guu." She said, barely holding in her contempt.

"Hello, Bonbon Sunshine." She responded.

Sunshine daintily floated off the saddle of her horse and it was around this point that Guu noticed that the princess didn't arrive alone. One associate of her's, also donning robes was climbing off her horse beside her. It was a young woman, couldn't have been more than 20. She was wearing robes as well, but she had her hood up so Guu couldn't parse much about her face.

Bonbon approached the guards who plopped Guu onto the dirt in front of them.

"We still need her in one piece-" Began one of the guards, but he was cut off.

"My, don't be a worry wart! My associate will make sure you still have a prisoner."

With a single hand, she pulled Guu straight up in front of her. She had forgotten how strong Sunshine was. She lifted her up until her gaze was a mere inches away from her face.

"Don't worry my princess," began Bonbon, barely containing her smugness, "I can't kill you. Like me, you're importance is so great, you're almost untouchable!"

Suddenly, she drove a clenched fist straight into Guu's stomach. She let go of her shoulder at that exact moment, sending her a few inches backwards before falling onto her knees, clutching her stomach in pain.

"Honestly, I tried hard to get them to transfer you to my prison. I would have loved to have you as a guest but that didn't happen. So I had to arrange a visit myself!" She knelt down to place a palm on Guu's cheek and look her in the eyes again. "We have a lot of catching up to do."

She rested her other palm on the other cheek, and then grabbed her head, pulling her into a swift knee to the face. Guu was sent spiraling onto her back. Her eye was throbbing in pain. It was already swelling up. Sadly, Omni's curse of low defense isn't helping her right now.

Bonbon charged for her and kicked her in the side, sending Guu rolling, her ribs bruised, possibly broken. The princess landed on her back again after a few rotations. Sunshine approached her.

"Don't you have something to say, my fair princess?" She asked with a wicked grin. "Do you honestly have nothing in your defense? Do you have an excuse for the pain you caused me and my city with your actions?"

Guu's pain receptors were screaming louder than her thoughts, it was so hard to think. It took her a moment to generate something to say, but damn if she came up with something.

"So how's the girlfriend, doing?" Asked Guu, weakly.

Bonbon immediately stomped on her stomach, she could almost feel her insides come out her mouth. They probably would have if Sunshine hadn't knelt down and started punching Guu repeatedly in the face. Once, twice, a third time and blood began to spatter. The guards began to look worried. Guu couldn't see anymore, her hearing blacked out second, all there was is the pain. The endless ocean of pain, and the ringing in her ears.

Who knows how much further the princess went after that. Guu couldn't tell. Darkness took her long before she could see the end of it.

She regained consciousness sometime later, Bonbon's associate was kneeling down beside her, laying her hands on the enigma. She could feel a warmth in her body as the pain very slowly slipped away. Bonbon was long gone, it was just Guu, the healer, and the guards. Some buzzards were flying overhead, probably disappointed they were screwed out of some prey. Not like the anomaly would have left much of a corpse.

Guu would have sighed, but she was pretty sure her lungs were still collapsed.
[Image: MUsY55C.jpg]
[Image: sN7AejK.jpg]

The mouth of the castle prison opened wide to swallow the princess whole.

Her wagon had halted. Though her major surface wounds had healed, she could still feel the internal damage that Bonbon's vengeful fists had caused. She didn't need super senses to know that a rib was still cracked and her stomach was still flattened. For the first time in her life, the pain had engulfed her. Her vision was blurred, her mind was empty. It's all she could focus on.

The two guards were carrying her by the shoulders, not helping the pain situation in the slightest. They lifted her through the gaping maw of the castle and through a vast courtyard that proceeded it. Guards lined the path, watching as the prisoners paced through.

She wasn't in the state to contemplate whether the high security was something all prisoners got or if it's just their high profile cases. It's kind of hard to think, when you're unconscious.

BTW, she went unconscious around this point.

Amongst the shrouds of the astral realm, there lived a princess, high and mighty, she ruled over her beautiful kingdom with a gentle palm. She surveyed her land from atop her palace, people applauding her, showering her with love. All she could do was smile and blush.

"Thank you! Thank you all!" She cried out, breaking out in tears as soon as her first thanks was given.

However, amongst the shadows of the room that proceeded her balcony, something wicked lurks. The figure takes slow calculated steps. She can feel the carpet squish under her weight. She was steady, trying not to make a peep through her long black robes.

She inched her way onto the balcony, tentacles protruding from her sides, slithering in the air like snakes looking for the next prey.

A person in the crowd saw the figure in the door way and yells.

The Princess shoots around and the figure ducks into a corner. She eyes the darkness, he fists up in the air.

"As Princess of the kingdom of Ambrosia, I order you to surrender!" She yelled.

But before she could act, a tentacle flies around the corner and lashes around her neck, coiling itself against the princess' windpipe. She starts to gasp for air as she tries desperately to pry the tendril loose to no avail.

With the princess dying in her clutches, the monster feels confident to step into the light and face her target.

The crowd gasps and horror as they spot the hideous creature in full form. They knew immediately who she was. Every man woman and child had grown whispering her name, meeting her in their nightmares at night.


Many went insane from the mere sight of her, some tried dashing towards the stairs of the balcony only to get impaled on Guu's sharp tendrils.

The monster looked the princess in the eyes, the same dead eyes they both shared, and grinned. She filled her purpose. She had finally filled her purpose.

A figure watched in the darkness, he smiles, pride in his eyes as his creation does his bidding.

"You can only play dress up for so long, my child." Said the man, his voice echoing into an ever encroaching void that was surrounding this reality. "We all eventually have to grow up and discover the role we were made to fill!"

When Guu's eyes opened again, her body pressed against a hospital mattress. A woman in some sort of gown was hovering a hand over the enigma's body. A dim light exuded from her palms as she felt a warmth where the hand was situated. The pain had easily been halved.

The nurse noticed that the child was awake and peered down at her.

"The people on the other end failed to mention injuries!" Said the nurse, absurdly cheerful. "I'll have to notify them to check more thoroughly next time before they ship a prisoner!"

Guu could have ratted out Bonbon and the guards right then and there, but she knows it's fruitless. Even if they believed her that Princess Sunshine arranged for a beat and greet on the way to the prison, it'd be difficult to roll out any kind of repercussion for them. Afterall, the Kingdom only tolerates their buillshit because they are popular with a lot of peasants. They don't exactly keep her because they want to.

Hours of hand waving later and the nurse hugged a better but not perfect Guu before sending her off to admissions.
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