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Inside a Yugonian's Soul

This dream was different from my last. It wasn't even a flashback, and to be honest I didn't know what to call this. It wasn't a dream, not a normal one at least. There were three people with me were I had fallen asleep. One was a young man with blond messy hair, and a scar over his left eye. The one next to him was almost the same but was missing the old scar and had feathered wings folded against his back, and next to him completing the semi circle was one that looked a lot like me. The only difference was his fur was a darker shade than mine and ink black liquid leaked from his eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.  

"Hey Tempest, it's me, Daniel...we need to talk."  the human with the scar said in a voice the very same as mine. 

"No offence fucker but you need to man up!" The Darker canine like one scolded.

"Silence Zerak! The boy has lost everything he holds dear." The Angelic looking one piped up and gave Zerak a sharp little smack on the nose. 

"Yeah you're still crying over it Z." Daniel said with a snicker

"I'm always weeping!" Zarak spat. 

"Look guys you can fight later what were you going to tell me?" I interrupted 

"Look Tempest Gale, Zerak, and I aren't going to be able to help you for now outside of this dreamrealm. Onmi stops us from interfering. I want to let you know that we're trying to-" But the rest of his sentence was cut by static, like when you had bad connection to a radio station words like 'she' and 'help' got through but nothing else. 

"Wait what? Nonono speak louder!" I say as I reach forward and Daniel shimmers and dissipates like he was just an image. My mind pulled me out of the pleasant warmth of dream and back into reality.
Tempest: I Think by far the best thing anyone has said to me is that: 
Quote:You should dream as if you were Immortal, but live as if you'll die today.

I just wish I could remember who told me it.

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