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A thief's retribution.

Marisa walked to Tear labs resisting the urge to run from her fate having already dropped her weaponry back with Nitori. No she'd face it head on and would deal with the consequences. Reaching the front gate she'd stared simply as she wondered how she was going to do this. Would... someone just see her and bring her in or would something else happen? Well hopefully she hadn't missed the time limit but she had a feeling she had. Oh well, she had to do some stuff anyways. She was a busy woman and she still held up most of her side of the threat to show up.

Quote:i'm back to finish this up.
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

As Marissa draws closer to the front gate of TEAR Labs, she can't help but notice every turret on the wall turn to face her. While certainly an intimidating sight, the fact they hadn't opened fire is a good sign, right? The four guards in heavy black armor outside the gate seem to notice her a split-second later, though with a far different reaction.

"Well well well! Look at that, Tank," one of the four guards hollers out, lifting his repeater up over his shoulder. "The little thief showed her pretty blonde face. Looks like you owe me a drink!"

"She's over a week late. Don't owe you a damn thing," the second guard, Tank, responds. 

"Quiet down you two," a third guard snaps, the chevron on his chest clearly placing him as the highest rank of the gate guards. "You there, Marisa Kirisame. You're under arrest. Come quietly and we won't have to hurt you."

To suit his words, the higher ranking guard strides forward, pulling a set of handcuffs from a pouch at his side. "Oh no," Marisa mutters. "Big scary guards threatening me to do exactly what I came here to do. Whatever shall I do?"

The sarcasm was lost on the chevron. "Not a damn thing, that's what."

Chevron roughly pulls her arms behind her back, locking the handcuffs around her wrists and just as Marisa goes to take a step towards the gate, something clicks in place around her neck. "And this will make sure of it.

"Top of the line in Prime detainment. Better get used to the feel, thief, cause this baby isn't coming off anytime soon. Now get moving. I'm told the boss wants a word with you."

If it wasn't for the helmet, Marisa would've swore he was smiling. Even so, she let herself be lead indoors, not that she could've stopped him if she wanted at this point. This collar, whatever it was doing, it was certainly effective. Her movements felt sluggish, her mind just foggy enough to prevent any deep thought, and all of her abilities might as well not have existed. She felt, well, normal. Sort of.

Before she realized it, she was handed off to some unmarked trooper in black armor and shepherded into an elevator. Was the door locked? She couldn't remember to save her life at this point. What was she even doing here? 

As Marisa pondered the question, she was led deeper into the facility, the surroundings blurring together until she was stopped in front of a large metal door that looked like it belonged on a starship rather than an underground research lab. A blue light scans over the two of them before the door slowly opens. Several large slabs of metal, easily resulting in a door that's a foot thick, rotates open revealing none other than Captain Keller.

Marisa's mind focuses as she sees the six-foot-tall man in the flesh, taking in the finer details of his tidy white hair and slightly glowing red eyes before starting to drift off once more. The Captain looks the thief over and smiles, casually lifting a mug up to his lips before setting it to the side. 

"You're late Miss Kirisame," he says calmly, somehow already at her side. "Though, since you did deign to come of your own volition, the least I can do is cancel the order on your companions. A shame really. We might've been able to use Nitori.

"Regardless, I would've much preferred you come on time. Now we have to go through an entire reprogramming before we can begin proper tests, and there's no guarantee you'll come away unscathed from such a thing."

Keller gently lifts Marisa's chin so that he can look into her slightly clouded eyes before continuing. "Should the process be completed successfully, your debt will be considered paid in full. Should you make any attempt to resist, and I do hope you remember this clearly, I will reinstate the order to capture your companions, namely this..." Keller casually glances to a display on the wall. "Alice Margatroid. You will be disposed of and she will take on your debt."

Turning away from the collared prime, Captain Keller issues a few commands that are lost to Marisa and she gets led away.

Quote:This has become a quest for redemption. This will be a varient on the "There Are No Lines" quest already in place and will have simlar minimum word requirements to complete. I personally recommend 8k.

Additional requirements needed:
-Must go through a "reprogramming" scene

I'll be happy to help out with ideas if you get stuck along the way. While this is meant to be a punishment, I hope you rise to this challenge rather than try to blaze through it. Best of luck!
In battle it is important to keep a sharp blade

But it is by far more important to keep a sharp mind.

Marisa was getting pushed around and she while something screamed in the fog of her mind to retaliate and escape it was silenced by the deafening mental fog. So she continued to be ushered through the pristine, white, tiled, halls. Reaching the elevator she entered as they went down into the basement levels. 

Taking a left she entered a darkened room with unsteady steps as it was quiet except for the footsteps and machines running in the background.

A bright light turned on in the room as the witch blinked away the pain as her unfocused eyes looked around slowly. In the room it was lightly furnished, toilet, bed, sink all in metal riveted to the ground, and an white psychiatric outfit in a dull blue color lying on the beds simple sheets. The walls were a simple light blue in nature, and the roof with the floor were that same tiled white as outside. On the wall behind the sink was a mirror also bolted to the wall

A voice came out behind her as her caretaker spoke with a deep and commanding voice. “Change into the clothing then knock once your finished.” Pushing the woman lightly into room the door slammed behind her.

Walking over to the bed Marisa picked up the clothing with a gentle hand as she started to undress letting the pieces of her identity fall to the side. Then began slipping the gown on feeling the cheap clothing drape over her skin. Slipping her shoes off then her socks she grabbed the socks and pants on the bed before slipping them on as well.

Taking one last look at the clothing on the floor she began to fold them with practiced motions. Once laid on the bed neatly, walking over to the door she gave it two short light knocks. Opening the door the man nodded slightly as he motioned her to follow. The witch would follow with a unsteady but determined look to her fate.

Quote:had nothing to continue it with and I should get a post out so...
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"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

The sound of footsteps was the only sound that could be heard while the witch was being corralled into a room. Once inside the witch could see the massive amount of medical equipment. After a few seconds they started to manhandle her into a chair causing her to start to weakly struggle against the men and women. To call it a fight would be over exaggerating it, she lacked the strength to really make an effort against her captors.

Once strapped in time seemed to slow down to a crawl while machines went to work. A scream ripped from her lips against her will as electricity rushed through her veins. After only in reality a few seconds the electric shock ended as her vision and her mind hazy. Around her various men and women went to work. 

One in particular was writing stuff down while they sifted through the many memories of the witches mind seeing how they could rearrange these memories and adjust them to their advantage. There was one bright idea in the head though. It wasn’t to gain power, nor was it to gain immortality at least not anymore. While those dreams and aspirations were quite powerful in guiding her actions it was actually something more humanitarian, to greenify the dunes using magic. While the mind reader prepared to head to the doctor to relay his findings. Until a memory came into sight, it burned with an intensity of a sun forcing the doctor to look and see what the memory was.

It was her hatred for the power-hungry bastards that ran the city and then ran and hid only desiring power and not the responsibility for such power, she even considered Gilgamesh  to be not much better than the power hungry gods and leaders of the various factions in her old world. Blinking a few times they began to tweek and manipulate her memories to intensify these powerful emotions.

After a few hours the first session was over with a silent witch who was mentally thanking it to be over. Being released from her bindings the witch shakily got off the chair as she used the arm as to keep her from collapsing. With a few doctors surrounding her to help her from collapsing and hurting herself. But she forced herself to walk by herself, even in her foggy mind she wouldn’t give these people the knowledge that she needed their help her pride wouldn’t allow it. What she didn't know however was that they all were like this and they all broke down eventually.

Quote:word count 730/10000
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Time passes in the room with nothing to show if it was day, night, or even if the outside world had ended since she had been stuffed in it. And the only way she could have any decent way of telling time was her stomach and the three meals they slid into her room via a small hatch , and even those blurred together in her foggy and unfocused mind. The few times she tried to talk to any of the other patients as she had come to call them.They however had failed to respond most of the time, empty husks of what once was a mentally sound person.

The problems started to arise when they found out she had run away from home of her own volition and had lived in a forest alone for most of her life. The mind reader that had found her brightest dream was assigned to giving her help, and so they would oblige.

Marisa had a faint idea something was off when they took her a different way than her normal schedule. Those internal warning sirens grew when she entered a plush and comfy room that reminded her of the Scarlet Devil Mansion’s rooms, except it was brighter and less red. “Come sit and we can get started Ms. Kirisame.” The voice was neutral as they sat in an expensive looking leather chair.

Marisa tentatively stepped across the clean carpet as she looked towards the doctor quiet wondering if she had done anything wrong. “A-am i in trouble?” Her foggy mind couldn’t comprehend what if anything she had done wrong and she was shaking visibly under the person’s stare.

A short shake of the head with a “No, you aren’t here because you are in trouble.” gave the witch some hope as she relaxed some. The man continued to speak. “No you are here because while we were doing stuff with you we came across some things that had happened when you were a child. And Keller has given the green light to help make sure these issues are dealt with.”

The man would give a slight smile as he picked up the report he personally had started for her. “Now what do you want to talk about?” Marisa gave a confused look towards the psychologist as her mind started to roar with much needed activity even with her mind clouded.

“I can talk about anything?” The black and white witch asked with an excitement that only grew larger with the nod from the Psychiatrist.

“I don’t see why not.” The man wanted the woman to get talking and lower her guard around him so he could ask the big questions.

With an enthusiastic nod Marisa started with a question. “Well what is your name?” The man nodded a simple question, likely something to test the waters. Even in her less than completely mentally active state this person was still wary, they would do her well with what Keller had planned for her.

“My name is Jackson. It’s nice to meet you Ms. Kirisame. I assume you’re time here has been fairly satisfactory?” He kept a calm and friendly demeanor as she poured some water for himself.

After a few moments the witch replied as she sunk into her chair. “It’s been boring. Some books would be nice.” Her clipped tone showed she was hiding more than she was willing to admit.

Jackson smirked continuing with the topic on books. “Any genres you like Ms. Kirisame? Mystery perhaps, or maybe a good adventure novel?”

“Oh, I don't have much in the way of preference.” She didn’t know how much she wanted to say to him and yet this she was having a conversation. One that didn’t involve the other person not speaking or just grunting and it; well it felt nice to have a conversation where she was being treated somewhat like a normal human being for once.

Drinking from his glass before setting it on the table Jackson stood up before walking towards his bookshelf. Looking through his fairly extensive library he stopped on a hardback and pulled it out gently before walking to the witch and holding the book out. “I think you might enjoy this book. All I ask is that you keep this book in good condition while it’s in your care.”

Marisa felt her mouth turned upwards ever so slightly against her better judgement as she took the book from his grip. Looking at the cover she saw the title Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. And began to read it curled up in the chair.

Quote:word count is 766 and total word count is 1496/10000
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

Marisa looked at the chessboard and was wondering how Jackson had out maneuvered her so efficiently. A light chuckle could be heard across the chess board as another piece moved into place. “And I believe that is checkmate once again.” Looking with wide eyes the witch did indeed see she had been defeated again.

“How? How has this happened so many times?” The girl racked her mind to try and figure out what went wrong and why.

“You need to learn patience and when to strike Ms. Kirisame.” Jackson in a tone a teacher would use with a student. “You like to rush down your opponents but as you can see, your defensive game is weak, allowing me should I get past your offensive to smash whatever remaining defenses are left and give me the win. A castle does no good if it isn’t protected so to speak.”

Marisa shook her head having a completely different idea on how combat should be done. “Firepower is everything. If you pound the enemy into submission quickly and efficiently you will have no need for strong defenses. Speed is the name of the game.” The witch would say with a neutral voice as the man nodded in response.

“I can understand where you are coming from but how many fights have you won?” He said simply drinking some coffee much to the annoyance of his patient.

“That’s a low blow and you know it. I might not have won an actual fight here but i was going up against people like Yuuka, who back home is highly dangerous.” She exclaimed with an annoyed expression while her stomach throbbed from being punched through like a piece of paper. “She’s honestly terrifying when you get her mad enough i tell you! Besides I didn’t have all my magic I had back home.”

Nodding the psychologist set down his coffee cup, then began setting his side up again and motioning Marisa to do the same with her side. Once both players were ready another game had begun and for once Marisa was beginning to connect to someone.

Her mind was slightly clearer here in this room. Not enough to make any complex plans of escape if she wanted too mind you but enough to give a decent conversation. And it helped heal her wounds as a child.

Quote:Word count 1887/10000, 391 words
                                            [Image: tenor.gif?itemid=10243242]
"While shooting concentrate your mind, gently muttering the spell to the Mini-Hakkero. Aiming at someone you don't like, a magicannon of love will be unleashed!"

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