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[Open-M] A magus returns

Howling winds, the sound of sands blowing over itself tumbling in a constant pitter patter. It reminded the short woman of rain more so than anything else with the constant feel of pressure on the back of her robes. Nippur was a mere hours walk away, the sandstone colored walls were barely visible in the distance, the shiny lapiz colored stones embedded into the sturdy walls like mosaic tiles had been partially stripped away, taken as spoils of battle perhaps?

Regardless of where the shiny stones had gone, the mighty walls surrounding the king's city stood strong, Imposing and powerful.

*waddle waddle waddle* it was a sight, even now having come in sixteenth place overall in her first appearance in Dante's abyss there were many who were still going to mock her for her iconic walk, of course now she could find no reason not to incinerate those that mocked her. Her's was a mission on the behest of the king himself. None had seen him since he was killed by the one clad in red pajamas called Deadpool.

Alice Magatroid walked through the city with her dolls floating near her in an unassuming position. The dollmaker had that obnoxious kappa and Marisa out of her hair for a while allowing her to work on a fully autonomous doll. Having visited Dalaran to learn more about making them autonomous hadn't been very successful since that sort of stuff was more for the dead. Minding her own business the magician didn't even see the NB member before the two bumped into each other by pure accident.

Looking at the small yokai-esk creature on the ground sitting Alice blinked a few times before fretting. "Oh I'm sorry there miss, here let me help you up." And soon enough Alice was pulling the small creature up. 

"Once again I'm really sorry about that. My name is Alice what is your name miss?" Alice was nothing but courteous after all.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

The manifestation of the might of black mages dusted her black and white robes off carefully, leaving not a bit of clay colored dust to be seen, her amber eyes glanced over the woman who had knocked her to the dirt.

"Of all the people in this city that could put me on my ass, I would hope that it was someone who was not so crass." The long eared magus retorted angrily. "however since it all all the same, i guess in good faith ill tell you my name" the mage said picking up her stardust rod from in the dirt, and sliding it carefully into the belt loop and locking it at her side.

"My name is Shantotto though its doctor to you, i suggest you watch where your going and now i bid you adieu." the magus said in her usual sing-song style of speaking. It was weird, this person standing before her looked human but yet had a very off putting presence that made the mage desire nothing more than to reduce her to ash at that very moment. In Nippur she could easily get away with it, a little chainspell here, a little manafont there and none would be the wiser, and if not for Serraph choosing to remain with that other Arrancar she might have had a total change in disposition.

perhaps it was jealousy.

Alice looked at the small woman walking away she could feel a twinge of anger due to the words coming from the rude little woman. It would be so easy to just skewer her with her set of dolls. Would she get in trouble? Yes but this woman was talking like she had done something completely wrong besides she could likely challenge the woman to a magic duel.

A twitch in her finger caused the dolls to jolt to life as she sighed. “I have better things to do than to argue with someone over something so petty as running into someone on accident.” Walking away she began to head towards the market as the kids would be waiting for her there for their weekly puppet show.

Reaching the stage she began to set up the setting as she checked the set of dolls she would need only to stop on the main duo, her and Marisa. It was quite difficult to make the master spark work for a doll but she got it to work though it wasn’t a perfect replica.

Looking up she could see the crowd beginning to show up for this joy of hers. She smiled and began to speak with a smile. “It’s wonderful to see such a crowd today. Now for my story for today. It’s not of a story of knights and dragons of old but rather a story that i lived in with my ally Marisa to solve the incident of the imperishable night.” Beginning the story she had a couple of active dolls set the scene with her friends old house with a few trees around giving the feeling of a forest.

Flying from the top of the scene was a beautifully painted doll that looked almost like a miniature version of the Seven-Colored Puppeteer. “Our story begins with me bringing a few books over to our heroine, Marisa Kirisame so she could go solve this issue since the humans didn’t seem to think anything was wrong.”

Landing in front of the door the doll, flanked with a few smaller dolls, ‘quite a difficult task’ began to knock on the door as the Marisa doll opened it up. “The two of us talked about what was going on before Marisa finally agreed to help me and thus began our investigation.”

Soon the scene changed to where the two were flying, Alice floating and Marisa flying on her broomstick, legs slung over the side of the broom as Alice spoke of how the first area of the investigation looked. “The fireflies were brighter in our opinion than usual and it was going to be a very, very long night.”

Soon enough the first fairies started to show up firing miniature danmaku at the two lighting up the stage as the kids and the adults loved the light show. “And as we plowed our way through the various creatures trying to stop us we came across our first real challenge among the many who attacked us. A yokai by the name of Wriggle Nightbug.” Soon enough the firefly yokai appeared on the scene and after a few words of banter between the three the fight began.
It was not a very long fight, weaker opponents never took very long unless they were serious and the defeated Wriggle Nightbug was soon fleeing the scene clothing ripped and torn.

Soon enough the two reached an actual road as they flew across the skies facing more of the weak enemies. “And soon we came across our second major opponent someone who could make you go blind with her music. A night sparrow by the name of Mystia Lorelei.”

A doll with a pair of wings appeared with a set of fingernails that looked ready to rip apart a human. As with last time Marisa made some quips and soon the duo fought the Singing Night Sparrow. To show the night-blindness to everyone she had some of her other dolls push what was essentially black cloth with a hole in the middle to show the two dodging and weaving through the Danmaku patterns with a grace and beauty that not many could say they had the patience and ability to have.

Mystia soon left the duo to their devices after getting beaten like the small fry she was. They then decided to head to the human village after Alice sensed a strange power coming from their. "And so as things got harder and harder we came to where the village was supposed to be only it was gone and yet someone was thinking we were the ones attacking the humans.

The half beast looked at the two as she frowned. "And then to protect the village from the two of us she initiated a duel and Marisa being the who usually doesn't recognize the really important stuff didn't realize Keine was a half beast." The two began to fling Danmaku with Marisa firing off a Master spark; for the first time this incident to blast through the walls of Danmaku that were only asking to get harder as they got closer to the incident starter.

Soon enough the Black and White Magician floated in front of a defeated half-beast with a smug smile. "We are trying to restore the full moon. We said that right?"

Keine gave a confused and bewildered look causing Alice to just shake her head and sigh as she began to move on without Marisa. "Woah wait up Alice!"

And soon the scene changed once again to a forest of bamboo with the moonlight glowing off the stalks eerily and the two floated above the dirt path only a few inches as a certain Red and White priest of paradise showed up pointing her gohei at the duo as a doll sat floating next to her. Reimu muttered something before speaking. "You two have to be the ones causing the incident haven't you?! You are the one working with a yokai Marisa!"

Marisa shook her head before speaking. "That's rich coming from you Reimu, Why are you working as the lapdog for Yukari? What is to say you are the ones causing the incident!"

That shut Reimu quite quickly as the two began to duel with a ferocity unseen yet in this story. One who simply floats through life and the other who bursts through any and all obstacles. Soon enough Reimu was on the run with the Ordinary Magician chasing  after her firing off bombs and Danmaku cutting and grazing the Miko.

Just as one of the Danmaku bullets was about to hit directly at the miko a gap opened and took the bullet and spit out at Marisa causing the witch to scowl. “YUKARI THAT ISN’T FAIR!”

Alice looked over to the Gensokyo Sage as she had her hand opening a gap with the other hand as the two were simply watching on the sidelines. And after a few more minutes of combat Reimu was on the ground looking up her clothing battered just as badly as the witches. “Yo, Alice let's get a move on! I see a good place to look in!”

The puppeteer nodded as she could see the large building in the middle of nowhere. Sliding the paper door open their first interaction with Eientei was the fact it was simply massive with corridors going on for what looked like miles and it was completely pristine with not a speck of mud, dirt, or filth touching the building.

As the two walked inside there wasn’t the typical fairies and various other Yokai the two were expecting but rather rabbits of various sizes and types until they came across one taller than the rest as she sneered. “I won’t let you get to the Princess.” And her red eyes gleamed with a ferocity not shown before as the building started to change and twist as she pulled out a gun and took aim.

Soon enough they were fighting the Princess herself after she had blown the spell the two set up apart forcing them to not only fight against someone who simply didn’t surrender but were also fighting against the clock as the sun started to peak above the horizon.

The human mage pulled out a card as she called her spell out with a battle cry knowing they had to hurry it up. A second voice added to the battle cry as a engine started to rumble before the magician let the techno colored laser rip finishing the battle. "and with that last Spell card Me and Marisa had stopped the immortals in the house of Eientei and their incident.

The sound of clapping could be heard by both children and adults as the curtains closed upon the story of the imperishable night. “Come by the Kirisame Magic shop for all things magic from puppets to alchemy. My friend even takes requests." And with that she began to pack up the various dolls and scenes to head back to the shop.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

The dollmaker irritated the blackmage, making her very hairs stand on end, a feeling she had not felt since dante's abyss. perhaps it was a fight? wanton bloodlust? or perhaps just someone she was itching to fight. In any event the tarutaru simply ignored it and began to waddle off. behind her she could hear the sounds of cheers as if some form of entertainment was being undertaken behind her. It seemed very possible that the very child she had just been accosted by may have been the cause of the up stir. Either way the court magus of Nippur was back, within the walls of the great city, ready to take on any who would dare stand before not only her might but those who would dare disrupt the peace of Nippur.

Gilgamesh’s palace still stood tall, imposing and decadent. A true display of the power and wealth possessed by Nippur, a gem standing in the dunes for all to see. Still, there were steps to get to the palace, and steps were something that this particular tarutaru hated. Even still it was necessary. She said nothing but gave a loud sigh as she began her ascent up the steps towards the great hall.

Entering the inner sanctum of the palace, Shantotto was still impressed, despite the appearance of the outer parts of the city, the palace had cleaned up nicely, even now, people scurried around, watering plants, and tending to the general appearance of the palace. The throne room was different, cleaned up from the state of disrepair and disorder it had been the first time she had stepped foot inside and met the god king Gilgamesh. Now despite his noble presence missing from the opulent chambers the mini mage felt compelled to aid the fine people of the great city in the sands

Situating herself beside the throne the mage stood as tall as her small frame could muster, it was not long before the first petitioner approached her.

"Milady, The water filtration plant is still in a state of disrepair, the waters are still polluted and many have fallen ill." A young woman spoke up, her face trembled as she spoke as if she had fear of some form of retribution.

Sympathy was not lost on the black mage of course, however it puzzled her that her and Seraphs efforts at the very plant seemed to have gone unfinished despite them having taken care of the primary reason for the filtration plant being down.

"Well we had best do something about that, sewage water is working great for the crops due to the extra fertilizer our loving citizens have provided but unfortunately this does not quite fit their high standards for drinking. Perhaps we should install some filtration systems, that way we can still use the pollutants, with the new farming techniques our researchers are working on, and the nearly endless supply of fertiliser we can truly fulfil our glorious leaders vision of a city that is a golden oasis in this desert, with fertile fields and fresh water for all, well for us. But if we are truly going to follow the ways of Gilgamesh, it's only a matter of time before everyone is ours." 

From out of the shadows of the throne room a cloaked figure emerged, the guards rushed forwards their energy weapons lighting the shadows that hid the intruder, a toothy grin shining in the light from the invaders glowing teeth. Unphased by the threats of energy blades the figure strutted forward, his finger touching the tip of a guards blade burning the flesh only for it to heal a moment later. 

"I would not bother if I were you, good sir, your former leader was a better fighter than you could ever hope to be, and he only managed to hit me when I let him. And you definitely want to reach that retirement package, it is a good one. I helped write it after all." The guards seemed puzzled as a flurry of questions left their tense mouths, the hooded figure merely shrugged as they questioned his identity, wanting to extend the dramatics for as long as he could. 

"You mentioned being hit by our leader? Are you that Cyborg Desman Black that we saw in the Abyss?"

The aura of the room turned chilly as the figure in front of them seemed to radiate sadistic glee. "Well, if you ever want to see that retirement package I suggest that you retract that accusation otherwise you may end up next to Ganondorf on someones milk carton!" 

The guards readied their weapons holding them to the mystery man's throat, a sarcastic half-smile still spread across his lips as the now clearly annoyed guards shot back with "no one talks like that to the honour guard of the throne!" 

With a sigh the figure realised that he would no longer be able to milk the guards for entertainment, worrying that if he pushed anymore he would be spending two weeks in a fountain or lose some valuable fodd, men. Valuable glorious citizens of Goldie's fair city. With a flick of his wrist, his hood came off revealing the glowing red of sinful eyes, and the golden hair so similar to their former Kings. "What is a guard to a Lord" 

Victor Wolfe grinned at the shocked faces of the guardsmen, Victor had taken a different approach to what most of the New Babylonian primes may have, rather than come straight back into the public eye Victor had been watching from the shadows, he knew that with the nature of primes that they could disappear at any moment and thus it was important that the secondaries know how to survive without them.

Being able to stay invisible for extended periods of time had allowed the assassin to see the tech industry develop with some inquisitive secondaries opening up their radios to find out how their electronics ticked. This lead to the tech industry advancing quickly, growing Nippurs economy into one more fitting of their stature and self-image. The access to water, even though not the cleanest had allowed the Nippurians to experiment with farming techniques to get the most out of their desert environment. And Victor had also kept an eye out for charismatic local leaders that if treated well could help keep the masses in control should Gilgamesh chose to never return. Overall despite some issues that could be worked on the city was far better off than they had left it years ago. Even the ninja kid seemed to have done something useful with the bandits in too much of disarray to be much of a problem for the now well trained and well-experienced guards. 

Before any of the secondaries before him could question where the assassin had been for so long Victor strolled up to the short Magus that he recognised as Shantotto. 

"Nice to see that some of us are still loyal to the cause. I do notice that there has been quite a lack of primes around the city recently. Why, this would almost be the perfect time for a rather ambitious prime to seize that lovely throne that he had worked so hard to protect for all these years, and take his rightful place upon it..." Victor leaned forward, a predatory gaze in his eyes Before dropping something into Shantys hand. A Lions head badge marked with gold rather than the silver of the previous one.

"For your loyalty, I think it would be in the wishes of Gilgamesh that you are promoted to the rank of Noblewomen Shantotto the Magus. I look forward to working with you comrade!" Victor said with a cheeky grin.
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Alice had been busy with a brand new doll as she had begun to reach out to the various people as she heard a knock. Getting up she walked over to the door and looked at the person. Opening the door she ushered the person inside before closing the door and walking over to a set of planks that could be opened lifting them up. "Come on your late." Her voice level as she knew this could go horribly wrong if any of them were hunting out for people like her. Nodding the boy climbed down the ladder before reaching the bottom floor underneath the city. The house had apparently held a bunker esk building in the bottom most floor.

Alice slipped inside before closing the entrance hiding their planning. Down in the bunker dolls were everywhere carrying books, files, tea and other stuff as Alice sat down at a table before tapping the table. "I call this meeting to attention." And with that the small group looked towards her. It simply was hard to suggest that a new regime was a viable idea to people especially with how the government deals with such ideas.

Breathing in she began to call out their code names from stagecoach, to wolf, to even flurry these were all people looking towards the future and for a better life for their children. "Stagecoach how is your progress on obtaining the blaster rifles?" One thing Alice did see was that Nippur had a lack of ranged weaponry beyond bows and light armor. Stagecoach was one of the few Oligarchs left from the slaughtering Victor did and was one of the first members Alice recruited to their side. While their past did raise tensions, she couldn't help but admit the funds did help bypass some problems.

Coughing the big man stood up before looking towards the puppeteer and speaking with a deep baritone voice. "It's hard to smuggle those weapons anywhere in this city and even then the guards are cracking down on my end of buying and selling stuff from my various businesses." The man frowned with an annoyed expression as he sat down.

Nodding the witch reluctantly accepted the results, they just needed one then Marisa could simply reproduce the rifles till they had all they needed. One of the females of the group spoke angerly to the puppeteer. "Why should we let a prime take control? We've lived in these horrible conditions for years and yet the government has yet to take any real act-."

Breaking into the woman's rant the radio started to crackle as a breaking news flash was coming in. "Breaking news, Victor Wolfe has been rumored to have been found again in the great city of our leader Gilgamesh." The radio continued on with various things about the nature of Victors return but a cold and dark silence permeated the rebellions hideout as hope came crashing to the ground at the news.

"He can't really be back right? It has to be rumors nothing more. Victor will kill us all if he's back and our families!" One of the secondary's started to yell at the others in pure fear. Alice knowing this whole rebellion could crumble if she let them freak out stood up slamming her hands onto the table causing everyone to shut up and look at her.

"Are you really going to let something like Victor Wolfe stop our Rebellion? We must stay the course, we are the best shot this city has to throw off the shackles of it's inept rulers. No one else is going to come help us. Not Coruscant, Not Camelot, No other faction will come to our aid. We come from all walks of life yet we are all here for one thing. To free Nippur from New Babylonian control and to put someone in charge who will bring the city to true glory! Not the glitz and glamor Gilgamesh shows but tangible glory for the people!" Breathing in and out she finished her rallying speech as it seemed to have sufficiently calmed down the others.

"Now, assignments Wolf, Flurry, Hurricane go continue to recruit and spread the word. Stagecoach try to obtain whatever you can from Coruscant we don't have a rebellion if we can't arm ourselves. Marco your job is the same as before keep tabs on anything and everything the guards are doing. Orders, important bits of info we need it all. That is all for today." Alice sighed knowing the plan had one shot and only one shot to succeed, if they failed doing a second coup would be impossible especially with Victor potentially around town but she trusted everyone would stay low and keep to their day to day lives.

With a streamlined movement everybody began to leave with Alice leaving first. Letting the others out one by one as the flames of revolution was beginning to roar though how brightly or long nobody knew but they all knew they'd go out kicking.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

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