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Idea Discussion?

Heya all I just saw this thread and decided this was I perfect thread to write about Tempest's past adventures. Everything that leads up to his death. Anyone can join this if they want, but you won't be able to kill anyone important to the canon of my OC. 

Welcome to Haven, my name's Tempest and this is my sister Ember. I do hope you enjoy the stay...maybe consider joining.
Tempest: I Think by far the best thing anyone has said to me is that: 
Quote:You should dream as if you were Immortal, but live as if you'll die today.

I just wish I could remember who told me it.

I hope I am able to stay. If that's ok to you.
Oceanus: As much as I could remember, I only have this quote:

"Yar, ye win some, ye loose some."

I want to remember who said it, but I can't.

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