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Them Old Droid Blues

If it isn’t the overbearing scorching heat that the sun constantly beams onto you, it’s the gritty, coarse sand that will. How long had it been? Hours? Yeah, Exactly hours since he’d lost him. David looked to be capable of taking care of himself, especially for being a meatbag though the guy also seemed to be in the same ship as HK. One-hundred percent was clueless as to what was going on and where were they. Now that he had up and disappeared, it was beginning to be increasingly more difficult as to what he was supposed to do. So like any top of the line droid, as he was, took a decision into his own metal hands and that decision, (some random non-existent person might ask.) Well, he simply chose to walk. Walk until he made it somewhere important, somewhere organic and made life frolic and do what… any day to day life thing would do. He sure did make it to something important but to common set knowledge, a massive energy dispensing gate did not hold life. So he moved on, waking through the large gate and went on to where he was now. A baron plane filled with sand, sand, and more sand.   

The desert even to a droid’s stance is still a cruel mistress of ever-changing variables. Variables that could kill, maim, or incapacitate any meatbag or droid alike. To his luck, the desert decided that in his short time in the environment that it was time to kill the one and only HK-47. Stumbling through the midst of a sandstorm, the droid’s metallic feet left impressions on the sandhill he fought to march over. Be it a sandstorm or Mandalorian, HK was determined to make it out and hopefully find either David or a new master. Only then would the droid’s programming be utilized to its best, though his programming was up to standard, several of his many other core functions were either missing or broken and not only that but he couldn’t access his memory core. To be blunt, he couldn’t recall any memory, except for only two things, he specifically remembered was the fact that he was struck by a red lightsaber right before entering the Omniverse, and a single battle that he and his former master fought in. 

As if on queue, reaching the top of the hill, the storm picked up. Its winds howled and screamed into his audio receptors, the force of its push becoming stronger than ever. Sand and grit scratched and scraped across the surface of his metal body. Some of the assaulting sand even made between his joints which made it harder to move and in more drastic cases forcing his durasteel appendages to jam stuck. Taking several more strides over the top of the hill,  the desert sand underneath him crumbled and gave way. The droid slid downwards before for a split second going airborne, crashing his head into an unseen rock.


“Katlyn this weather is getting worse, in a minute we won’t be able to see anything up to our noses!” Nate shouted as he fidgeted with his goggles making sure they were tight enough to keep the howling sand out.

“Go back if you want, you know if we don’t return with something valuable Kane’s men will kill us all,” Katlyn replied making sure to be loud enough to not be drowned out by the sandstorm. Both of them from head to toe was covered in loose cloth that draped over their torso and wrapped around their heads.

“Well you know I’m not leaving you out here, you could get lost or stumble into a pack of angry Ant-lions and you know what both spell dea-”

“Shhh, I think I see something.” Katlyn cut Nate’s words off, with a quick motion she turned back and waved her left hand signaling for the young man to stop. 

“What is it? What do you see?” Nate asked tilting his head. 

“I don’t know… I’m going to check it out.” She replied before darting away from Nate, disappearing into the clouds of sand. 

“Wait KATLYN!” He shouted rushing in after her.

With a quick jog, the young man almost stumbled over Katlyn and her discovery in an attempt to skid to a halt. Kneeling over a rock Katlyn played with a metal hand of what looked like an old rusted droid. Clearly, even before the sand, the droid had seen better days, blaster marks were visibly noticeable on its shoulders and torso. Its reddish-orange paint was also chipping in most places. 

“What do you think happened to him?” Nate asked, kneeling down on the other side of the droid. 

“Well, from the looks of it, he must have slipped on the sandhill above us and took a nasty fall into the rock he’s laying on. Come on, help me pick him up, that old rat Krilk will know what to do with him.” Katlyn said as both began lifting the droid out of the sand. 


Knocking, who in the blazes would be knocking at this late hour. With a forceful yank of his clawed right hand, Krilk began to shout but stopped himself as his eyes realized who it was. Nate and Katlyn were late, really late to be exact, he had already assumed that they either ditched the village and ran away or had gotten lost in the sandstorm. However, to his surprise there they were now standing in his doorway, in both hands carrying what looked to be a… droid.

“You know I can’t pay you for a droid and I doubt Kane or his men have any use for an old rust bucket.” The old Skaven said his beady red eyes blinked once at the droid, with his clawed left hand he scratched his chin. 

“I know that but I figured it would be better than coming back empty-handed, besides I think a droid could be of some use to us for next season,” Katlyn replied, both her and Nate lugged the droid in Krilk’s house. 

“Perhaps but-” 

“Can you fix him or not?” Katlyn asked interrupting the old rat. 

“Yes, yes I can. Set him on the dining room table and then fitch my hydrospanner from the workshop.” Krilk answered, holding both his hands up then pointing with his left hand towards the dining room.    

The young duo quickly shuffled into the dining room dropping the droid onto the table.
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