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Frozen, Eternal Night

The soul of an unfortunate fairy is trapped here. Her vessel had been torn apart, ripped along with the fabric of reality she occupied in that moment.

The world was a gray sea. This discolored blankness stretched so the ground and sky were one and the same. The planet might as well be just pure gray. Except for the lone soul, who was left to ponder her being in this strange plane of existence. Hello? As the fairy journeyed through the sky-ground, she hoped to catch the attention of at least one person. Even just one person. Is anyone there?

Nobody came... however, she did come to something.

Like a moth to a flame, the spirit hovered towards a dark speck in the distance. It was rather easy to spot. The black color was blatant against the gray ground-skies, a sight she had been familiar with for… some time... How long she had been wandering for was beyond her. Time, perhaps, might have failed to exist in this dimension at all. As she recognized the speck as a little flame in the air, there was an odd feeling about it... a vague feeling that ‘it’ wasn’t a thing, but a person. She leaned forward, watching in silence.


Hey, you there? The dark flame recoiled in response to the fairy’s words. Do you know where I am?

“How odd,” the speck said, having the voice of a young woman. “You’re not supposed to be here.”

What do you mean by that?

Suddenly, the world was lit with striking radiance before returning to its meager, lifeless color. It was in fact a little darker now, with the presence of the speck’s true form, the dark silhouette of a lady, hovering before the spirit. The fairy could barely make out her form, the jewels ornamenting her dress, each strand of her long hair flying and flowing beautifully in the air. Too bad, for all her exquisite looks were painted a deep black, like a tear in reality.

“I am you, and you are me.”

The spirit tilted her head. ...I don’t really get it, but my name’s-

“Eternity Larva, correct?” the silhouette said. “The fake me.” Larva only stood in silence.

“You see, I created you. You are my instrument in the world that I cannot exist in. Not after what she did.”

The deep, dark aura around the two began to take color, twisting and mixing together, before stopping at the blurred scene of a burning room. The lady pointed behind the spirit, who looked to her back. There stood three figures. In the middle was someone tall, clad in orange. To the sides were two children(?) wearing green and pink. Their faces were too blurry to see.

“All I wanted to do was help my followers prosper. I asked simply for faith. Prayers. Gifts. In return, I gave them greater things. Immortality. Prosperity. A promise that I would bring them to a world of eternal night, where their souls may rest in infinite joy and serenity. However, for her most inane reasons—reasons that I still cannot fathom to this day—she decided to appear and destroy everything.

“I’ve never really understood her. She calls herself a secret goddess, yet loves to introduce herself in the most extravagant, eye-catching way. All it takes for her is to come through the backdoor of a room, and then chaos and bloodshed could begin the next instant. She also has a terrifying ability to withdraw one’s energy at the snap of a finger. A power that lets her commit deicide at a whim, in short. I was lucky to save myself at the last second, but not before concealing my form from the world for eternity.”

A short pause. The world faded back into a dull gray.

“However, this new slice of reality doesn’t operate in the same way. I believe there may be a way for me to escape, and survive without hiding inside a vessel as limited as you.” The silhouette bent down to touch the spirit, but Larva flew backwards by reflex. I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but-

The lady laughed. “Of course you wouldn’t. You are a fairy, after all. Anyways, I would personally like to meet the master of this realm again. Until then...” Black tendrils began to grow out of the aura that she emanated. The fairy readied herself for a fight, but it took her a second to realize that the, fight was already over. Thick, sharp branches of the tendrils had already punched straight through her chest. Fibers of darkness crawled out, enveloping and devouring the spirit.

“I’ll be waiting.”

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