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Act Eight: A New Beginning (Scene: 56 After The End)

The bard awoke, sleepy-eyed n his bed. “Huh, that was a weird dream.” They said to themself, jumping out of bed and putting on their clothes. But, a weird dream wouldn't stop them! It was a beautiful day outside and-

"WOOOooooOOOoooAa- EVERYTHING IS WHITE!" They shouted to themself across the void. This really was a pickle! The song had worked hadn't it? Wait… the bard recalls the dream. So that wasn't a dream! It was a real thing! Like his meeting with Eyala!

So this must be another adventure! I mean, they were hoping to spend some time with their friends before another one happened but… it was still exciting! Also the whole new world thing would explain the sound of rushing water.
[Image: 2IJsdrC.png]
"Who cares if your not the Hero, That's not what's good about you."

"♪ Ahhh, ahh, ah. Ooohhh, ooh, oh. Do Ra Me Fa Sol La Tiiii~ ♪"

"Hey! You! Can you keep it down! Frankly some of us find your singing annoying!" Bard was immediately startled by the deep grouching voice, especially since there was no sign of where this voice came from. "Down here!" It came back, and sure enough, down on their feet, was a snail, who for some reason was wearing a fedora. They bent down to greet it. "Honestly, how is someone my size suppose to get places at a reasonable time when all you Giants are so noisy." Came the voice again.



"N-NO not at all I was just- do you want to come up on my shoulder for all your troubles?"

"Finally, some respect!" The snail continues making noises as it's picked up to its destination. "It's about time I got some around here. Now-”
[Image: 2IJsdrC.png]
"Who cares if your not the Hero, That's not what's good about you."

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