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[M] Birthday Keiki

Keiki opened her eyes as she laid on the ground looking up into the blood red skies. The idol goddess pushed herself onto her feet looking around at the uneven landscape. Looking around Keiki began to take in the surroundings only for one of the stormtroopers to start yelling angrily towards the woman. “I fucking despise you right now prime. You’ve dragged us all into the underverse! We’re going to all die!”

Keiki stepped back slightly taken aback by the human. “Calm down, Yelling is just going to get everyone killed. The shining law of the strong eating the weak is in effect and as far as they care we’re nothing.” Moving her head around quickly the goddess kept her tense posture while she knelt down to the rough and rocky ground feeling the brimstone and rough dirt.

Keiki let the ash stained dirt fall back to the ground before rubbing her hands in anticipation. The crackle of her godly aura began to form as a wide smile began to form. Pulling out a set of sculptor’s tools her minds eye began to picture a haniwa and its use as a protector of the dead. Around Keiki’s body embers began to form telling of something to come. 

Flicking a tool clay and stone were dragged from the ground. With each movement, each action the clay soldier grew more and more formed and then finally the fully formed doll was created. The fully formed flame dissipated into embers and the godly aura disappeared with Keiki looking towards the clay doll.

Looking around again the others were gone from her vision. “Where, did the others go?” Then the sound of a gun being fired could be heard causing the god to turn their head towards the sound only to get hit with a net as it wrapped around their body. 

“What the?!” The idola deus’s voice was confused then the net became electrified causing the struggling goddess to shut up and grit her teeth.

“Well lookie here at what we’ve caught!” in the corner of Keiki’s eye stood a red skinned demon holding an odd looking rifle with a barrel that looked like it had a suppressor attached to the end. “Seems I've found myself a nice find out here.” Walking forward the demon walked towards their catch and took a look towards them. 

“Release me this instant!” The goddess demanded struggling against the net all the same.

“Sorry lady, but i gotta eat and it’s not often I get a haul as exotic as today.” The demon shook their head before peering over their shoulder. “Frank, John get your asses over here! Bring the vehicle as well! We’re heading back!”

Turning her head the goddess could see two other demonic creatures, one reminiscent of the bruteish oni and the other an imp. The imp leaped out of the vehicle before staring towards the goddess. “Yako, you didn’t tell me you managed to capture such a fine specimen!” The imp quickly flitted around the net peering into the idola deus’s brown eyes their eyes much like a predator having caught it’s prey. 

“Oooo, and she’s a prime as well! Oh, Yako you shouldn’t have gotten me and Frank such a nice gift!” The giddy tone of John could be heard by all there. It wasn’t until a disgruntled grunt from Frank caused John to sigh. 

“Alright big guy i hear ya let's get a move on.” dropping the giant stone club Frank lumbered over to the captured goddess, and with one swift motion, too quick for someone this large the meathead slung the net over his stony back causing the goddess to cry out in pain.

Yako called out as they climbed into the buggy and turned the key in the ignitor. “Frank, be sure to rough her up a bit before we get there. Pays better that way.”

A look of realization flashed across the goddess as they realized what they meant by this and began to struggle against the net’s hold. Her mind couldn’t quite comprehend what was going to happen due to her status as a god. “What did I do to deserve this?!” 

John muttered something before hopping onto Frank’s shoulder. Then looked town towards the blue haired woman. “What did you do to deserve this? Well girly let me lay it out nice and easy for you to understand. God, human, or whatever it doesn’t matter what you were or are, the only god's down here is Diablo and Omni. And since Diablo runs the show he lets us demons and deplorables capture people like you to sell and use for our own purposes. So you better get used to your new life!” The imp cackled at the shocked look of Keiki.

“Aw don’t look so down, sweet cheeks you could be killed or tossed into the gladiatorial arena. It’s a good thing you’re unique else you’d be worth more chopped up into juicy, delicious, and quite the meaty bits. Anyways, bye!” Licking his lips the imp scrambled back into his seat, digging in a sack of meat pulling a nice leg out. Biting into the flesh ripping off a large chunk chewing it loudly. With his mouth full he’d dangle another piece out towards the bag before tossing it into the net with pinpoint accuracy. 

“Woops, sorry lady butter fingers. Pfft who am I kidding that was on purpose! Aaaahahaha!” the high pitched, grating noise of the imp was slowly getting on keiki’s nerves who had resigned themselves to their fate knowing they’d be unable to do much. But soon they got an idea grabbing the piece of meat that had landed inside the net they reached their arm out before tossing it backwards into the buggy. 

Droplets of juice flew around as the partly rotten arm smacked the back of the demons head before landing on the ground unmoving. John stared blankly towards the arm wondering if their catch had just retaliated with something after their own heart. “Did she,”

Picking the arm up the imp turned his head in disbelief towards the net only to get a retort from the friendly looking woman. “Woops, guess i have butter fingers, sorry it really was a mistake i hope you understand demon.”

Growling the demon walked with their teeth bared in anger staring directly towards the gently smiling woman. “I hope you know what game your playing bitch; but if you try that shit again i will harm you.”

Yako finally had enough of these games and with a clipped tone he yelled at john. “John, please must you threaten everyone we capture because of your stupid games? Can we have peace and quiet for five minutes? And don’t you say that it’s the Underverse and peace is never an option down here you piece of shit.”

This caused the rest of the ride to be quiet and for the most part palpable for the goddess. However the next part would soon come and this would push her personal faith to the limits as she resisted the temptations of the Underverse.
[Image: Keiki.jpg]

The vehicle stopped in the Necropolita of Dis and while Frank lumbered out of the vehicle with John. Yako having calmed down from the rest of the drive slung an arm over the backrest and turned two the two helpers. “Remember you two, make sure you get them to pay more for her. She’ll fetch a pretty penny i’d reckon if you two don’t screw the deal up.” Yako stared at all three for a lingering second before leaned back into the buggie relaxing from the stressful drive.

Keiki was finally tugged off the bed of the vehicle before slung like a sack of potatoes on the oni like creature’s back making her grunt in discomfort. Entering the open doored building the smell of drugs, sex and smoke could be smelt by the trio forcing keiki to scrunch her nose up. All manners of demons could be seen from succubuses to the stronger demons and minor primes of the city.

Frank abruptly stopped before roughly dropping the cargo onto the floor huffing towards someone behind a desk. Looking up the idol goddess could see the spider like demon lean forward coughing while they gripped a cigar in one of their many hands, smoke floating into the air dissipating over time. “Hehehe, i assume you want paid for the girly? What can she do then?” 

The low gravelly voice was heard by the trio before John went to speak. “She’s new here. Beyond that I'm not sure.”

The demon hummed while they rubbed their chin in deep thought while his other hands worked on calculations. After a few minutes of calculating the woman’s price and how much he’d have to pay for her he stopped and shook his head. “She’s not worth much, She might look like a doll but you’re asking me to invest my hard earned cash into a slave who might not even be worth what I put into her.”

Keiki frowned at that her annoyance growing at the whole situation. Blurting out angrily the goddess struggled again in the net. “I’m Keiki Hanuyashin! I will not tolerate such talk about me!”

The demon turned towards the voice staring at them with a calm look while speaking with a calm tone though keiki could hear the underlying tone. “Oh, seems the little slave is getting riled up for being worthless to anyone who would buy her. Do you even have any skills that would make you worth my time and patience Keiki?”

Keiki covered her mouth with her pointer finger before speaking with a level tone composing herself. “Oh? I’m the goddess of the earth. Art is my passion, nothing is more moving than putting your heart and soul into something and watching as it comes to life. That, that is my calling.” Smiling gently to herself she could feel her proverbial heart hum with joy at that. But soon a chuckle could be heard that turned into full blown laughter from the demons and banished alike nearby.

John took the initial jab at her. “Hehehe, did you hear her? She said she’s the goddess of the earth! Even after I told her specifically the only gods are Omni and Diablo!”

The spider like demon laughed as they banged the table unable to control themselves. “Oh, that’s quite the joke dolly! No one cares about art down here you naive child. But honestly,” Sighing the demon looked over the charts with impunity once again.

“Yako is a good friend of mine so I'll buy her. He owes me a favor for this though.” his tone steely making Frank and John realize this was his one and final offer. The imp chuckled with slight annoyance as they raised their hand to accept the offer.

“Fine, you have yourself a deal Ul’kan. I wish we could have reached a much more advantageous deal.” The disappointment was visibly heard on the imp but ignored by the demon who was fishing out coins before setting them on the desk in front of the duo only after climbing over the desk and staring at the woman.

“Open the net and reveal her neck.” The voice commanded it as the man began chanting some sort of spell in that infernal language of theirs onto a piece of paper making Keiki’s eyes widen with actual fear.

Squirming away only to feel the rough hands force her neck to be shown to Ul’kan. After a few seconds the paper got wrapped around the side of the neck forcing Keiki to scream in pain. “It doesn’t hurt that bad, stop freaking out. This is only to track you down should you escape Dolly.”

Frowning the idola deus ignored the pain forcing her mind to calm down. It was unbecoming of a god after all to break down at the first sign of strife. She’d escape she would tell herself, she’d bring an end to this disgusting and backwards system putting in the system she had worked so tirelessly for back in the primate spirit garden.

“Come on girly we gotta get you fixed up for the potential buyers.” Pulling keiki onto her feet the spider like humanoid demon began to walk into the back rooms where she could be trained for her duties.

Entering the backroom there stood one scantily clad woman who just oozed sexual control. “Ufufufu, oh dear, Ul’kan don’t tell me you have another favor to ask of little ol me.” The light fluffy laughter of the woman brought only the internal warning systems of keiki’s mind to blare. The woman walked over looking into keiki’s purple irises.

Staring for a few seconds with the goddess she waited to see what the woman would do. Eventually she broke off seeing Keiki hadn’t budged from her spot. “What is it you want me to do with this woman Ul’kan?” Her tone was questioning as she walked towards him.

The spider like demon coughed before ignoring her advances making her gasp in fake disappointment. “Oh how you wound me so! I’m a poor, defenseless, little lady who needs a nice strong man to keep her warm.” The innuendo’s were placed heavy handedly and it only brought out an annoyed groan from from other demon figure.

“Damn you woman. I just need you to teach my newest purchase how to please her owner when that time comes. Can you do that?” 

Resting her chin the demonic woman looked bothered by this question. “You’re asking me if I can teach her how to please her owner? You realize who you’re talking too right? Now you’re challenging my abilities to make her desirable. Well i’ll make her the most fucking desriable slave you have or my name isn’t Tun’var!” She said with an indignant tone looking towards the goddess, her tail swishing from left to right along a silent beat.

Ul’kan chuckled lightly before speaking once again. “I’m glad we’re on the same page Tun’var. You can begin tomorrow with the training. I’ll show her around.” And soon Keiki was dragged off once again, much to her displeasure.
[Image: Keiki.jpg]

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